Amazon Fine Food Reviews

298141298141B003AZ2ECYA24EDLRX54TE36Gretchen Fehling "tawonda"1151328572800great snack for dieters!@these are just great for dieters, they are only 100 calories per pack, great to throw in lucnch sack, and are nice and crunchy too, very flavorable too!
298142298142B003AZ2ECYA7728E6F0QH6Ymarc saadia1151321833600I love smart fries!I bought this snack at a local supermarket and my whole family finshed the bags in 2 minutes. So I ordered a box of the 6 flavor mix and ever since then everyone has been hooked. They take a bag with them to school everyday. It is such a great, healthy snack. They are not fried and only have 110 calories for a huge serving. These are way better then pop chips! We are all huge smart frie fans!!!!
298143298143B003AZ2ECYAPT3TC7X7P0NZSnacker221141313625600Pleasantly surprisedI purchased the 24 - 1 ounce 6 flavor variety pack. These are so light and tasty, well all are tasty except for the vintage cheese. I found that flavor to have one awful after-taste to it (and I absolutely LOVE cheese) so the next time I order these I'll choose the 3 flavor pack instead of the 6. It's too bad that Amazon doesn't give an option to customers to mix and match varieties.
298144298144B003AZ2ECYA2BN4MQDZIN4KTgnasmile1121308268800Potato Styrofoam Tubes...These are nothing like french fries. When you open the bag, a bunch of little tube-shaped flavorless "potato sticks" are staring back at you. They are literally the consistency of styrofoam. Ever had cheese curls? They're the texture of that, but the exterior is smooth. It is extremely odd. Due to the smooth exterior, the "sea salt" (which I find to be remarkably similar to table salt) doesn't stick. So the entire bag is covered in salt, but very little ends up being on the actual "fry"

I'm sitting here eating a bag as I type this, and honestly, it's really hard for me to finish. They don't even taste like potato. They taste like paper. Salty paper. I mean if you're into bland and tasteless food, this will be right up your ally. But there are many other healthy alternatives that taste SO much better.
298145298145B003AZ2ECYA22JHOEDZED75EA Greyhound on the Go1141303516800Sweet and spicy, tangy BBQ tasteThese came in the variety pack Gourmet Basics Smart Fries 6-Flavor Variety Pak, 1-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24), and were among my favorite. I must say that all the varieties are enjoyable. However, the BBQ, honey mustard, and plain potato chips or fries stood out in front of the assortment. This brand's packages are much fuller than others. The chips or fries have a sweet and spicy, tangy BBQ flavor. I say they have more of a Memphis than Carolina style BBQ taste. I would say they will pair with almost any kind of hearty sandwich or make a filling snack. Yummy!
298146298146B003AZ2ECYAO4VO7QH9HS8KTeri "T.T"1151286755200Excellent!These fries are delicious. A little sweet, a little salty...satifies my need for something crunchy. And they're guilt-free!
298147298147B003AZ2ECYA3VNQY1Q3T4XIDC. Mann1151278979200WonderfulI was leary to order since I've been disappointed with similar types like these in the past, but to my surprise, these were GREAT!!! Just the right amount of flavor, not too little and not too overpowering...JUST RIGHT! Service was excellent. I had a slight problem with some of the bags that came in damaged, but I received another complete order free of charge with their appologies...very professional and pleasant to deal with
298148298148B003AZ2ECYA2UWKAND2I40B5Teresa Sprague1151275350400very goodthese are very good, and easy to take on the go. They are light and not too salty.
298149298149B003AZ2ECYA2WUHCUJYN2Q6TSherri F. Stone3451298851200Super Yum!These were better than I could have ever hoped. As far as the Weight Watcher plus points goes they are 3 pp. There are a lot in a package and they are so worth the calories and/or the points.
298150298150B003AZ2ECYA1SB05TM5WJINBAsha_X3451294272000Awesome snack!This is my second order of the 24 pack and I'll definitely order more when I'm done with these! All of the flavors are great, but my favorites are Honey Mustard & Onion and Jalapeno Trio. Thanks for such a wonderful snack; I'm a fan for life!!!
298151298151B003AZ2ECYAEN4D5U2E34PBR. Winch3451294272000So glad I took the plunge and ordered!I ordered the Variety pack of 24. The only flavor I didn't care for is the Salt and Vinegar but that's only because I don't like that flavor in anything. I gave them to my grandkids and they LOVED them!!
I was VERY surprised when I opened a bag and saw how many were in a 1 oz serving! WOW!!! Not like your typical lo-cal/lo-fat snack chip where you get about 10 chips and you're done. I love the texture and everything about these fries. I'm already trying to decide what flavor/flavors to reorder. This is definitely on the top of my snack list.
My only suggestion is if a little bit more salt could be added to the Classic Sea Salt flavor. They didn't have quite the flavor punch I was expecting but they were still very good. I think a bit more salt would make them PERFECT!!
I'm so glad I came across these fries and I'll definitely spread the word to friends and family.
298152298152B003AZ2ECYA3NPVQRTLQSZM9Brenda Davidson "Jeffrey's Mom"3451288656000GREAT SNACKSI'm always looking for good tasting, low calorie snacks. This definately fits the bill. Thanks!!
298153298153B002CJAOPIA3PIW7ZF4C5ZJLRhiana Jones2241302220800Good Product, Great PriceI got this 24 pack when it was on sale for around $8 for a 24 pack, truly amazing price and free shipping! I put it on subscribe and save so I'll definitely be ordering again. As for the product, I haven't tasted it myself, but my cats love it. I also like the size and the pop top. I have a cranky old can opener so I love anything with a pop top. Would definitely recommend for your kitties if you can get it at a good price on here.
298154298154B002CJAOPIA1BY51X6TLDEXGtiera302251298505600My Cats Luvin it!My cat loves the pate! I had ordered friskees filets in the can before and she just licks up the gravy and leaves the rest of it. I ordered pate now she is becoming greedy. She wakes the family up asking for more pate... well... meowing for it! lol

The price is like getting a sale at the supermarket! But by ordering here at Amazon, I get to leave the coupons at home and I have one less thing to carry in my grocery bag. I love the convenience of having it delivered. And its free shipping with supersaving shipping! Im in heaven.
298155298155B002CJAOPIA1V5WLNSMAAVKNH. Hughes2251295740800Better price than the groceryWho doesn't love conveince but doesn't want to pay the extra cost involved. This product delivers both and is cheaper in my area than the grocery when you sign up for the automatic shipments. So typically this would mean another 3 grocery bags from the store to carry this home, now bada boom bada bing it's on the door step.
298156298156B002CJAOPIA2VUE8N13EP7YMcongaboy77 "congaboy77"2251294876800Good Stuff.My wife's cat thinks this is yummy. He never asks for another brand. He's very smart and articulate, so I'm sure he would say something if he didn't like it.
298157298157B002CJAOPIA2PYDLEYYWH63PCaracat2251291420800Two happy catsI love subscribe and save!! The delivery is fast and my two cats go through these very quickly. The price is amazing and it's one more thing to cross off my grocery list.
298158298158B002CJAOPIA1ZKY8IR5TDNJYDiane Middleton "Bookie"1151320364800Amazon cat treatThis brand and flavor are a big favorite in our house with three indoor cats, two barn cats and five feral felines.
298159298159B002CJAOPIA2AAWSJV2XE41GSara1151308441600friskies cat foodI think a good bargain for the price I paid. I was hesitant to buy because my cats are picky eaters, but they love FRISKIES!!
298160298160B002CJAOPIA2XDO8EWNFJ9VRR. Estolano1151302566400My cats love this and amazon has a great priceThese cans are so popular with my cats that I have to trick them into eating their dry food, by either serving it first or mixing it with the can. Once they see the can, they will follow me until dinner is served.

I'd recommend getting it delivered monthly for the extra discount, but amazon's price is very good.
298161298161B002CJAOPIA3I8QRV4BP23CASoup lover1151258588800MeowThe price was right...The shipping was free....The cats are pleased.....What more could you ask for ?
298162298162B002CJAOPIA579QNOXOFOR9Mimsy71031295049600pricing changesI really love ordering pet food to be delivered and it started out at a good price, same as the local store but the prices keep changing. One time the prices even doubled for the exact same order, so I cancelled my pet food shipments. Wish it could have been more dependable and cost effective. It's a pain to have to get online and check the pricing for grocery/pet items every month.
298164298164B002CJAOPIA2UCIG3CMHIKEZIan Random0051349222400Like Wet CatnipOur cats always seem to get sick (we have the vet bills to prove it) and when that happens THIS IS THE ONLY FOOD THEY WILL EAT. We have tried other wet food brands and other flavors with no success. I can't recommend this enough.
298165298165B002CJAOPIA307G3NM948620S. H. Roth "cat lover"0051329609600Good price and free shipping with a subscriptionThis is my cats' (there are 5, all Rescue Cats) favorite flavor food but for
some reason, the local grocery stores do not stock it regularly and it is hard
to find in this area of Florida, so I was glad to see that I can now order it
from Amazon. I did several price comparisons; while the regular price for 24 cans
on Amazon was the same as the regular store price (although the on-sale store price
was lower), the subscription price at this time on Amazon is better than the store price.
I have seen other posts talking about the changing prices on Amazon, so this will be
something I have to watch. A huge advantage is having this delivered to my door--
carrying home 140+ cans of cat food a month is a burden. And best of all, with the
subscription, the shipping is free. Better price, front door delivery-a great deal and
I plan to activate a subscription starting in March.
298166298166B002CJAOPIA3R8K6FN7RYY3Ianonymous0021316908800least favorite of the friskiesI feed my cats Friskies canned cat food a lot (mixed in with their Purina Cat Chow) and they enjoy it, but for some reason, this "Mixed Grill" is their least favorite flavor.
298167298167B002CJAOPIA1WYYKDU7INLMDKylieAnne1411301270400Would give it 0 if I could!byproducts is the FIRST ingredient.
the only reason cats eat this is because of the 7th ingredient... artificial flavors.

a good cat food will have NO byproducts or meal as these are other words for skin, bone, and hair. gross!
I urge anyone feeding their cat this product to look into a better food. foods like this can cause all sorts of health problems!
298168298168B003GYVJDOAJC6PSHCBV6WTNancy L. White "Nancy LW"1151330041600To Die For!These candy bars are THE BOMB! I could eat them every day. So addicting. They came in time for my husband to surprise me at Christmas time. They are hard to find, so we were happy to find them on Amazon!
298169298169B003GYVJDOAYUEEY1Q2RPZ9notxe "dvd guy"1151305936000Only the best!I didn't know what to expect, so it was indeed a wonderful surprise to nibble into these bars, a little bit goes a long way with these. recommend to any chocolate bar lover.
298170298170B003YF2M22A3FZKFVYSI33K2larry fine0051338681600Great blend, though hotter than expectedI made a quick pot of chili to test this out, and the results were excellent (cubed chuck steak, this chili pepper blend, some ground cumin, finely diced onion and garlic, salt and some tomato sauce). The heat level, though, is just a bit higher than I expected (definitely hotter than Gebhardts chili powder), but it doesn't burn long. Definitely good flavor, and a great price.

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