Amazon Fine Food Reviews

298801298801B003ZXG2VAAVERBYTGN8N5JBettyBoop0051300320000foodThese are wonderful. I found them at my grocery then they disappeared from the shelf.
Thank goodness for Amazon, I found them again. Great if you are dieting or not.
298802298802B003ZXG2VAA19RQSN82YZY3RDr. Rose0111337126400GROSS!!These are disgusting! They are tiny and have a bittersweet taste . I had such a gross aftertaste in my mouth that i had to brush my teeth. No Thank you!
298803298803B000G6VDWWA32PSJUTOV8CUPMeridiantoo0031317513600Very spicy and odd tastingIf you like spice, give these a try. Otherwise, you will need some liquids to swallow them. I guess that's what they mean by "whoop ass" peanuts! They are odd tasting, too. I would not purchase them again.
298804298804B00348BJ14ALZ59D69Q82Z3Jeff Potter2251313971200Mushroom Soy SauceVery good product. It is most excellent as a marinade for chicken or other meat dishes. I used to purchase it locally, but can no longer find it. The price is good but the charge for shipping is outrageous. I'll do without. It's not THAT good.
298805298805B007OYOEJSA378DKQJ3VX4QSShelby0051347321600Kona CoffeeExcellent Coffee. Kona is the only coffee I've found that I can drink black. Regardless of how strong you make it, I've never found it to get bitter.
298806298806B0002RVGFYA72GVB2PR7OFYteagueclan1111281398400Yuck!I respectfully have to disagree with the other two reviews. These olives taste disgusting to me. My local grocery store has an olive bar and they usually have nice, plump blue cheese stuffed olives. They were sold out so I bought a bottle of these and it certainly was a waste of $7. They were very crunchy, too salty, and the cheese was hard and lumpy. I ate one and threw the rest out.
298807298807B0002RVGFYA3VTTVK3C1PAR4L. Snyder1151261958400i heard these were goodi bought them for some olive lovers for christmas, and they told me they were good. (ps: the jars were cloudy with cheese, not clear like in this picture.)
298808298808B0002RVGFYAA59RKKG3HWT7S. King "la pantera rosa"1151171065600The BestMy husband absolutely loves these olives because of the flavor of the blue cheese. He has tried others and they just don't measure up. When we moved to Oklahoma we found that this brand is difficult to find, so we were thrilled to be able to have them shipped to the house.
298809298809B001SAUMQ8ABXOG54UXAZ5HC.D.0051322352000Love emCouldnt find these Tomolives anywhere before I bought online. Now im making purchases for several Tomolive lovers.
Customer service is 5 stars is you need to contact them.
298810298810B001SAUMQ8A3TQTN050VQ04Ggarrett Lewis0051308182400the best!!!!!!!i have had a really hard time finding these olives. every market i go to i look. then i thought of amazon!!!!!!!duhhhh.......thanks AMAZON
298811298811B001SAUMQ8A1ONT5BHMPV111The South Face0051305244800Great for matinis!My dad loves these in his martinis. I give him a whole case for Christmas to last the year. They taste like a really salty pickle.
298812298812B001EQ5QOEAO3P5BXFCXFHDPandra Selivanov0051340841600So much better than instant oatmealI've always loved oatmeal and I've tried every imaginable variety. Instant, steel-cut, Quaker's Oats, the kind you buy in a barrel at health food stores, but this is the best one I've ever tried. It's a little more effort than instant oatmeal-I put about 1/2 a cup of oats with 1 cup of cold water in a saucepan, add a little salt and sugar, and cook it till it's bubbling. Takes about 10 minutes and I get a big low-calorie bowl that's very filling and lasts until lunch. The texture is a lot chewier than instant or even steel-cut oatmeal and the taste is difficult to describe, but better. Instant and steel-cut taste a little watery next to this oatmeal. You can cook it in the microwave, but you have to use a really huge bowl or it will boil over-it cooks up much better on the stovetop. Just keep stirring it as you cook it and enjoy the aroma.
298813298813B001EQ5QOEA3F159CDZM6Y2PErin Robinson1251222646400Outstanding oatmeal.This is the best oatmeal I have ever had. You actually have to chew it, as it is very thick and substantial. Delicious oaty taste, fills your tummy, and surprisingly inexpensive in the 12-pack deal. About the same price as Quaker Oats at the grocery store. Definitely give it a try, you'll love it.
298814298814B0012C2GFMA25R9J2OF9XAM8ahold220051346976000Nutiva Hemp proteinGreat stuff. This hemp protein has kept me going throughout workouts and the day. Real rich nutty flavor. Only bad thing is that it doesn't mix well. But it's well worth it!
298815298815B0012C2GFMA2DXWSEULSBKJIROCKET0051345593600FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This stuff is great. I made a shake withit using cooking chocolate powder, hemp powder and sweetener, a few ice cubes and water. it was great a very small amount of grit the last few gulps. i felt great after i drank it.
298816298816B0012C2GFMA25AWD8CZP24L8C. Best "dolechris"0051345593600Great product, better price......But the packaging makes me think I just bought something illegal. Seriously though, if you're looking to add hemp protein to your diet, this is your thing. It mixes easily, the taste is neutral (which is a good thing), and it's cheap.
298817298817B0012C2GFMA1N24MD7DZ8S0Odeemka0051345507200Greeat!Product was absolutely great! Tasted good and natural. The results I got from drinking it after my workouts were crazy. Definitely buying it again without a doubt!
298818298818B0012C2GFMA3OGNPTQ0JSYUEMeghan0051345420800This is a "gotta try" product!I tried this product on the recommendation of a friend. I don't like those pre-mixed bottles of "stuff" and my system doesn't tolerate whey protein very well. I don't happen to think it's gritty and I have lots of options for mixing. I prefer Chia seeds (they expand and create a more full feeling)to Flax, and I usually use Coconut milk (unsweetened) or Coconut water as a base. I'm not opposed to using carrot juice either. I don't like overly sweet so I freeze my own berries and such to give it a great chill. I'll even throw in a handful of fresh spinach. There are so many options so find out what you like a go to town! At these prices, how can you beat trying more healthful choices to start your day!
298819298819B0012C2GFMAWSXULVE7SQIHManahu0051344729600Another Great Product from Amazon.comI've been eating Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein for a couple years. I love it. It has a smoother texture than rice protein. I make a smoothie with the hemp protein, frozen strawberries and bananas every morning. Delicious!
298820298820B0012C2GFMA34KRT1T2G6305taekvideo0031343865600Doesn't taste very goodTaste 3/10
Texture 2/10
Health 10/10

Did manage to create a recipe that can mask the taste:
2 ripe bananas (best right after they get brown spots on the outside)
5 strawberries
3/4 cup soymilk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1.5 tablespoons baking cocoa
2-3 tablespoons of protein powder
sweetener (to taste... I use 2 tablespoons of Splenda)

Wash strawberries
Cut strawberries and bananas into pieces in a bowl
Put in freezer for 1-2 hours (don't freeze longer than 2 hours)
Pour fruit, soymilk, and vanilla in blender and blend until smooth.
Add baking cocoa, sweetener, and protein powder, then blend until smooth again (I add these after blending the fruit since it helps prevent the powders from sticking to the edges of the blender).

Note: red seedless grapes work great in place of (or in addition to) the strawberries. ~20 or so (when replacing) work good.
298821298821B0012C2GFMAJRIKCB927LB7Looking Glass0051343692800Always Good, Fast Shipment!Hemp protein powder is a very important addition to your health, great in shakes and smoothies. A good dietary supplement for pets aswell. Very good price fast shipment. Highly recommended.
298822298822B0012C2GFMAV33OMWZ476KBhappy0051343174400happyBeing a non-meat eater protein is hard to come by and eating tofu every day stinks, this is the best non dairy protein drink ever I mix it with soy milk and unsweetened coco powder in the blender, tastes good, and i feel good also bonus omegas.
298823298823B0012C2GFMA1W1SV402X9IE6raw zen0051343088000my first hemp producti am new to using hemp every morning i make a smoothie with frozen bananas almond milk almond butter and equal parts hemp protein and flax meal it tastes great keeps me full for the whole morning im ready to try other hemp products try this one its great the price is great too
298824298824B0012C2GFMA1MTLH6MHKZPTSVesuvius0051340236800Very nice.Excellent quality, color, smell & great taste. I've tried other hemp protein brands and this is one of best so far.
298825298825B0012C2GFMA30S1JCI27DYBMBenny0051337904000Organice Hemp ProteinJust opened the bag, and am drinking some now! Flavor is great!! Will be buying some more soon
Getta some :)
298826298826B0012C2GFMATU6LDBWAO0MXSKM0051335225600Good, easy on the stomachProduct feels healthy and light on the stomach. It has no distinct flavor, so it can be mixed with anything.
298827298827B0012C2GFMA3INFVXZ5LKZBIRobert J. Luciano "j"0051333756800All natural, no added sugarI like this product over others I have tried because it has no added sugar. Simple minimal packaging is also a plus.
298828298828B0012C2GFMA3RZAC9GVNBWV0mrleok0051333584000Love It !Hemp protein is a excellent choice to use, I add it to smoothies for extra protein. Not a bad taste to it especially mixed with other things in a smoothie. Hemp is so under rated.
298829298829B0012C2GFMAJRG18YZ3ONXPMickey Rainwater0041332201600A bit gritty...I ordered this to use as a protein shake addition. I use 1/3 of a serving added to my regular protein powder drink. I love that this is high fiber- that is why I decided to try it. The taste is unremarkable (my regular flavored protein powder taste remains the main flavor of the shake), but I am so NOT lovng the gritty texture and the way the hemp powder sinks to the bottom almost immediately. Also changes the color of my shake to a rather unappetizing greenish brown, but that isn't relevant to the taste or quality of the product, but thought I'd mention it as some folks get bothered by stuff like that. Anyway, the heaviness of the powder requires shaking the shaker bottle half to death while I try to drink the darn thing, but I still gave it 4 stars for the fiber and other assorted healthy attributes of the powder, as well as the fact that it has no strong taste, all of which I very much like. I am going to use up all I bought (which is gonna take a loooong time at 1 tbsp a day to get through three pounds of powder!) but I am very unlikely to order again, simply for the gritty texture and heaviness that requires almost constant agitation in the shaker bottle. If you plan to add it to something non liquid like oatmeal, I imagine the gritty thing would not be noticeable.
298830298830B0012C2GFMA2KGYCBLTAZQTJMr. Pink0051332115200Good Addition to a smoothieI use this in addition to my morning smoothie. Aside from the green color, I really do no notice too much of a change. With that being said, I use a lot fruits, veggies and some peanut butter in my smoothies so every flavor does get masked. A great way to get your fiber and protein. As with any high fiber foods you will notice some intestinal digestion changes.

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