Amazon Fine Food Reviews

298021298021B003AZ2ECYA30BBEWJI2U3AWMsJen0051329091200Love these...I bought a large bag of these from my local Marshall's store in BBq and Rosemary Garlic. I love the crunch and the fact that you can have so many per serving. The BBQ had much more flavor than the Garlic Rosemary. I just purchased the large variety to take to work when I need a little snack.
298022298022B003AZ2ECYA1SL1GDWEW91F9Kristin L Nash0051328227200Awesome!If you like salt & vinegar potato chips, you will LOVE these! They are good and tangy and you can still taste the potato, since they are just air-popped potato sticks. And there are tons in the bag. I think half the bag would have satisfied my salt craving! At only 110 calories, they make a great salty, low-cal snack. I will definitely keep buying these!
298023298023B003AZ2ECYA3FA0TMFAZXDZ1Cheri A. Boudin "Cheri B."0051320192000Great ProductThe Gourmet Smart Fries are very good tasting. I have found similar items on the retail market for equal price but appreciate the individual bags for packing in lunches. The free shipping makes it worth the purchase.
298024298024B003AZ2ECYA11YOTONCPRQ9SSH0021316476800Canceling my subscribe and saveI like the other two flavors, especially the BBQ. But the jalapeno is utterly gross. Nasty, in fact. There's just not much else to say.
298025298025B003AZ2ECYANYAQ3TVKP69EH. Cooper0041313366400High on Volume, Low on FlavorIf you want to eat a lot for only a few calories these are great. However the sea salt flavor is very bland and has essentially no flavor. They also stick to your tongue in a weird way because they're so porous. I think maybe the cheddar flavor could be ok but the three in this variety pack didn't impress me. I much prefer PopChips (especially the Sour Cream & Onion flavor) and recommend going with their variety pack instead. Popchips 6-Flavor Variety Pack, 0.8-Ounce Single Serve Bags (Pack of 24)
298026298026B003AZ2ECYA2UY5TRWQ8SLFCCandace D. Stokley "Stokley"0051313020800Light but Filling !!Excellent snack food to hold one over until the next meal. Very light but filling... I was amazed at how much is in one bag. I have not tried all the flavors yet but the ones I did I enjoyed. BBQ, Sea salt, Honey Mustard and the Salt & Vinegar were very good. I would like to have had a bit more flavor on the Salt and Vinegar but it was still tasty.
298027298027B003AZ2ECYA2AZBPBX9BTAX0Catherine Givens0041310688000Smart fires for sureThey are great if you are on a diet and cant snack on unhealthy stuff. The smart fries are a great snack fix. All the flavors are very good.
298028298028B003AZ2ECYA3EIOMC103PG7WHonestly0051309910400one of the bestlowest fat 1.5gms/serving - still tastes great!
this flavor bit spicy, but not too much - is awesome.

manf - plz continue to make this flavor - thanks.
298029298029B003AZ2ECYA1BURG5QEB4O4Csatisfied customer0051303430400GREAT HEALTHY SNACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just bought a box of these salt smart fries and gave them to my kids trying to get them on a healthier diet. they loved them!!!! They said that they gave it out to their friends and so it seems that they all loved it! I got phone calls from their mothers asking were I bought this great snack from. There was a perfect hint of salt and definently not to salty like other reviews. I just ordered the 6 flavor case as the reviews were amazing. Thank you for making such a great snack.
298030298030B003AZ2ECYA3U7LZDJ6ZF3AUPoodle Mom0051299542400A lot of Crunch & Munch for 110 CaloriesThis is a huge portion for 110 calories - if you like your chip snacks but find the usual, 10 tiny crisps in a bag 100 cal packs to be more frustrating than satisfying, give these a try! They are lightly salted and seasoned, and best of all I recognized everything in the ingredients as being actual food, not something from the lab!
Oh, and super fast shipping from this seller!
298031298031B003AZ2ECYA2FAYYEG5LJJSGpromissoryestoppel0011299456000Yuk!I love cheese-flavored snacks and I was highly disappointed by these. Their styrofoam texture was offset only by putrid tang of faux cheese powder. I'm pretty sure the only good Smart Fries flavor is salt and vinegar.
298032298032B003AZ2ECYA1OKZG4A9V87PBPatricia "Sodi Sedi"0051293580800DeliciousLast time I went to the store(Big Lots) I was just looking around for a moment and my mom spotted the Smart Fries, she knows that I am calorie conscious. She grabs the Smart Fries and tells me, "look these have 80% less fat". We bought the product of course, when we got home I was hungry and ate half the bag my mom ate the other half. They were delicious, crunchy, airy texture, also great flavor, low in fat and calories! I want to buy more.
My mom is not calorie conscious and loved the fries.
298033298033B003AZ2ECYABKM6C0HN0GGVJ. Harsanyi0021290384000DisappointedI really wanted to like these - reviews looked good. But we just didn't like them, any of the flavors really. I don't think it's the basic "fry", but rather the flavors, which just weren't right. We'd be willing to revisit with revamped flavors.
298034298034B003AZ2ECYAXVOF5XBDID03Smarter Fry Guy0051279756800High Amazon Price$29.99 for a 12 pack if your order it on Amazon? Plus shipping? The local supermarket sells this for $1.99 each = $24
298035298035B003AZ2ECYA19U4FPF53RJ5Dalia Mosseri0051279497600HANDS DOWN THE BEST LOW CALORIE SNACKThis is by far the best alternative to french fries.. they are low calorie & so light to eat. I will definitely keep ordering them & reordering them. I love the fact that they give an assortment of flavors in each box. My family & friends are constantly asking for another flavor to try.... Good job making these Smart Fries...
298037298037B003AZ2ECYA1UASXJKH475MVJ. Withers71131296172800Not bad, not great...I personally did not like these, but I gave the rest of the box to my mother and she had me order two more cases. These are probably a good item for dieting because you think you are getting a lot for the calorie amount, but the flavor to me (and my husband) was sort of gummy and styrofoamy. I could not finish a whole bag. That didnt mean I was full, that meant I had gotten tired of them and wanted something more satisfying. It is like eating a pound of celery when you really wanted a grilled cheese.

By the way, I love the Pop Chips. Much more flavor.
And my review was up for no less than a minute when I got a "not helpful" so I am not sure how this is not helpful, but the company requested that I write a review. If they are not happy that I didnt like the product, that is too bad.
298038298038B003AZ2ECYA29EZL211Y66T1D. Cuddihy1211349740800Proof that good ingredients don't always make good foodI was attracted by the packaging and the ingredient list. I mean 100% natural, potatoes, cracked pepper, sea salt... sounds like a winning combination! Except that it isn't. These things are worse than eating nothing, because they have calories but leave me unsatisfied, so I'll go eat something else 5 minutes later. A perfect example of why people think they don't like to eat healthy. Yuck.
298039298039B003AZ2ECYA2TNX79ZWHE8EEshellseeker1221344556800Kinda like cardboard :(Not sure why but the texture bothered me with these, the smoothness of the straws is weird. And they have very little substance and taste. The upside is there are a lot in the bag so I guess if you eat them all, you feel like you had a snack. They're just not for me :(
298040298040B003AZ2ECYA1H703P9ALYVM6Lisa972251231342742400Need ImprovementLove Pop Chips and thought I'd give these a try. First of all, I should say that the flavors are really, really good. However, something in the manufacturing process ensures that very little flavor actually "sticks" to the fries. I wish they could somehow infuse the flavor INTO the fries themselves. As they are, they are like eating little pieces of styrofoam with a tiny bit of flavored powder on them. As soon as the enter your mouth, the flavor comes off and you're left to chew and swallow the tasteless piece of styrofoam. They use plenty of's just that most of it ends up in the bottom of the bag. Dry powder just doesn't stay on a dry fry very well. These have the potential of being very good. And it's a good sized snack for the calories. I just wish the actual fries had some flavor, instead of just the powder that falls right off.
298041298041B003AZ2ECYA2C9XE9I8RSKNXJ. Johnson1221321660800Crispy snacks....Well, they're not the worst thing I've ever eaten, but I won't be reordering. While the volume of the bag was very good for a snack, the flavor wasn't that great. Kind of "artificial". This goes under the been-there-done-that list.
298042298042B003AZ2ECYA1IQYPFSBMX3LSFlorence R. Wohl "Grammy Flo"1231310947200Guilt-Free but not that greatI loved the idea of this snack. As others mentioned, enough crunch and volume that it is hard to finish a bag. The flavors are not that great. I really like Honey Mustard and Onion flavored snacks but the smart fries, not so much. My six yr old loves snacks but not even the cheddar was appealing to her.
298043298043B003AZ2ECYA103WAQNPAZ164yoyo111251308528000Love thesesI love these Smart Fries, but they are hard to find. They make a great snack at only 110 calories a bag. They really satisfy when you are craving something salty & crunchy without all the fat & calories.
298044298044B003AZ2ECYA1V4F97RLJ0G1JPuckygirl1211306195200Smart FriesNot as tasty as Pop Chips.

They say they will ship you six kinds and you only get five flavors. They seemed to forget the cheese flavor.

All in all I will not buy again.
298045298045B003AZ2ECYA364R50EMJ8ZS1andrea1241304294400Great Light Snack!!!It's a great substitute for a crunchy high-fat snack if you're watching your weight! All healthy--no garbage in it at all, and they are MADE IN THE USA!!! Buy AMERICAN!!!
298046298046B003AZ2ECYA83OC9G2BRFIVK. Taylor "KT"1241296432000Good flavors and WAY better than baked chips.The flavors are great - especially Jalapeno and Honey Mustard. They're not as good as real chips, but you can save a few calories and fat grams and they are WAY better than baked chips.
298047298047B003AZ2ECYA6D2ATMOZZ7QFLynch1251296432000great product and great vendor!This was the first time I had any issues with an order from Amazon - and the vendor handled it quickly and generously! My order came in from the shipping company in a rather squashed box and I thought it was okay at first, but once I got a better look, the bags inside the box all had been pushed on hard enough to have small holes, so I emailed the vendor through Amazon and they responded the same afternoon that they would ship out a new box with the product I had ordered! I think these smart fries are the best snacks and my two year old loves them too, so we were very excited about the quick resolution! Thank you!
298048298048B003AZ2ECYA2JBZHQVQF7MV0Sherry1221274832000Pretty tastelessQuite tasteless and they make you order so many. I am stuck with 12 bags of this tasteless stuff. I am not ordering large amounts of anything from Amazon again. So often I don't like it and I am stuck with so much on hand.
298049298049B003AZ2ECYA3VGVI0XC85JVRP.rose0111346803200Rice Krispy on steroidsI really wanted these to be good, but they are very bland and taste nothing like potatoes. Actually they taste more like Rice Krispies cereal. If you want something that tastes more like a potato chip, bout low in calories, buy the Popchip.Popchips, Original, 0.8-Ounce Single Serve Bags (Pack of 24)
298050298050B003AZ2ECYA1ANPMPOYVPMSBT. DELP0121342051200FriesThese classic fries have no flavor at all. They are crisp but they are like crisp air. I am sorry I am stuck with so many of them. I don't even want to give them to my friends, they just aren't good at all.

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