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298255298255B002EAQYD6ABLOQZIL42W7Ikone "kone"1151314748800Yummy Granola Cereal!I have tasted a lot of granola cereals in my life, but this is quite possibly the best. It has a very pleasing taste and is not too crunchy. No cholesterol, 6 grams fat (1 gram saturated), 110 mg sodium, and has 3 grams dietary fiber. There are 230 calories per serving, so a bit more caloric intake compared to a "regular" breakfast cereal. Whole grain oats is the primary ingredient, followed by sugar.

These make a great breakfast cereal, especially topped with a friut treat, or alternatively, a very good dry snack can be made by mixing in some nuts, dried fruit, raisins, etc. In either case, the rolled oats are exceptionally tasty, and this will likely become a favorite.

By buying a case of 6 boxes, the price savings are significant.

298256298256B002EAQYD6A35FBTN1J2CYRRC. Barnes "Realtor"0051348099200THIS CEREAL IS GREAT !We love this granola cereal! It is my husband's favorite! Also good is the Cinnamon Raisin granola. If you like a granola cereal you will like this one. I will be re-ordering when I need more. It is a great way to get your fiber and it's a healthy alternative to other cereals full of sugar, etc. Try it you'll like it!!
298257298257B002EAQYD6A351QGZ5S8PTBLopirty "opirty"0041347580800Good Stuff !!This cereal,(along with some Kashi products),is a very good cold cereal. Tasty & crunchy,not overly sweet.If you are a breakfast cereal fan ,you should like it.!
298258298258B002EAQYD6A213SCNI2O0Y10I'm Rudy0051347235200Great food!Who would have thought a no wheat, dairy, or corn diet would allow for such a great tasting breakfast! Just add some rice milk and it's a no compromise meal.
298259298259B002EAQYD6A3D35XI9U2IRWHGolf Lady0051339459200Great breakfastThis is my daily breakfast cereal. I order several boxes at a time. It is fresh and crunchy and provides lots of fiber.
298260298260B002EAQYD6A3DU4L7JB14EZ7Signe M. Benson0021331424000Expiration date very poor.This granola is the best out there, and I have tried just about every one. However, the items shipped to me had a very early expiration date making it difficult to consume in time.
298231298231B000H6JPLWA214CD7K2H73UONancy Rae Neill0051285027200Diabetic Chocolate CandyThe candy was excellent. The chocolate was wonderful and the raspberry was very good.
298232298232B00478FLVEA2ZQK7WWD1JYG9Wolfgangus1151314489600excellent strong tea!The best decaf tea I have tried - including many much more expensive. If you like a strong breakfast tea with milk, but without the caffeine, this one is for you. Great deal!
298233298233B00478FLVEA30E5JPIV82CJYSunnyday0051350432000Baary's Decaf TeaBarry's decaf tea is without a doubt the best decaf tea you can buy! I had purchased many decaf teas in the past and was always disappointed. If you want decaf tea but want it to taste like regular tea give this a try.
298234298234B00478FLVEA304ZXJUQGKB5LA. Cordeiro "font of bitter"0041327449600Delicious delicious decafDont fear the fannings, this is good tea. I've had friends comment on it and gone through several boxes without getting bored or feeling like I'm wasting my money. Give it a shot if you're looking for a good decaf blend. Do make sure to put in the extra bag for the pot (my reasonably large iron pot from Teavana takes three bags to make nice strong tea).
298235298235B004DBNUKEA24RP2EMGI8I9IR. Baker0051349568000BabaganushWhen I first opened it I thought it was kind of slimy but after refrigeration it was not so. I love it as a chip dip. I will be ordering again soon!
298236298236B005TY1SPSA3PY6LMSWWCI1KVino toujours0011344038400I'm a little suspiciousI saw an earlier ad today from this seller "Daily Market" offering King Arthur Bread flour in a 41 lb bag for $15.70. I was sort of suspicious about this because I've NEVER seen KAF bread flour in anything more than a 5lb bag.

So I contacted King Arthur flour Co. about this, basically what they indicated is that their bread flour is available in various combinations of 5 lb bags, but if it is a 40 lb, it is NOT legitimate, as KAF does NOT package their bread flour in anything larger than 5 lb bags.
298237298237B0046IIGJOA2ZEK952QTQANSjohnny d6751318118400Great Value!I live in the panhandle of Florida. Limited selection. High prices! This balsamic half the price.
better tasting. Than anything that's available to me.
298238298238B0046IIGJOA1UCJLZ3FAO3TProud American5651326844800Love thisWe were looking for a replacement balsamic vinegar. Previously, we had bought one from California which we loved, but shipping became prohibitive. Tried this brand, and liked it as much as the previous one(if not more). Will continue with this brand.
298239298239B0046IIGJOA25PYH5CJTD6TPAbby "."2251345420800Outstanding flavor in vinaigretteI tried this balsamic vinegar in Chef Emeril's recipe for "Simple Balsamic Vinaigrette"
(posted on the foodnetwork site)
This stuff is so good! I give it 5 stars. I also give Emeril's recipe 5 stars too.
298240298240B0046IIGJOA3D4VYPFBI08Ccincinnati Jake1121349222400below expectationOver the years I have tasted dozens of balsamic vinagars. In general, the better products cost more but at any price level there can be considerable variation. At this price, I expected much better. This vinager is thin and lacking body. It has a band almost insipid taste that is lost in every dish. Expect to use twice as much as you normally do to preserve any distinctive taste. You should be able to get a similar product at half the cost.
298241298241B0046IIGJOAV7026FKBM87KF. Waidelich1141346025600Not bad compared to some local brandsAlthough this Basalmic vinegar is good and had a high recommendation from Cooks Illustrated I've had similar quality and taste from a product purchased from Wegmans in Rochester, NY. It is their brand and has "4 leafs" to indicate the quality level. The price is comparable as well.
298242298242B0046IIGJOA36CD07RT1I6CMGeorgina A. Curvin "Tempest"3451340064000Great with a nice olive oilI bought this along with an oil & vinegar pour for a small Valentines Day present for my boyfriend. He is a great cook and likes to whip up a light appetizer to tide us over when dinner is cooking.

I was very happy with the purchase. The vinegar has a nice slightly sweet tang, and goes perfect with a good olive oil and french bread. This doesn't have an overly acidic vinegary taste like some cheaper balsamics might. He was wonderfully surprised and I will be adding this to my shopping list again.
298243298243B0046IIGJOA334SM8A3SZLKMAlfred L. Moniot0051348790400Wonderful with Tuscan EVOOI use it with the estate EVOO from Il Borro (Ferragamo property near San Guistino Valdarno) which I much prefer to those recommended by the editors of the Cook's Illustrated series.

The price and quality are fine.
298244298244B0046IIGJOA8VMMJSRPMD51CMETER0051348272000Even my husband could taste the difference!Decided I would try a more expensive balsamic vinegar to see if all were "created equal".
I make a side dish regularly for my family....saute' fresh brussel sprouts in garlic and olive oil until soft...then pour balsamic vinegar on them and serve hot or cooled. The last time I made them I used this vinegar -- but did NOT tell family they were eating a more expensive balsamic vinegar. My husband (who is the LEAST picky person I've ever met) said at the dinner table while eating the sprouts - "wow, I really like these sprouts this time. They taste so much better, what did you do different. " I took great pleasure in telling him it was because he was eating them with expensive balsamic vinegar! He usually takes pride in the fact he doesn't care and can't tell the difference between poor quality or good quality things! How sad for him to realize he just gave me the "approval" to buy expensive vinegar! I figure if he can tell the difference -- then it certainly is a great product!
298245298245B0046IIGJOA25U4F7Z6ZTNDYCopeland CreativeRobert A. Copeland "Copeland...0051348012800Great ProductWe have been using Lucini extra virgin olive oil for years because of it's top rating [...] and this balsamic vinegar was also top rated by Cooks Illustrated magazine. Love it... ...Thanks!
298246298246B0000CD9PLA2JV8PH4NGQPJ6Sir George Martini "Verbalosity"395351105315200The Most Delicious Lobsters In The WorldIn my humble opinion, Maine lobsters taste better and have more meat than any other lobsters in the world. The title "Alive Maine Lobsters" is not quite accurate, because catches can be in the coastal area from North Carolina to Nova Scotia. My father placed an order with Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company for me and they were delivered at 6:18 am on Dec. 24th. The lobsters were alive, healthy, and ready to cook. I got a pot of water boiling and my wife walked into the kitchen to see what I was doing. She got mad and wouldn't let me put them in the pot. I had to buy a salt water aquarium for them and now they are my new pets.
298247298247B0037BUEW8A204NTBMY7BGH5Earl8911304640000Bait & Switch tactics by 1-800-FlowersBelow is a note that I sent to 1-800-Flowers regarding a recent order that I made on their website (through Amazon). 1-800-Flowers first presents you with a reasonably priced item for sale, then they slap you at the end with a last minute service fee that is equvalent to 1/3 the cost of the item. This is just plain wrong. If I did not need the item, I would have gone to their competitors. My issue is not with the product, but with the business practice. You be the judge:

Good Day,
I just placed an order with your company, the confirmation number is attached. My reason for contacting you is to raise my displeasure with the pricing. As you can see from the details below, the "service charge" is 1/3 of the cost of the item that was ordered (there was no previous mention of a $20 service fee). I do not see why you believe that this type of "bait and switch" online tactic wins repeat business (I am assuming that you are competing for loyal customers). If you are going to sell reasonably priced items, you should not surprise the customer at checkout with excessive fees. These actions only reduce the value of the product and of the service in the customer's opinion. Thank you for your kind attention.
Order Summary
Merchandise Amount:
Discount Promotion Code xxxxx:
($5 discount has been applied to your order )
Service Charge:
Order Total:
Flowers by 1800Flowers - Rose Elegance Premium Long Stem Red Roses - One Dozen
298248298248B0037BUEW8AO1LL3O2R8KQ7jim2241331856000Valentines RosesI would give it 4 stars-the flowers were beautiful but they stayed fresh only 3 days. I will probably buy them again next year.
298249298249B0037BUEW8A1JIM8TC3NBWUBLynda Ignaczak1151283817600FlowersFlowers were beautiful and very fresh. Delivery person was polite and pleasant to deal with.
298250298250B0037BUEW8A8GSFPEZWMVX1Form-VII2351297728000Saved the DaySuperman has nothing on this company! They saved my marriage from a massive Valentine's blunder. Late on 13 Feb I realized that Valentine's Day was the next day and had yet to order anything for my beautiful wife. I placed the order and an hour later was contacted by the seller who relayed to me that she would be able to get the flowers delivered tomorrow as opposed to the 15th. This company is extremely professional, reasonably priced and very accessible. I highly recommend them for any floral arraignments no matter the occasion.
298251298251B0037BUEW8A2D2V7HQWZYB88Olie0031343865600Nice roses, disappointed on arrangementI have used this company before and was satisfied with previous assortments they sent. I was a little disappointed this time, however, with the arrangement sent. The roses seem nice but they didn't put any gypsophila in so they looked plain. Just the green leaves of the roses and then the roses themselves. For a deployed soldier sending his wife a little token to remind her she is loved, this missed the mark in my book.
298252298252B0037BUEW8A3VM1PFNSKKRF4DLM1251328659200Never a brown petal- A+I have probably used this provider 20 times over the last 7-8 years- flowers for sympathy, Valentine's Day, anniversaries, just because, you name it, I have sent flowers. I initially used 1800Flowers because I have a discount via my employer but I continued to use them because I can depend on them to provide great flowers that are fresh, beautifully vased and wrapped, and on the day and time I had requested.
Granted, I could have bought flowers for less- shopped the internet and thrown the dice, but, I will pay a bit more to guarantee delivery and quality. Never disappointed. I just ordered Valentine's Day roses for 2012- I trust that they will arrive as pictured on the correct day. No need to go elsewhere... period. the end.
298253298253B002EAQYD6A28RSJ75ST0BGMyeems6741296950400Organic, yes. Healthy, not so sure.I was just starting to think about healthy foods, granola, etc, and this came up as a good deal. If you are thinking about adding or switching to granola, this has a great taste! Who doesn't like sugary maple?!?!? This was great! I was eating granola, it didn't taste like cardboard, I can eat healthy has it's not so bad! Well, I have one of those Weight Watcher cards from a few years back *ahem* and I calculated that 3/4 cup of this is 4 points. 3/4 cup isn't so much, but it's fine since this is granola, for me, it took a lot longer to chew so I was satisfied. The 2 other reviews says it's healthy...yes, probably healthier than Frosted Flakes or Froot Loops, I suppose. The box doesn't even claim "healthy", just "organic". So be careful if you are looking for "healthy" too.

A week later, I bought Fiber One Caramel Delight and for 1 cup, it was only 2 points and the flavor was GOOD! So, if you are looking for good flavored granola only, I'd recommend this. If you are looking to eat more healthy, try the Fiber One Caramel Delight first, I'm going to review that for 5 stars.

FYI - I paid $12.20 (with subscribe and save) for a pack of 5. I like to post what I paid to help others in their decision at the time of purchase since prices change so frequently here.
298254298254B002EAQYD6A1SPB4J5VFEJNjon b1151317513600best granola everThis is the tastiest granola I've ever tried. Not sure what else to say. You should try it right away.

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