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298831298831B0012C2GFMAASZ90Y3BGDBEMichael T. Bengston "Financial GURU"0031328572800Tastes weird , doesn't mix, but I think it's healthy!Let me start by saying that I usually use Whey protein. I decided to try the hemp protein as an alternative. The bag arrived just as the picture shows with not much other packaging and it was a decent deal when compared to local store hemp protein. That said, I don't know if all hemp proteins must taste like this one, but it was very difficult to get down. I usually make a morning smoothie that consists of protein, blueberries, strawberries, soy milk, and cocoa. Even with the fruit/cocoa in my smoothie the hemp protein taste dominates. And it is very unpleasant. On top of that, it doesn't mix well and therefore gives the smoothie a terrible gritty texture. For me, unfortunately because of the taste and texture, I will have to stick with whey protein.
298849298849B0012C2GFMA3B1360JOYS0GJExpectoPatronum2421334707200Tastes like sand and settles to the bottom like sand.So I have terrible anxiety and stress issues. My friends are always telling me I should smoke weed lol. However, I'm not a smoker and I'm a professional so that option isn't available to me. I decided to try some hemp products to see if they helped any.

This hemp protein is a big NO from me. What I have been doing is adding it into my protein shakes. I add a scoop of protein and a scoop of the hemp, then blend it with milk in my Magic Bullet.

The problem with this stuff in shakes is that it has the consistency of sand. Literally, it tastes like sand in your mouth. Also, immediately after I make a shake, I mean immediately, all the hemp sinks to the bottom. So I end up drinking the shake and by the time I'm done there's a quarter inch of hemp-sand at the bottom of my cup with very little ingested by me. I have to literally spoon it out or pour water in, shake it up, then drink it real quick.

So this product was a waste for me. No way would I ever buy this again. It is terrible in shakes. Maybe if someone wanted to add it to their food or add it to something they are baking, like cookies or brownies, it could possibly work but it's of no use to me. Also, the first product I tried was hemp oil vitamins and they really gave me a boost in my spirits and with more energy. With this stuff, I feel I'm not getting any of the benefits like I did with the vitamins. This stuff was a waste of money for me. I will use this bag and that's it.

Also, the packaging is terrible. After you cut open the bag, you basically have to put it into a container. I used a pitcher lol. They should at least make the bag resealable with with a zip-lock.

If you want to try a great supplement form of hemp for health reasons, I would recommend these which worked immediately:

Hemp Seed Oil 1000mg - 60 - Capsule
298832298832B0012C2GFMAB4ZBEIF9WLLDR. Earl "R. Earl"0051324252800It Is What It IsGet this if you want a pure gluten free source of protein. This is a great source of protein that doesn't contain any fluff to make it taste sweet. So don't get this if you're looking for something sweet and tasty. But seriously, if your protein mix tastes like mint, strawberry, or cookie dough, you have to wonder what they're putting in it.

I don't care for the taste very much (like I don't care for the taste of avocado or tomato), but I take it because of it's health benefits.

EDIT: Mix 4 tbs of the protein with approx. 5 fresh strawberries and it tastes marvelous! It has to be fresh and not frozen. A fresh cup of blueberries or one banana tastes pretty good too, but so far, the strawberries are the most tasty.
298833298833B0012C2GFMA2TS5GNC3SSK1HYokozmima0051320451200Cookin with HempAs far as I can tell this is high quality HeMp. The taste is very bland with a hint of nuttiness. The texture is not gritty, more like really small powdery flakes and it doesn't dissolve in liquids. Finally it will turn what ever you put it in greenish brown, so you can't hide it in light colored foods. Don't use it for protein shakes.

The best uses I've found for it are to put it in foods where it will stay suspended and it can complement the flavor. My favorite is to add it to homemade granola and date bars. Another suggestion would be adding it to eggs for "green eggs and ham" or add it to baked goods like muffins or cake.

It takes to heat well and I haven't burned it yet.
298850298850B0012C2GFMA2IY4STSEA6PHCTim Shannon "Dr_Shannon"71231285200000This CAN taste like dirt - unless you are creative in your power drinkI bought this for my pregnant wife who is trying to consume more protein. We both tried it and it tastes like dirt. We were both a bit confused as to how it could be considered any other way. I mean, we haven't tasted dirt, but this is what we imagine it would taste like. It is not palatable - in our book. Unfortunately the vast bulk of the 3 lbs of " dirt" have been sitting in our fridge - until we find SOME way or SOMETHING we can use it with.
I know some find it tasteless,or even "nutty?", but we tried it with fruit and other amendments, and for us, it blots out the other flavors. So we can't use it in protein drinks. Of course, given all the positive reviews, everyone has different impressions. But we just had to chime in for the "dirt" choir.


Thanks to a reply by "Delia" to my above comment, we have made some changes to our drink. Delia suggested not putting 4 Tablespoons in right off, but to work up to it. She also suggested using various ingredients to mask the flavor until we acclimate. Well, it appears to be working. So this stuff - if taken right off that bat just mixed into a smoothie may be a bit harsh for some folks - as it was for us. But using Delia's suggestions - it does appear that we can use this powder after all. Look in the comments to this review for details. As a consequence of Delia's kind comments, I've changed my rating from one star to 3 and added this new comment to my original review.

298834298834B0012C2GFMA371W4JRP9XTDRAeneas0051315267200Good stuff.I've been dealing with a lot of muscle soreness from trying to get back into mountain biking and being out of shape. I decided to try protein-infused smoothies to help combat this, fairly leery of how much they might actually help. To my surprise (well, I guess not too much surprise given the number of positive reviews), this hemp protein works extremely well. It tastes pretty good, and has enabled me to bike almost every day. Best of all, it feels pretty lean, definitely preferable to the fat-laden bars and such out there!
298851298851B0012C2GFMA3C5D4412R13QX00Buckshot "00Buckshot"3651270252800Nutiva company review.There was a very unusual situation that arose with me concerning this product. Nutiva contacted me and was genuinely concerned. They bent over backward to reconcile the issue. This is a rare and valuable aspect of the way they do business and I appreciate their willingness to work the issue until it was resolved. Thank you Nutiva for excellent business ethics and prompt support. They also have a nice Coconut oil for cooking: give it a try.
298835298835B0012C2GFMA1XBO7WD33FXTSB. Cass0041309132800Nice productI have been purchasing this at the specialty store. I really like this product, but it's probably not for everybody's taste. One has to get used to the rough, earthy, powerful taste. Based on that, it contains plenty of fiber, is relatively high in protein and easy to use. Being an organic raw protein food helps too with its value. I sometimes mix it in with my cereal or blend it into a protein drink. It's much healthier than the protein shakes, which are usually full of sugar or contain artificial sweeteners that are believed to cause BRAIN TUMORS, and I use it on a daily basis.
298852298852B0012C2GFMADLFQ51VQBA96Still. Observant ""Alone I can do nothing...3651243728000Extremely beneficial raw plant matterI got this at the recommendation of my friend, kind of an impulse buy. Its excellent, I highly recommend it, when you receive it it looks like a typical forest/camo green--not the off-brown in the photo. I put the powder, about 4 tablespoons, in fruit (and veggie) smoothies--equates to 11 grams protein I believe and a ton of other very good things that it does for you, both known to our young human science, and, probably not known to our science yet either. This is a plant, when you study it, that has been around humans in their places of evolution and settlement for thousands of years, and yes I am speaking of this plant alone, not including its sister plant of the psychotropic affecting variety.

It has a nice nutty flavor, its absolutely superb in terms of its nutritional capacity. Its like quinoa is to grains--the highest in protein content among the grains--its nearly the king. Simply put this stuff is the bomb, you could put this stuff in virtually anything, for any dish, or beverage, and it would make that end result concoction super fortified to use a made up term.

What I do most mornings, with a regular chunka breakfast type food is make one of these hemp smoothies: is get a bag of frozen fruit (costco has a great one): shave some of that stuff off, add 4 or more tblspoons of this powder, put in a some fresh fruit or veggies (or whatever), and then add some liquid (filtered water, organic soy milk, etc.) for the liquid portion, put it in blender, blend it for 3-4 minutes on low first, then high; when dundee, croccodile style you've just made a simple but great nutritional drink & source of nutrition. This according to the same friend is a pretty amazing price too--although I cannot say one way or the other myself. Lastly, please check out the most amazing spiritual preparation on I've ever found, or any of the materials by author Marshall Vian Summers, I can vouch for this, it is the real deal. Follow it and see, its called Steps to Knowledge, the Book of Inner Knowing, it was Spiritual Book of the Year for 2000 as awarded by Foreward Magazine. Link here: Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing : Spiritual Preparation for an Emerging World (New Knowledge Library)
and soon to be published, you can pre-order the newest book of Summers' the Great Waves of Change here: The Great Waves of Change
298853298853B0012C2GFMA3D2PL31ZNJNSVAndrew Jackson "Celticson"1351264464000Great Product--Poor ServiceI have to re-order well in advance because this service is so slow in sending out it's product. If you order, don't be in a hurry from this company.
298836298836B0012C2GFMA2V95IAE837563Shashi0041308700800Nutiva Bulk Organic Hemp Protein & Fiber PowderThis product can be added to any recipe, added to your protein shakes, and I've even added it to baking recipes. Ginger bread... and going to try Banana bread with it today. I don't love the flavor in my shakes.... but need the fiber and the other wonderful things that hemp provides. This is a very reasonable product to purchase and the benefits are great.
298854298854B0012C2GFMA3CKUPX49WPWOQJoseph C. Rucker71311274659200Tastes TERRIBLE!This product tastes so bad I can't keep it down! Even a half scoop in my smoothies makes them undrinkable. I've tried and tried, can't do it. I don't think Human's are supposed to eat hemp, this is my conclusion. Next they'll make protein out of tree bark or something and tell you how great for you it is. Unfortunately I have to toss the entire thing in the garbage now!
298837298837B0012C2GFMA1WQP7LCVQK3JZzmkr7880051302566400Very happy with this product.this product is delicious and it mixes very well with almond milk and coconut milk, I just don't know if it's hexane free but it sure tastes good.
298855298855B0012C2GFMA3KF0YRP943ZN7Buster Bunner "Buster"2521282953600Not for me..I threw up trying to force it down. Not the taste for me. Going back to good old whey
298856298856B0012C2GFMARDGDLK3UCJRADanielle1411302048000grainy tasteI bought this to use in fruit smoothies, but it leaves a grainy taste. I was hoping to provide additional protein for the smoothies, but I have to use so little of it to keep from tasting it that it's hardly worth it. Will not purchase this again.
298838298838B0012C2GFMA3EO0VAO8N34J1J. Dechant "Kindred Spirit"0031301875200Yes, it is okay...I bought this product to see what it is like. There is another product I've primarily been using which I got at the same time as this product. I prefer the other product because it mixes easily and tastes pretty good. This product tastes okay, and mixed okay but doesn't have as high an amount of protein as the other product. (Potheads might like this just for the fact that it is made from hemp.(no offense intended))
298857298857B0012C2GFMA25PG7DO2YX6ALMarissa Stein "siren223"51111243296000Wrong product, DO NOT BUY!I ordered the Nutiva Hemp protein powder as listed, but received the hemp protein powder plus fiber. After MANY messages exchanged between myself and the vitamin shoppe they FINALLY refunded my money. It took them over 10 days to do this, and it was extremely tedious having to deal with their atrocious customer service. Instead of offering to correct the problem, then sent me on some wild goose chase for a lot number (which did not exist). Finally they told me that the vitamin shoppe does not carry the product listed. Unbelievable.
298839298839B0012C2GFMA3TQ9AGVZBUT0GP. W. M.0051301702400Nice texture and tasteI use this instead of the whey protein powder in an almond shake. It tastes a little "nutty" and does not give me excess gas like whey protein does. I like it ! I keep it in the freezer until I need it, so it will stay fresh. It remains scoopable in a ziplock bag straight from the freezer.
298858298858B0012C2GFMA2BRHWAK2GCPOLAndy_G0311319414400Poor tasteI do not think I am going to drink this anymore. Everytime I drink it I feel like I am on fear factor. With an after workout powder like this I do not look forward to drinking it after a workout
298840298840B0012C2GFMA3K52OZ1GA8MNTAdam A. Aleweidat "Adam Aleweidat"0051301616000Great Deal, But Tastes Like EarthThis protein mixes well with water, but it's kind of gritty. It tastes absolutely horrible if it's not mixed with either another powder or some type of liquid other than water. I add a scoop of this protein and a scoop of a chocolate rice protein. I usually make the shakes in water, but I occasionally add rice or almond milk to top it off. Overall, this is a great deal. Just be prepared to have some type of mixture ready. Water alone won't mask the taste of dirt.
298859298859B0012C2GFMA1UPN73UIDQPQJungrecco1511317081600Bad TasteI bought a 3lb bag of this stuff understanding that there would probably be a considerable difference in taste from protein powders that use artificial sweeteners. I am three weeks in to using the stuff on a daily basis, and, unfortunately, the taste is still horrible. It tastes like chalk and the consistency does not allow it to completely dissolve, so you sometimes will get powder balls popping in your mouth when downing a shake. I've tried blending mixed fruits, adding cinnamon, adding honey, adding brown sugar... no luck. The problem is you have to add so much sweetener to counter the bad taste, that you defeat the purpose of making a healthy shake. My search for a non artificially flavored protein continues...
298841298841B0012C2GFMADVRZ6HAB1YKKakabaka0051299110400Good for your body, not so much for your taste budsIt's a good, healthy, organic product, and is as described. But it makes everything chalky and taste... not the best. But if you mix it in well enough, you don't taste it too much.
298860298860B0012C2GFMA1C65OKH8G87PGmanzanillo1511316563200BADThis product is awful. Very bad flavor. I dumped it. Some one needs to do something to get it past my taste buds.
298842298842B0012C2GFMAPY1JS5TWA4N3TQ0031295222400Healthy choice....if you can handle the tasteI read through the reviews and decided to give the hemp protein a try because I liked how it has both high protein and high fiber. Thus far I've found the taste to be really difficult to handle, maybe a dirt/saw dust kind of mix. I did experiment with it a little and found it works really nicely with hot chocolate where you want a little bit more of a grainy taste. Overall the hemp protein is okay and I'll definitely finish the 3 pounds I have, but don't expect to buy this again.

Edit: To follow up on my initial review, I'm still using the hemp protein with hot chocolate. I'm not big on shakes since they bring back bad memories from when I broke my jaw and couldn't eat solid food (and thus had a lifetimes worth of shakes), but I've also started adding it to apple juice and orange juice, which still tastes great!
298843298843B0012C2GFMAR53B2A9QR13MIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOI0051294272000Amazing quality hemp! Great value!This hemp powder is delicious! Definitely high quality and great value for the money. :) I will buy this again and excited to have this as part of my regular routine. Easily digestible nutrition that will not slow me down.

Such an easy way to put my money towards supporting hemp farming!
298844298844B0012C2GFMA2WIG78BY6IYWPBrian Schmitt0051293753600Great protien & fiber sourceThis is the cheapest I've found this and it has great protein/fiber content. You must dump it all into zip locks after the initial opening, but that is fine since the price is right.
298845298845B0012C2GFMA284WRGP7H1KLJFidelio0051292198400Awesome productThe taste is very earthy but so far, it has been easy on my stomach, and it has been the one I liked the most while working out.
298846298846B0012C2GFMA4L9HNBLA698Ssatisfied customer1251323561600Great productI have used this product before. Many times. I purchased on Amazon because i couldn't buy it locally. I was satisfied with this product before every buying on Amazon. The price was a surprise because I paid the same price on the internet that I paid when I could walk into the store and pick it up off the shelf. Also, the product is fresh. Not close to expiring or already expired. This vendor is reputable (i think). I have only used them once. So I realize that's not a pattern. But they seem fair and reuptable.
298847298847B0012C2GFMAAW8BGN6HL3XMBig John1251306627200Good stuffThis is a great product... taste is good...I use a blender to mix....I've read some reviewers said it was `earthy' or `gritty' which it is a little bit but its still good... for those to can't handle the taste I say "hike up your skirt and deal with it"
298848298848B0012C2GFMA1ZLSGPWVT6PCUClarence Hartrum1251297814400Hemp protein reviewThis stuff really is the food for muscle growth. with all the fiber and protein your not hungry if you use much. I had a hard time getting past the color when I tried it, and then the taste awful but guess what ? it makes your muscles feel great after a good workout so it will grow on you OOPS I had to take a drug test and got worried I might be in trouble but I Passed so it may be related but theirs no THC in it just protein and fiber if you can stand the color and the taste you will love it, make some no bakes cookies and mix it in, or mix it in some soup best of all smoothies with ice cream it beats the whey protein no sugar pure green MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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