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298291298291B002GWHATYA1YGIQTZ06XZNIGene Nevill0251295740800The best coffeeI have been very inpressed with this coffee. Having spent two years in Eritrea in the late sixties, I am very familiar with the Ethopian Yirgacheffe coffee. This not absolutely the same as the people roast, grind and prepare the coffee for the individaul when the ordered. I will order this again especially since it is a fair trade item.
298292298292B001EO7NCOA2I7LOBVK3UL40Cooking in SD1111248739200Don't waste your moneyI cook quite a bit with Cumin and was trying to save some money. This brand does not smell or taste like good Cumin. Cumin is strong and fragrant, this is not. I didn't like the smell or taste, even my 3 year old twins complained about the taste. Even though it is tempting because of the price don't waste your money.
298293298293B001EO7NCOA29C4NTX8MLINCMrs. B1151209340800Great Flavor!!I've never used this brand before, but it has great flavor and we are enjoying using it! My husband loves Cumin and is certain that most dishes can't be completed without using Cumin. :-) I was also very excited over the price - 2 16 ounce containers for that price!? GREAT!!
298294298294B000E1HVZMA1OBPHRXHZF8P6Robin Orlowski "political activist"2211294704000Who Cut Out The Cheese?I don't see how they can get away with calling it 'blue cheese'. I cannot taste any cheese chunks in this particular dressing. Calling it ranch seems more appropriate. This appeared to be the predominant flavor throughout.

I know this is one of the 'budget' salad dressings available in the local grocery store. And it might explain the composition.

But because Kraft is obviously famous for producing cheese products, they should put a little more work into this particular item. They could probably do it.
298295298295B000E1HVZMACOWC9VPHAM1YMom of Two3441297814400MILD Blue CheeseNot being a big fan of blue cheese dressings - this one is great! The flavor is mild and there are no blue cheese chunks. This dressing is not overpowering as with other brands. If you are true blue cheese lover - steer clear.
298296298296B0084V94RWA1RR08LQHDYBR6Michelle8851340064000I love this stuff!I have been buying aloe vera drink from one popular brand for quite a long time. So I was a bit unwilling to try something new, but I really liked this stuff. Refreshing, delicious, with pleasant grapy taste and only 60 calories! Also it appeared to be a great natural alternative for soda. My children are delighted with its yummy pulp! I'll definitely be ordering more.
298297298297B0084V94RWA2HJA6JP12KYG3jdsmlj3 "Jenny"4451344384000ALOICI have tried other aloe products before, so I am well aware of the positive health benefits. Such as keeping a regular digestive tract, weight loss, and of course increasing the immune system.
But, I was reluctant to try ALOIC because I have never enjoyed the taste of aloe. One of my girlfriends however recommended this product and I sure am glad I took her advise.

This stuff is delicious!
As the product description states it, it really does have a surprising grapy taste.
298298298298B0084V94RWAUFFCOMUJZAD1BFS "Budgeting in the Fun Stuff"3351343520000Pleasantly Surprised!I wasn't sure about trying this, but I decided to branch out. I was very pleasantly surprised! This was good! It is of course an aloe-based drink, but it does have a nice grape taste. I can totally see myself drinking one of these every morning or at least a few times a week. I am hoping I will be able to enjoy some of its long-term health benefits since I had not been eating very well before. If you are in the market for a healthy beverage alternative, give this a shot!
298311298311B0007R4JGMATLKT79P5Z4XDHeadly1151304640000Great Product for a great priceI bought the bubble gum cigars in order to thank people at work for their generous gift. I was really surprised when I had a few people come up to me and state that the gum was extremely tasty. This is a compliment, because I was expecting it to taste similar to the old hard gum that was added to baseball and football card packs back in the day. I would definitely recommend this product.
298299298299B0084V94RWA36PDVMHM7J0ETLeighann1151345248000Amazing DrinkIt never occurred to me that a drink made of aloe vera could be a good thing. I was a bit suspicious about tasting this stuff because, in general, I don't like such drinks at all. But after trying this ALOIC thing I was glad to discover that the drink was surprisingly delicious. After getting acquainted with ALOIC I also tried some other variants of aloe drinks but still this one seemed to be the tastiest.
I can't be sure about all the benefits it's believed to have. I just have to admit that its sweet taste is worth trying.
298300298300B0084V94RWAA55QJHD9737FAlex C.0051350259200Fantastic!Pretty sure I just found my new favorite drink. Not only is it affordable, but it's truly tasty. You're going to love it!
298301298301B0084V94RWA3WJ1KHS1I47ZRangi Kane "HighestSupremacy"0051349308800Finally, something healthy and tastyThere are a ton of health drinks on the market that just do, but that's not the case with this aloe vera
drink. Seriously, it is the bomb. What's even better is that it's all natural and completely organic,
certified organic even. When I drink it, I don't have to worry that I'm polluting myself like with the
other stuff on the market. It's a great fit for my lifestyle and at only 60 calories per serving, I highly
recommend it!
298302298302B0084V94RWAUZHEAX7O77SLCristinita Diaz0141350259200Awesome DrinkI've bought this product to my daugher, she really liked it and she would surely give 5 points for it. But I've tried it and found out that there was a grape taste in the drink, and I hate grapes from the very childhood, that's why I can rate this drink only 4 points. But if you like grapes more than I do, you will definitely like it.
298303298303B0007R4JGMA1TL70X7UO6O3MA. tin "anttin"4451185667200Fun gifts for birth announcementYou can use this instead of giving out cigars... this gum cigar looks good, but taste ok (not wigley gums). This gift is a birth announcement for those who can't express their joy with words.
298304298304B0007R4JGMA7CB812H07SQ6K. Brown3351254441600HUGE HIT!Couldnt have been better! These were a huge hit! Everyone that came to see the baby loved them.
298305298305B0007R4JGMA1N83LYAIJW1WJAshB2251323648000Great, Cheap Favors for baby ShowerI bought these for baby shower favors, because I needed something cost effective for over 70 people. These are cute- the box and the wrappers for the cigars are both "retro" and cute in design. I just added a tag and a ribbon and I had a perfect little gift. The gum is pretty good as well!
298312298312B0007R4JGMA3PSOH074VG7R1pugdogluv1151304553600pink buble gum cigarsThis was as described and I am sure will be a hit at the baby shower. Received in 2 dys
298313298313B0007R4JGMA2DKPM2E3UAA0PS. Gwin2451167868800ExcellentArrived promptly & in excellent condition
298314298314B0007R4JGMA1FRF0JDI1CADRSt Landry Homestead "Rone's wuggie"0351209081600baby girl gum cigarswe haven't had time to use them yet. but i know they will make a great hit with every-one.
298315298315B0007R4JGMA15EFZ99XI10SODebra J. Snoey31141167868800For my husband's humidor.Actually my granddaughter and I bought this to slip into my husband's new and fancy humidor. The cheesy pink box should really set a new tone to the quiet dignity that the humidor now possesses. Who cares what they taste like???
298316298316B002GJD06EA3K8H3J7QMPSOKMrs. G0041252713600Tasty!The product was delicious as described. I was disappointed with the condition the jar arrived in. The cover on it was so cracked it almost didn't even screw on.
298317298317B001EO7GEOADIVEAWBYNLGKTanner Jensen1151270252800Pink PeppercornsThey were very good!!!! I used them for an entree at my restaurant... Very savory!! Would recomend to everybody!
298318298318B001P1YQTOAVWDMCKI3S96JNicolle1151301875200Yum... who knew salt could taste so different?This was my first foray into the world of "culinary salt" and wow, it's great! I really like this and was shocked how different it tasted from 'regular' salt or even the regular kosher sea salt. I wouldn't cook with this as I think you'd lose the subtlety of the flavor difference, but it's perfect for those things that you sprinkle salt over just before eating.
298319298319B001P1YQTOASEQCCGMXGYDDMinnaloushe0051317600000Perfect.Very happy with this salt! Completely delicious. It is not as fine as some may want, but it is not coarse. They make a coarse salt too and it is just divine. I use this every day, and am very happy with the flavor and performance.
298320298320B0074CBI1WA2OEK4I709CDJJlollipop0041349740800Good, but not what I was hoping for.I was looking for a type of chunky sugar bits in irregular sizes and bigger than this Pearl Sugar - so I am still looking, since I do not know what it is called.
However, I must say this Swedish Pearl Sugar works very nicely sprinkled on top of pretzel-like cookies and gives them a nice sweet crunch when you bite into them. I am pleased with the mistake that I made - and will be ordering more for the holidays.
298306298306B0007R4JGMA1DAIDX4M7FTG4PT_Matt2251303344000Very niceThese work perfectly to give to grandparents, kids, hospital staff, etc. Everyone loved them and a few people actually did chew the gum. It's a great way to always have something to remind you of your daughter coming into this world.
298307298307B0007R4JGMA1NACCGXQ50GO9E. Seymour2251269302400Fun way to celebrate my daughter's arrivalI bought a box of these a couple weeks before my baby girl's due date. They are fun to hand out at work or when people come to visit. And the gum itself is actually quite good!
298308298308B0007R4JGMA1EJ35OJ8PB2QMrsMcD08191151335571200So Cute!I bought these for my sister when she has her baby in a couple of weeks. We're going to have them at the hospital - just something cute to give to all the visitors.
298309298309B0007R4JGMABDAIWBQS362PE. Hamby "sitcom fan"1151330905600Fun and delicious!Three years ago when my son was born, we ordered the boy bubblegum cigars and they were very tasty. We shared them with hospital workers, drs and nurses and family and friends. It was a very fun way of celebrating our son's birth and including everybody in our happiness. I just ordered these girl bubblegum cigars because we are having a daughter in just a few weeks, and we can't wait to celebrate in the same way. Plus, Amazon shipped to us with their free trial of Prime shipping and it was fantastic.
298310298310B0007R4JGMA18Z0AQ1IQCWG3Richard S. Reynolds "Bookasaurus Rex"1151304640000It's a Girl CeegarsI passed these out on the birth of may granddaughters to the firefighters I work with and church members. They loved them. The bubble gum was good, but the smiles on peoples faces was even better. Great way to celebrate

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