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299161299161B000JZYM8WA1P2XYD265YE21Andrea "Readaholic"2251249689600JocalatJocalat bars are made by the Larabar Company. The following applies to all Larabars and Jocalat bars:

* All natural

* No added sugars

* No chemicals/preservatives

* No soy

* Nothing bad/only healthy ingredients

* Vegan-friendly

* Kosher

* Convenient (No measuring, cutting, pouring, mixing, cooking, etc.)

* Because they are healthy and convenient, they are good to have for when you are hungry and have no means to cook or buy something. They can curb your appetite and give you energy. They are also good for snacks.

If I were to have an emergency food supply, Larabars and Jocalats would be in the box, (even though I don't know what the shelf life is for them.)

If you are used to eating candy bars, you might not like these bars at first. I do not eat candy bars (I can't remember the last time I've had one), and I am used to "healthy-tasting" foods; therefore, the taste of these bars are perfect for me. I love them.

These healthy bars have nothing unhealthy or gross or "things that you'd rather not know what you're eating" added to them, like so many "healthy" bars do. These bars have only healthy ingredients (nuts and fruits and naturals such as cocoa or coffee, depending on the variety). No ingredient has to be hidden or substituted with a word that you don't know what it means. All ingredients are proudly in plain English. These bars are healthy and truly amazing and come in lots of different varieties.
299162299162B000JZYM8WA1MAOPFVT37NRVJudith M. Obluck1111313712000Larabar Jocalat Chocolate Hazelnut barsIf you are a fan of Larabars like I am stick with the fruit bars. They are delicious. I ordered these without trying them and was very disappointed. They are dry and not the least bit sweet. You do have to realize that you are not eating a candy bar, and that there is only 3-4 ingredients in most Larabars. This works for the fruit flavors but not for this particular Larabar. I would not order them again.
299163299163B000JZYM8WA1CW84TT8DY6K5Bargain Queen1151312761600Choolate Jacalat Larabars RuleThese bars are decadent and good for you. My husband and I are trying to eat "closer to the earth," so we really like the fact that there are very few ingredients and NO added sugar. Sure, they are expensive, but certainly bakery cookies and specialty cupcakes would cost a lot more. This (along with almonds) is my snacking/dessert go-to item, and it's certainly cheaper than that syrup-laden latte I used to purchase daily.
299164299164B000JZYM8WA1J9QKCK8V3QKMAllergy-free shopper1151288137600Pleasantly surprised!I was pleasantly surprised when I bit into this chocolate coffee jocalat bar! It is very tasty! To me, it is very much like having a brownie without all the sugar, wheat, dairy, etc. This is by far my new favorite flavor of Larabar! It doesn't really have a coffee taste to it. It just tastes like a dark chocolate treat. So, if you don't care for coffee, it is still worth a try.
299165299165B000JZYM8WA2UF91CPX22A2TJ. Raven "Very Very Sane"1151280620800Quick and YummyI'm addicted to these! They're basically like a raw candy bar. I like them because the ingredients are healthy and they don't contain agave syrup. I used to make something similar, but these are so much easier and convenient to have on hand. I suggest you try the various flavors before buying a whole box on Amazon. I decided to try every flavor and discovered (oddly enough) that I only like the original chocolate. It seemed like most of the other flavors were too dry or something. If you buys these expecting them to taste like a "real" candy bar, then you'll be disappointed. If you're looking for a healthy treat though give them a try.
299166299166B000JZYM8WASFW4ZMNZJKDAMainiac1151266278400LaraBar Jocalat Chocolate Coffee -- Excellent!I have recently discovered LaraBars, and their whole-food sugar-free goodness. This was my first try of the Jocolat line... as has been suggested here, it's probably best to buy a single bar somewhere before buying a pack of 16 of them, and the chocolate coffee version was the only one I've found locally yet. So that was what I tried -- I love it and immediately came online to Amazon to order more.

It's much more like a dessert than the regular LaraBars to me, almost like a brownie. I like the kick of coffee in it, and wonder if it helps with the flavor that some seem not to like. On the other hand, if you're expecting a decadent sugar-laden brownie, you will definitely be disappointed. This is a product you buy if you value whole foods and no sugar or artificial flavors. (Dates seem to be the main source of the sweet in LaraBars.) Also, if you don't like dark chocolate, this will not be for you.

In general, I do find the texture of LaraBars takes a little getting used to. It's all those mushed up dates, which makes it very gummy, and then the contrast of the nuts. I'm past this now, but I know that some will just not like the texture.

My only hesitation with this specific product is that I'm not entirely sure the niche this has in my diet. The regular LaraBars seem better as "food" (I eat them sometimes when I miss or am late for a meal). This seems more like "dessert".
299167299167B000JZYM8WA3GF1S1N97P1EFVasilisa1151256688000Different (Good!) Chocolate FlavorI think that some of the comments that mention that it's not chocolate-y enough or just plain tastes bad might be used to a more milk-chocolate taste rather than a pure chocolate taste. Since, as far as I understand, the only sweetness in this bar comes from the dates, people might be missing the processed sugar and all the other stuff usually mixed in with chocolate.
I also thought at first that the bar tasted strange, but I think it was like a city person getting to the countryside and thinking that the fresh air is unbreathable. I was intrigued enough to try a second bar, which I tasted so much better than I remembered. The third was a revelation. Now I crave this flavor all the time, and find that most other chocolate desserts that I used to love taste much too sweet.
299168299168B000JZYM8WA27SRLFS1E3VQSK. Mays1111238284800Chocolate Orange too dry.I thought these were way too dry AND the nuts seemed to cut my mouth. That combination turned me off to these bars completely. And they had so much potential...
299169299169B000JZYM8WAX668BUQRHI7Cstephie1141232668800Jocolat Chocolate Orange barI like these bars but strangely, they don't really taste like chocolate or orange. They have a very strong orange-y smell (like concentrated orange oil, orange extract, or lots of orange zest) and a zest-like flavor but again, not quite orange or chocolate. But I like them. Weird I guess but they're moist and dense and you can't beat the unctuous quality of a snack that feels naughty, fills you up, and yet is healthy and natural and actually good for you. I'm starting to really like Larabars and hope to try more flavors.
299170299170B000JZYM8WA2XTU7EXS92J0Zchaitealady1151220918400YumI recently discovered LARABAR and am in full addiction mode. I love most of the flavors. Chocolate is one of my favorites. I wish they had more mixed boxes as 16 of the same flavor will wear me down. If you get a chance, try to Cashew flavor and the Chocolate Coconut Chew -- they're delicious. So far the only flavor I'm not a fan of is the banana -- the consistency was weird.
299171299171B000JZYM8WA2XKF4Z8Q7D96Xoilchange "oilchange"1151204761600AwesomeIf you like dark chocolate with nuts you should like this.
It has a light sweet taste as there is no chemical sugar taste.
299172299172B000JZYM8WA1RLP0R1N8H8C4Kitten Kisser3441201219200Organic Vegan treatThis is a pretty tasty bar with good texture. Nice simple organic ingredients. At the end of my case, I thought the taste wasn't as good they tasted like they spoiled even though the exp. date was very good. These bars make a good snack or meal on the go. I like to keep them in my bag for times when I'm out past my usual lunch/dinner ect. They help keep the hunger at bay for a bit & keep you going. They also make a nice quick meal as long as you have them with something, yogurt/kefir or the like. The flavor is a mild chocolate nut. I will buy again, but not by the case I think that was a bit much for me.
299173299173B000JZYM8WA1FWOJPIG2L852Jet "Jet"0051347235200Awesome.I tried a bunch of the fruity larabar flavors and thought that they were all sickeningly sweet. Even with the coconut flavor that people seem to love, I could not finish the box. I just got the chocolate mint jocolate bars and I love them. I think the coco cuts the sweetness a lot. I also like the dryer texture of these rather than the sticky texture of the fruit bars. The same things I like about these bars the one star reviews seem to really dislike, so it seems like it is all about preference. I don't like things that are super sweet. I think milk chocolate is gross, and when I eat chocolate I prefer 85% coco or above. So, maybe those things will be helpful to gauge if you will like these or not.
299174299174B000JZYM8WA3UM5Y0VV46O8GThanatos0011338076800Chocolate MintGoes beyond a "peppermint" taste. It honestly tastes like hard liquor, although with none of the corresponding euphoric effects. Would not recommend.
299175299175B000JZYM8WA1WYW4MO3SYN31J C "J C"0051337990400VERY GOOD AND GOOD FOR YOU!!!This product is one of the healthiest things I eat all day and the taste is great. Organic whole foods and no sodium. I eat one shortly after I get to work and I am not hungry before lunch time. I wish Amazon carried more varieties on a consistent basis. Amazon subscribe and save has the best price I have found. LÄRABAR Jocalat, Chocolate Hazelnut, 1.7-Ounce Bars (Pack of 16)
299176299176B000JZYM8WA3V17XE3M5FKA6NOfun4U0051331769600Delicious alternative to candy barsMild, chocolate & mint flavor. Not sweet tasting, but still delicious. Enjoy with a glass of milk. Very satisfying.
299177299177B000JZYM8WA37A055FTZELJ4WP Ho0041325635200Satisfy Without Being Overly SweetJocalat Organic Chocolate Coffee was the first Larabar that I've ordered. Before the bars arrived at my doorstep, I was expecting a typical fruit-n-nut type of food bar that contains whole pieces of chunky nuts. So I was a little disappointed when I opened one and saw that the nuts were broken into tiny pieces instead. The bar was also shorter than I'd imagined.

But the good thing is, the taste didn't disappoint. All the bars were not dry and hard, but instead they were moist and firm even when they were kept in the refrigerator. It would be a different texture if huge chunky nuts are used. Those who found them hard and dry probably got bars that were too close to their sell-by date. My bars had a good 10 months to go before expiring.

What I like most is the fact that Jocalat Organic Chocolate Coffee (and later I found out it applies to other flavors of Larabar as well) these bars were not sickening sweet like other energy bars I've tasted. It's quite sad to taste a food bar prepared with good ingredients being drenched in excessive sweeteners, no matter how healthy the sweetener is touted to be. But this bar did not gross me out like other bars did, and in fact, satisfied my sweet tooth pretty well.

Since I am a chocolate lover, especially dark ones, the smell and taste of the cocoa in the bar added to my satisfaction rating. There was also a subtle hint of coffee, but it was almost undetectable if you're not mindful enough.

I wish the bars are bigger though. I'm in no way a large man, but I find one bar hardly makes me feel full, though it does stop my hunger pang.

After trying this product, I've since moved on to other flavors. I found that Larabar Fruit & Nut Food Bar, Chocolate Coconut Chew, 1.8-Ounce Bars, 16-Count has almost the same taste as this. The coconut shreds in it have no taste but gives a distinctive coconut texture. But since this bar isn't made of organic ingredients, the price is lower than the Jocalat series. If budget is a concern to you, then you may want to consider that bar instead.

One tip: As with any food bars, always eat Larabar with a full glass of water. Although not as hard and dry like other bars, it can get a bit dry on the throat when you're near the end.
299178299178B000JZYM8WAJB5P7GVR0MT8Harry the Horse0021321574400Good option for the overly health-consciousSure, there are no added sugars, but the dates that overpower the flavor are the first ingredient, comprising 21g of sugars/bar, certainly no innocent snack, and with no real flavor in the original flavor. The hazelnuts are lost in that variety, too; had such high expectations and these just fell flat.
299179299179B000JZYM8WA1BJWUQVD0FO3YJ. Edeburn0011319673600Not one I would buy againDon't know if the box of Jocalat bars I got was just not fresh or what but they were awful. Loved the Cherry and Apple Pie, Pecan was ok but these were like a dry brick.
299180299180B000JZYM8WA1BPRDZAMMML3DAKakaKA "Stuck Smiling"0011314230400Check Expiration date!Just received 3 boxes of the Chocolate Cherry Larabars, and they expire in less than two months. I have eaten a ton of Jocalat Larabars and this batch is definitely dry and stale tasting.

Amazon or Amazing Deals needs to make the expiration date listing more obvious. Who wants to pay for stale Larabars?
299181299181B000JZYM8WA2D29OS9ARG6X7Snazzy0051311638400Delicious Treat!I LOVE Larabars. I am a very healthy eater and I try to limit sugary desserts as much as possible. With that said, I occasionally get a sweet tooth. These are a GREAT alternative to a brownie or other dessert when you feel like indulging without the guilt. All of these bars have very few ingredients and are made of mostly fruit and nuts. I also find that just 1 bar is satisfying.

These are a good pick if you like dark chocolate. If you are more of a milk chocolate person you will probably still like them, however they are less sweet and creamy than milk chocolate is, more bittersweet.

If you haven't tried these you need to. With around 200 calories per bar or less, these bars are like having a brownie with less than half the calories.
299182299182B000JZYM8WACQY0PA2XHJYIM. Tinglof0031311206400Bad, but Jocolate sending refundI got a batch of really bad tasting bars and the expiration date was November 2011. I contacted Jocalate from the Larabar website and they sent a check to replace the bad bars. So if they taste bad, contact them and they will refund your purchase if the bars have not expired.
299183299183B000JZYM8WA1MOYTDSN3N8P0jla0021310601600not freshI usually enjoy this product but the box I received from amazon was not fresh, so tasted more dry than usual. The date on box expires soon, so I can tell this is an old box/batch of bars. Very disappointed.
299184299184B000JZYM8WA3PM3DPQCR6YW5Nicole Sutton0011309305600I normally Love Larabars but the jocalat was gross.I normally love Larabars. I have tried a few favors and have loved them all but there is something really off about the Jocalat bar. They were dried out and when you tried to take a bit out of the bar it crumbed. The box said they were good until Jan 2012 but they tasted old, dried out, just plan gross. I am not sure if this a bad box or if larabar company needs to redo their bar flavor.Bad product!!!
299185299185B000JZYM8WA2339LHQULXOQKMaryBeth Welton0041308182400good healthy alternative to "junk" barsI love Larabars. These Jocalat are not my personal favorite but they are what you can get at a reasonable price through the subscription option. I just received a box dated November 2011 and checked them out since I had read that others found that batch to be stale. Mine are fine - or I am used to them stale as they taste the same as the last box. they are a bit drier than the regular Larabars.
299186299186B000JZYM8WA8A92EJI2W9FEchocolate lover0051305590400Delicious and very healthyThese are amazing little bars. Filling, yummy and all natural. The chocolate mint flavor is nice though the mint is a little weak so it doesn't overpower you. The chocolate flavor is lovely too.
299187299187B000JZYM8WA3U27WWJ3BAASFLaurie "Nubian Dairy Goats"0051304208000Chocolate Hazelnut, yummmmIt is perfect for a healthy chocolate fix.
I'd love to find a variety pack.
Wonderful to find it in Amazon's subscription program.
299188299188B000JZYM8WA2ZD4YDQNC9LV0Gluten free mom0021303948800Larabar Jocolat BarI have always enjoyed this product, but unfortunately, the boxes that I received from Amazon in April,though the expiration date was November,2011,were dry, seemed stale and were inedible. Very disppointing.
299189299189B000JZYM8WA2C23HPE9B922Vanniebfrances0051302307200Love larabar, but this is not one of my favorite flavors.I have tried many of the different flavors of larabar and I love most of them. Jocalat is not one of them. It's o.k. but not my taste. :) I love the peanut butter cookie flavor and cinnamon roll.
299190299190B000JZYM8WA154WZN2JKW6WVMary Ann Martin0021300838400not outdated but not quite rightI cannot get these Jocalat bars in my local store and I have ordered them from Amazon several times previously. In my last two orders the product, while not outdated, tasted stale. It tasted as if the box had not been stored properly and perhaps had been inadvertently frozen.

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