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298051298051B003AZ2ECYAR8NQVTCWM9QPMiss Betsey Trotwood "Only bad witches are ugly"0111333929600Salted Styrofoam - But Low-Cal!Gourmet Basics indeed! I think the basics are to keep it simple and let the natural flavor of the food shine through. I am blown away that they have actually managed to make a "natural food" taste faker than Andy Capp Hot Fries, 3-Ounce Bags (Pack of 12). Rice cakes have a luxurious mouth-feel compared to these. I couldn't get past the fake flavor and horrible texture.

I just can't imagine what type of odd palate people must have to think that these abominations are tasty. Perhaps people who are on a restricted diet might find these a convenient snack food. Or parents tricking their kids into eating healthy. I can almost promise the parents that these snacks will go uneaten. I would have been more likely to eat the unsweetened Baker's Chocolate in the pantry before I'd eat these.

Though this product might be suggested by Amazon if you purchase Popcorners or Popchips, do not buy it. These are nothing like Popcorners or Popchips, these "Smart Fries" are nothing but awful.
298052298052B003AZ2ECYAGVR9SBWBWNWZThe Horned One0111327968000You eat potato snacks for potato flavorI really like potato snacks and have not tried many that I did not like. This one however, I felt I had to report my experience. These are the worst potato snacks I have ever tried. not only do they not taste like potatoes, but they are also very bland as well. Put it this way, I received a case of 12 3oz bags and I opened one bag and ate about half the bag. The rest I had to throw out and I won't even inflict coworkers with this product by leaving them in the break room for free. Instead, I plan on using the bags as shipping protection to fill empty space inside a few boxes I have outgoing. That's right folks, packing material. That's what these excess bags of smart fries are good for.
298053298053B003AZ2ECYA2AACPJ3QC2XR3rhgscuba "rhgscuba"0131311724800very tastyHave been looking for a low fat/sodium kosher/pareve snack and so far this is among the best I've found. It's very tasty!
298054298054B003AZ2ECYA2AACPJ3QC2XR3rhgscuba "rhgscuba"0121311724800very disappointedwas looking for a low fat/sodium kosher/pareve snack but this product has no taste and I am very disappointed and will have to keep looking.
298055298055B003AZ2ECYA22JHOEDZED75EA Greyhound on the Go0131303516800Good texture and taste, but could be much betterThese came in the variety pack Gourmet Basics Smart Fries 6-Flavor Variety Pak, 1-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24), and out of the six were my least favorite. The fries were a nice crunch and puffy texture as with all the others. The sharp, salty cheddar flavor was good. However, the flavoring was too weak for my taste, especially when compared to the other varieties in the assortment.
298056298056B003AZ2ECYA3J0J4DXDMQTINAvidReader0121281398400Quite BlandAfter reading all the raving reviews I decide to order the 6-Flavor variety pack. I tried the Honey Mustard & Onion as well as the Sea Salt. The Honey Mustard & Onion has a decent flavor but it fades almost as soon as you start crunching. The Sea Salt had almost no flavor at all. The texture is great, a bit like a skinnier, more crunchy (yet light) Cheese puff. I love the texture, I love the idea but the flavor needs to be amped up CONSIDERABLY. I wish I hadn't purchase so much since I don't want to eat them.
298057298057B003AZ2ECYA1IKJDANTE0OE0gluten-free mom1311345766400Not Gluten-FreeThis item was listed under the gluten-free products and is absolutely not gluten-free. Luckily I opened a bag and gave it to my one son that does not have the allergy before I realized this mistake. Please, Amazon, remove these products from that catagory.
298058298058B003AZ2ECYA1MQDDMO1RXO70mlynn1321321574400Not what I was expectingI am a Popchips fanatic! I thought I would try something different. Big mistake. The only thing good about these is the crunch. The taste is not there. I will not buy them again. I will stick to Popchips.Popchips 6-Flavor Variety Pack, 0.8-Ounce Single Serve Bags (Pack of 24)
298059298059B003AZ2ECYA14TZ49T62K651k. keltner0211342915200HORRIBLEI just wasted money on flavorless air. Actually, they were disgusting and flavorless. We tried all flavors and none were better than the last. Don't waste your money, go buy some apples or something. Yuck. Wish I could get my money back.
298060298060B003AZ2ECYA3BBC8E7QT7N9IP. Harding0231298505600just okbought the three flavor variety selection. All are ok...honey bbq,sea salt and favorite being the barbq.Healthy alternative to regular chips. I probably won't buy them again because I have tried Pop Chips and they are more flavorful,although more expensive. They(smart fries) are a filling snack in the evening without the guilt. Other flavors might be ok....cheddar cheese seem like they might be interesting. Again, not up to Pop Chip quality in my opinion.
298061298061B003AZ2ECYA1CVEGNOQ62A25Edward1411314921600No flavorAfter eating popchips for some time, I thought I would try something different and came across these. Firstly I missed that they were fries. I could live with that, but when I tried the bbq, I was very disappointed. There was practically no flavor to them. When I finished the bag, I noticed a lot of the flavoring in the bottom of the bag. I tried 2 other flavors and they had little to no flavor.

Popchips are amazing and so much flavor with each chip compared to these.
298062298062B003AZ2ECYA2W70AGMNI3FMHMaryMary0821280793600Oh well...My friend and I are always looking for a new healthy snack...We ordered the variety pack...She'll order again , I WON'T...
298063298063B003AZ2ECYAMN5RKKFLU90Zoccasional reviewer262651276300800Very very tasty snackAttracted by the packaging, I purchased a bag [of the Classic Sea Salt flavor] in a local 'gourmet market'. At 110 calories, I suspected that I had been, as frequently happens, fooled by the 'serving size' (you know how it goes, 2.5 pieces = a 'serving' - so there are actually 7 'servings'/bag) BUT, NO, what a pleasant surprise - 110 calories was for the WHOLE delicious bag! They're non-greasy, light as a feather and unexpectedly filling - I almost couldn't finish the bag. I noticed they were produced here in NY, which I also liked and, after going online to find out more about them, decided to splurge for a case [of 1 oz. bags] to try all the varieties.

One ounce doesn't sound like very much but they are so light that it is actually a very full bag and definitely more than enough for a single serving. (The 3 oz. bag contains substantially more then you would want for just one person)

Favorites so far are:
Honey Mustard & Onion
Vintage Cheese
Classic Sea Salt

I don't have kids but I expect these would work extremely well as a lunch box addition.

My only suggestion to the company would be that it might be a good idea if they made them available for purchase in smaller quantities. I'm afraid many people will be put off by having to purchase in 12- & 24-bag sized cases.

But, if you do decide to purchase, I also have no doubt that you'll have no trouble sharing them with friends and will probably be back for more sooner than you expected.
298068298068B003AZ2ECYA36EODMEBZF5IPLisaKTP4451280793600YUMMY!!!I heard about these on the Hungry Girl website. Always on the lookout for a low-cal snack, I decided to give these a try. I ordered the variety pack in order to try all the flavors and they are all fabulous! The portion size is huge...another plus! I will definitely order again!
298064298064B003AZ2ECYA3ERCCH9N2HKUAE. Durso "love2read"101051281916800Delicious, healthier snack alternative!I love Smart Fries and plan to order a bunch more for the start of school. They are great as a lunch box snack for my kids. My mom, who has Type 2 diabetes, can have a reasonable size portion as a snack without doing wacky things to her blood sugar, even. And I can have a late-night, TV-watching, salty-crunchy-yummy snack without feeling guilty. Can't beat that! They are very tasty and so light that the single portion bags actually give you A LOT.
298069298069B003AZ2ECYA1OQ35JWDK2F1SC. Campbell "Old User"4451277856000Very goodA very tasty low cal treat. Lots of chips for 100cal. Kids love them, the wife likes them and, most important, I enjoy them.
298065298065B003AZ2ECYA1LWMD23L9VYLZEli V "Eli"7751276128000Awesome snackIf you're looking for an excellent healthy snack, look no further. Buy the variety pack so you don't get sick of one type. Love them!!!!
298070298070B003AZ2ECYA3VAT3QUKB5YR3P. Rose "jfkpattie"4451271548800AWESOME HEALTHIER SNACKMy office is hooked on these. I ordered the assorted case from Amazon and they were gone in days. We will definately continue to order until SmartFries come to our local grocery stores.
298066298066B003AZ2ECYA23EV4KA4PI72MLuv2Shop4451315094400Best, Healthy and Low-Fat Alternative for Cheetos Puffs!!I purchased the variety pack and have been able to try out all the flavors. This Vintage Cheddar variety is one of my faves. If you're a Cheetos Puffs fan and want to cut back on calories and fat, this is the product for you.

The texture in both are similar -- light and airy. So is the taste. Of course, it's not an exact match, but nothing else on the market this low in fat content comes close. (And I've tried several alternatives.)

To compare nutritional info on a 1-oz. bag, Cheetos Puffs contains 160 calories compared to Gourmet Basics' 110. As for fat grams, Cheetos Puffs has 9 grams and 1 gram saturated versus GB's 2 grams of fat and 0 saturated. On the flip side, the sodium content on the GB is higher at 340mg compared to Cheetos' 250mg. Carb count is also higher in the GB at 22 grams as compared to Cheetos' 16.

I'm sold on this product and my next order will be for a carton of this flavor alone.
298071298071B003AZ2ECYA39ILC0QR4E09LA. Schneider3351318636800Yum! I like these better than popchips!The smart fries are really tasty! I ordered the 6 flavor variety pack. While I did enjoy all of the flavors, my two favorites had to be the Jalapeno Trio and the Honey Mustard and Onion.

I will be ordering these again, but I will pick and choose the flavors I like best.

These make a great potato chip alternative. I've also tried the popchips and I do prefer these. the serving size is actually very large! When I saw the size of the bag I figured it had to be all air, or that there were multiple servings in the bag. Nope! Granted it is 110 calories vs the popchip's 100 calories. But honestly, I get way more satisfaction out of these.
298067298067B003AZ2ECYA2NUEM56R7AL6WDR "Not perfect, just forgiven"4451292457600Sooooo Gooooood!!!!I LUV these! I ordered the assorted box, but the Classic Sea Salt are the best. I just ordered another box of the Classic (plain). If you are on the WW PointsPlus plan, these have 3 WW points. Huge bag, very filling. Great movie snack with a Coke Zero.
298072298072B003AZ2ECYAZYXC63SS008MJustin Bannon3351317254400Amazing.I have tried half of the flavors so far, and every one of them has tasted OUT OF THIS WORLD! for a package of snack food that has very little crap in it, i'm really surprised at how great they taste. I would definitely buy this stuff again. Hope they make more products like this!!
298073298073B003AZ2ECYA2GINR76O58F5MFlo3351316736000Whatta Tasty Snack!Such a light and tasty snack! My favorite is classic sea salt but they are all amazing! Love these, they're awesome!
298074298074B003AZ2ECYA1LAIA26H3OXGHluke3341294272000met expectationsMet expectations--filling, flavorful, one bag is very generous portion, non-greasy. Flavors are not very distinctive. BBQ was best, but not well distributed. Six adults tried them and Six adults liked them.
298075298075B003AZ2ECYA5U693CPLVO6Trtziman3351292976000Smart Fries- Best snack ever!There are not many things that taste good that you can eat an entire bag for 1.5 grams of fat! This product is great for diets and an awesome alternative to chips. They taste great and are filling. So glad I discovered them. Also the company has fantastic customer service if needed.
298076298076B003AZ2ECYA39TXQFQK9YKBCGtheriot023351288396800Better than expected!After being on a very strict diet for over two years, the same foods, day in and day out, become repetitious, and it becomes very difficult to maintain the will-power to continue. However, Smart Fries are an excellent product that offers a bit of a variety to a healthful diet. As another customer wrote, I, too, was skeptical of purchasing this product, but, at 110 calories per bag, I was very impressed and have become a loyal customer after the first try. Additionally, I find that I can not eat an entire bag. My fiancee and I shared a bag of the Smart Fries, and I had some left over for another meal. A great product for those looking for healthy alternatives, while maintaining a great taste.
298077298077B003AZ2ECYA37EST8OOCXRP0Best Snack Ever3351285632000Tasty Snack, Very satisfying!These Snacks are SO SO good. They do NOT taste like a healthy snack and are very satisfying. I love the Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard and Onion and cheddar. The texture reminds me of wise onion ring chips and they are yummy! This is the 3rd time I am buying it and I have a feeling I will be buying it for a long time!
298078298078B003AZ2ECYA25GNUYDMO3E7Diane Wilson Fieldsted "daycare provider"3351282003200Great snackI run a family daycare, with kids of all ages. Everyone of the kids loved them and often ask for them. I feel good to offer the kids a healthy snack.
298079298079B003AZ2ECYA2O56OZC17TUKTDiann3351280880000Delicious!After tasting a bag, I decided to send a variety case to a friend for her birthday. The whole family was delighted and couldn't stop raving about how delicious the healthy snacks were.
298080298080B003AZ2ECYA2GHENYVNMXCROAngie3351280793600very very good!I like health food but salty snacks are my downfall, I'm so glad to have found these, they take care of my craving for chips and they dont taste like diet food!

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