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298981298981B004R8E97GA213XTQ2GX3HWDNAYA3351200528000A Great Fun CerealI have enjoyed this cereal for years. Unlike many 'fun' cereals it has a lot to offer both in nutrition and fiber content. I often treat myself to a cup, which is 4 grams of fiber.
298982298982B004R8E97GA2UZ4PV7XYN016Linh Nguyen3451204243200It's deliciously yummy!Who doesn't love chocolate? Who doesn't love chocolate milk? :) And when the two comes together in a tasty breakfast cereal, what's not to love?

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day so you better eat right.

One thing though... I don't know why anybody would want to buy this online. It's comes out to 5.42/box (free shipping). I paid $3.49+tax at a local store.
298983298983B004R8E97GA3PNLVU1ZX1XJGJ. Braun "Eeyore_jb"01611178064000Did not buy this itemDon't know why this is here as I never purchased this item.
298984298984B00384E4HAA32J9FKUMPR6PKA. Moreau0031347753600Tasty but...These are tasty but nothing special. You only get about 6 in the tiny box and the candies are about the size of a quarter.
298985298985B00297C0V4A13VRJGHQJWZI4Shai0051335830400This is really good...I really liked this one. Fresh, right level of spicyness. Yum...Feels like california is the new kerala.. have it with tea when it rains!
298986298986B000M7KVZKA1YUL9PCJR3JTYO. Brown "Ms. O. Khannah-Brown"0051173052800Adventurous White Tea Experience*****

I enjoy Numi's Moonlight Spice Orange Spice White Tea. It has a distinctive orangey taste and a light spicy taste (from the cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and ginger), sort of like a light, subtle, orangey chai tea. It is different and unique and all of the flavors are much more subtle than a chai-type tea, quite adventurous. It brews for a lengthier time (7-8 minutes) and is worth the wait.

Moonlight Spice is kosher, certified organic and contains amazing ingredients: organic cinnamon, organic orange peel, organic cloves, fair trade certified organic Pai Mu Tan white tea, organic hibiscus, organic allspice, organic ginger, organic schizandra berries, organic lemongrass and dried lime. The schizandra berry is a major tonic herb in Chinese medicine used to assist the body in dealing with stress, to improve memory function, and to assist with many various physical issues.

There are no oils or natural flavorings used, unlike many teas; it is also sustainable in that all packaging materials are biodegradable and recyclable, the carton is made of 100% post-consumer waste, and cello wrap is not used. Numi says that all their tea bags "are made of natural fiber paper, not the trendy, "silky" see-though nylon tea bags".

On the box, the manufacturer writes: "Numi's Orange Spice White Tea is like no other. We use an abundance of all natural, organic ingredients for an authentic cup, without using oils or flavorings. This sublime tea ingeniously blends premium Organic White Pai Mu Tan tea with orange, citrus, and spice. Pai Mu Tan is exclusively the top two leaves and a bud of the tea plant and can only be picked the day before the buds unfurl. White tea is the least oxidized and processed of all teas, making it supremely healthy. Smooth and delicate, Moonlight Spice balances citrus notes of orange, schizandra, Numi's own Dry Desert Lime, and luxurious spice for the most divine experience. Transcend into a peaceful moment through its luminous hue and enchanting fragrance."

If you like Numi teas, get it---you won't be sorry. If you are new to Numi but enjoy white tea, this will probably be one of the best you've ever had.

298987298987B00086IF2QA25CRMXGZDXOPGS. Snowdon0031318550400GreatThese look great but the detail for the skull is not very deep - therefore the depth of colour isn't as strong as it could be.
298988298988B001HTIC58A172P5EVZE42MDThomas R Jackson04321302393600Shouldn't have ordered it.Based on a recommendation from a friend, I purchased this Turmeric. I shouldn't have. I won't be ordering this again.
298989298989B002BLIT7CAR8L99Q136SC1Heroatlarge8851311897600Makes the BEST Pina Colada EVER !!So i went to Red Lobster and had their Alotta Colada. Which is basically a double size Pina Colada. And im soo glad i got this drink. After that i went sampling other places Pina Coladas and the Red Lobster version is by far the best. But not wanting to spend way too much money on a Bar tab i went hunting for the ingredients and tried many. This Ingredient makes it PERFECT !!! Tastes Fantastic. 2 0z Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, 2 oz Pineapple Juice, and 2 oz of this " Cream of Coconut " blended with a cup of ice and you may not stop drinking this tasty treat. Unfortunately here on amazon the price is kinda steep. I get mine at BEVMO for significantly less. Sorry seller =(

P.S. if you go sampling this at Red Lobster to see if you like it. make sure they make it with Captain Morgan and you get the extra "Full Shot" of more Captain Morgan. Cuz Mo Rum is Mo Betta =)
298990298990B002BLIT7CA2XV57GXUXAW5OM. Mumenthal "Mummy"1151340150400taste great!My Pina Colada's are the best with this cream,easy to use and store. better then cans, no canny taste. bartender give me another.
298991298991B002BLIT7CA24TAYVE7R87LPE. bay "Northwest bookie"2321344211200Should have paid more attention to the ingredients!I'm not sure what qualifies this as "gourmet". They make it sound like a pure product and I really didn't read the ingredient list (which I usually do) and when it arrived, I did. I don't like to use products that contain sugar as one of it's main ingredients, not to mention the preservatives! Maybe others won't care about that. I did. I'm not saying that they didn't say what was in it. I take responsibility for not paying enough attention. I guess I got used to buying coconut products that actually WERE pure, without added sugars and preservatives.
298992298992B000N4TR84A226KMHC186ZGNFran Whewell0051345161600This is a nice gift basketI purchased 3 of these gift baskets, for friends. They were pleased with the good tasting variety of teas and cookies. The beautiful container can be used to store mail, recipes, ect.
298993298993B000N4TR84A348BYCHWX58PPW. Colbert0051344643200Great arrangement for an affordable costI purchased this as a gift for my ex girlfriend's family. Even though we are breaking up, I wanted to thank them for their hospitality over the last year - I was very pleased with the product when it arrived. For the cost, you get plenty, and it looks nice, especially if you would add a bow and some plastic wrap to the package. Unlike some of the other like products on amazon, you aren't mislead on the quantity of items received- what you see here, save for the flowers and ribbon of course, is what you get. I hope her family appreciate it, and remember me as a good guy.
298994298994B000N4TR84AM5I2MZKUZ98NMegan Hobbs0051343433600My mother LOVED it!I sent this gift basket to my mom and she loved it. The presentation is lovely and it comes with a wide variety of tea flavors, as well as some cookies. For anyone who is an avid tea lover, this is a great gift!
298995298995B001SBA816A5AFPULK2PWMNDavid Krivoshik2251287792000You may become addicted!!!I first received Zatarian's Creole Mustard for my birthday three decades ago from a friend in New Orleans after tasting in earlier in New Orleans and loving it. It is unique, not really having a strong "mustard taste", almost like a horseradish/mustard if you can possibly imagine what that would be like. When their factory was wiped out by hurricane Katrina, they e-mailed customers & employees from a remote location with updates on their facilities & product availability. I ACTUALLY HATE STORE MUSTARD AND NEVER USE IT ON ANYTHING but I LOVE ZATARAIN'S CREOLE MUSTARD unconditionally. It's so unique that there should be another classification for it. Over two decades ago, before it was available through, when I flew to South Carolina, where it is available locally in their various food stores, traveling on business or on a rare vacation with my family, I would very, very carefully packed over a dozen of these bottles in my suitcases. Now I can and do purchase them on line a dozen+ at a time. They have keep PERFECTLY for OVER 1 TO 3 OR MORE YEARS beyond the date on the bottle (when I brought a large stash of them home) if they have not been opened & the vacuum seal is intact. Refrigerate the bottle when it has been opened.

Try a bottle if you like horseradish or spicy mustard you will become hopelessly addicted to it as I & many others have...
298996298996B001SBA816A6R8R2IMMHHS1Marilyn A. Clever1231292112000Creole MustardThe mustard is the taste I expected. I had to add water. The mustard was out of date and some jars were not thoroughly sealed. Therefore it was somewhat dried out. After moistening it, I have enjoyed it.
298997298997B003G8OLP8A9Z17YOCYJ0OVgrandma0051344556800happy wifeMy husband and I have been looking for this mustard for over a year. Walmart used to carry it and then they quit. It's the only honey mustard my husband will use so I was over the moon when I found it at such an affordable price.
298998298998B003G8OLP8A3C8YK241Y6XC5Carol0051315008000PriceyI love this product, but was disappointed in the price of it. Hopefully, the price will go down by the time I want to re purchase.
298999298999B001ACIAE0AYXFDWGLFE15OChrysallis "Chrysallis"0051265414400Cheese BiscuitsI just baked the cheese biscuit mix by Paula Deen. They turned out fluffy and wonderful...we will try her other mixes as well
299000299000B001ACIAE0A38EDYJ6OFY99NBig Mac Real Investments LLC "Real Estate Mom"0211254355200Paula Deen-go to cooking schoolThese mixes are not quality-i like Barefoot contessa products better-i like Betty Crocker better-paula this stuff will ruin your image
299001299001B0011Z69UIA3RA70SR2H6J9XKimberly Estes "Amazon Addict"0051343952000So goodIt took a few bites to warm up, as they are VERY sweet,and i was expecting a more sharp, "pickle" taste. But, by the time I got to my third bite, I was in love. GREAT with a ham sandwich.
299002299002B0011Z69UIAP8D74QD9LUULL. Steiner0051228521600DeliciousI am lucky enough to be able to get to the Lancaster, PA area once or twice a year. Jake and Amos is one of the brands I always purchase. They have so many delicious, jarred items I could write reviews for days! But this is my favorite, so I thought I would concentrate on this one. They have a sweet and sour flavor that is addicting. I may have never purchased them had I not received a sample at a farmer's market! But they taste amazing, and even the sprout haters in my family like these. They have no fat or cholesterol, either. And there is no preparation, when you want to serve them, just open the jar and put them out! I like to serve them as a side dish with pork or as an alternative to cole slaw.
299003299003B0011Z69UIA14BYKWV6EAO22Sulyn0051212278400A surprisingly delicious treat!I first tasted these at the Bird-in-Hand Farmers Market in Pennsylvania. They are sweet without being overbearing. I like to serve them as a condiment with ham. Sometimes I eat them as a snack. They are that good!
299004299004B000HPZM74A2T222OVO4TUIHKaren R. Katanick4451184025600Bone A Mints are Otis's favoritesMy cock-a-poo Otis who has a sensitivity to many food items thinks Bone A Mints are the Bomb. He used to eat Greenies and still enjoys the ocassional Greenie treat but they don't sit well on his tummy. He and his sister Bessie Mae Mucho have been Bone A Mint consumers for the past year. They are softer than greenies and not quite as expensive.
299005299005B000HPZM74AE76SRIXUSZKKRen Worlock3341254268800Mint BonesDog loves them and they give her a minty pleasing breath for a short period of time.
299006299006B000HPZM74AQAJYD5LB1VBYskippy2251288396800Highly recommended Frm Va.I have been trying to find this product at major & minor pet stores in Va and Delaware. Wow! Who knew that Amazon had them. Thanks. The Holistic pet store in Orlando carries only this brand and recommends it because of the nutrient value and no wheat. Plus they really do the job for my dog. He loves them and his breath no longer offends people. My Bone-A- mints arrived when expected and i was pleased.
299007299007B000HPZM74A14H5GNH2EIPACKuromame's Mommy "Rose"2251260403200Yummy!!I first bought the white dental N Bone for my shiba inu puppy; however, he wasn't greatly interested in it and it took a while before he would chew on it. So when I found the Bone A Mints at the pet shop, I decided to give these a try. From the moment I opened the package and my puppy smelled them, his eyes lit up and you can tell he's in heaven from the way he eats these! However, I make my puppy eat the Bone A Mint while I am holding it as when I allowed him to eat it on his own, he was probably trying to get it down too fast and vomitted everything up a little while later! These are pretty expensive though so finding them on-line helped a lot.
299008299008B000HPZM74A1DAFWS98LQD2Rmarriediimuzik "ilovehousemuzik."1141345852800My Dogs Love Them.Rawhides are nasty, these are a great alternative. Made with natural ingredients, they will keep your dog engaged for a while and give them nice breath in the process. I highly recommend this product.
299009299009B000HPZM74A2IMF02ESIYFCKbigfatfrog1151332460800my dogs love itits they're treat after getting the bark collars on...they actually bug me to put them treats they're stomach good problems...i have a border collie and dachshund..and cannot find these treats in our local stores
299010299010B000HPZM74A1P6WXWI5XDL29Smurfin1151327881600Picky eater loves theseMy dog is pretty picky - she won't touch the C.E.T. Enzymatic chews, but she gobbles these up. She also has a sensitive stomach and these don't seem to upset hers at all. I don't expect dental miracles from a chew, but I think this product does a decent job of keeping her breath fresh and helps fight tartar buildup.

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