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299311299311B002Q7RMLAA1NXVCT0SS3VN2GH0051332374400Very happy with this tea!I've purchased this tea 3 or 4 times now. It is inexpensive and lasts for a while even though I drink it every day. EVERY bag I have received has full, green tea leaves, not leaf fragments, dust or brown leaves. I seep the tea according to the instructions and it is sweet and flavorful. I am a very happy returning customer!
299312299312B002Q7RMLAA2TRXXIAVDNKLXMark Fukui0041317254400Similar to Dim Sum TeaOne of the main things that worried me before i bought my first batch of loose leaf tea was that i didn't know the taste of the tea before i bought it. This dragonwell tea is the same tea i get served when i eat dim sum back in Hawaii. It's a really light and slightly sweet tea with a mild smell. It's perfect for me because i end up drink multiple cups of tea a day and the mild taste and smell makes it possible to drink often without getting sick of it. Everyone complains and debates about the quality of the tea. Okay for a few bucks for half a pound which will last forever you know you're not getting the finest quality tea. Get that in your head before you buy this. I did and was pleasantly surprised after the first few cups.

Bottom line: If you want a light green tea that you can drink multiple times a day at a low cost this will be perfect for you.
299313299313B002Q7RMLAA1MRJ1395XIF4ZR. Foster "Robin of Orland"0051308182400Quality Green TeaThis is a really good tasting green tea and good for you. You can't go wrong with this product and service was great.
299314299314B002Q7RMLAA2VQWDTFVUIUU7Dave0051306195200QUALITYJust got this in the mail today. SO impressed. I thought they were really overselling it with the fancy name when I saw the price, but I'll be damned if this isn't the finest quality green tea I've ever had. (And I'm no novice) Trust me, you will not be disappointed with this tea.
299315299315B002Q7RMLAA24KJNS4VWMZLXonisamurai1221308268800the teaeahh cant complain for the few dollars a paid for it. i have to had sugar to cover the taste its green tea just not the top of the line or even the middle line. its not bad but its not good ether. o well at least i have sugar.
299316299316B002Q7RMLAA2ZSSWYJQ8MO73John L. Robb Jr.1251303776000Good tea at a great priceI spent a hell of a lot more money for a much lesser product. I am very happy with this purchase
299317299317B002Q7RMLAA1TA1RVSRVQYSPM. Piedlourde1251298592000Good price for good qualityThis isn't the best Longjing I have had, but it is very good for the price. It is now my everyday drinking tea. My only complaint is that the origin of the tea isn't made clear on the packaging. It describes the tea as being a Chinese style but doesn't directly state where it comes from. That is a minor quibble, as the taste is great regardless of where it comes from.
299318299318B002Q7RMLAA2AF0NOCM71J0BG. Cox "Shanghaied"111831277424000Not Very Good Taste - Tea Leaves Mix of Chopped and Full LeafI have been living in Shanghai for over four years now, so I have a pretty good idea of what good tea tastes like. And this is not even close to good tasting tea. I drink only the best quality Long Jing Green Tea and I drink about 1.5 liters per day. But I admit that my Chinese green tea is much more expensive than this tea..

I like my tea cold and with a little sugar. I brew my own tea in China at 180 degrees F, not hotter and not cooler. I put the tea in the microwave oven in a glass container with plastic wrap over the top of the pitcher. The plastic wrap helps maintain the heat for longer after the peak temperature has been reached. I let it brew for probably an hour until it cools down to a slightly warm temperature. I pour in one-third a cup of sugar and mix it while the tea is warm. I brew the tea leaves two times with half of the 1.5 liter bottle of water each time. Then I mix the tea together and refrigerate it for at least 24 hours, preferably 48 hours. I have found the refrigeration cycle makes the tea mellower and not bitter. Even my 56 year old Chinese fiancée says my tea brewing method tastes better than she has ever tasted in her life. I know that refrigeration is contrary to what a lot of people think is best. But I learned this technique when I was a teenager working in a Baptist Encampment in Texas during the summer. A cook taught me that putting the huge vat of tea into a cooler for a day makes tea more mellow tasting and less bitter. And I always got great compliments way back then from the hundreds of people who drank my tea. Of course, this was just ordinary tea, not green tea. But it works the same way with green tea.

The tea leaves in this tea do not look the same as what I buy in China, and the taste is quite different -- definitely bitterer. The Numi Tea sold here on Amazon is whole leaf and looks a lot better than these tea leaves. These tea leaves are a mix of whole leaf and confetti chopped up leaves. The taste is about the same as Numi Tea, but I will purchase the Numi brand going forward because it is 100% whole leaf and not dusty.

I have read that the best leaves are the newly formed leaves picked from of the top of the tea tree. I have visited tea tree farms in China. Tea trees will grow into a real tree unless they are pruned to remain like a waist high tree shrub. I suspect this particular brand of tea leaves may have come from the older more mature lower branches of the tea tree. But I have no way of knowing if that is true or not. I just know it doesn't taste nearly as good as the tea leaves I purchase in China. And to be fair, the price I pay in China is considerably more than this price on Amazon.
299319299319B0057K1WSWA2UNMJZRI1PIJRDr. E1151323388800Sooo Good!Excellent crispy seaweed product, just the right amount of spice. I wish they would sell them in cases. They are addictive!
299320299320B0057K1WSWA111U0FJ58SJDBwhitebirch0051328486400delicious!i actually found these at a local asian grocery store, & only bought one bag. they're only 1.41 oz. - is this what people are buying here? ($1.99 locally, & i thought that was expensive)

it would cost way too much to order them here, especially with shipping, but i saw a video with a well known chef explaining how to make them (just google crispy seaweed). i'm gonna try that - just not exactly what sure to use for the fantastic "hot & spicy" portion, or which oil to use, but i will try to duplicate.

p.s. i doubt these would last more than 1-2 sittings.
299321299321B002LVA88UA1B28SD4MAF419J in Rome9951199145600The beans are good--the packaging isn'tThe beans are good. But it's very hard to get the packet open and when you're running if you DO tear it on the little notch (which is hard to see) the whole side of the packet tears away and you can lose all your beans.

Come on! How hard is it to improve the packaging? It's probably easier to empty them in a ziplock and carry with you.

Do you think the manufacturers ever read the product reviews????
299322299322B002LVA88UAYNS4HEPMKFRFSimplyRoss121351186617600Great for keeping your energy upI'm training for my first marathon, and order a package of these after hearing good things about them on a message board about marathons. I have to say, I've been very happy with how they work for me. I was really having problems maintaining pace after the two hour mark, and had tried various gels, etc. but always seemed to lose about 2 minutes/mile off my pace after two hours. It may have been training breakthrough, it may have been strictly pyschological, but after I started snacking on the beans at the 1:45 mark, I started sustaining pace, and have actually been able to knock out my last mile on the same pace as my opening mile.

Of course, not garunteed to work for everyone, everyone's system processes these things differently, but for right now, I'm believing in the magic beans.
299323299323B002LVA88UA2ZPNCH9GLOYBUBill Adams "Yep, it's me"7751172016000Great taste less fillingsThese jelly beans are great...the taste is better than most stuff on the market and they have electrolytes in them as well as carbs. Same carb as a GU but i like the fact that you eat them as you go along. Highly recommended..haven't tried any other flavors but i bet they are all GREAT. PS. check out Cliff Shot Blocks for a good steady carb delevery too.
299324299324B002LVA88UA3OEZ2FDIJZCV5S. CUSHMAN "Healing Facillitator"5521257465600Not realy sport beans-juice jelly beansOk, these are not really that healthy. They are made with fruit juice which is better than corn syrup BUT they still have canuba wax and the electrolytes are added not natural and no complex carbs( you need brown rice syrup to be a complex carb and has the natural electrolytes- like in Sharkies). These leave a coating in my mouth(from the wax). These are really glorified jelly beans. I feel no energyboost and they mess up my blood sugar. If you want the real deal get sharkies.
299325299325B002LVA88UA1SQTOHPI4AMMSShannon Le Beau "Shannon"7851187136000yummy and easy to eatThe sport beans are awesome. I trained for a 15k running race this summer and taking the beans with me on my longer runs really helped sustain my energy. They are easy to take along and very easy to eat. They break down nicely in your mouth and are easily digested. The flavors are tasty so you don't cringe when eating them during a hard run. Also- it is a jelly bean- what better texture?! I just moved to a tropical climate (Hawaii) and can't find them in stores here. I need them to help with my training since it is so hot- the electrolytes and vitamins will really make a difference. Planning on buying them on Amazon.
299326299326B002LVA88UA3ALY1RA3FQGC5Bridget4441314748800Good for bad belliesI have a very sensitive stomach and cannot use GUs. I am a long distance runner and have enjoyed these sports beans. I would recommend trying them out in the store to make sure you like the flavor (they leave a bit of an aftertaste) but if you have a sensitive belly when running, I recommend these!
299327299327B002LVA88UA36D4EZMWTOMZ5Angela Ave4451209859200little beans-big helpI love these little sport beans.
First of all they taste great. Also, they are so easy to consume...not too large that they fill your mouth and make it hard to breath and swallow. Also, the benefits of these little guys truly show in your timed results; they help get you across the finish line.

I have a tiny pouch in the sportsbottle I carry during my runs and races. I just open the package of beans when lining up at the start and tuck them in the bottle pouch. Then I pop one bean at a time in my mouth during the course of the race.
The flavor burst keeps my senses entertained too. And my energy level is enhanced as well (very important)!

great product!
299328299328B002LVA88UA1OGO9DYD7D6PNErin3341318723200Tasty Little Jelly BeansI used these Jelly Beans to help me train for my first marathon. They taste good and seem to work although I did not seem to get as much of a boost as some of my friends say they have. I would only eat 2-4 at a time so maybe I need to eat a few more to get the full energy boost.

I agree with some of the other reviewers in that, although the little bag is resealable, it is still sometimes hard to open while you are jogging/running/walking.

Nice product.
299329299329B002LVA88UA1X1IYOLYGQNNVDerek S. Weiss "Cycling Nut"3351240272000SPORT BEANSThese beans are very tasty, and are very effective at giving me an extra boost of energy on my bike rides, and they are a good source of carbs. They are easy to eat, but if you do choose to eat them while exercising, be sure to have some water near by, as they tend to produce a lot of flem, which can be very uncomfortable while exercising. I really enjoy these beans, and they are a convenient source of carbs and energy.
299330299330B002LVA88UA35Q6V1YDJLAO0lokislisa "lisa"5651235088000ON THE GO GOODIESThis product has been available to runners for quite a while. The flavors are just like the Jelly Belly beans, but with a little extra kick and loaded with carbs. Very useful during those long runs when you need those carbs and potassium. Low in calories. Very convenient small packaging for your fanny pack or Fuel belt. Highly recommended and great price to boot!
299331299331B002LVA88UAVAXQ88DF7Y6MBeverly Terry "ConservativeMom"2251318896000Sport BeansWe found this product in a triathlon shop and tried for our kid's soccer games and swim meets. They love them and insist the beans really give them energy for their particular sport. This company shipped accurately and fast.
299332299332B002LVA88UA3SR6OLRIP3IYVRobert Lipsitz "study but doubt, question and...4551196380800Perfect size and work wellEver since I started marathon running I've been searching for a calorie supplement. Ive tried the gels, goos and cubes but was never satisfied. The cubes are too big and its hard to breath while chewing them. The goos and gels are just too dessicating, its like putting peanut butter in my mouth and I need to get something to drink to wash it down.

The jelly beans are the best yet. They are smaller making it easier to breath while running. they do not dry your mouth and they also taste good, aways a plus. They provide 100 cals per pouch and contain no caffeine.

That said it is not the perfect product. The package can be difficult to open while running and occasionally a few beans drop out as you are trying to negotiate them out of the bag and into your mouth. Also they should make a variety pack. 24 packs is enough to last me a month and I prefer to buy only one at a time. The same flavor, while good, can get a little boring. They have other flavors, a variety pack should not be too hard to make.

Enjoy your exercise!
299333299333B002LVA88UA3MP71W3B5SUDHBigBuyer1121310860800Tart tasteI have been riding for about 1.5 years (average 30 - 40 miles - 17-18 mph). Once I got over 25 miles decided to enhance my liquid replentishment with a solid - purchased these, "GU" gel and "GU" chomps all at the same time so I could try side by side. All appeared to have helped me from hitting the wall equally, but the gel and chops go down easier. These beans are smaller - thus need to ingest more/more often to make same impact and are "tarter" and not as easy to swallow. I bought I case of these so will choke them down, but of the three, I like the chomps better. Ride safe
299334299334B002LVA88UA2VD46ZNGQ2KAXKay0051349740800Easy to Chew and CarryOf Chomps, Shot Bloks, and Honey Stingers, these beans are best because they a) don't melt or get messy, and, b) are easiest to chew (no major jaw-action required to get through them).

All the flavors I've tried so far are totally fine.

I just empty the pack into my pocket or bra or whatever and scoop out the beans as needed while racing. I've tried this with the more gelatinous other varieties of sports candy but those make anywhere from a small mess to a big one, and they tend to clump together. Plus, its too effortful to get your teeth through gummy candy like that. Sports Beans are pretty perfect.
299335299335B002LVA88UATRM9MC82X0CLthaknowledgehustla0051347148800Anti-bonking!These are great. They taste good. Buying the quantity of course comes with the discount. I think the expiration on them is like a year out. They are great for energy when out there for an extended period of time. Of course, I only use them like I use Gatorade, only if I am exercising (biking, running, etc) for 2+ hours. I like them because it gives me the energy to keep going, but instead of eating something that sits in my stomach and weighs me down, these don't do this, niceeeee. They are well worth it to me. With these and Cliff Bars, I can just keep goin.
299336299336B002LVA88UA8MJT42DQBRK5S. Mead0051345248000Distance Runner in Love!As a marathon runner and lover of long distance, I've found my match. Lemon-lime Jelly Belly Sport Beans are really one of the best electrolyte products. I just stick them in my pocket and without a lot of fuss (or pace change), I can grab them on the go. Many sport nutrition "candies" are nasty tasting - when you're exercising you can somehow gulp it down. But the Jelly Belly Sport Beans are actually good whether exercising or not! Conveniently, they come in a resealable pouch that keeps extra beans fresh and secure when bouncing around.
299337299337B002LVA88UA1IRI6100LDQTSTatrD0051341964800Very good!I've tried several flavors and the orange is really quite good. Sweet and sour and they really do give you energy but don't make you feel "jumpy" like the caffeine drinks. Highly recommended!
299338299338B002LVA88UA3N0X0HS0S6FPGAcadia930041340064000doesn't melt in the sun!I've been living and riding in Florida for 6 years and came across Sport Beans as a great alternative to PowerBars, Gels, Blocks and Gu's a few years or so ago. They are great. Not a ton of energy - only 70 - 100 calories per pack, but they restore some electrolytes and they don't make a mess of your pockets or fuel packs. Sport Beans hold up in the heat of summer and that is a great thing!!
299339299339B002LVA88UAY1NUCXXJ5WD5Hummingbirds0051338422400These taste awesome, and do the job!After trying GU gel (which made me gag), I decided to try these beans. The watermelon flavor was awesome, no fake taste like the gels that I've tried. They go down as easy as regular jellybeans. Do drink with water though to prevent stomach upset (it tells you that on the box). I haven't had any problems with them at all, as long as I drink water. They give me the most energy of any I've tried, plus caffeine -- which I really need before a run (as I don't usually drink my daily coffee before running). I would definitely buy these again!
299340299340B002LVA88UA2VZQ7MEKIUB21SwimmyGal0051334793600YUMI took this about half an hour before swimming my 100 butterfly in a swim meet as a result i dropped 6 seconds in my previous races i had added time because i simply had no sports beans. THESE REALLY WORK!!!!!! and they are delicious....

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