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298651298651B006N3I0DMA2Y4VFQPH2HTLPJ. Johnson "kelebear"1151276473600Best K-Cup I've tried....and I've tried about ALL of 'em!!!If you like a good, strong cup of coffee with a little 'body' to it, you'll love this!! Decaf is great too....that way I can drink as much as I want without going into orbit. :-)
298652298652B006N3I0DMA2MG4L0KMGFCR1T. Beauchamp "Terri"1151275004800Still the winner in our houseI keep trying k-cups that describe themselves as BOLD and being disappointed. This one truly lives up to that adjective. Many "bold" coffees are bitter, this one is not. It is too strong for some family members who add water to their cup, but my immediate family members always choose this one first.
Still my favorite and I love the blue k-cup, so I never grab the wrong one accidentally!
298653298653B006N3I0DMA1W1D21NKBABPJM. Hirsch1151274572800Big Easy-Big FlavorI am totally satisfied with this coffee and my Keurig. As a coffee snob, I never dreamed I would be so happy with this product. I am partial to bold flavors and Big Easy, Jet Fuel, and Black Tiger are my favorites.
298654298654B006N3I0DMA1M0RKRQBATWL8M. Hildebrand1151273968000Emeril's Big and EasyIf you enjoy a bold but mellow cup of coffee, then this is the one for you. I enjoy Starbuck coffee but this is even better.
298655298655B006N3I0DMA260U3KT12BCTPJ. Clemens "Experiential Brain Surgeon"1151271116800the real bold coffeeI've chosen many bolds from the Amazon offers here as well as other on line shops. I always felt there left something more to be desired in each one I tried. This is the problem with the K-cup b/c the amount of coffee is limited, and when I am feeling like I want something stronger, which is often, I can't just put more in the hopper like I used to with the old machine. I often add another K cup after the first into teh same big cup. Also, often when I'd get to work I'd make another.

I've had Emeril's Big Easy for a month now, and rarely have I felt like I needed to double the cups, or needed more when I get to work.

I think that says it all.
298656298656B006N3I0DMALOYF5UUFEQ61Seldon J. Childers1151270684800Strong and Smooth, Top-notch FlavorI like strong coffee. If you can see light through the coffee, it's too weak for me. After trying a couple dozen various K-cups from other suppliers, Emeril's Big Bold Easy stands out from the crowd. It is everything advertised: Big (strong), Bold (great flavor), and Easy (not bitter at all). Another reviewer mentioned Newman's Own Extra Bold, which is also good, but for me, Emeril's wins without contest.
298657298657B003DQXR7GA1IIY5JHWE8R95LittleRobinRed0051338422400DeliciousThis is the best herbal tea I have ever tried. It has a unique flavor that I'm not sure how to describe - maybe sort of floral with a hint of anise - the perfect blend as far as I'm concerned.
298658298658B003DQXR7GAYAGX309MXTN3S. Nelson0041299715200great tasting herbal teaI need to stay away from caffeine so I'm always looking for herbal teas that satisfy. I was at a conference where they had this tea in a little basket. I liked it so much that I kept the wrapper and then ordered it online when I got home.
298659298659B003DQXR7GA1XM11UAG1FR8ABeth G. Klein0051294012800Pleasant TeaStar Spangled Herbal tea is a pleasant, tasty, and satisfying tea. You can purchase it from the Barnes and Watson, but purchasing $25 worth from Amazon will save you the price of shipping.
298660298660B001BC0ZLUA2OYHD63KZD53ECheyne Morton-Carnahan2221318636800Feline says "meh".A nice enough product container, but my feline friend was completely uninterested; pretty unusual, considering how much she loves catnip.
298661298661B001BC0ZLUA386F5D3JS5Z4Charles Graham2211301788800Not what I expected.My cats over the years have enjoyed catnip stuffed into socks. Both fresh and dried catnip. I thought that "organic" catnip would be a cut above. Not this time. This is the first catnip that all three of them have totally ignored. No interest whatsoever. At least it wasn't too expensive.
298662298662B001BC0ZLUA1NLP7U3ZOPTT7Sally Robertson1151318982400Meow...Meow...Please!My 8 month old kitten smelled the package as soon as I put the mail down. I put a pinch on the floor and she meowed and rolled until it was gone. She loves it! I couldn't find any in town so, I had to order this and it was very worthwhile. High quality, aromatic, and nicely ground. I will be ordering more.
298663298663B001BC0ZLUA1WSLGJJB2600Eczechchick ***silentnightranch1131302566400not my cat's fav..This is the second 'brand' I have tried for my cat. She loves the 'other' best....this one she can take it or leave it, it seems. I too don't smell or 'see' quite the same attraction, this product was more powdery and less leafy and was weaker in fragrance than the 'other' and more expensive as well. Will be planning to grow my own this summer and harvest a winter's supply myself.Sojos Certified Organic Catnip...the better one.
298664298664B001BC0ZLUA2477NZBI511M2Dino0011316995200cats were not interested in this brand, others are better.....cats were not interested in this brand, others are better.....i would by other brands, seamed to be old product, don't buy.
298665298665B001BC0ZLUADGWJ45A3JPVCJ. Ringbauer0031311206400Not realyl effective.The product looked good, but the none of our three cats really reacted to this catnip. All three have really reacted to other catnip we have bought before.
298666298666B001BC0ZLUA13DYO53P24BF7Billy with Abbie & Arnold2451215043200My cat flippedMy 13 year old cat Augie has always been a cat nip fan. However, she really flipped for this organic cat nip. She could not get enough. We rubbed it on a few of her toys and she did not stop rubbing on and playing with the toys until she was completely worn out. It was great fun watching her have such a good time.

Eco Friendly "Fish for Cat" Organic Catnip Toy: WillowEco Friendly "Turtle for Cat" Organic Catnip ToyEco Friendly "Flower for Cat" Organic Catnip Toy: Burnt Orange/BearMarmalade Cheeky Chaise Eco Friendly Cat BedMarmalade Sweet Lounge Eco Friendly Cat BedOrganic Earth Friendly Bumper Pet Bed (Small)Marmalade Wallflower Cardboard Scratcher: RustMarmalade Wallflower Cardboard Scratcher: LimeEco Friendly "Flower for Cat" Organic Catnip Toy: Willow/Bear
298667298667B000F3PK02AOXO2M4LCSAENmsd1151313798400msdI love this product. I have a problem with food sensitivities/allergies;eggs, yeast and sulphates are the main problem. I love pasta and was so glad to find this product because egg and sulphate free noodles are very hard to find in any of my area grocery stores. (Dye-free would make it perfect!) The flavor and consistancy are so good, they don't need to be yellow to improve their quality..just a suggestion.
298668298668B001D69N4EA22IDP8YERZ79XMicheleLB "Michele"00113456800005 squirts into a 6 oz glass and I can still barely taste itThere weren't many reviews for this stuff online, but I wanted to give it a try. I have a soda stream and am looking for alternatives to the very expensive syrups that the company sells. I know this is a fantastic brand but I was worried about sugar consumption, so I bought this sugar-free version. It's pretty gross. No other way to put it. I couldn't even choke it down with 5 squirts into 6 oz of seltzer water. My kids HATED it and now I have a large bottle of sugar-free "syrup" to find a home for. I would not recommend this product.
298669298669B001D69N4EAC37V22KKL2EAleila phillips0051343347200Great productThis was very tasty in my vanilla protein smoothie. A good product when you are trying to stick to a lower-carb diet.
298670298670B001D69N4EA1XK4VP74IB9TQFastphoto0051325203200Great tasting Sugar-free syrupThe Torani brand of syrups all taste good. No after taste. I use peach for both hot and iced-tea. (Never tried it in coffee) Both the hot and iced-tea are exceptional gooood!
298671298671B001D69N4EAYSJ1H6K00LUJBec's Mum0051312070400LOVE it!!!I LOVE Torani syrups in coffee, hot tea, and iced tea, which is what this peach was for. I bought this in sugar free because I am trying to cut sugar, and to me it tastes just like the regular. Maybe a touch less sweet - very nice! Some other flavors that were very good in their sugar free form: Mango, Lime, Strawberry, Black Cherry and Raspberry. Sounds strange but Black Cherry and French Vanilla make a really good Italian soda and are also good together in iced tea, as are Mango and Coconut. Try some different combos, but don't shy away from sugar free, I don't notice much after taste and Im VERY picky about that... good stuff :)
298672298672B001D69N4EA3OMKFBTE9YMGRJ. Black0051310342400Wonderful Peach FlavorI love the flavor of peach tea, but finding it can be quite a problem. Now, I can serve it anytime. I add the sugar free peach syrup and some lemon to a pitcher or glass of tea, and everyone is happy. The flavor is marvelous - not too sweet or too tart. I love all of the Torani flavors, but peach is the family favorite. It also works well on ice cream, yogurt, even scones with cream cheese. The delivery was fast and the product was well packaged.
298673298673B006WW864WAHJBXA6X0FLRZJ. Young "DevItHere"0051350604800My Pugs Love ThemOur black pug eats anything, so using him to decide whether or not a new treat is good is not wise. To him, everything is good.

On the other hand, we have our fawn pug. He is the pickiest animal there ever was. At least it seems that way. These are the first and only harder type treats he has liked. He actually saves it for a long time while teasing our black pug. He plays hide and seek with it. After all of the hiding and growling, he eats its quickly.

These are not that much cheaper than buying them locally, but saving even a little helps. Our pugs love these and did not get sick from them like a few others have stated in their reviews. Our black pug usually is the first to have bathroom problems with anything new, and he did not with these.

We will be buying these again and again for those once-in-awhile treats.
298674298674B006WW864WAGMGHZ5I0HC20Ednaw840041347148800Fiona my puggle likes thisMy puppy really likes these and prefers the brown to the yellow she has never had any health problems tho does act weird when i first give 1 2 her. She carries it around for the better part of 30 min then hides it under a toy or blanket for a short time then sets about eating it all up which she likes to do all in 1 sitting.
298675298675B006WW864WAF1ZRD3N9UUPWSmoo0041344988800Dogs loved it!Both my dogs (a 20 pound mutt and 30 pound Welsh Corgi) happily chewed on these, and unlike other reviewers, neither my dogs have not gotten sick. It could have been a bad batch out there...which even happens with people food. I will not hesitate to give these to my dogs again -- they seemed to really enjoy them!
298676298676B006WW864WA30GP8YMY1YWMQcyntient "cindy"0051334534400SUPERIOR VALUE AND QUALITY!I have tried both flavors and was very impressed that not only did my Rottie like them, so did my picky Maltese. The size worked just fine for both size dogs and there was some lasting chewing power which is what I was also looking for. The ingredients are impressive. I do like the idea that it is made in the USA and I tried both flavors.
(But I do NOT understand how the previous reviewer can say they stay away from things that say made in the USA although they want items/ingredients from the USA.I get it that MAYBE the ingredients may not be, but even in doubt you at least have the USA quality controls.)
Now, down to the brass tacks... The price per ounce is RIDICULOUSLY REASONABLE for the QUALITY! I calculate cost per piece and cost per ounce and how long it will keep my dog busy, clean their teeth and contribute to their health with high quality ingredients. PLUS THEY WERE TASTY TO MY DOGS...VERY RARE! Neither my little Maltese nor my Rottie or my Maltweillers got sick. That previous review was just plain craziness. Cyn A. New York
298677298677B006WW864WA1MEOH5F2YY4VSwineoutsider1211340668800Gave My Wheaten Severe Diarrhea, vomiting and runsJust as in one of the previous reviews, my dog (wheaten terrier) had severe liquid diarrhea a few hours after eating the Rachel Ray Nutrish Soup Bone product. He ran outside as quickly as possible to "go" and seemed very embarrassed and panicked. After the "explosions" and him trying to scoot all over the grass, he was drooling and panting more than normal and curled up in a ball at the bottom of the basement steps, after which, he went straight in his kennel. Poor thing! I normally feed my dog Go! and Now! all natural and/or grain free dog foods, made in Canada and sold at an independent pet supply shop. Apparently, they are well worth the price. Never again will I make an impulse treat purchase on a rare trip to Wal-Mart. I hope he recovers quickly and allows me to clean his bottom. Eeek! I blame Oprah. I bet she wouldn't feed her cocker spaniels this crap!
298678298678B006WW864WA1XZOHSP1RBHD0hhug0111336003200Made both my dogs sick!I bought the Soup Bones thinking that they would be a great treat for my dogs, a 70lb german shorthaired pointer and a 14lb shitzu. Several hours after eating them, my pointer had a rumbly stomach that was so loud I could hear it and she was rolling around, obviously uncomfortable. My shitzu started vomiting and had terrible diahrrea. He did not eat for a full day and threw up everything, even the water he drank. He was a very sick little dog! It was sad to see my dogs so miserable because of something I had given them. I do not reccommend giving these to your dog!
298679298679B006WW864WA15CCFQPU1N7U8chick_tabu0221331164800Be Careful!! (if Amazon later decides to carry this product)First of all, I decided to stay away from the chicken flavor since I found out just b/c dog treats & food say made in the USA, doesnt mean the chicken farm the company uses is also in the USA. I bought the "Real Beef & Barley Flavor" & it's not hard like in bone-hard. It begins to crumbles apart as the dogs chew it which was fine w/ me. I gave it 2 stars because it seems to have really healthy ingredients but still havent figured out why it made my dog so sick. The problem was, my 5 yr old dog (min pin) carried it around yet refused to eat the bone after sniffing it a few times. I figure he was just being picky because his 2yr old 23 lb son, Gordo, ate it (but got sick later). After eating 1 beef bone he wouldnt eat his doggie food the rest of the day & night. Less then 4,5 hrs, I seen Gordo at his water bowl then instantly threw the water up. There was very little traces of the beef bone tho ..until after 1 am. He kept waking me up by scratching my hands to rub his tummy. The minute he broke to go to their doggie pee & poop pads, I rolled over & quickly went back to sleep! In the morn, my son went to get a pair of clean socks out of the dryer & seen diarreha & pudding poop all over both pads & floor. I realized definitly it came from Gordo after checking both dog's butt butts. I cant seem to find any reviews on it but haven't looked at ALL the consumer sites yet. Just wanted to warn other pet owners to be careful. Thank God I didnt give Gordo 2 bone treats *whew*
298680298680B000F4EU1QADMWYMH11LD27Phillip Roncoroni ""4621151971200Crushed? More like total slush...So, I previously purchased the "chunk" version of this product [Native Forest Organic Pineapple Chunks, 14-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6)] since I love pineapple, and they were delicious. The chunks were of a nice size, and even my cat kept bothering me when I ate them, as he apparently liked the sweetness of them.

Then I saw this version, labeled as "crushed." The picture basically makes it look just like smaller chunks than the "chunk" version. But it's not. Instead, it's like this awful kind of sludge or mush, and for some reason it comes from a different country than the "crushed" version, and doesn't taste as good.

In my opinion, stay away from "crushed" and go for the "chunk" version. I've also now ordered the "mini rings" variety to see how those are.

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