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298411298411B006N3I0DMAMP9TPA49MAA4tom2351225324800WOWThe strongest K-Cup coffee every....Made by Timothys in Canada
Very Very Dark, not bitter
298412298412B006N3I0DMA2BAYRWJ9I0LLBcowboy0051351123200Emerils Big EasyBest coffee available, I drink it on the middle setting of the five our maker has and one cups is enough.
298413298413B006N3I0DMAMUD7YJD0Y8D3AE0051351123200My new favourite for a nice bold morning brewWhen using a drip coffee maker, I often slipped in an extra spoonful of grounds to make my morning coffee extra strong so that the milk would not dilute it too much. After recently having bought a Keurig, I was a bit disappointed at the somewhat watered-down light-bodied taste of most of the K-Cups which came as a sample with it.

So my first inclination was to browse the Amazon reviews of several varieties of K-Cup coffee and take advantage of what others who like a nice strong bold cup of coffee had learnt by trial and error - and that was a good move! I took you all at your word, ordered a 50-pack of this coffee on Monday, had my first cup of it this morning, and decided it was worth submitting my first ever review of any Amazon product ever, both to give it a 5-star rating myself and to thank those of you who take the time & trouble to give honest reviews for the benefit of people like me.

So for the record, on a price and quality scale this is my new favourite K-Cup coffee. Until now, my favourite on a pure quality scale was Starbucks Caffè Verona, Dark Roast, 27-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (excellent but very pricey!) and for a bold-yet-affordable cup was Green Mountain Coffee Double Black Diamond, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig Brewers 24-Count (also excellent, and less pricey, but IMO not quite as nice in flavour as Emeril's "Big Easy Bold").

For anyone looking for a nice strong full-bodied and flavourful K-Cup coffee which won't break the bank, do try this one. If you're like me you won't be disappointed.
298414298414B006N3I0DMA10E6BYP1D0I99Jayne M. Hamilton "Jayne"0051351036800Love this BAM of a coffeeI love this coffee. I usually drink Coffee People Jet fuel and still love that but I had a sample of this and now I switch between the two. Sign up for auto delivery. It makes Keurig life so very easy. I haven't had to think about buying coffee for three years. Thanks AMAZON PRIME AND AMAZON SUBSCRIPTIONS!!!
298415298415B006N3I0DMA2JEQBO69YNGGPsaraht0051350950400best buy aroundyou can't beat the price for this coffee. You will have to give up your first born in order to buy it in a store
298416298416B006N3I0DMA1KKXUW8LMDR21HannieSmith0041350691200Love, Love, Love this coffeeMy very favorite Emeril's Big Easy Bold K-Cups the best tasting coffee
in the morning to get your day on the right track.
298417298417B006N3I0DMA1VMCXFQ83ZSMDLLT05250051350604800Great price.This is my husband's favorite so the price was great for 50 K-Cup. It gets expensive otherwise and who can keep running back to the store each time. Great Deal!
298418298418B006N3I0DMA26D99SIWZR5JFBobbi0051350432000The Taste of New OrleansEmeril's Big Easy Bold K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig Brewers, 50 count

If you love the strong coffee of New Orleans, this blend will thrill you. It has the rich flavor and body of coffee with chicory, but none of the bitterness. I've drunk coffee for many, many years (a lady never tells her age) and this is truly my favorite blend!
298433298433B006N3I0DMA3AYPBB7Z3C1IAAmanda0011348531200Yuck!We got this flavor because it was A)on sale and B)Emerils- it should be tasty, right? WRONG. I won't go on and on about how much I dislike it, and it's all personal taste, but I like strong coffee and this is the wrong way. It tastes like burnt cigarettes smell. Like cigarette butts. And its aroma matches, making this non-smoker's house smell like a lounge. It is thick as tar and even if diluted with water, still retains a burnt ash taste that coats the inside of my mouth. We have had a 12 pack for over 6 months...the last two are going in the garbage, like tossing away a dollar bill. I'll stick to Dark Magic for a nice strong coffee. But, if you like that smokey flavor, this may be good for you. I personally feel like I licked an ashtray and have to brush my teeth after every sip. Blech!...maybe I did go on and on about how much I didn't like it. Oh well, don't say I didn't warn you!
298419298419B006N3I0DMA3TPEPYMO2GFN7P. Pavlov "Dad"0051350432000Good CoffeeMy Mom really likes this coffee. It's her favorite of all the K-cups she's tried (maybe all of them?). Although it's not as good as my personal coffee (I grind whole beans), I like it too.
298434298434B006N3I0DMA2O49UZ3R0IM11HorseLady0051348531200Very boldThis coffee is consistently delicious. Very bold taste for the real coffee drinker. If you want a great breakfast coffee, or late morning pick up this is for you.
298420298420B006N3I0DMA1624FJN7VPVJRKatypete "Katypete"0051350345600Good ServiceWe have ordered this coffee several times and it always arrives on time and has never been out of date. It's my wife's favorite.
298421298421B006N3I0DMA2N5J437Z7HZW8Sonia0051350172800GREAT!Can't ask for a more convenient way to get our K cups! Don't even have to think about it anymore, and at a better price!
298435298435B006N3I0DMA2A9B39BPDZNMSTim0051348531200Emeril"s Big Easy Bold CoffeeVery satisfied. Quality of product is superior. This is my second order because this Emeril's coffee is very rich, smooth with no bitter aftertaste. I will continue to order. PS: Order process and delivery was simple and very prompt.Emeril's Big Easy Bold Coffee, 24-Count K-Cups for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 2)
298422298422B006N3I0DMAQCDY0E26US9FBravemanokc0051350000000Best K-Cup CoffeeI am a "black" coffee drinker and prefer a bold brew. My wife likes hers "doctored" with sweetener and flavored creamer. She likes a lighter brew. The Emeril's works for both of us!
298423298423B006N3I0DMA2GIVP93RUYDOWChristopher J. Brown0051349913600WonderfulnessYou know the K-cup phenomenom has just spoiled our family. Now Amazon is regularly shipping once a month Emeril's Big Easy at a good price and the coffee is terrific. I wish we could get a bigger box so we could live happily ever after.
298436298436B006N3I0DMA3IRIT7THQASLIBrokenjaw0051348444800GreatIf you like strong coffee then you will love this. This is my favorite brand of K-Cups. I will order this again.
298437298437B006N3I0DMA39CN3O20FPXKSPaul J. C. Ellis0051348012800Count your K-CupsThanks to those who mentioned being short changed on their shipments. For the first time, I counted the K-Cups. Glad that I did, 5 cups short. Quick email to Amazon should take care of the problem. My 20 required words about Emeril's Big Easy K-Cups is that they are my favorite possibly only 2nd to Starbuck's Verona.
298424298424B006N3I0DMA26D1ZS4FG14N4C. Keinigs "animal lover"0051349740800Emeril's Big Bold Easy -- Hard Core Perfection!My husband and I have tried all of the Dark Roasts we've been able to find, and we have chosen Emeril's Big Bold Easy as our personal favorite. It's rich, not bitter, and tastes great. We don't usually use milk or cream, so enjoy the plain strong taste of this coffee.
298438298438B006N3I0DMA2QS3RG1ZA9F73Richard Bradley0041348012800Emeril's Big Easy Bold K CupI have been getting this coffee for well over a year. The coffee is greatand the price is reasonable. The subscription service is great and easy to manage. I would have given it five-stars except that over the past 3 or 4 months some of the K Cups have been apparently defective and and don't always work. Not many...but enough to mention.
298439298439B006N3I0DMA20X5GY4M0DGB3Jim G0011347494400Shorted 8 K-CupsI received the package, but only received 42 K-Cups versus the advertised 50.

Not sure what to do this a common practice for these bulk shipments?
298425298425B006N3I0DMA1BJHZE41QWBX6Sharon Pipke "Sharon"0051349568000Emeril's Big Easy Bold K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig Brewers, 50 countI received the K-cup coffee on time and in execellant conditon. I was late in reviewing the coffee. I drank the coffee and the flavor was very good.
298440298440B006N3I0DMA18RVEKVJVY1PKKaki's Kindle List0031347494400Over roasted...I am a fan of strong black coffee, but this product tastes almost over roasted to me. Of all the K cups I have tried, this would probably be my least favorite.
298426298426B006N3I0DMA1DKBXWHYTPZJ2Avid reader0051349481600avid readerEmeril's Big Easy Bold K-Cups is wonderful! One of the best cups of coffee I have had in a very long time. For anyone who enjoys a really good coffee, I highly recommend it.
298427298427B006N3I0DMA1SP1EBQRL52C4noelft0051349481600Emeril's K-cupsThis is an item that I purchase at least every two months, it's a great tasting coffee and would recommend to everyone.
298428298428B006N3I0DMA132GCLR4MSYEDTimKav0021349222400Shorted amountI received two boxes of the Emeril's coffee and counted out the quantity in each box. Instead of 50 as advertised, there were only 49 in each box. Maybe a coincidence, but I will not be ordering them again.
298429298429B006N3I0DMA30CBK8V27QMMLLauried10790031349136000Nice bold K-Cup but left a weird after tasteThis is a good choice for a K-Cup if you like a bold rich cup of coffee. I ordered this brand for 3-4 months because it was the best tasting bold K-Cup I found.

I am giving it three stars because the last few shipments were not that great. It left both me and my husband with a weird metallic taste after one cup.

I ordered Martinson's bold K-Cups about a month ago and loved it! I probably will not buy this brand again.
298430298430B006N3I0DMA21GEN2UCMOQMVMarc0031348963200Pretty good if you don't get one with a defective sealThis coffee actually tastes pretty good for a darker roast however the number of defective K-cups with seal problems can be significant. The issue is that the seal covering the Kcup, which gets punctured to enable the drip through, seems to continually burst open during brewing, resulting in coffee grounds in your mug and quite a mess of the machine. My wife and I have started calling these "bursters" as it happens quite frequently with these Emeril's Kcups. You can clearly hear it from far away when you get a burster and I think if you were to be doing something directly over the machine (such as putting dishes away in a cabinet above it) there is a possibility of getting in contact with some of the scalding hot steam from the sudden release of the pressure when the seal breaks open. The seal bursts right at the final peak brewing time, probably at about the last 30% of the brewing process. The result are a lot of coffee grounds in your mug and over the machine brewing area.

I have been buying a lot of Kcups quite frequently in bulk that past few months. I've tried many different types of Kcups and have purchased several hundred of each, I have never had this happen to any except the Emeril ones. This is not just an isolated incident, there a significant number of defective ones in each of the 18 count boxes. Usually if you get a box which has a burster you are going to get quite a few in there, probably around 5 at least.

Wherever these specific Kcups are being made, there is a clearly a problem in the manufacturing processing and quality controls checks. I've also seen a few cases where I have gotten a Kcup that has 2 seals pressed onto it thus resulting in a broken seal right out of the box.

The coffee actually tastes pretty good, I really like darker roasts and this is one of my favorite ones however the quality control needs to be significantly improved. If I was paying full retail for these I would be pretty annoyed, I think I've paid full retail for these once at a premium supermarket and sure enough there were a couple bursters in that box so it is not an issue with the bulk purchases or anything like that. As I said I've bought hundreds of other brands in bulk and have had no issues yet.
298431298431B006N3I0DMA2LP6U03GJRAKYmishr0011348704000be careful!I purchased this product for my husband who loves very bold coffee. Each time we have made the coffee in our Keurig it explodes all over. (Clearly after the third try I have now thrown the rest away) We were lucky to always be away from the coffee maker, but if you were standing there it would have burned you. All the other types off coffee that we have used and continue to use work perfectly, so I know that the Emeril coffee was the problem. If you have kids keep them away from the coffee maker.
298432298432B006N3I0DMA2JFNJF7HQ2RQKMia0011348704000bitterTo me this coffee is very strong and has the bitter after taste won't buy again .It's funny my husband loves strong coffee but he thought like I did.

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