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298684298684B001QCKS4OA2PF4ZCHJR4S1ILonzo11513282272003 greyhounds approvalOur 3 greyhounds just love this food which is a good thing since we have tried a bunch. Never have I seen picky eaters...
298685298685B001QCKS4OAHLNVTCD7DYRFCucumber Field1151319932800My Dogs Finally Found Their Favorite!We have two dogs, one a medium-size dog, another large-size. I've tried many different brands and types, from super-market brands to expensive organic boutique products. Yet, this is the one my two dogs like most so far. The chewy meat bits blended with hard dry bits somehow induce their appetite, it seems. I used to do some extra work to let them eat commercial dog food (sometimes they didn't like it as is), such as moistening dry food, mixing with canned dog food, etc. After finding this Pro Plan brand, no need to do so anymore.
298686298686B001QCKS4OA12HSBD9F1UA3VWar2th "War2th"0011347062400Advertisment turns garbage into gold.It's very misleading and the ingredients are poor. I can't believe that I ever gave this crap to my German Shepard. Like you, I care a great deal about what's best for my Siberian Husky and that's why I do research on pet food quality. I learned more than i wanted to know, after a quick Google search. Don't believe me? Just look:

298687298687B001QCKS4OA1OISEFUCWNQL1Lacie0111347062400Poor ingredients for a premium price!Lets see first ingredient chicken BUT that is before being broken down in a cooker then some grains corn and more poor ingredients with nice looking names this will cause runny stool dry skin poor coat licking of the paws due to allergies of corn or soy even chicken then a vet visit for hair loss thats another 300 dollars for a skin scrap the test either come back as nothing wrong or a flea allergy you might ask about diet the vet wonders about the brand you say purina pro plan he says that that is a GREAT food but really he dosnt know he dosnt know the ingredients to every food on earth and he dosnt know every recall in the world so dont say the vet always knows best yes for broken legs and wounds but not nutrition really vets only get around a few hours of a nutrition class it is the vets chose to do independent studies on nutrition and a few other things he thinks a RAW diet is bad cause "bones splinter" but really raw bones dont cooked ones due because cooking changes the bone's structure go on youtube look up RAW diet look at multiple videos maybe even Homemade dog food or cat food it is just as healthy.
298688298688B001QCKS4OA34Z3MC40KMRPXTom Smith1351331769600Pruina Pro Plan ReviewThis product has been used for a long period of time at the Dalmatian rescue and there has been now problems associated with it
298689298689B001QCKS4OATZAD00EIVTF4V. Antonjuk101811317600000Expensive bag of recycled wasteLets break it down:
Chicken- looks like 1st ingredint, but really isnt since all ingredients are listed based on weight prior to extrusion and since meat is 80% water, it slides way down the list.

Main ingredients:

brewers rice- byproduct when nutrition portion of the rice is taken out (for human consumption)

wheat- another filler, common allergen

poultry byproduct- rendered slaughterhouse waste , whatever is leftover when prime cuts are taken out, can contain diseased animals.

corn gluten- another byproduct, remnant after the nutritious portion is taken out, common allergen

animal fat- unidentified, could come from euthanized shelter animals.

and the list goes on, more corn, soy and plethora of other indigestible matter.

Probably costs $3 to make, more goes into the pretty packaging.
298690298690B007C5FLMIATFET2PBPVXVHPatty St. George0041339804800Not as "minty" as they used to beStill, a good, solid mint and decent mint flavor. It is difficult to find silver mints (as they used to be called) but these aren't bad.
298691298691B0012ZBKAQA4CTNLQ8969J8JLW II0051348531200One of my favorite candiesThese are one of the best kinds of Haribo brand candy you can buy. I recommend this candy to anyone that loves gummy candy.
298692298692B002V0F962A39V44IGX56DE3S. Benz "craft nutt"2311312416000dried fruitthe fruit is too sweet. If they didn't add so much sugar it might be better. the blueberries were the best, then the peaches. the cherries too sweet.
298693298693B001EO7MQ6ATQF1IWZGT9MMichael Stormoen "Stormy"3351211414400A beautifully infused oil from a great producerI have been buying the standard L'Olivier olive oil in the crock container for years. It is a beautiful oil with a great taste. Certainly not something you would cook with - it is a finishing oil. A family member who knew I loved this brand saw a tin of the Basil infused oil and purchased it as a gift. We tasted it and fell in love. While we generally just use it on a good Ciabatta bread or on top of fresh pasta, my favorite use is to put it on top of a grilled steak!

I have not yet tried the other infused oils from L'Olivier, but I look forward to trying them soon. I highly recommend this product!
298694298694B001EO7MQ6A3E9D7R3SBSR4Wchetsworth1151327104000Basil meet L'olivier - match made in heavenWhat do you get when you use a proprietary infusion process with perhaps the best french olive oil... An absolutely amazing and aromatic Basil infused olive oil that has the aroma of fresh basil and the palette doesn't let you down either.
298695298695B001EO7MQ6A1S43PEK0IZ6DDaniel S. Dunnam1151248825600best olive oil everWe bought a tin of this near it's origin on a vacation to the south of France. We loved it so much and once we ran out were disappointed that we couldn't find this brand again. We tried a variety of other "Basil Infused" olive oils from various gourmet grocers and were always let down. Once you've had the best, nothing else compares, and in this case we are convinced that THIS is the best. Thank goodness amazon carries it! Kinda expensive, but it's insanely good.
298696298696B001EO7MQ6A2UNEEEJNHGS2DSara-s0051340755200Just-picked flavorI love basil, and often grow it. So I certainly know & enjoy its taste when I have just picked the leaves. That is the taste I get when I use this oil. I have used numerous basil oils and never have any been quite this good.The basil taste is fresh, strong and delicious. In addition, the packaging is lightfast, (which protects the flavor)and the pour-spout is easy to use. I will certainly buy this again.
298697298697B001EO7MQ6A2L86I1MFLXR93Amazon Customer0051326326400Delicious olive oilThis olive oil is great. Well worth the price. Has a light taste of basil- great for dipping bread. Package arrived quickly.
298698298698B001EO7MQ6A2TQ0KJNSRFGJBJason D. Boltz "psijason"0051325376000Best olive oil PERIOD!I use this to add flavor to just about anything that needs oil. Put this on a mozzarella and tomato dish and your mouth will drool. It's quite special and worth it!
298699298699B001SAQISOA25VVXT0S73DBOJ. HOUSMAN4451329609600There is still no substitute for Sweet 10 Sugar Substiute!I have been using Sweet 10 for as long as I remember...35+ years. A long time ago, it was Pillsbury Sweet 10 & it came in a glass bottle. I still have several glass bottles that I use to transfer the current Sweet 10 in to, as the current plastic bottles are worthless for dispensing the product. They need to redesign these bottles. You can have a birthday waiting to squeeze out enough drops to do the job. Be careful, as excessive squeezing will rupture the flimsy plastic bottle, resulting in Sweet 10 all over the counter. This is real bad, as Sweet 10 has just become very expensive. I recently ordered a case & it has doubled in price. Why, I do not know. Not happy with this, but nothing out there has the "taste of suger" like Sweet 10. My grocery store has discontinued carrying Sweet 10. The only place I can get it is Amazon. No problem with this, but I am not happy with the price.
298700298700B001SAQISOAHNFWO5635GDKNap "nap"1131344124800Sweet 10 Liquid Artificial SweetenerSweet 10 Suguar Substitute arrived in the shipping window time, I think even a little early. No problems with the shipping.

The product does the job of an artificial liquid sweetener, but it is very expensive and not sold in grocery stores. Being required to purchase 12 bottles with each purchase also adds to the expense.

I am disappointed somewhat that the first bottle contained 6 oz as stated on the product, but the second bottle only contained 4 oz. The remaining bottles are unused as of this date. Do not know if they each contain 6 oz.
298701298701B001SAQISOA3TN6FHKS4MS38Joanne Wielebski "Grammy"0051345680000GrammyI am so happy that my favorite sweetener, Sweet-10, is back. I started using this product in my tea whan I was in high school. When it was discontinued for a while way back then and than again a few years ago, I was crushed. There is no sweetener to match. Thanks very much for bringing it back. My only wish is that it would come in larger sized bottles.
298702298702B0029ENXBSA3NCTCNAUYCH6Hjesse girl1151328572800My family loves these, but...I'm afraid I will have to deprive them. At 5.00/bag plus shipping, they are way too expensive. Also, FYI, there are only 7 to a bag! I have searched the net and cannot find them any cheaper. I guess there is a monopoly. I guess we will do without. :-(

Another point, they are quite tasty, but with all the sugar alcohol, they can cause terrible flatulence. Buyer Beware!
298703298703B0029ENXBSA23JO0RXKNGWPQBurt Lonner "veggies"1141324339200I gave this product 4 stars because my Family Loved These...I personally didn't care to much for them. The marshmallows were not fluffy and soft enough and too gummy - they didn't have the right texture. Also the pink portion doesn't taste any different to me then the white part. However my family loved these...I mean LOVED them. So I'm giving them 4 stars. To be fair, I liked them the most the 4th time I ate them and really savored and enjoyed them. But if I was only going by my personal opinion I would have given this 3 stars.
298704298704B003FY82YEA1XD3P2TRHT69EF. W. Smith "Soujourner"91051301529600Great! But Not at this price!Nonni's are great...they are all natural and even fit into my weight loss program! However, the 25 count box are only $9.25 at Sam's Club. Amazon is a bit over priced on this product!
298705298705B003FY82YEA23UHPRW3O6RPEbarbara schettler3351321574400the bestI bought this product at Costco and have been looking for it. It is the best biscotti I've ever had!
Even though it is much higher than i paid at Costco,I'm throwing caution to the wind! It is that good.
298706298706B003FY82YEAL080IW0VYIA3InYourDreams "Dawn"3341299283200Tasty!I have run into Nonni's at the homes of various friends and never thought to try and get some for myself. They are the perfect complement to my morning cup of coffee and give me a little pick-me-up without loading me up first thing in the morning. Delicious! Buy some!
298707298707B003FY82YEA33AQPJYH7UUXRDesert Gypsy "A Brooklyn Girl Out West"2241328572800bestest biscottiThese biscotti are truly delicious; as with any good biscotti they are quite crunchy. The thin chocolate coating on the bottom of the cookie is dark, sweet, and high quality; chopped hazelnuts throughout the cookie as well. These are large cookies - about 5 inches long, 3/4 inch wide so just one cookie is entirely satisfying. They are individually wrapped to stay fresh for a very long time. Very good paired with coffee or tea.
298708298708B003FY82YEA1VGYOKZCIG9ITdotperlow2251325548800lovely biscottiI like these for our son's waiting room for next to the coffee machine.Because they are individually wrapped they stay clean and ready for a waiting customer and people really like them.
298709298709B003FY82YEA29N66WIWNN8JKOne Reviewer1151350864000A Nice "Treat" To Serve With Coffee or TeaThese are crunchy, so tasty, and great to have on hand to offer guests when serving coffee or (hot) tea. Of the different flavors offered, I have to say that the Cioccolati biscotti is my personal favorite, but these are all very good and very well-received by others upon getting a biscotti with their beverage.

I'm a coffee drinker, so I love to have this once in a while with a cup of coffee. They hold up well with "dunking" and make a coffee break truly feel like a break. My friends who drink hot tea (as well as coffee) always light up when I offer a Nonni's Biscotti with their tea. I recommend Nonni's Biscotti (Traditional Assortment 25 Count). Yummy!
298710298710B003FY82YEA2WPUHJ6ITFLXLpuddles0031350604800Biscotti reviewThe order arrived as promised. Package was in great condition, but as a recent shopper of Biscotti, I found the first container held dried out biscottis. They still taste good, but did not seem as fresh as those I received earlier this year. I have not opened the second box.

I hope to order again and hope for the best .
298681298681B000U2DE4WAZPO9B2RSWV8VLarge Marge0051235088000Repeat customerI have had this product before that I got at a grocery store and then they didn't have it anymore and I couldn't find it anywhere local. I like this product and will continue to purchase as I need it.
298682298682B001QCKS4OA11NNV6BMJ4WS7Laura S. "Laura S"1151332028800excellent dog foodWe have two dogs and they love those shredded chicken parts. I highly recommend this brand because of the high quality of its ingredients. My dogs are fit and strong (have eaten pro plan since they where puppies).
298683298683B001QCKS4OA2YSJ6ZBMK8VOCc1151331596800Only food that worksWe have an Airedale and this is the only food that works for his sensitive stomach. It has been a lifesaver for us!

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