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299101299101B000JZYM8CAVO4DJ1B9WSEPKim from Pgh,PA1211293667200not happyThe item description and content sounded great. Once we got it, the taste was terrible. Tastes like acetone.
299102299102B000JZYM8CA79UIPOMG8AZQtally1211291593600Tastes like cardboardThis stuff is terrible. I got one for free and couldn't take more than 2 bites before pitching it into the trash. Do not try this stuff if you like to eat.
299103299103B000JZYM8CA1FERB35XOIVRHhealthybabe1231226102400Very mintyI love Larabars and I bought a box of these when they were on sale and I didn't like these as much. They are a little too minty for me. The funny thing is that I bought a box of these because I had bought one from the health food store and I loved it. It was very delicious to me then but six months later I guess my taste buds had changed. The flavors I do really like are cherry, apple, lemon, and chocolate coconut.
299104299104B000JZYM8CAD24OMGURWPTNCoffee Addict4711209340800terribleThis bar tastes like fermented oranges. I like alcohol,but this just tastes bad. It has a chocolate/orange alcohol taste to it. The chocolate coconut is a little better, but not great.
299105299105B000JZYM8CA20713QKOYN8X2MidnightRunner0121345680000The Chocolate Coffee is not so goodI tried one of these since they were on sale and I am happy I only bought one (I've never tried the Larabars before). It is pretty dry and gritty, reminded me of coffee grounds more than coffee. They are organic which is cool, but they just don't do it for me.
299106299106B000JZYM8CA3CE5TQNV19AFZAbhishek "Abhi"0151274400000Delivered as promised. Thanks!Product arrived as promised. Also, I have had these bars before and I really like them. Thanks!
299107299107B000JZYM8CA3TO3MXRFDD5TSBikelink0121227830400Great idea...but I got tired of eating themLoved these both in taste and concept when I bought a few from EMS. Bought three cases (variety packs including, cashew, apple pie, this flavor, others) to leave at work and around to snack on, given lack of concentrated sugar, etc. Even though I never ate more than one a day, got a little sick of them and now can't eat them anymore. Kudos :-)= to the folks that make these, but hard to 'live on.' Larabar Bars Variety Pack Of Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, And Pecan Pie, 1.6-Ounce Bars (Pack of 18)Larabar Bars Variety Pack Of Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, And Chocolate Coconut Chew, 1.6-Ounce Bars (Pack of 18)
299108299108B000JZYM8CA4TGFU3KSNSN1Jenn3611246492800If you like the smell of feet and the taste of chalk, this bar's for youI like to try all different health food bars and when I saw one that combined my two favorite things together (chocolate and hazelnuts) I said, "oooh I have to try". I was sorely disappointed. I bought two of these and I was excited to try one. I opened it and was hit by the awful smell of... well a foot-like scent. So that was a turnoff, but I said hey I have never been one to let looks or smell hinder me from trying something new. So I went ahead and ate it. I had to force myself to finish it. It was like torture eating this. It tasted awful. I actually opened up the second and dared a coworker to try it because it was so bad. He tried it and he felt the same way. It has almost no flavor, but what flavor it does have lingers in your mouth and grosses you out.

Who I'd recommend it to: 1.) People that like to give friends that lose bets something awful to eat. 2.) My enemies.
299109299109B000JZYM8CA3DW1MLSKXXM4AAzStudent1341191024000Feel Good Taste Good SnackA perfect snack for those of us who have food intolerances and are concerned about the foods we eat. Yummy yummy and easy on the tummy.
299110299110B000JZYM8CA2YHVQ83C7VLGVY. Shin4811195257600Looks good, feels like chewing a cardboard boxIt tastes neither like a chocolate nor coffee. I'm not sure about the health benefit but it's a torture to chew this thing. I enjoy many other healthy food but this one's a totally no no.
It's as if they just mixed cacao and coffee bean then put tons of sugar to cover the bitterness of the two. Too sweet, but not tasty sweet.
I won't buy this even if it's free.
299111299111B000JZYM8CA1V7OUDWFCHJMSJumpuphigh31111200096000Ugh *Awful Face* Spitting out over the sink rinsing my mouthI love other Larabar products (and have them in my cabinet currently). This one however shouldn't have ever made it through their testers. It's so horrible that even 1 1/2 years after trying it, the thought of it causes my face to automatically squinsh up in digust. I cannot express fully in words the utter awfulness of this product. However, the telling of the story of both my mother and I leaning over separate sinks spitting it out and rinsing our mouths is sure to set both of us off in hysterics to the bemusement of anyone around us. I wholeheartedly DO NOT recommend trying this product. (Ugh. I need to go rinse my mouth with mouthwash just from thinking about this product long enough to write this review.)
299112299112B000JZYM8CA242NQPTHNV2ENValerie Franek61711185840000Yuck!This was the first Larabar product that I tried, and it was awful! The bar smelled and tasted like Vicks Vaporub, which is not exactly a pleasant thing when you're talking about food. I will definitely not be purchasing any of their other products after this awful experience.
299113299113B000JZYM8CA2XDD9YMNX2PY2C. Salinas0911262390400Throw up flavor?I tasted these for the first time today... I am not a picky person, but this bar caused me to gag and I needed to rub the excess of this bar off with a nearby napkin. It really reminded my of acidy vomit.
299114299114B001E5305CA3BOVI9G971LA7Benjie Urbina101231168560000was ok but not up to my likingpackaging was nice and the fruit selection was also good but i didn't like how they dry the fruits, for me, i like it more dried. like dried mangoes, the fruits here where to wet for me, others might like it but if you're like me, might wanna try just one bag first.
299115299115B001E5305CA2LDY7TF47WGBBCharlie7851178064000Awesome alternative to unhealthy potato chipsI love this stuff, and now, I can get them for half the price as the grocery store on amazon. There is a wonderful selection of fruit and I, for one, love that it is slightly moist. If you're looking for fruit chips then this is not the product for you. Great stuff. Give it a try if you're looking for a healthy way to kick the chip habit.
299116299116B001E5305CA2EI96U8X1V4ZNM. Yoke3451239148800Great snackMy husband and I love dried fruit for our snack. We love this brand but sometimes hard to find in the store. I'm grateful for the price, too (it lasts long, don't mind buying bulk).
299117299117B001E5305CA1ZH9YUB88M3Q8R. Spencer2351240185600portable snackThis is a portable snack that needs no refrigeration and keeps for months. I recently took one on the airplane, and a package to the zoo. There's enough for four kids to share, and the bag reseals. There's 17 grams of sugar in a 1/4 cup serving and 100 calories. The kids like it as well as candy, we use it as a treat.
299118299118B001E5305CA2L01339XV496VPatricia Smith2351217289600HANDY ALTERNATIVE FOR SNACKING!We all know fresh is always better but I must say these fruit choices from Sun Maid run a close second. Keep a pack in your purse on long trips with the kids for a healthy snack or cook up with a little apple jiuce for a wonderful tasting fruit compote. Yummy!
299119299119B001E5305CA3J643OHZM4GN6Thomas M. Brooks0051348617600Healthy snack that actually tastes goodI'm a snack fiend, and finding something I can snack on that's also healthy is a godsend. I suppose some people want dried fruit to be the consistency of beef jerky, but I think the fruit tastes better if it's not dried to the consistency of shoe leather. Apricots and prunes are my favorites. Prunes are just what you would expect them to be, sticky, so have a handkerchief or wet wipe for use afterwards. The description above says pears are included, but I think it must be a misprint. The packages say peaches, and dried peaches are really good. They have a tartness I don't normally associate with peaches. I'm not as crazy about the apples, which are limp when dried. But they still taste good, even if they feel a bit strange.

I'm surprised more parents haven't tried these as after-school snacks for their kids. These are sweet enough for the sweet-tooth in your family.
299120299120B001E5305CA363CYB7UONC33Michael Burnett00113395456007 oz Mixed Fruit pkg with PeachesI picked up two packs at my market based on Sunmaid and mixed fruit with peaches.
Of the two packs, one had a peach slice. Zero in the other. One was full of the
Plums. But are they plums or prunes? And overall, they are just stickey. My wife
loves dried fruit, so she got them in the work lunch first. She returned the bag and requested "no more of those". Accordingly, I threw out both packs. I called Sunmaid to comment 559 896 8000. And got a recording. Called back in the pm to ask if the consumer relations dept was working. The secretary said they are overwhelmed
with complaints and it may take one to two days to get call. This is the end of the second day without a call. Now, I don't care.
And, since i am thinking about Sunmaid, why did they make the raisen boxes smaller but keep the price the same...hmmmmm$$
299121299121B001E5305CA1ZK5P0EOE727FDenise M. Everett "writergirl"0041307750400SunMaid Mixed FruitI have always liked SunMaid's products, and this dried fruit is no exception. They are fresh and great tasting right out of the bag. I like to put them with cereal in the morning or eat them as a snack. Either way they are delicious.
299122299122B001E5305CA2RFZUAV5AJNIPKo Easy "Bensteen2k"0011297728000GrossThis product was quite disappointing. I ordered the tropical trio regularly and decided to try something new. When i opened the bag i saw the greasy, pretty slimy excuse for fruit in the bag. It was repulsive just to look and and it tasted the way it looked, greasy and gross. Im not sure exactly how dried fruit gets greasy, but it does. Not my cup of tea, and not a product i plan on ordering again.
299123299123B001E5305CALU8RT25JPQLHJ. K. Jackson "Jkj"0051266192000I can't get fruit! SO this was splendid!I'm housebound so I can't get fruit anytime I want it BUT discovering THIS product has been GRAND!

I REALLY need to pace myself though.....
299124299124B001E5305CAFMB9JPLQNWVTKaren Edwards0041259712000A little toughI bought these for dried fruit bread. It takes a lot of chopping to get them to the size that the food processor can handle. The apples are a little tough to cut. I found that buying the fruit bits saved me time and energy.
299125299125B001E5305CA20G1KEZ9QZ6Z6Dae K. Yi0231254009600My Opinion? Doesn't taste greatI don't want to say that this is a bad product, because some people may enjoy this. Since it was fruit, I was expecting a taste more sweet than it is. That being said, all it contains is dried fruit, so there isn't any added sugar, just the natural fruit sugar. I prefer the raisins over the mixed fruit. The fruit selection was varied, and some fruits tasted better than others. They do have a long shelf life, so if you want fruit that lasts a long time (what I was looking for), this is the product to get.
299126299126B004VB0Q9YA2Y5OR28P88B49Patricia0051346803200A lot of K-cups - good priceAfter quite of bit of searching, I found this deal...120 K-cups for apx. $78.00. I would certainly look for this same offer again.
299127299127B0018CFR1QA3IFI2PFEWZ4IHTimothy Truax5551257292800Excellent dog foodOur sweet dog (Brenda Lee) loves this food and it is great for her too. Smells and looks good enough to serve to house guests on crackers. However we would never do that as it would make (Brenda Lee) mad. Kidding aside this is very nutritious dog food and our girl thrives on it.
299128299128B0018CFR1QA14VQRIH3FDX5Kkittenkatt3351315958400Excellent Quality Food - Good Savings on Large CansLike another reviewer, I also feed this food to my cats. I recently contacted Nature's Variety by email and they confirmed that the cat and dog Instinct canned formulas are exactly the same. By buying the large "dog" cans here combined with the subscribe and save discount, the price per ounce is about 50% less than the small "cat" cans - awesome savings on a food I would otherwise have trouble affording.

Nature's Variety canned is a high quality food with 95% real meat. No by-products or grain. It's a healthy food that both of my cats seem to really enjoy (the only other canned foods my picky adult cat will eat are EVO Cat & Kitten and Tiki Cat). I regularly buy the chicken and rabbit flavors, and periodically get duck and venison as well. I also believe the montmorillonite clay in these formulas help to keep my kitten's stools well formed (he tends to have loose stools on canned foods without this ingredient).

I originally started buying Nature's Variety Instinct because it is one of only a small handful of canned pet foods that DOES NOT contain carrageenan. Carrageenan is derived from seaweed and used as a thickening agent, but many studies link carrageenan to digestive inflamation, ulcerations, and even cancer. I'd rather not feed such a sketchy ingredient to my beloved pets. Kudos to Nature's Variety for not including this potentially dangerous ingredient in their food!

A note on packaging: Amazon's packaging of Nature's Variety cases is sometimes inadequate. I've received cases so dented that I didn't feel safe feeding it to my pets. Returns are easy, however, and it's been my experience that Amazon processes refunds/replacements quickly. My most recent shipment was much better protected than previous orders, but about half of the cans still had minor dents. Nature's Variety is a five star food, so I won't lower my rating because of Amazon's handling/packaging, but I feel people should be aware that Amazon shipments of this food may be damaged.
299129299129B0018CFR1QA2KDPYBY1I2U0OEric Bolliger3351274140800My dogs favoriteMy dog would be happy with just this food, he eats it up quick and never hesitates to eat it.
299130299130B0018CFR1QA1IREBN2PMWNBDEd Schuler2251327536000Excellent ProductMy wife and I spent months trying to find an ideal dog food for our pack of vicious toy poodles and Chinese Cresteds. We wanted a brand that was all natural and as close to home prepared as possible. We have had our pack on this brand for many years now and they are extremely healthy. While I am not sure if this food has anything to do with it or not, one of our pack has Addison's disease. We discovered it when she arrived from the person we adopted her from. She is a Toy Poodle that should have weighed 7 pounds, but when she arrived she weighed only 4.5 pounds. We would put her food down and she would act like she wanted to eat but she couldn't. She would hover over her bowl but would not take a bite. Our vet, probably the best in Louisville, KY, diagnosed her within 2 days. After we started treatment and got her electrolytes stable, we took her in the following year for her annual exam. The vet could not believe it was the same dog and he said it was the first time that he had ever seen a dog with Addison's look so good. That he could not even tell that she had the condition. My wife and I, unscientifically attribute it to our diligence with her medication and a healthy serving of Nature's Variety dog food twice a day.

In our opinion and experience, there is no substitute for a good diet for healthy and happy dogs. I would recommend this food, and have recommended this brand to every dog owner that I come across.

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