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298471298471B006N3I0DMA22GNW9FFXMBNND. South "tank"0031339891200Emeril's Big Easy Bold CoffeeIf you like your coffee strong, you will like this. There is a slightly bitter taste typical with most bold coffee (I guess). I prefer a medium blend, however I can brew two cups from one kcup and get a cup to my liking. So you might consider brewing two cups from one kcup and cut your cost in half.
298472298472B006N3I0DMA1QA4O8XCBPOYHSusan Waldman "shwteacher"0051339804800A favorite.A long time everyday favorite for my morning coffee. Bold. Flavorful and no acid aftertaste. I start each preschool day with 2!
298473298473B006N3I0DMA2JICA7PZZJ0JJDark Maven "Euphrosyne"0041339804800Goes down easy, nice finishI am a fan of Dark Magic and since that was not available on Subscribe and Save I turned to Diedricht French Roast. French Roast was okay, it finishes a little bitter but I became used to that after a while. With the withdrawal of the Diedricht French Roast from Subscribe and Save I once again had to look for a substitute.
I turned to Big Easy Bold.

Big Easy Bold while slightly less 'bold' than Dark Magic, does not finish as bitter as the French Roast. So it has become my 'go to' coffee (at least as long as it stays on subscribe and save). I am usually not a fan of celebrity named/endorsed products as they rarely live up to expectations; however Big Easy Bold does.

I am not a coffee expert; but I know what I like and I like Big Easy Bold.
298474298474B006N3I0DMA2CE615UJ5102HR. MILLER0051339718400BOLD BUT NOT BITTERThis is a good coffee if you like bold, as it is strong and smooth. No bitterness or acidic aftertaste, just good strong coffee.
298475298475B006N3I0DMA2U10M4Y3QX2UUSholiday0021339286400Not for meI tried Emeril's Big Easy Bold after purchasing a Keurig which came with a variety pack of K-cups. I have to disagree on the great reviews of this coffee. Honestly, it tastes like bottom of the pot, truck stop coffee that has been sitting for 4+hours. It IS thick and strong (and exceedingly bitter). If you like a smooth, full flavored coffee this one is not for you. In the variety pack, Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend was one of the best. Neuman's Own Dark was good too.
298476298476B006N3I0DMA19123D9G66E0OTim0041339200000Actually Bold CoffeeI can't say that Emeril has sponsored a product I like until now. For a K-Cup this coffee is actually close to the flavor that I like in rich freshly ground coffee. I like my coffee strong, and this one delivers where most other "Strong" or "Bold" cups have failed in my opinion. I am only giving it 4 stars, because even though it is the bold K-cup I have tried, I still left wanting bolder. Until that time, when I have time, I will just use fresh ground coffee in my cheap coffee maker. For the everyday brew this product helps me power through.

+Actually lives up the the Bold name
+Boldest K-cup I have found

-Still not near ground coffees boldness

Overall, it is a great product. If you have a stronger K-cup you are currently using in rotation I recommend trying this one. It cost about the same so risk it for a new flavor.
298477298477B006N3I0DMA13OIJRLSUS9GDGunter0041339200000Very good coffee, great if you like bold blendsI was slightly skeptical because of Emeril's name on this product. He seems to endorse just about anything. I was plesently surprised to find this as a very good coffee. My wife enjoys bolder flavors and she quickly went through this package. It's especially good if you like iced coffees, the bold flavor stays and only becomes slightly watered down.
298478298478B006N3I0DMAGQA2FP5PR6D2Michael H. Podwal0041338768000Tired of Price increases.Have gotten this about 2 years now on subscription. Just cancelled it because the price increases, way too often. I have found using the San Francisco Bay cups, french roast great and about 40% less and more enviroment friendly.
298481298481B006N3I0DMA4GQK6FU7J8OBDa Dad "engineer"0031332892800Average cup 'o Joe.I like a good strong cup of joe. This is just a strong cup of average joe. It is no Community coffee, no 8 o'clock coffee with the spoon standing straight up. It is better than many other standard k cups. But still I think there are better full bodied k cups out there.
298479298479B006N3I0DMA3A6JLQR7AAWH2Agency Buyer0051336694400Ignor the NameI purchased two cases, because the description and price was right. I'm not often motivated by "celebrity" endorsements or branding. But THIS PRODUCT really hits the mark!! True BOLD TASTE and causes me to always want a second cup.
298480298480B006N3I0DMA2SA6RI9S9VP4YLonJandis0051336089600Delicious, great for the morningI purchased these K-Cups for myself at our office based on the low price per cup. I didn't have very high expectations as these are roughly half the cost of most K-Cups. Despite not having much hope for this product to be any good, I am extremely happy with it! My coffee mug is extra large and I usually run each K-Cup twice, once on medium and once on small, to fill my mug. The flavor is strong and appealing, and the caffeine boost is welcoming. When I brew a cup, the aroma fills the office and my co-workers gravitate towards the machine to make their own coffee with their twice as expensive K-Cups.

I definitely recommend this product based on its value-to-cost ratio!
298482298482B006N3I0DMAU4OVIWKRJMS0natemann1330031331683200Excellent bold coffee, high priceI can purchase an 18 pack of these at Target for $11.99 (that's $0.61/cup) instead of the much-too-high $0.85 per cup price here. Beware Amazon Prime members....K cups aren't a good deal on Amazon, despite the free two day shipping.
The coffee itself is GREAT. I basically like a cup of mud, as bold as it gets. This is that, with a great burnt taste and wonderful aroma.
HIGHLY recommend the coffee, but get it at Target.
298483298483B006N3I0DMA3P84TZX9X1B3XKIMBUYS "kimbuys"0051330905600A good strong , not bitter coffeeThough one k-cup arrived partially opened allowing the coffee grains to spill into the box. But considering I got this for only $24 on sale, no big deal. If you like a nice strong French roast style, this coffee is for you. No bitterness at all. This brew is smooth and full bodied, even on the larger cup choice of my Keurig. Most coffees I have to brew on the smaller cup choice. Wish this came in decaf, but until then I can only have one cup in the morning as I am very sensitive to caffeine.
298484298484B006N3I0DMA4YH1QDWNA3CMMary A. McCormick "MaryMac"0051327708800Emerils Big Easy Bold KeurigGreat Coffee - I didn't need to know anything about Emeril's products as have used his name brands previously Great flavor, great coffee

Will purchase from Amazon again. Timely delivery, good price
298485298485B006N3I0DMAEQOINY0XGN7PCasey "KC"0051326585600Great Taste, Wake Up and Get Going!This is a wonderful tasting coffee. At first, I was hestitant to puchase this coffee. The Chef's name alone is a draw, but how great can it be I thought. I was very surprised. This coffee has a great smooth taste and enough caffine to get up and go with two cups set on the largest setting of the coffee maker. A bold and rich coffee for coffee lovers!
298486298486B006N3I0DMA15CRPD9OAYWVTCulinary Student0051325808000Good Strong CoffeeI have not had the problem that some have had with the seal not holding. I am just starting my 4th box of this coffee and every cup has turned out great! If you want what I call "rocket fuel" coffee, this is not for you, but it is delicious and just the perfect amount of strong. I have tried the Green Mtn (Nantucket Blend) and Donut Shop coffees and this is better tasting and stronger than both of those.
298487298487B006N3I0DMA2T6070QV5DBR9Shannon Guziel0051325548800If you like strong coffee, this is a mustI enjoy Starbucks. Sometimes it is hard to track down their k-cups at a reasonable price and Emeril's brew is excellent. I bougth this on a wim and I am happy I did. It doesn't have the bitter after taste like Starbucks, but BAM, it has a kick. Well done Emeril.
298488298488B006N3I0DMA29D47JC9CGQK7Kalmkaren0051325376000Brilliantly boldAmazing cup of Joe! Emeril gets it right - bright & bold without bitterness!! U won't be disappointed!!!! So, take it easy with a cup of Big Easy!!!! InJoy the boldness!!!!!
298489298489B006N3I0DMA1WP09BYAXHKKPKAM6901 "Kam"0051324857600Emeril's coffee is strong...not for the faint-heartedI just received a Kuerig coffee maker for Christmas and had already tried this brand in a friend's machine. It is a good, strong cup of coffee. K-cups functioned perfectly.
298490298490B006N3I0DMA2YMZWZBBHZ0PRSvenningsen Family0051323561600good bold coffeepackage arrived I guess it was delayed because of all christmas deliveries, but the coffee is great! I would highly recommend this product!
298491298491B006N3I0DMA1L8WGRIMFSA81mary0051322179200Strong CoffeeThis flavor coffee is the only one I can find that is strong enough to handle the large mug size without getting weak. It took forever to be shipped, though. Waiting a full weekf or your coffee is not convenient. The purpose of ordering it online is to avoid a trip to the store and it took so long to arrive I couldn't wait. I ordered it before and it arrived within 3 days without shipping charge. Very disappointed about that.
298492298492B006N3I0DMA2DN48QUC80XBYMango's Mom0051318464000Bam!A bit more expensive than other Keurig K-cups, but Emeril's Big Easy bold is my absolute favorite. I love the rich flavor.
298493298493B006N3I0DMA1QT4U10DUPX2neat tunes0051308096000Emeril's Bold coffeeEmeril! I've never really seen him on TV since I don't watch food stuff generally but I kinda know his catch phrases for some reason. I know celebrity products are just celebrities tasting products and deciding to put their name on them. After my last bad bought K-cups which were 3 dollars cheaper but ended up being instant coffee (Grove Square), I'll give this 5 stars for being real coffee with real flavor and nice strength to it! Cheers Emeril!!

Bought this are Target for a few cents less than 12 dollars. It was an 18 pack. Not a bad deal with 18 REAL cups of coffee and not watered down stuff.
298494298494B006N3I0DMA3UO0XJ76GSSZAOldthaiger "John"0051306713600Like it StrongBig Easy Bold is as close as you can come to being in the Big Easy when you live in the North West and this is as close as I want to be to NOLA... :) The coffee rich and bold but yet smooth and has that French drip flavor. I highly recommend it to anyone who appreciates coffee.
298495298495B006N3I0DMA3BE6T44EVYM68Paul A. Delaurentis "Paul Del"0021304812800Clogs the keurigWe did like this coffee however, after each use I have to take the coffee maker apart and unclog the thin coffee exit pin. Not worth the trouble.
298496298496B006N3I0DMA2HIV7T0SUGXUEJeff Bittel0051304467200Good stuffThis is a very dark and strong pod of coffee. If you are looking for a pod that comes close to the strenght of a drip machine this one comes very close.
298497298497B006N3I0DMAAR4GSQH9FR8Qamanot0051304380800Still the best!When I first got my K-cup machine a couple years ago I ordered virtually every coffee/tea cup brand except for the inane. The Newman extra bold is the best "every day" coffee IMO. There are others of course! So order the Newman extra bold, the Emeril big easy bold, and the sleepy time tea and you have the bases covered. At least for my family, yer mileage will surely vary.
298498298498B006N3I0DMA2L24PZ59NJ3Q9love to shop0051304208000Fast shipping and excellent productWe enjoy the Keurig k-cup so much and there is such a variety. Since my husband likes the dark, strong coffees, Emeril's Big Bold Easy is perfect for him.
298499298499B006N3I0DMAEFX323MJPPBQDelia DeChime "needlework nut"0051303084800Great CoffeeMy husband is the one who drinks this coffee and he
really likes it best of all the brands he has tried
298500298500B006N3I0DMA254CKI391CFLOMichael0041300838400Emeril's Bold - great cup of coffeeI keep this in my regular rotation of Keurig bold coffees from Amazon thru their "subscribe and save" program.
One of my favorites. Glad they just switched to the frustration free packaging too.

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