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298617298617B006N3I0DMA2CSPTFY7QPT78Mary G. Hershey1151341964800BOLD coffee like it should be!Emeril's is the only k-cup that makes coffee taste strong and good.... along the lines of Starbucks. Delicious, and I love having a subscription to make it easy to come by.
Update 10/12: Now I've tried and also loved: Coffee People Jet Fuel Dark Roast K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig Brewers (Pack of 50)
298618298618B006N3I0DMA2A2YFRK864WP0robin1151341878400robingreat and just as described. My husband loves it. Great taste and just as ordered. We both love all we have ordered on Amazon
298619298619B006N3I0DMA408PFMYU3RTXG. Strickler1151341878400Great Morning Wake Up CoffeeThis is one of my favorite coffees with the bold flavor. I get up at 4 am for work and need all the help to get going that I can get. This does the trick.
298620298620B006N3I0DMA3O6Q0OC7NKO56ampere2221151340755200best k cup periodI have owned a kuerig for 2 years have tried maybe 50 varieties and Emeril's k cup is the best. Short and simple if you like a darker roast you can't go wrong.
298591298591B006N3I0DMA9FFDAJ95OPV6Canis Diligo2251286496000Great CoffeeFor the price this is a really great K cup coffee. It's nice and strong and not as expensive as some of the others.
298592298592B006N3I0DMA1QAYMRSPB1F2KLynnieV2251278979200Wow!!! If you like Starbucks, you will enjoy this rich, full-bodied coffee!I LOVED this coffee! I was beginning to doubt whether I would ever find a coffee in a pod that was strong and smooth enough. I bought the Kuerig refillable pod for my Starbucks Verona coffee. But, now that I found this coffee, I don't need to waste time in the morning. I LOVE this coffee!
298593298593B006N3I0DMA7TJ2UDD11B0RRenee G.2251278288000Fantastic coffee!I love a very strong coffee, but dislike any trace of bitterness. This coffee has a very delicious, smooth flavor. I highly recommend for any true coffee lover.
298594298594B006N3I0DMA1P2JDH5MP36XLDavid A. Aubrey "Raywell reads"2251278115200Packs a Great PunchThis is a very flavorful K-cup. In addition to the acidity and overall boldness of the brew, it also has a wonderful rich flavor. Serves up very well iced too.
298595298595B006N3I0DMAU6AIK8DXW24NJohn Ryan2251269820800Emeril's Big Easy Bold CoffeeI'm from New Orleans and I know what good coffee tastes & smells like! This coffee along with some real dixieland jazz will get everyone moving even the folks over there in the cemetary.
298596298596B006N3I0DMA1E22CI7FVO1F1Noore2251263168000Great flavor, NOT weakThis Extra Bold, Dark Roast K-Cup is great for those who like the convenience of using a K-Cup, but prefer a richer, more bold flavor to coffee. If you're like me, and tend to find most K-Cup coffee weak and reminiscent of vending machine coffee, you might like this. Its flavor and strength do not seem to require using only the smallest cup size, but seem good to the medium mug size. It is similar to Green Mountain's Double Black Diamond, Tully's French Roast, and Black Tiger (among a few others).
298597298597B006N3I0DMA33Y17ZCUX1EFPR. Chung2251262131200strong enough for 2 cupsThis stuff is strong and dark, it's prefect for double pump to fill that 18-20oz to-go cup. After cream and sweetener, it tastes just like a cup of Timothy's Colombian Dorado (Which I love), except you get X2 the amount.
298598298598B006N3I0DMAK18TNAVU4TFM2251256688000Best I have foundI have had many many of the k-cups. This is the best one so far! Strong and bold with no bitter.

Keurig special edition is what I have. You can get a big cup with Big Easy Bold, using one time big and one time small button.

This makes the Keurig affordable.

K-cups that make a big cup strong enough for me the order of my preference:

#1 Emerils Big Easy Bold
#2 Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic
#3 Jet Fuel Coffee People

This is what I know having been a Keurig owner and drinker on a daily basis for a year now.
298599298599B006N3I0DMA1VGB0DDZMZALIM. Kennedy2251252713600Best Price for this coffee that we could find!Free shipping and $1 cheaper than the store we buy most of our coffee. Delivered to your door? Can't beat it!
298600298600B006N3I0DMA26Y776G7VVBCQJPM2251252713600Great Flavor with a BAM!This is one of our favs. Gets you started in the morning. Nice flavor. One of my top 3 I prefer to drink in the morning or when I need a pick me up. Try it you'll love it. Oh, I almost forgot.... BAM!
298601298601B006N3I0DMA2QX472YMML1HP. Rowe2251252454400My Favorite CoffeeEmeril's Big Easy Bold, along with Timothy's French Roast, are my overall favorite K-cup varieties. I love bold coffee, and I buy these two over and over. I also find that the Amazon price is the best out there, especially with the free shipping.
298602298602B006N3I0DMA408PFMYU3RTXG. Strickler2251251676800Best Way to Wake UpThis is my favorite first thing in the morning coffee. During the week I get up between 3:30 am and 4:00 am so I need something to get me going and this coffee does the trick. I have tried other BOLD coffees, but this is by far my favorite.
298603298603B006N3I0DMABYHGIATYUXLNJudith Susser2251251244800Big Easy Bold - that really is!I love my Keurig. I've tried many of their suggested coffees, and keep coming back to this one. It is strong, and flavourful. I love it black! Please, please, please, KEEP IT IN STOCK!
298604298604B006N3I0DMA2R7R2KKKQHO15A. Cox2251250899200SuperchargedNot for the faint of heart. Get ready to be very productive, this brew is strong and will light the jet fires!
298605298605B006N3I0DMAA9XJMX10TTQZL. Summer2251250726400Love this Coffee - BAM!This coffee is awesome - a great way to start your day! Very close to a Starbucks or a 2nd Cup (Montreal, CD) coffee, I enjoy my Emeril Big Easy Bold coffee on my drive to work everyday. It's so good, makes me want to get a Keurig system for at work so I can enjoy more during the day.

Also, I highly suggest joining the automatic order/delivery service Amazon offers. You pick what you want delivered on a recurring basis, and BAM, there it is, at your door just when you need it. And the prices are great.
298606298606B006N3I0DMA1P49MKGU8G11WSean Bonney2251249344000Emeril's K-cupsGreat coffee! It is bold! What Emeril says on the box about being a chef and having to get up extra early in the morning and needing an eye opener is true for me. I get up at 5am and need something bold and strong to lift my eyelids-this does the trick! Sometimes I need a pick me up after work to get a 'second wind', Big Easy Bold from Emeril does it again. You must like dark and bold-it's not for the faint of heart.
298607298607B006N3I0DMA2RIYGWGTK28VHStrgte542251240012800Great Coffee!This coffee is bold without being bitter - it is the best "strong" coffee I have purchased in K-cups.
298608298608B006N3I0DMA1QE4IPHW5LBBRmoondogie662251239840000Made For A Kingin my opinion,this is the best,richest tasting, full bodied coffee I have ever tasted so far, in the last 55 years of my life. Full bodied, with just the right amount of sweetness and an indescribable rich aftertaste, I have not experienced ever before. This replaces my previous favorite Green Mountain Dark Magic. The surprise with Emeril's coffee is, it is always the same consistency with every cup. In my opinion,this is the best coffee you can purchase for the Keurig.In my opinion, this coffee is so perfect it deserves to be called,The "KING OF COFFEE until something better comes along.That may be impossible.
298609298609B006N3I0DMA2VAP8ZLQJDOP3E. Hutchins "mykidsrock"2251239494400Awesome Coffee!This coffee is absolutely amazing. I buy it from Amazon because I can get it so much cheaper than the local stores. It is a very strong, bold coffee that really perks me up in the morning, and with three kids I sure do need it.
298610298610B006N3I0DMA2H8BB71DUW86TMichelle Miller "The Miller Ranch, LLC"2251237248000HOOKED ON THIS!In my family's opinion the is absolutely the best k cup. It is bold, strong, flavorful and lives up to expectations.
298611298611B006N3I0DMAFX8GKA4RWQXABoozwaa2251237075200A real coffee drinker's coffeeI consider this the best k-cup coffee out there for real coffee drinkers. At least for those who want a nice bold cup of coffee like Starbucks used to have before they went to the all McDonald's like "Pike's Place Roast" all day policy. The boldest and most flavorful of all K-cups. This is great coffee. I brew two K-cups to fill up my cup first at the smallest cup and the second at the middle cup and it is still nice and bold, tastes great. In the afternoon I brew two at the smallest cup size.
298612298612B006N3I0DMAW6J7GXWDB78SBrett Russell2241228348800Good cup of coffeeThe taste is bold, but smooth, good flavor. Even when used on the large cup brew (10oz), it still has a great taste, not watered down. I plan on purchasing this again.
298613298613B006N3I0DMA1IU2NHZ0ANUSJI HEART AMAZON "CINDY"2251227398400THIS STUFF IS DA BOMB!This is My Far My Boyfriend's and My Favorite. We like "stronger" coffee, and this fits the bill. It is Not too overpowering, great flavor. You can bring down the strong taste my Going to larger cup size on the Machine, if need be. It is a Good Cup coffee !!!
298614298614B006N3I0DMA3QP98X4P2FW57LilMizBway2251225411200This is the one for me!Can't tell you all the k-cups I've tried. I keep coming back to the "bammer" brand time after time. I use splash of non-fat milk in my coffee and it holds up great. Only recommended if you like your joe with a punch.
298615298615B006N3I0DMAKTJUNTFPBZ16Mike K. Brown "Wyoming Cowboy"1151350345600My favorite coffeeThis was one of the first coffees I tried when I purchased my Kuerig several years ago. I have found it to be consistently bold and flavorful, and it has become my favorite of all the hundreds of K cup options. I hope it will always to be offered in K cups.

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