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298261298261B002EAQYD6A1777HCY44T5J4chardewey0051326585600Great granola!Love the flavor. Not a very strong maple-brown sugar flavor, but enough to get the taste. We eat this stuff for breakfast and I take some for a snack for lunch, so the quantity of 5 boxes in one order seems like a lot, but for the price and for how quickly we go through it (2 of us within about 1-2 weeks) this is a great deal!
298262298262B002EAQYD6A14FD8PQUMWCMAngela G. Hubbard1251277424000Not your typical crunchy granolaIf you're new to organic and healthy this cereal is for you! It's healthy without sacrificing taste. It's great to eat alone or in the cookie recipe on the back of the box. It's sweet but not overly sweet in my opinion. Added to yogurt makes it even better. Even my 2 1/2 year old loves it. Enjoy!
298263298263B002EAQYD6A2HYG83IQBFQ93Miriam0151284854400Good GranolaThis is one of my favorite granolas. (I like granola without cinnamon and without dried fruit.) Amazon Subscribe & Save is the cheapest way to buy it (unless your local grogery store is having a big sale on it and you have a manufacturer's coupon).
298264298264B001CRP38OAWQ3AQTIPYQLTroadie1151254182400Holy Mother Pucker!I've always had a thing to foods that bring a burning sensation to my tongue, and when I was given a bottle of this as a Christmas gift, I had finally met my match. Not knowing the potential of this sauce, I eagerly downed a cap-full of the sauce to see how it tasted. Mouth-burning, forehead sweating, runny nose, and teary eyes ensued. Holy cow was I surprised at how damn hot this stuff is. And since then I have been hooked.

Just a forewarning to any that decide to use this stuff: when I make chili dogs using this stuff, half a cap-full is more than enough to get your mouth burning. I got my first bottle in Christmas of 2007 and I finally ran out around June of 2008. It's well worth the price since a little bit is all that is needed to tease your stomach with an ulcer.

298265298265B001CRP38OA3786I1MBANAZIMommyChris0051302307200HOT HOT HEAT! Great TasteI bought this as a gift for my hot-sauce-loving husband. These are one of his favorite lines of hot sauce. This particular sauce is Very High in heat level. He uses it very sparingly. If you want a milder yet still hot sauce, go for the Fire Roasted Fusion one. :)
298266298266B001CRP38OAIUG7BFHXGHURCarol B. Ammarell0051265500800Crazy Mother Pucker's Liquid Lava Hot Sauce XXX-HotThis was a Christmas gift for my Grandson. It was a huge hit. He likes it the hotter ther better and this got his approval. Of course, the name didn't hurt.
298267298267B004QSTHT2A3CVTP6B9S0Z7VNerak2251315612800Eagle Pack Cat FoodThis is one of the best foods you can feed your cat and I'm always very happy with the product and so are my cats.
298268298268B004QSTHT2A1OISEFUCWNQL1Lacie0211347148800Bad FoodI heard all this talk about Eagle Pack so I gave in and checked it out but this is a food just a bad if not worse than Purina cats dont eat corn or corn gluten this is kitty candy the same a hersheys kisses to us or cereal but worse cause it will be what is given everyday sometimes all of the cats life I mean genetically our pet being cats and dogs can live into their late 20s it is proven but diet is key just as the worlds oldest people who live to 120 or 116 say they eat healthy like from their garden or organic foods not cereal animals are the same why are we killing a animal that existed before man.
298269298269B0077T5RL4AOQ2IB802NXAQIrishlawlass0051349654400The best cocoa EVERThis stuff is amazing. The grocery store had a sale on it for $3 something a box and the salted caramel was totally cleaned out. It's just that good. I'm pregnant and this is a major craving for me! I recommend using 2% or whole milk -- fat free just doesn't work as well in this. Measure your milk too and be sure it's a cup. Don't forget the Reddi Wip!
298270298270B0077T5RL4A13VY0ZQM7QBAJH. Chen ""0041348876800Fine Hot ChocolateIt tastes fine, but there is always some Palm kernel and undissolved cocoa left at the end of drinking though.
298271298271B0077T5RL4A3LN78LJHJEYYGCh and L.1241333670400Starbucks double Chocolate Hot CocoaThe product arrived on time. Everything as specified in the list of items was correct. We love to order through Amazon. It's reliable and, up to now, true to the product.
298272298272B002GWHATYA263DRVW6SIFNCW. Munn8841302048000Favorite for yearsUPDATE: Received and have ground, brewed and drank this several days now. We tasted NO difference in this bag from our years of drinking Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. It is up to our standards for daily brew.

We had been buying from this roaster direct, but the savings thru Amazon on shipping are significant, doubly more if you set up the subscription. I'm left wondering is this batch is what the roaster would consider less than their freshest/premium because passed a certain number of days. Most of the roast date label (see below) was torn off this package. As mentioned in my review of their Decaf Espresso, I the label should be intact. On the buyer side, no one should assume you will get the absolute freshest roasted coffee via a longer supply chain and at a significant discount. (But that too could change soon.) It looks like the bag I received was roasted in 2011 since the only remaining digit is a 1 at the far right.
We have been drinking Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for many years. Most recently buying 5 lb Whole Bean from Coffee Bean Direct and prior to that from a roaster out of Texas. Our tastes greatly prefer the African coffees, including Kenya AA, over the South and Central American and we like the medium roast which maintains the nuanced flavor. (Needless to say, I'm not a fan of "Charbucks" :-)

I'm going to try adding this subscription to our others as it allows ordering the coffee in single bags while keeping the postage under control. NOTE: The coffee we have purchased DIRECTLY from Coffee Bean Direct has a label on the bag indicating the roasting date. I just checked an empty one and it shows 34310, meaning the 343rd day of 2010. That's early December if my math is correct. I will check the bag I receive via Amazon to see how old it is when it arrives. Normally the coffee is in our hands within 7-10 days of the roast date.

For us, treating the roasted beans like the perishable item they are maintains the flavor to the end of the bag. Here are the steps I take:

When the bags arrive (not just Coffee Bean Direct, this includes other roasters sending whole beans) they are not evacuated like you see with some of smaller the European ground coffee packs. Maybe the one-way valve ISN'T so one-way or they just don't go through the necessary steps :-)

Before it goes in the freezer I evacuate the bag with one of the hand held vacuums that has a high level vacuum. (It is a Shark brand and while mediocre as a cleaning vacuum it is killer to evacuate these bags. It turns them into a solid brick AND the room smells like fresh roasted coffee!) After evacuating I put a piece of shipping tape over the one-way valve to keep air from leaking in. The bag stays evacuated until opened, several months in one case. Bags are stored in a deep freeze that has to run a defrost cycle very rarely.

When needed we refill a sealed ceramic canister with enough frozen beans for several days drinking. We do our grinding prior to each brew.
298273298273B002GWHATYAZJD503FPIS1FCoffee head4451308355200One of the best bag of beansAfter being in Eastern Africa and having Ethiopian coffee, then going back to the USA it was pretty hard to find beans from Ethiopa. I know Starjerks and some other have them and mix them into blends but not as good as getting them direct. I took a chance on thse beans, and it was a good bet. Grinding the beans has a wonderful aroma, and the taste is just the way I like it. The coffee comes out dark and heavy, and in the light it has a oilly look to the coffee. Just the way I like it. I have shared the beans with others and have been a hit. I will definatly get more.
298274298274B002GWHATYA1WFT2PGEM0K5HW. Domeier2241331424000Good coffee, good price.I was delighted to find this coffee with a rich flavor and great price. After working in a coffee house for years I do not even bother with poor tasting coffee. I took a chance on Coffee Bean Direct and will buy from them again.
298275298275B002GWHATYAWY3N777B4G8YFred's Reviews0051350259200Distinctive Brew at a Good Price PointNice consistent beans, and a perfect medium-light roast for a smooth, flavorful everyday drip at a good price. Neither oily nor burnt, so nutty North African flavor comes through. I occasionally blend with a darker roast and use French press for a nice cup with or after dinner. I just re-ordered 5lbs.
298276298276B002GWHATYA1J508IBBETWTBC_Miller0041349308800Coffee value for the priceWe have been using this brand for a year or there about, always on time, fresh, same distinct flavor, nice price in comparison, for the Price really one of the best outstanding values .

Highly recommended.

We have tried to find an alternative "Columbian" . from gourmet to off the shelf . . no luck.

We used to drink the Ethiopian and have been satisfied with the Coffee Bean Direct now for quite a while.

Their products are all a VALUE ,

The subscription price saves enough that we get a sack #5 every year for nothing.
298277298277B002GWHATYAEUA5G070BO1Qclean freak0051349308800great coffeeThis coffee has a great coffee aroma and brews
well after a fresh grind. It hold its flavor
and freshness in a sealed container for approx
two weeks. Provides an excellent cup of coffee
with a drip grind,Coffee Bean Direct Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag weather 10 cups or 2.
298278298278B002GWHATYA1K78I6Z4KNLTRHarvey Craft "Harvey"0041347408000A very good coffee at a great priceI like many coffees, but I am particularly drawn to African brews. Coffee Bean Direct Ethiopian Yirgacheffe in the 5 pound bag beats any price I could find. This coffee has the characteristic fruitiness of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. I like coffee strong and freshly brewed. This coffee is best prepared in small amounts in a press. It loses much of its appeal after 15-30 minutes "cooking" in a coffee pot. I found that it takes about 20% more than I typically use when brewing in a standard coffee pot to produce the strength that I like. Not the absolute best coffee, but well-worth the price. It keeps well when sealed and frozen.
298279298279B002GWHATYA32QNTFPVVY3P4Dee0021339545600Ok but not up to the level of goodI'm not an expert by any means, but I've bought other varieties of Coffee Bean Direct that I like better. I generally like strong, smooth coffee. This one is a bit...rough or my taste. I don't know if that makes any sense to anyone else, but I won't buy this kind again.
298280298280B002GWHATYA7ZBOZZ0RYB9HG. Thomson "PopsGT"00213387680002 stars could be 5!I have purchased this coffee previously and found it to be very good.... just what I was looking for. I recently ordered more and the two batches were worlds apart. This last batch was roasted a long time ago, it seems. I've ordered a lot of the Coffee Bean Direct selections and had only good experiences. However, this batch was OLD. Either I've been lucky with all previous orders or this is the rare instance where the coffee was not as advertised. As a "coffee nerd", I know old coffee when I see/taste it, and this stuff was old and brittle. I hand grind with a ceramic burr type grinder. This batch was old. Buyer beware!
298281298281B002GWHATYA3NAFZO62760M4David Farhi0021338249600Simply DisappointedI have tried several varieties and had very high hopes for this Etheopian YigacheffeThe flavor is without question OFF. I am not sure what it is, but the flavor is flat, not much depth to this coffee. I am going to have to mix it with other coffees to add flavor, it is not very good on its own. I am sorry but I just can't reccomend it.
298282298282B002GWHATYA10IHUOSAYD5MCWalter L. Bramhall "technodeity"0051337299200Good CoffeeI have 3 subscriptions to 3 different kinds of coffee.
I like them all.
The coffee is always fresh and
with Amazon shipping for free,
a bargain
298283298283B002GWHATYAMMY2UXHO8UC1Johnnie R. Smith "Johnnie and Sandra"0051333584000I Truly Enjoy The Ethiopian Coffee!Coffee Bean Direct Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag

I have researched the different coffee blends available and chose this one and I like to grind the beans just before I make coffee or grind some for the week, delicious. Everyone has their own idea of great coffee, this is the one I chose. I invite anyone wanting to try the gourmet coffee to read all about the different countries coffee beans and determine what is best for you. By small quantity first and if it's the one, treat yourself to a larger amount. I suggest the bean, so you will want a good electric grinder.

What is really great is my family buys with confidence from Amazon. Just about everything we need we purchase from or through Amazon, with the certainty we will be pleased with what we purchase. Johnnie
298284298284B002GWHATYA1HMI0JPCWQY4EC. Jarvie0021324425600Did I get a bad batch??Received my 5 lb. bag of beans and immediately used my hand-grind coffee mill to get some beans ready to brew. First impression was lack-luster, weak aroma of ground beans. The resulting coffee was very disappointing--flat tasting, high acid and astringent to the palate. This coffee actually left my stomach upset. If you like the low-quality, rancid tasting coffee they serve at "greasy spoon" restaurants, you'll love these Ethiopean beans. I've been a customer of Coffee Beans Direct for several years and I've never had such poor quaility beans from them. Cancelling my subscription now. Does Goodwill take coffee bean donations???
298285298285B002GWHATYAEVR5P3VGAVBWcoffee lover0051311984000A yummy cup of coffee!I've always enjoyed a good cup of coffee and now that I've tasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe I'll never go back to regular coffee. EY has a mild, yummy flavor that makes you want to "take your time and enjoy" it. I'm hooked!
298286298286B002GWHATYA13PZH5ZVQD0UAStacyW0051310083200Light and Smooth BeansThese yirgacheffe beans are among the lightest ones I've ever tried. It's very smooth and floral, the kind I would recommend for morning or after dinner, as long as you're not craving the kick of a dark type like French roast. One cup of yergicheffe is never enough.
298287298287B002GWHATYAUITG1DJ3QUGKE. Swope0041296000000Nice, aromatic coffeeI am thrilled that Amazon is shipping to Hawaii now!!
I purchased a bag of this coffee about a month ago so my daughter, in college on the continent, could bring it back with her. Now I do not have to wait until she is on break! :D

I love African coffee, and it is neigh on impossible to find in the islands. I had been ordering direct from another roaster until they changed their shipping terms and it cost $25 to mail 2 12 oz bags: loved the coffe, but... too much for postage.

The coffee I received from coffee bean direct was not the best Ethiopian I have ever had, but it was still very nice. They roast on the light side, which works well for this coffee. It is very full bodied for a medium roast; earthy but not acidic. The price is excellent, and you can't beat the shipping charges! As soon as I saw that Amazon will now ship here, I subscribed. Now I do not have to hope for a courrier (visiting friends or family) to bring me the coffee I love.

We fairly shocked our daughter by consuming the 5 lb. bag during her 3 week vacation. That said, I did not have any issues with the flavor degrading.

It looks like Amazon and coffee bean direct stock all my favorite beans. now I just have to figure out how to set up the subscription so that I can rotate through my favorites without having to store 50 lbs of coffee ;)
298288298288B002GWHATYA3EBLZM17S0GV6Pablo N. Mondal1251288828800very good coffee at a great priceit's a bunch of coffee. if you have two people drinking about 4-6 cups a day (i think our grind & brew carafe counts five ounces as a cup), which i think was our rate, it will take you about month to five weeks to get through it. after four weeks it can lose a good deal of its flavor, so you want to try to use it before then. but for the price, you can't beat it, and if the last little bit gets a little stale then you can always move on to another bag. but, if you don't think you brew at least four cups a day, then you may have too much spoilage. they also sell one pound bags, which i've not tried yet.
298289298289B002GWHATYA1R7PO8XZQ6KB7D. Renken "magistra"0151278460800Great ValueThis coffee, when used within a few weeks of roasting is outstanding. All medium roast coffees are at their best when freshly roasted, but the Yirgacheffe especially has a wonderful taste. Coffee Direct will do a medium roast which I usually prefer since it doesn't destroy or override the natural flavors you get from the growing region. Coffee Direct will send it out fast, but I don't know if it is older if Amazon sends it. 5 pounds is not too much for our coffee loving family, but you might find you will need to give some away to go through it in 3 or 4 weeks.
298290298290B002GWHATYA2SIKBQYE4D27NLori Wu "lorispeak"1331276387200good but lost flavor a lot quicker than expectedThis was really tasty when we first got it and opened the bag, but the flavor degraded into nothing within a week.

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