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299300299300B002Q7RMLAAM08XX2PD9XN6L. Weber6831315872000Okay-- Wait, not okay (Update)Pros:
Large leaves/pieces of leaves.
The tea is green.
Low price.
Low levels of dust.
Tea is sealed in a foil-lined, heavy, paper bag, good for keeping oxidizing UV rays out.

The tea is too dark, even for a pan-fried, Chinese, green tea. Almost oolong colored.
It's bitter.
There are stems as well as leaves.

I bought this tea for its leaf size, price, and catechin content. I'm pleased with this tea on at least the first two accounts. My glass infuser kept on getting clogged with the cheap Sencha I was using; no inconvenience now. As for the taste--this tea does not taste like Dragonwell, which I'd describe as slightly nutty flavored. I got a superb, whole-leaf Dragonwell at Whole Foods; the only problem was that for 2 oz. the cost was about the same as for these 8 oz.

I drink green tea for the catechin content, so I was somewhat concerned to see the tea coming out darker than expected after steeping. If this is from fermentation and oxidation, then more of the catechins would have degraded than would have otherwise happened. It was also bitter, which might be good if the bitterness was from a higher catechin content, but it could also be from more caffeine. I don't want more caffeine. And I know how to prepare this tea, and have successfully done so many times before with other brands.

I would definitely consider buying this, but just be aware that "Finest Grade" may be hyperbole.


After drinking this tea daily (~ 2 rounded tsp., 5 infusions--it still has flavor), I started getting chronic headaches. A dull pain in the left side of my head at multiple times during the day. My armpits started to feel tender as well (which made me worry about my lymph nodes). But what finally made me suspect the tea was my blueberry plant. For around a year I have been using my leftover tea leaves to fertilize/mulch my plant. Using the old sencha, as well as the Whole Foods dragonwell, I used to drink, the plant was healthy and made a large number of respectably-sized berries. After adding my leftover Boston Tea, my 2+ year old plant has died. Almost immediately (roughly two days) after adding the leaves to the soil, the blueberry plant leaves started to wilt and turn brown, then they shed. Then the green part of the stems began to brown and dry. My plant survived one month without watering, left in the dark in my bathtub, when I had to leave on a month-long trip and did not have anyone to plant-sit.

I don't know if the tea was contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals or some other toxins, but I suspect so. I AM NOT BUYING FROM BOSTON TEA EVER AGAIN! If my hardy blueberry plant died after I had infused the leaves in water five times, how much toxin(s) did I ingest?
299281299281B0002EOVQIA3W21BVIRA1NO7Brett Llewellyn1141344643200Only thing that will settle in my Bichon's stomachI have a Bichon Frise with a horrible stomach for keeping any food down. This was the only dog food we could find that she wouldn't throw up. It was recommended by our vet who said our Bichon just had a lot of allergies and this food was known to work well with dogs having her problems.

It's a bunch cheaper on amazon than any local pet store we could find, and we don't have to have the trouble of lugging the 30 lb bag home.

However, the reason for the loss of 1 star -- our dog really dislikes the taste of it. She's on a pretty tight diet to lose weight currently and still refuses to eat the food immediately when poured into her bowl. She'll sniff it on and off for about an hour before eating it. It also gives her pretty bad breath, but these are both things I can live with to eliminate the stained carpets.

We have been using the food for over 2 years with no problems; I definitely recommend it if your dog has a sensitive stomach.
299301299301B002Q7RMLAA24EJ9TAC0Z8RGA. Burks1151297555200Boston tea, Dragonwell Green TeaI gave this as a gift. I have heard several rave reviews and everyone seems to really enjoy this tea.
299302299302B002Q7RMLAA1FH4MGJ3WVFM3D. Nicholson1151260057600Great quality DragonwellIf you like dragonwell tea this Boston Tea Dragonwell is a good quality tea at a very good price.
299282299282B0002EOVQIA2EWHU3RB2Z3YRKay1141335052800My picky dog enjoys eating itMy dog, a Great Pyrenees, has a few food allergies (rice, chicken, eggs, soy, nuts) and is picky about the food he eats. I was feeding him Orijen 6-Fish and, after a few months, he decided to stop eating it. After trying a few different foods I heard about Pinnacle Trout and Sweet Potato. He loves it and it agrees with his digestive system. I order it from Amazon because the price is lower than the local pet stores in my area. With Amazon Prime, it arrives in 2 days.

Four stars because I do need to mix the last quarter of the food with the next bag (treating it like a new dog food - I didn't need to do that with Orijen 6 Fish). Highly recommended.
299303299303B002Q7RMLAA1MDXUED26WH35Tagdz0153451295654400Great Tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Recently purchased after tasting in Sante Fe. Very cheap at $14 for 8 oz. Great tea, great flavor no sugar needed. Has a very calming effect.
299283299283B0002EOVQIA3H8E3I2D8B3WHNancy A. Martens0051347235200Good food for my allergy prone elderly PapillonMy elderly Papillon, Beau, has had skin allergy/itch problems for the past few years. Maybe it's age or maybe it's the Pinnacle Trout & Sweet Potato, but he's no longer scratching himself raw. Thank goodness! The ingredients in this food seem really good and it's the only food I give him.
299304299304B002Q7RMLAA2NU7RN55CPZNEAchuzan2341280534400Best tea quality I have found online for the priceI have ordered several loose leaf green teas online and so far this is the best quality.
299305299305B002Q7RMLAA3H7EU8VX5TGJSParront2351266969600Very good teaI love this tea. Reminds me of what real tea tasted like before I used tea bags. No more teabags for me!
299306299306B002Q7RMLAA31LB2DT66SXB1alzhin0021348531200Doesn't even resembles dragonwell from whole foods or peet'sIt's tea all right, maybe even not that bad of a tea but it's definitively doesn't have that peculiar dragonwell taste AT ALL.
299284299284B0002EOVQIA2FGRZ0G42DG71Sarah Whiteley0041346198400Alternate meat source = less itchy dogMy dog started developing signs of an allergy last year - nothing overt - just noticable skin twitches when I touched her in certain areas on her back. Unsure if her reactions were due to environment or food, but they didn't seem to be seasonal grass allergies, so I chose to test the easiest source first. I chose a food with a completely different meat source, switching from chicken to fish. It's only been a week and I'm already seeing improvement. She's still showing signs of itchiness, but her reaction is much less when I pet her back. And on top of that, her fur is softer too! It's early yet, and there can still be some progress made, but I have no doubt that the change in food is helping. I sat and read review after review on dog foods with in-depth ingredient analysis before settling on Pinnacle Trout & Sweet Potato. If after 6 weeks, she still shows some signs of being itchy, I'll happily try the Salmon and Potato Grain Free variety to see if grains are a factor in her allergies as well.

Have seen some reviews mentioning breath after eating the fish based foods. I have to say, I haven't experienced this with my dogs. There might be a slightly different odor to their breath, but it isn't by any means too "fishy" smelling. Just different. And neither dog has experienced any gasiness or changes in stool since the switch was done gradually.
299285299285B0002EOVQIA2PMBIUGSQB22NBelles "Belles"0021341964800We switched to Pinnacle upon recommendationA German Shepherd breeder recommended this food for my itchy GSD. No way.. he HATES this food. It smells like cat food actually. I have a case and a half left.. guess I'll donate it to the shelter. Shame as it is expensive.. they won't eat the dry kibble in the trout formula either.
299286299286B0002EOVQIAQIF3BXY605KFLisa Arce0051334534400Excellent price and speedy delivery!This food is excellent for labradors. I use this for my puppies first food through adult. Price is a value and can't beat free shipping! Will order again.
299307299307B002Q7RMLAA2RL9D8LI10U9Tengineer's_perspective0031339286400Good valueI've had better dragonwell tea, but it cost a lot more than this one. What this one lacks in character it makes up for in price. It still has the characteristic earthy flavor and umami mouthfeel, but just not as prominent. The leaf style is a little more broken than others I've tried. Still, all-in-all, I got my money's worth and would recommend it to someone who wants a classic Chinese green tea without floral or grassy notes.
299287299287B0002EOVQIA1MZDKKU9S2EM3BishopCoxcomb "BishopCoxcomb"0051327708800Picky Eaters FoodI have a Bichon Frise and for the longest time feeding was nothing but an endless hassle for me. Both my dog and me would be completely stressed out because he couldn't find a food he enjoyed and I was buying tons of food that he would just stare at for hours and refuse to eat. One day I went into a local pet food shop and they had sample packages of all the different types of foods they had and they gave me several to try out. I took them home and set them all out for my dog... he went around and sniffed at all of them but this was the one he finally went for. A couple years of using this food later and he never seems to protest. Thanks for making my life easier.
299308299308B002Q7RMLAA2QIG3M1ZRA4ZMKnicks0011338249600Not DragonwellJust gave it a try. My review is simple - yes, it is green tea, but nothing close to Dragonwell.
299288299288B0002EOVQIA5F5DCGQHTCOZLois Blubaugh0051325635200Excellent foodThis food is an exceptional product. I take care of a number of dogs and am very selective about the formulation of their food. In particular, I have one with pancreatic insufficiency, requiring a low fat content, and a little fellow who has had a bout with gastroenteritis, so needed a food with a different protein source than chicken. Both are healthy and happy with the Pinnacle Trout and Sweet Potato.
The only drawback, and it does not concern the food itself, is that Amazon uses FedEx for their delivery. Apparently, when there is a holiday on a weekend, FedEx home delivery takes extra weekdays off. Consequently my order arrived after my kids ran out of the food they needed. It took 4 1/2 days for FedEx to get the parcel from the Columbus, Oh area to central West Virginia. UPS was delivering while FedEx was still holding up my shipment, as my UPS driver passed here the day before my dog food arrived. I have spoken to Amazon corporate headquarters about the fact that it appears UPS can get the job done more efficiently. Perhaps a UPS option is in order for those customers who would rather not use FedUP...oops..I mean FedEx. Hey, weren't these the guys that were hurling Christmas packages out of their trucks?
299309299309B002Q7RMLAAE840I29WBE5Ojadev0051337126400peaceful dragonwellI've tried different teas before. But this dragonwell tea has a nice fresh grassy smell. You can whiff it and know how really fresh it is. I look forward to my tea moments. This dragonwell is a simple pleasure and a comfort to the psyche which dreams of peace.
299289299289B0002EOVQIA3LT8YMM7JKIOUjudy in placida0051323388800Great productPinnacle Dog Food is the best in my opinion. My dogs have had excellent long term health and long-term perfect weight with this food. Its good for all life stages, from puppy to geriatric, and I feed "ad libitum" so that their bowl is never empty. They self-regulate their intake and this is the only food I've been able to do that with. And they love it.
299310299310B002Q7RMLAA2EGNIHCAJGQ8BSusan Crowe0051334880000Great tea !!I love this tea !! I had never used loose leaf tea before and honestly had no idea what I was even ordering. Just a stab in the dark. It had good reviews and it was green tea. That is all I had to go by. But I am glad I did. I am well on my way to ordering my second bag. I drink it every morning. I never use tea bags anymore. I guess I will give my mother all of these green tea bags I had bought before I got this tea. I highly recommend it.
299290299290B0002EOVQIA370FTNWJ1N0RTC. Lewis0051320364800Pinnacle Trout & SweetI ordered this food on Tues. and received the very next day from the supplier. Thank you for great expeditious customer service.
299291299291B0002EOVQIAY9KEDV65ESCPpik29830051319673600excellentRecommended by our vet, and our dogs love this food. Usually mix it with some canned food / sardines / veggies / yogurt.

So happy this is available via Amazon Prime. At a reasonable price point as well. Please, Amazon - keep this in stock! Not available in my area otherwise. THANKS!!!!
299292299292B0002EOVQIA1W0HIZ7YHTAXAAdele Hansen0051241740800great product for golden retrieversthis is the only dog food my highly allergic golden retriever can eat without getting hotspots!!!
299293299293B0002EOVQIA39YR4I81V7XHHOrchidsInBloom0231341792000Dog doesn't seem to be bothered by it....Tried this food for my adult mix that has been on a fish based diet since puppydom. I thought trout and sweet potato would be an interesting change from salmon, but nope, not really. It gets eaten, though not with any particular excitement. I think it is safe to say while my dog is indifferent to it, the ingredients and price are a plus. Spruce it up a drizzle of olive or canola oil and it gets eaten.
299294299294B0002EOVQIA1ABORTGN181GPDagger3821243900800WORST DOG GAS EVER.If you have a dog, you probably know the distinctive "dog fart" odor. This food, for some reason, multiplied that for one of my two dogs. It really turned our house into a constant dog gas zone. Wow. It's supposed to be a pretty good dry dog food, but beware of the possibility of DOG GAS.
299295299295B002Q7RMLAA2OCINUVTZWBWGary Coffrin101021296086400Flat, dull, lacking aroma. Some options to considerI have been drinking tea for some decades, and keeping notes to remind myself of favorites.

Green teas usually benefit from steeping at cooler temperatures, and this Boston Tea Dragon Well is no exception. I suggest using water of 185 degrees or cooler.

My experience with this Dragonwell was disappointing. The tea was flat and anemic. Not only was there no complexity or freshness to the aroma, the leaves simple had little fragrance at all.

The bag I received had no packing or expiration dates. But, the lack of aroma was the first clue that the tea was long past its peak. Older tea does not become rancid, but taste and aroma diminish as packaged tea ages. For best results, search for teas with a packing date of less than six or eight months previous.

Trying to obtain more flavor from the tea, I tried longer brewing times and even higher temperatures. More tannins were released, giving some bitterness, but flavor did not improve.

Bottom line: I personally will be cautious of buying any Boston Tea product without learning packaging/expiration dates. Trying this Dragonwell is an inexpensive gamble, and perhaps you will receive fresher inventory than I did. However, the package I received truly deserves a rating of two stars.

Options: I enjoy Peet's Lung Ching Dragonwell, which comes in a steel canister. And, sometimes Asian markets can yield unusual pleasures. I recently picked up Tian Hu Shan Dragon Well for just a few dollars. It was reasonably good, and certainly more flavorful than this Boston Tea product when I did a taste comparison. Good luck in your tea tastings.
299296299296B002Q7RMLAA3MHH28C6K3T7WS.D. Amazonian5521302998400DisappointingThe Dragonwell tea leaves were brown, unlike other brands of Dragonwell tea I've purchased, and the flavor was not good. I will not buy this tea again.
299297299297B002Q7RMLAA1RGTUVBKP2164Jinlun Tang3311339977600Not dragon well at allThis product does not look, smell, or taste like dragonwell. It has a strong grassy taste, without the smoothness and aroma of dragonwell. Fine if you just want some green tea, but definitely skip this if you are looking for real dragonwell experience.
299298299298B002Q7RMLAA36689P1R8BLWQDawn Csisek2211311033600Not good at allExtremely disappointing. Frankly, I think plain old Lipton tea is smoother and less bitter. When brewed, I could hardly recognize it as green tea. It tasted more like a very poor Earl Gray.
299299299299B002Q7RMLAA2PUBYSHOJLU2LGerald Gaecke2241297555200It's goodSo this is the 3rd loose leaf tea I have tried. This taste as good as a more pricier one that I have had at a popular organic grocery store. Like most other lose leaf tea, it's still a bit pricey at $2/oz but hey when you want tea that tastes like tea, this is the best bang for your money.

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