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298891298891B0012C2GFMA2CR734PLQ2135B. Ward3351316736000Excellent non-dairy, non-GMO productI've been using this product for over a year and can say that it provides an excellent protein source which leaves me feeling full for hours, as well as an excellent protein source, which also keeps me happy. I make a smoothy of banana, non-fat kiefer, Nutiva Hemp + Fiber, and blueberries. I cannot taste the hemp at all and the texture is excellent. I love that it's organic, non-soy and non-dairy.
298892298892B0012C2GFMAK1OZ5AMAEJDEGracie3351315958400So healthy and mixes easilyA great way to get protein without meat! I mix with a glass of 1/2 skim milk and 1/2 chocolate soy milk and it's yummy!
298893298893B0012C2GFMA2LB49SSR4X5R9Darlene Hovis3351307664000best supplement ever hadIt has made a difference in the way I feel. My skin seems softer, my fat is disappearing. I used to have stomach cramps when I drank whey but with hemp, I do not have that side effect. It tastes nutty and I even put it in my oatmeal every morning. I am sure glad I came across this product.
298894298894B0012C2GFMAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"3351304467200Excellent product... Delicious too!i have been using this for several months now and i really like it alot. it is delicious. it is superfine and mixes very well with anything. i drink it in my protein shake and it is delicious.... i cannot say that enough. great product. you cannot lose anything by trying this hemp protein. highly recommended. i do not think that this hemp powder product is gritty at all. i stock up on it when the price is right.
298895298895B0012C2GFMA2JXV81R2SMJ7UKanashiitaka3351302566400Protein powder per ExcellenceBecause of a medical condition I need to take a supplemental protein powder. There are many out there that are good...Whey Isolate, Soy Isolate, but hemp is all natural all vegan and much more easier on the digestive system than Soy protein.

Because it doesn't contain the active THC, it will NOT show up on drug tests and it offers a complete protein with valuable Omega 3's and 6's as well as a host of other vitamins and benefits NOT found in Soy isolate or Whey Isolate.

I use mine mixed in a smoothie with fresh fruit (Acai and frozen blueberries) and it gives me not only a great energy lift but an inner calmness and the fiber also helps the digestive tract without being to "heavy". If you want to do something good for yourself you owe it to try this product. Warning...It WILL make smoothies a green color, but the taste is very mild and almost non-detectable if you add bananas, blueberries or strawberries. I highly recommend this product whether for good health or if you need (like me) extra protein in your diet.
298896298896B0012C2GFMA2O15DIM79T57UNonna3351300492800Nutiva hemp proteinI add this to my "green" drink each morning.. I feel full and am good until lunch.
I like all the Nutiva products. I have the coconut oil, which by the way is amazing to make popcorn. The hemp seeds are good also, I always put some on my salad.
298897298897B0012C2GFMA2O7W664NNU1IBspungie "dave"3351287446400Hemp protein goodnessMan oh man. Nutiva at a third the cost makes it all more worth living healthy.
298898298898B0012C2GFMA1Z35BJNYRNXEOAlek Vicious2251344470400Awesome stuff!This stuff tastes amazing! Made my first smoothie today and it was the best tasting smoothie Ive ever had. It also came super fast. I bought this two days ago from and I received it today.

My smoothie recipe

2 tbsps of nutiva hemp protein
1 cup of water
1 cup diced raw acorn squash
1 banana
1 tbsp of honey
1 cup of soy milk
298899298899B0012C2GFMA34ZO91X3TK0Z5Brian Williams2231315180800Quite a unique tasteIts protein powder alright. Seems to mix well, doesn't clump or settle too bad. I can't make any health claims so far. It does have a strong flavor though. I had used RAW PROTEIN before this which has a much more neutral flavor. The hemp protein tastes about how you would imagine dried fibrous plant would. Imagine blending a burlap sack or maybe a jute rug. Thats about it.
298900298900B0012C2GFMA2TWJOS3X4A5BGM. Reim "Pixeldust"2251292284800hemp protein powderAlways arrives promptly and fresh. Best price I can find, too! I subscribe to get this regularly and enjoy the ease of ordering.
298901298901B0012C2GFMA3UZAKBYJ06GKTDavid Kiss "lisa&dave"2251276041600Best with Soy MilkMy spouse and I love this product as added to a nutrition shake with whey protein and soy milk. The taste & texture(of the fiber) is really hard to get over if used with dairy milk, its much like a dirt milk-shake; but you can improve it by adding something sweet and letting the hemp fiber soak into the milk for about 5 minutes then re-blending. However as long as you blend it well with soy milk, the tastes actually complement each other nicely, but it may still take some getting used to.
And I love the nutritional benefits of the daily fiber, its invaluable for people who don't have the time or the budget to get all the fiber they need in a day.
298902298902B0012C2GFMAIWO5JQ60BXDLLucrezia2241275955200Good NutritionI like this product, but it's probably not for everybody. One has to get used to the earthy, overpowering taste. That being said, it contains plenty of fiber, is relatively high in protein and easy to use. Being an organic raw food helps too.
I mix it in with my cereal or blend it into a smoothie. It's much healthier than the protein shakes, which are usually full of sugar or contain artificial sweeteners, and I use it on a daily basis.
298903298903B0012C2GFMA2KCCQ1FY7EKO4Tony Abeln2241275696000fast shippingGood stuff. I like the 50-50 protein ratio better but great product. Great fast shipping!
298904298904B0012C2GFMA290C5IMM79A2Zschützenjunge2241271462400A Great source of protein and fiber, ok taste, VERY grittyThis fiber and protein powder does not go down very smoothly- HOWEVER, the taste is not so bad, and goes away completely with a small glass of water (unlike some other natural alternatives that have a taste that seems to linger or stick to your mouth).
I would not actually recommend it for most smoothies, although cooked along with some steelcut or thick cut oatmeal it is palatable.
I've been taking one heaping tablespoon with breakfast, one before dinner, and one after workouts. I mix it thoroughly with just about 4 or 6 oz of a low or no calorie drink and chug it. Then add enough water to rinse the cup out and drink that, too.
I was skeptical of the product, because so many high fiber and protein products seem to upset my stomach, but I have had no gas or other problems like I get from many of the other high fiber products I have tried, and I dare say that my recovery times after workouts seems a bit better since starting this regimen.
If you have a problem with gritty texture, try the same company's 50% Protein powder, as it is a bit smoother. Also, unless you are very accustomed to both high fiber products and "health food store" tastes and smells, I would recommend starting out slowly, gradually increasing the amount you use per serving.
298905298905B0012C2GFMA2AIPNQRHLXZV3S. B. Mccarter "SoftCoreKarma"2241256083200Nutritional Value : ) Texture : (Great Nutritional value, which is why you are considering buying it, but the texture (very fibrous and gritty) takes a lot of getting used to. I'll finish my bag and switch back to the seeds.
298906298906B0012C2GFMA1ZVEO2QDR7X4LNena2241251417600Fills you upThis is very filling and I've felt more energized lately, but the taste is something I struggle with. It tastes very....earthy.
298907298907B0012C2GFMAUGEIVQVI5BUCJ. Snyder6821265328000Very poor taste and texture for a protein powderI just tried this for the first time in my smoothie, and the taste and texture is horrible compared to brown rice protein. Do not recommend unless you are adding to very, very sweet things.
298908298908B0012C2GFMA1XQMQMF07QZQSGalCalif "Visit my Amazon Profile page!"6841253491200Healthy and a good addition to lots of mealsHemp seeds have lots of good things going for them including lots of fiber, protein a high content of beneficial fatty acids and phytosterols and loads of other good things. I put a tbsp or so in my salads because of the health benefits, and there is no real flavor impact one way or another. These are pretty small (smaller than barley) and quite happily get lost in the mix of other foods tossed in with them.

As a diabetic treating diabetes through diet and lifestyle changes, I no longer eat things like oatmeal, porridge and the like, but if you do, I am sure that adding these to those kinds of meals would be great.

They are small but still have a nutty texture, so you can also put them on yogurts for a little texture without any strong flavor.

I keep the bag re-sealed in the freezer and refrigerate a small container from which I take what I eat each day. They have kept fine for a long time in the freezer this way, and I have never had any problems with spoilage or rancidity.

Rather than dislike them because they are bland in flavor, instead I recommend them highly as an addition to other meals for that very reason!

NOTE: These are NOT a powder. They are small hulled seeds - much better than a powder - but if you want or require a powder, these are not a powder...
298909298909B0012C2GFMA3K8VSL091QRCRVJ mu stirrups1151349740800Super, Super Delicious! and makes me poop a ton!!!!I highly extremely recommend mixing this product with a large serving of Golden Flax Meal product (by any manufacturer you like) because the fiber in this Nutiva Hemp Protein, High Fiber is very sandy feeling to your pretty little boomhole and the Flax meal has lignans and mucousy feeling to lubricate it on the way out. :)
298910298910B0012C2GFMA2ZMWP3B6TXW5IErica "Erica"1151346889600I've figured out a way to make it taste good!When I first tried this I was not a fan at all! Since then it has sat in my freezer and I didn't want it to go to waste, so I decided to experiment a little with it. I started by just adding 1 TBS to a smoothie and over the course of a week I'm happy to report that I've worked my way up to 4 TBS. Now I have been craving this smoothie almost daily! Mission accomplished!

Chocolate hemp smoothie
1 C almond milk
1/2 frozen banana
1-4 TBS Hemp protein hi fiber
1 packet of stevia
1 TBS organic unsweetened cocoa powder
2 ice cubes

Place all ingredients into blender and blend on high, until it is smooth & no chunks of ice can be heard rattling around. Don't get me wrong, I still taste the hemp but blended this way it tastes good! If you have never tried this and are not sure you will like the earthy flavor then purchase a smaller size! The 3 pound bag will last a LONG time!

I'm allergic to milk and therefore I can't have most protein powders, plus the labels are frightening! This is made from 100% organic hemp that is all! I can feel good about that!
298911298911B0012C2GFMA3CETNHUV2S5M4Laura A. Peters1151342224000Healthy and deliciousI love this hempseed powder. The price is very economical. I bought it to add to smoothies for the nutritional benefits. But I discovered another wonderful use for it. I like to grind up nuts and seeds and mix with some herbs/spices as a healthy salad topping (great for a raw "Caesar" salad similar to finely grated Parmesan). My favorite blend is raw pumpkin seeds and raw almonds. Add in a scoop of this hempseed powder, with some good salt and garlic powder, and your salads will never be the same! Goes best with a simple dressing of olive oil and lemon juice. Ooo la la!
298912298912B0012C2GFMA3RILFNVTLC7Z4Dale Bramhall1141341360000Nutiva 3# Hemp protein powderThe Nutiva brand has a strong ingredient profile (11 grams protein per serving).
It tastes good, mixing well with any liquid.
The three pound package is a very good value for an expensive product at retail. About half the cost with free shipping which it always qualifies for.
298913298913B0012C2GFMA1IJP0GS6MDS78J. S. H.1151334534400Hemp proteinI needed more protein in my diet and more meat wasn't the answer. I checked out the different protein powders and the body builder's blogs turned me on to this. For the first few months, too much fiber wasn't cool, but that passed. Now it's OK. I guess I was getting enough fiber already, who knows. Anyway I use 3 table spoons of hemp protein, grapefruit juice, a whole banana, a handful of frozen blueberries, some strawberries, and at times, pineapple or an orange, or a kiwi fruit, even apple sauce. Yum, good stuff. Choke down your vitamins with that.
The down side is the clean up.
Really, the raw organic veg protein is such a good fuel and as the body builder guys pointed out, it helps to alkaline your system too.
298914298914B0012C2GFMA1J6BPPIFK36XPJoyce Y. Miller1151327795200Hemp Protein and FiberI love the taste is this product, plus I feel more energetic when I have it for breakfast. I'm very happy
298915298915B0012C2GFMA2QE14BIPOK6PNKatie Zaman1151325376000Great nutrition at a great valueI mix three tablespoons of this in my morning smoothie. The protein and fiber keep me from feeling hungry before lunchtime, and I add much needed protein to my vegetarian diet. I love the taste, too.
It's important to refrigerate a small portion and keep the rest in the freezer, but I just split up the bag into clean jars and keep all but one in the freezer until I run out.
298916298916B0012C2GFMAR6JGWQUH0VM0Matthew1151324684800Good stuff...thoughtful companyFirst off they send you think vacuum sealed, and not just a little bit...every last drop of air is pulled out before shipment. When I opened the box my friend thought I had ordered a brick of heroin.

The bags not resealable which is only mildly annoying. I just put it in a tupperware dish.

The company was smart/thoughtful enough to put in bold letters how to store and keep your hempseed powder. Keep enough out for daily use...freeze the rest to maintain freshness.

Also it has a "packed on" date and "best by" date. Love it!

Makes me poop well too! :D
298917298917B0012C2GFMA3RXLR5I36IK3Cjimbo1141319587200its good stuffIt doesnt desolve very well or taste good , but if you add a bananna ,some milk , chocolate ,and some ice ,then throw it all in a blender, well then , its not bad and i like the results. I am allergic to whey and i have a thyroid condition that keeps me from soy so this makes a good alternative , plus its all natural
298918298918B0012C2GFMA1LFSTBR7L7PUTV. Wiedemann "2 avid readers"1151318896000good price for this hemp powderI use this powder often in our breakfast smoothies, with organic tofu, spinach, homemade soy or almond milk and lots of fruit. Our Vita Mix machine incorporates the powder nicely and keeps the finished smoothie from being gritty. The 30 ounce bags are a very good dollar value and I was happy that Amazon has them in stock.

I don't think I would want to use the powder by itself in either juice or milk.
298919298919B0012C2GFMA30I8DB8XB4MC4P. Mason "philliplora1"1151314748800Fastest Hemp in the World!My husband and I had purchased this product at our local Whole Foods before, so we knew we liked it. We have tried just about every kind of protein you can imagine, whey - makes you bloated, pea - tastes like chalk, egg - makes you pooty, goat - you don't want to know! So anyway, The Nutiva Hemp protein has 11 grams of protein and 14 grams of fiber per serving! t's awesome and does not make our morning smoothies taste funky, yum! We ordered this while we were out of town for the weekend, and the hemp beat us home! Great product, great service, would highly recommend it to anyone :)
298920298920B0012C2GFMA3I45TO9BUNPHFchad35871141314057600Good Stuff!I don't think I'd have this plain with water but it definitely tastes fine in smoothies with fruits and maybe peanut butter. Takes a little getting used to but overall I'd say it's a great product.

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