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298792298792B000LKYX48A10BK26EN1YSZT...follower of Jesus "...follower of Jesus"5811312329600Taste has changed...I have been a huge fan of this brand of cereal enjoying it for over 3 years. However, just recently, the taste has changed dramatically. It tastes like wood now and sometimes, I can taste some pesticide. I called Amazon to return all 12 boxes, and they immediately replaced them without any hassle. However, once I got the new boxes and opened them, it tasted the same, quite awful. I called Food For Life and let them know about the taste change and a lady said that she would bring it to the manufacturers attention. I also have a twin brother in California who also said the taste has changed. Then, I went to Whole Food Market to see if the same problem was occuring with the cereal in the store. And sure enough, it tastes awful.

I hope they change the taste back to how it was. Unfortunately, due to the change in the taste, I will not be buying this cereal anymore and warn all other buyers to stay away from the GoldenFlax due to its sour and bitter and woodlike taste. I am on the search for a new cereal. Also, I noticed the packaging insert is different. Usually, it is a frosted plastic bag that has the cereal in it. Now, it is a clear like plastic bag. I wonder if the new packagaing has changed the taste.

298793298793B000LKYX48A2NNL7GWNVXEWBChuck in Los Angeles4711295568000Price has gone up 41% in 2 months!I'm a vegan and love Ezekiel products, and I have no quarrel with the quality or the good intentions of Food For Life, Inc. However, a 41% price increase since November 14, 2010, for their flax cereal is extreme. The current price $41.54 for 6 boxes comes out to $7.00 each for a small 16 ounce box. The other Ezekiel cereals are priced normally ($24-$29/box).
298794298794B000LKYX48A2ZFY7F6DN9H0YGary L. Hall "Gary"2431316649600Healthy but not much elseI'm going to start by saying that I do enjoy this cereal and may purchase it again. The fiber content and the fact that the ingredients combine to make a complete protein make this a vegetarians delight. That being said, it isn't remarkably tasty without some doctoring. I put dry blueberries and a touch of honey on mine and it's delicious. But I can't responsibly give the cereal a perfect star rating if I have to alter it in order to enjoy.
298795298795B000LKYX48A1C3Z0YG6KJ9FPbookaddict44 "debdivine"42021185580800Gravel on a country road!Ok,this cereal is very healthy for you,great ingredients,no sugar,and tastes like Gravel on a country road to me.I would much rather eat Uncle Sams which is just as healthy and tastes 100 percent better.I wouldn't recommend this to anyone looking for good taste.
298796298796B000NX0MGQAISJ632ZH88QY4ABrit "4ABrit"2251184371200Excellent MasalaExcellent, authentic Masala taste that can be used with a variety of meats or is delicious on its own.
298797298797B000NX0MGQAPWCOAVILK94BReal Named Person "wowzee"2351298678400Thicker sauce but still the same as other Jyoti saucesI eat couscous as my main carb staple daily and i always use Jyoti sauces like this to prepare it. For one bowl of couscous you will need about 1/3rd can of this to have a hearty filling meal. The saffron in this and other Jyoti sauces (all of them have it and taste almost similar) makes up for a special addictive taste that you will keep coming back to regularly.
To make a tasty bowl of couscous that will feed 1-2 person, use the following below.

1/3rd can of one of the Jyoti sauces below. All have saffron in them
Jyoti Natural Foods Saffron Cream Sauce, 10-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)
Jyoti Natural Foods Indian Cuisine, Rogan Josh Sauce, 10-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)
Jyoti Natural Foods Classic Masala, 10-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

6 oz of Couscous below
White couscous
Osem North African Couscous, 10 Pound Bag
Whole wheat couscous
Hodgson Mill Whole Wheat Couscous, 11-Ounce Units (Pack of 8)

8 oz of water

3 oz of some other curry/sauce/coconut milk. Try some of the below options.
Aroy-D - Mussaman Curry 14 oz.
Aroy-D - Red Curry 14 oz.
Roland Coconut Milk, Organic, 14-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)
Maesri Thai masaman curry - 4 oz x 2 cans

3 oz of crushed tomato

Heat the mixture WithouT couscous in microwave for 7 minutes, take it out and put the couscous, stir and wait for 10 minutes and enjoy.
298798298798B003ZXG2VAA21V8AYNDN7TNKJetz451151329004800Good little brownies.They are moist, fudgy, and good. And best of all 100 calories per pack. The hard part is it's hard to eat one pack.
298799298799B003ZXG2VAAIJOUSLU6MG26Balexander0051338422400It's food?Okay so the disappointing thing about these things are is that they are SUPER SMALL pieces of brownie. I believe there's roughly 10 in each little package. Who can eat 10 TINY LITTLE PIECES and be done? I don't know about you but 100 calories may be great but I end up eating like 3 packages at a time. I suppose the only good thing is that I'm underweight by about 15 lbs or so which means it won't kill me but still it seems a bit senseless.
298771298771B000LKYX48A2M8DYD47KDVXSSpinolio2241240704000Pretty tastyI ordered the six box package since the reviews were almost uniformly positive. I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed after eating the first small bowl, but I think that was just because the flavor was different than I expected. At that point I was thinking that I just bought way too much of this cereal. After eating a few more bowls I've really grown to enjoy it. It's pretty amazing for a cereal with no sugar. I'm going to try some of the serving suggestions I've read in the other reviews here just to see what it's like with a touch of sweetness, but I enjoy it with just milk.
298800298800B003ZXG2VAAAL9P14MMZ6WHA. Lee0031328140800Average at bestI'd rather have half a hershey bar or snicker than eat this to be honest. first you open the package, the brownies are about 1" by .5", in other words, you can fit one on your thumb's finger tip (and as a 5 foot-2 woman, I have small hands). it was like eating one small brownie, broken up into smaller brownies. to be completely honest, these would probably go great in some ice cream, eating them alone is quite uh... boring. and unsatisfying. I'm giving it 3 stars for concept and effort, but I will be giving these to my toddler (which would be the ideal target market for these LOL). He will love them.
298772298772B000LKYX48A1I1FB0V6EWE0RE. Earthman Cooney "Elizabeth"2241229904000terrificI was looking for a cereal that had no white flour or white sugar. This cereal tastes great and fills me up.
298773298773B000LKYX48A1BU9SDKWXBW5QM. Cullin2251213660800This is great cereal!My sister turned me on to this and now my other sister and my mom and I all eat it. It's nutritious, filling and is full of fiber! Good stuff!
298774298774B000LKYX48A2OMK1PHK5J85BCarl T. Cahill6821294617600Why all the salt?I adhere to a low sodium diet (<1,500 mg daily). I ordered this cereal not realizing that it contained 190 mg of sodium per half cup serving. The product is advertised as having no artificial flavoring and no preservatives. This claim is misleading because salt is the mother of all preservatives. Perhaps sodium is used in this product only for purposes of artificially enhancing the flavor and not as a preservative? If you have been off the processed food grid for a awhile, you will probably find, as I did, that this cereal has good flavor and texture. However, because of the comparatively high sodium content, I will not purchase this cereal again. There are other good tasting zero sugar cereals on the market with no or low sodium content.
298775298775B000LKYX48A25J168NSTHMYWDavid A. Sifre1151315872000Love it.I had this for the first time two days ago. It may take a tiny bit of getting used to, but it is a wonderful cereal. You do need to be a little careful though....I wound up with some sort of seed (maybe Flax) that was as hard as wood and incapable of being chewed. That could have been a problem if I bit into it the wrong way.

Cereal in general is not good for you. It is not the worst thing you can eat, but it is not really good. I think this cereal is a rare exception, and you can feel great about eating it with your favorite milk or yogurt. I double the portion size, add a cup of milk and it is a great meal and not too high in calories.
298776298776B000LKYX48A18R9WW8XB2IJ6Bethany J. Glozier "Homemaker"1151309910400Great way to get healthy food in my kids!I make my kids ad this, what we call "crunches" to their regular cereal or oatmeal, they don't mind and it makes a healthier, more filling breakfast.
298777298777B000LKYX48A3NMSFP1NY3LN4Ken McFarland1151304294400Super Great Stuff!I've used Ezekiel 4:9 bread for a lot of years and enjoyed its no-flour, high-nutrient goodness. But it's not easy to find decent cereal...most of them are high-salt, high-sugar, do-it-yourself health problems in a box.

Was great to find E4:9's cereals! I've tried the flax and the cinnamon-raisin...both are great! Most of the time, I eat it cold with almond milk. But sometimes, I like mixing E4:9 about half 'n half with oat bran (I use Bob's Red Mill), adding almond milk, and popping it in the microwave for about three minutes. This stuff is great hot!

One great thing besides knowing the cereal is crammed with nutrition and high fiber is that it fills you up but good...and sticks to your ribs for hours. A real help for losing weight.

Some people won't like this kind of cereal. Too much like chowing down on twigs and weeds and sawdust, they fear. But the flavor is truly enjoyable. Add the milk, some fruit, and you'll have energy to last!

Finally, I've compared local store prices against Amazon, and the local is far higher.
298778298778B000LKYX48A1CB4Q23RCNUEMEddie1151294444800Way better than Kashi's cereals.My health store stopped selling Ezekiel's cereal, so I couldn't find it anywhere.. but then I've decided to order it here.. while I wait, I bought kashi cereals which contain 0 sugars... I am talking about the 7 whole grain one.. The taste is horrible... The ezekiel cereals is much healthier and taste WAY better. I will make sure to order when I have two boxes left. I eat too much of it. I don't want to try kashi's cereal anymore! Oh, and i've been eating this cereals for about 2 years.
NOT everyday though because it cost $5.69 here!! I can get it for $4 each... 6 times 4 is 24... that's how much this cereal cost. :)
298779298779B000LKYX48A28Q6F4FY0K2WALore Earley1151293408000Healthy optionLove this cereal. Protein packed, keeps me full. Grateful for a no sugar option in a world of sugary sweet cereals.
298780298780B000LKYX48A33N442L28PGOOmafulu121151286755200perfect breakfast grain!I am on a no sugar, no flour diet, so this cereal is a way to liven up my typical breakfast cereal choices of Shredded Wheat, oatmeal and oat bran. It adds a delicious crunch to yogurt and is also yummy heated up in the microwave with milk (a substitute for Grape Nuts which is made with flour), just add a banana and yum!!
298781298781B000LKYX48A93QTUFCUSL6Jgirlnumber41151284940800A Great Tasting and Nutritious Cereal!This is a great tasting cereal with a texture similar to Grape-Nuts but with a more full bodied flavor. I enjoy it with some almond milk and a handful of nuts or fruit for variety. How great is it to get a complete protein for breakfast without having to break out the fry pan? With 8g of protein and 6g of fiber (not counting what you've poured or added to it), it's a nutritious and filling way to get your day going. Plus, you'll be able to read and pronounce everything on the ingredients list.
298782298782B000LKYX48A3VUBPSRC26TMIneworchid1151264809600Healthy and TastyIf you're into healthy living, you'll love this product - high in protein and fiber, sugar-free, all natural. Just add milk and your favorite fruit and you have a tasty breakfast cereal. Good for a snack too, although it can get messy if eaten dry.
298783298783B000LKYX48A3UELHVNEHW2M9wave om1151234137600Great Cereal!I learned about this cereal last year when I was trying a gluten free diet. I chose to relax the gluten free area of the diet but I kept this cereal. It has a great crunch and keeps me full. And it has nothing unnatural in it. BTW, their bread is fabulous also.
298784298784B000LKYX48A1WL6D2PMATMT8Jillian1151228003200LOVE the Ezekiel!I'm not actually allergic to wheat or anything, but my husband and I enjoy this cereal very much! It's crunchy and yummy and healthy and delicious!
298785298785B000LKYX48A2PL7KRM243XATJ. Gunes1151227312000Best cereal to buyWith this cereal you don't have to worry about sugar in it. I have mine with unsweetened soy and it tastes great. Also has lots of protein for those of us who work out. Makes you feel full.
298786298786B000LKYX48A1CG0UR1AF5PTAMark D.0051347753600I like this cerealThis cereal has sprouted grain healthy ingredients and I also like the taste. I also trust this company's philosophy of being inspired by an old time Ezekiel recipe for their products. Recommend this good quality product to fellow shoppers.
298787298787B000LKYX48A71S0LDP4QN19NoHands0051341446400Some of the healthiest cereal you'll find!First off, this product is awesome. As others have said, no added sugars, high fiber and protein. Also, flax seeds have crazy health benefits, including help managing weight loss. For that reason alone, I paid the higher price for the cereal. I will admit, when I first tried the cereal, it was hard to choke down. I was used to cereals with high sugar content and this tasted like cardboard. After two weeks of eating it nearly every morning, all that has changed. I usually cut up a banana and throw it in the bowl, and now this cereal is hard to beat in taste.

This cereal is a perfect compliment to a weight loss regimen, and after some getting used to is awesome in taste!
298788298788B000LKYX48A1IKXHZ0JS33SUErnie H. "Clock Maker"0051310947200Buy it - you will like it !My wife has been eating this cereal every day for over a year. She loves it and is becoming more healthy in the process.
298789298789B000LKYX48A25U1O1P0OW9WNBarbie W.0051295740800Pleasantly surprised! I'm hooked!I just started the "Cinch!" diet by Cynthia Sass and have switched to healthy, organic foods. I found this cereal while looking at organic products on and ordered it. While waiting for it to arrive I went shopping at The Fresh Market and saw this cereal there. I decided to buy a box to try in case I didn't like it then I could return the 6-pack. Boy was I surprised--it tastes great! I pour out 1/2 a cup into a bowl then add some ground cinnamon, a handful of blueberries then almond milk. It's real crunchy and so flavorful. I NEVER thought I would like a cereal like this. And to top it off it's good for you. At The Fresh Market I also bought a loaf of Ezekiel 4:9 Cinnamon/Raisin sprouted grain bread and it is delicious--I don't even need to add butter. Tonight I had it with Blue Diamond almond butter. I'm glad I bought the cereal last week at $26.96/6-pack. I thought it was a permanent price. Now that it is $41.54/6-pack I'll be buying it at The Fresh Market for $5+/box.
298790298790B000LKYX48A38MN70PA3VNH3jennariel "smiley face"0051259625600My favorite breakfast cereal!I love this cereal and with free shipping Amazon is the place to buy it!
298791298791B000LKYX48AUS1ZHS59AJ6FDonna Newell "musicteacher108"0051242086400Healthy and tastyI started buying this cereal at the store after reading a recommendation about how much healthier sprouted grains are. Since it is rather expensive, I found that I could save a couple of dollars per box by buying it from Amazon. To my taste the cereal doesn't need any added sugar or anything to taste good and I like the consistency too. I also buy the almond flavor for variety.

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