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298351298351B004E4ADKUA2AOVGIJPE142VScott Broadbent "Mr152"61111313712000Sickingly Sweet and devoid of nutritionHere's a list of ingredients:
water, malic acid, propylene glycol, citric acid, sucralose, acesulfame k, red 40, yellow 5, blue 1, potassium sorbate.
Quite a concoction of synthetic chemicals. The acesulfame K even has an Acceptable Daily Intake established by the FDA. It's not really something people should be consuming at any level. The rest of the ingredients are almost as bad. Red 40 and yellow 5 may cause hyperactivity in children. Potassium sorbate is a mold inhibitor for long shelf life. Propylene glycol is basically radiator fluid, but is also used in personal lubricants and to lubricate enema nozzles. Sucralose is just chlorinated sugar. There's less than 2% natural ingredients on the list.
I think I'll pass on this corporate concoction of non-nutritive chemicals.
298352298352B004E4ADKUAQMNL7ZFOTTO7S. Post1311321142400No TasteMy girlfriend and I are regular drinkers of flavor-pack enhanced water (read: hate plain water). I saw ads for this on TV and figured I'd give it a try. I have to say we both hate the taste and it by far does not add nearly enough flavor to water no matter how much you put it. I would not recommend[ this product at any price, go with the classic powder flavor packs; [ASIN:B001EQ4HEE Crystal Light On The Go Fruit Punch Drink Mix, 10-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)]]
298353298353B004E4ADKUA2ITMI18S8XO1QK. Kelly0211327449600Awful, synthetic taste that is nowhere near "fruit punch"Good idea, horrible execution. Mio Fruit Punch smells and tastes more like liquid strawberry jello powder. It's just truly disgusting and an insult to the water it's put into.

298354298354B004E4ADKUA2K0RB083YW622Jamie Collins0311332460800BAD FOR YOUI wanted to kick my soda habit, so I thought I would give it a try. The fruit punch does taste GOOD, with a little funny after taste though. It was so good I downed two cups quickly. Then my throat started felling like it was closing and I felt really thirsty. I dont know if it was an allergic reaction or what. Then I read the ingredients and googled some of them. WOW they are scary, so of them are found in cosmetics, radiator fluid, ect. Look them up yourself and see for your own eyes. I tossed mine in the trash. Too bad they cant come up with a healthy, chemical & dye free one.
298355298355B004E4ADKUA2VEKUG8JF8TS5Elizabeth A. Lubes31311304553600Water Sensations needs to come backThis product is Ok at best. I bought it hoping it would hold up to the now vanished Water sensations. Not even close. I am not sure why the other product left the market, hands down the best water flavoring ever made. I don't think I would buy this product again.
298356298356B006N3I0DMA2SPDJ8KLLFMDPHymie X1151270339200Great coffee, Good PricesWe have been oredering K-cups from Amazon for a long time. The selection is great and the prices are as good as it gets. Emeril's both decaf and this one, are super.
298357298357B006N3I0DMA1RZSU1F51FXPBJ. M. Tagtmeier "Coffee Hound"1151270252800New Orleans CoffeeI tried Emeril's Big Easy Bold for Keurig and found it to be a top coffee with strong taste and flavor.
298358298358B006N3I0DMA3KAOBS1IGNZWEJerry "Jerry"1151269820800BAM! - It's the best!Very good product - K-Cups are our only choice now and this coffee is our only coffee.
298359298359B006N3I0DMA19LF65YK78D31Combat Coffeeman "bobo"1141269648000excellent-strong coffeeI've been trying different keurig coffees for over a year. This is #2, next to Timothy's midnight maddness, but is so close that it could be #1. Not quite as bitter as mm, so sometimes is preferred. Emeril's Big Easy Bold Coffee for Keurig Brewers, 24-Count K-Cups (Pack of 2)
298360298360B006N3I0DMA37UPQN0V8FIERJ. J. Sanders1151269561600Emeril's Bold Coffee - KeurigMy husband has tried quite a few varieties of the Keurig coffee and this one is the best he has liked. He said it is bold, and strong. He likes a coffee that you can taste, and that isn't as he puts it "dirty water". We have been drinking this variety for 1 yr now and have been very impressed. I would also like to add that I have shopped around for the best deal and it is here... on
298361298361B006N3I0DMAXEC3RCWYLSN4Fielding Tyler1141268870400Tastes greatPurchased my first Keurig brewer after using a regular machine.
Quick and easy in the morning and the Emeril coffee tastes great.
298362298362B006N3I0DMAP1DB195FN3ATerrill Nicholls "tjnick"1141268784000Kick it up a notchWe've had our Kuering machine for over a year now. We love it. However, we've had a problem finding BOLD coffee. Emeril's is very tasty and bold. While it's not our favorite, it is up there at the top. Sign up for Amazon's club and save money and postage. You'll enjoy a very good cup of coffee at a very reasonable price.
298363298363B006N3I0DMA2BL4U089N7E4OAMD1151268611200Eye Opener Coffee!This is a stronger blend that has a great taste and will open your eyes in the morning without being bitter..Nice strong coffee flavor....
298364298364B006N3I0DMA1U9FF2R6XCBZHsmoky & bandit1151268524800my favoriteif you have a brewer that makes the big cup size this is a great coffee to use in it. very strong.
298365298365B006N3I0DMA3TYDXOFM1TIKGTraveler1151268092800Great Bold FlavorEmeril's Big Easy Bold has incredibly great flavor. I like my coffee strong and this is perfect
298366298366B006N3I0DMA2LIUUTRQGRS6ORoland Krebs1151267920000BAM - Emerils Big Easy Bold K-CupsI love my Keurig brewer, but was torn that Starbucks and Seatle's Best was not available. When I found Emeril's, I was curious at first and loved it immediately. It's dark and a bold coffee but not acidic. It's balanced well and flavorful...I'd recommend it to anyone that enjoy's a well balanced, full flavor coffee...cheers.
298367298367B006N3I0DMA3OXRFCJI67IMNBold Consumer1151266105600I would describe this coffee as bold, dark, rich, strong, and with lots of character!I would describe this outstanding coffee as strong, bold, dark, rich, and with a lot of character. There's nothing mild about it. It isn't your average, bland coffee. I recommend it.

Edited to say that I have friends who find it wonderful, but they wouldn't describe it as I would, so strong it knocks your socks off! Maybe it depends on how much you drink of it. :)
298368298368B006N3I0DMA1OXT42RJL6ZQ9F. Benzimra "working man"1151265500800Great coffee at the best deal for k-cupsMy husband loves this coffee, can't get it fast enough for him. had to make autoship arrive sooner.
298369298369B006N3I0DMA3K1CQQBUJOLTVAlejandro Del Villar1151265328000Big Easy = Big FlavorA wonderful big flavor coffee. It's what you would expect from a real dark roast, extra bold product. If you like the Timothy's or the Coffee People Santa's Buzz this will certainly be of your liking.
298370298370B006N3I0DMA1XTJZ7XLR6N6IFZ1151265068800Best Keurig CoffeeMy wife & I enjoy coffee with a nice bold taste without the bitter after taste. This coffee is the best we tasted since we've purchased the Keurig Coffee maker, until Emeril's, all other brands have tasted watery and have been tempted to return the coffee maker. A must try!!!
298371298371B006N3I0DMA1IPOL2VVDSHF1Lars E. Farmer "amazonlars"1141264982400Bold/burntThis coffee is dark and bold. It does taste kind of burnt, but its a taste that I have acquired a liking for. This coffee is second in taste only to Green Mountain's Dark Magic.I give this four and a half stars.
298372298372B006N3I0DMA1H3TBTLHGCDRSLawrence R. Lucas1141264809600New Orleans' TasteThis blend comes close to that first cup of the day of Community Dark roast brewed in a drip pot. That's high praise.
298373298373B006N3I0DMA2FE2YG8W9G8UWLinda B. "politically incorrect in..."1151264550400If you like Peet's coffeeI'm new to Keurig and formerly a Peet's addict. I like a very strong dark roast with a thick mouthy feel. I hate watery coffee.
So I started with all the extra bolds....having tried Newman's, Timothy's Sumatra bold, Black Tiger, Midnight Madness as
well as Emeril's. So far, Emeril's is my first choice. Best aroma, which definitely sets off the taste buds. Strong full mouth
feel, with a bite on the back end. Not french roast bitter, though. I'm still hoping Peet's will make some k cups but until
they do (when I don't want to use my k cup), Emeril's will be my choice. Surprised because I did not expect this from a
coffee with Emeril's name on it. I run an 8 ounce in my b30 and it's a solid morning drink.
298374298374B006N3I0DMA2X4LR7J5UAGPZSafety James "James"1151264550400C'est le bonBest of the K-cup flavors available. Strong and bold with enough flavor to get two small cups from each k-cup.
298375298375B006N3I0DMA31LYHF7ZT95YDMari Mcdaniel1151263945600Great TasteThis coffee is not to strong but strong enough and has great flavor. We love it.
298376298376B006N3I0DMALQMTLYEC4XGRE. Schoonmaker1141263859200Surprisingly Good! Don't Let Emeril's Name Keep you from this CoffeeI was skeptical to buy this coffee for no other reason than it had Emeril's name on it and he has nothing to do with coffee. However, I was pleasantly surprised for the flavor of this coffee. Keurig coffee's tend to be on the weaker side, especially if you want to brew a larger cup, but this coffee is bold and tasty. Your friends and family won't mistake it for Starbucks but it's a great cup of coffee in the morning. Don't let Emeril prevent you from trying this brand!
298377298377B006N3I0DMA1Q5GQVOP2X5BXoldsmokie99 "Retired Dave"1151261526400Emeril's K-cups, Big Easy Bold for Keurig Brewers, 24 Count Boxes (Pack of 2)Emeril's K-cups, Big Easy Bold for Keurig Brewers, 24 Count Boxes (Pack of 2) As the name implies a bold cup of coffee with great taste.
298378298378B006N3I0DMA12P70QXJNQRSHJill Milot1151260748800Wonderful Coffee! Rich Italian Flavor!!A friend of mine recommended this and it's wonderful! I have tried MANY, MANY K-cups in the years since I received my Keurig and this is my favorite. I love strong coffee, but not bitter, and this fits the bill. Reminds me a little of the coffees I had in Italy a few years back. If you like this, you should also try Coffee People's "Wake-Up Call" and "Black Tiger". LOVE!!
298379298379B006N3I0DMATNV2I50YID7MMary M. Ognibene1151260576000Pleasantly surprised!Expecting just a quick cup of coffee with limited flavor I was impressed with the quality of these K-cups. Great flavor, bold and if you like your coffee strong, you will not be disappointed.
298380298380B006N3I0DMA302MVEKOR8CORShoeGirl1131258243200Bold K-cups coffeeI like bold coffee. This is a little bolder than I like. But for those who like it strong, they will enjoy this.

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