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299371299371B000M78N2IA36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"0041348876800Good Sauce But Overpriced HereI've had this sauce; it's the only one my butcher sells. I'm not a bbq sauce expert, and of course any premade sauce is going to be lacking in one way or another. However, I find this one to be highly adaptable, not too heavy, but still good at adding the right sort of flavor you want in a slightly sweet, slightly vinegary, red bbq sauce. This isn't the syrupy thick sort of coating, it's a bit lighter. I particularly like it as a sauce for crockpot meat, which is super easy. It seems to tenderize the meat as well.
299372299372B000M78N2IA3AC9O50KDV3W0JUSTIN C SHAW0051344297600Definitely tastes great especially barbecue wingsI make hotwings a lot and when I do I make some barbecue for those that don't like the hot stuff. They love this stuff and its thin enough you can toss it like regular wing sauce. Plus its not full of crazy you can't pronounce fillers and corn syrup. Because of that it is quite runny, but I have used it straight up barbecue and brushed a few coats on. This is also great in the crock pot as well. You will like this stuff, I assure you.
299373299373B000M78N2IA36WKPFG35IOZProfessor Ty Sanders, Esq. "ipushbuttons"0031335744000Not bad, but not good eitherFirst off I ordered "thicker", I can only imagine how watery the original sauce is because the thick sauce isn't thick at all. If you are thinking of using this as a condiment, think again. This is really only good for soaking, prepping meat that is going to be put on the grill. As a BBQ sauce goes I would put it up there with most store bought brands. This is not worth the price tag.
299374299374B000M78N2IA21WL26MHRG3ZIcaptain crunch0051332979200Well balanced BBQ sauceI really like this sauce as it has great balance. Not too sweet, not too hot, good texture. I prefer my BBQ sauces on the thiner side rather than the thick rich sweeter sauces. Try it, you'll like it.
299376299376B0027VG9KKAXLYNCZ12CKRQMaryJo0051329004800Best bottled sauce I've ever had!My husband and I have been making our own sauce for years because bottled sauces are so lame, but we think the alla vodka pasta sauce is fabulous. It was being sampled at a grocery store so I tried it and I couldn't believe how much flavor it has. Try it--you'll like it!
299377299377B0027VG9KKA1C4FMEXM9WUMMSTP "STP"1311328745600Tasteless and bland. A disappointmentThin, tasteless and boring. That pretty much describes this sauce (and the other sauces by this brand). It's so bad I'm shocked that Mario Batali put is name on this!

The Pros: The sauce has a nice color and a nice texture with some chunkier peices in it.

The Cons: The sauce is tasteless and in between the chunkier bits it doesn't cling well to the pasta. You can see bits of garlic, onion in the sauce but the flavor has been completely boiled out of it to point that all that's left the bitter part of the garlic and the acidic part of the tomatoes. To say the flavors don't blend is an understatement. There aren't any flavors to blend in the first place.

I would be embarrassed to be Mario Batali right now. Obviously he has traded his expertise and food quality for the money making machine.

I severed this my boyfiend and we all agreed it wasn't a good sauce and would rather eat pasta plain than suffer through this sauce again. Such a disappointment.
299378299378B008QPARHCA51XA9G6ZIP07D2211301616000Stale (and thats being nice)Very Stale, i had a leftover jellybean from a previous purchase/seller that i crushed in my finger in comparison with these and they are definatly VERY stale if not fake not to mention most are smushed and look like blue candlewax and sugar. at least they came in 2 days right?
299379299379B005UUYKBUA22KOB27KVYGXKChristopher Delay0051347235200Works like a charm...just don't breathe it.I make jerky as a hobby, and before I got this I'd get the actual Habanero peppers. Buying this powder, however, has made things a lot easier and a lot more uniform between batches.

A slight bit of warning...don't breathe this stuff.

Yes, I know, you're thinking " does it smell? Is this going to impart off-flavors into whatever I put it in? Maybe just a quick sniff. I won't inhale."

Yeah, it's like being maced. While I was at work, without thinking, I went ahead and pulled off the foil seal under the cap, and a tiny small you couldn't see it...wafted up towards my face.

I instantly rethought my life choices and immediately debated purchasing some sort of chemical filtration/rebreather system for future uses...and I have these same thoughts whenever I reach in and pull out a 1/4th teaspoon dollop for my batch of jerky.

This powder is *fantastic* off flavors and it brings the heat!
299380299380B005UUYKBUA1AC6MVVGQPIW1Frasier Nutzov0051345766400¡Caramba!
299381299381B005UUYKBUA28LXIZQOEQ6KYA. Rabun "verelse"0051343260800Holy smokes it's smoking hot!And delicious! I also dusted some tomato plants with this and the deer won't touch them! Tomatoes now have a small spicy hint, too ;)
This is a ten-year supply unless you own a restaurant, though!
299382299382B0042TFZPAAW2BTNON6TMNUMsDana1231121348704000Beware of GlueAll of the bars have the glue from the wrapper on the back of them. It's a thin line of the glue but it's still disgusting. They taste really good i just wish that they wouldn't have the glue on them. So buyer beware, please look for glue before eating them.
299383299383B004ECR0BMA2WK31EO36XNDNMarci O'Brien8851317081600Best pure vanilla option out thereRodelle Organic Pure Vanilla Extract, 4-Ounce

This is the best Organic vanilla I have found. It has a rich taste that really comes through in my baking. After trying Rodelle, I realized how watery-tasting other vanilla extracts can be. And the price is not far off from conventional store brands. I bake on a regular basis and Rodelle is the only vanilla I buy. They also make a killer vanilla sugar that is my favorite thing to put in coffee.
299384299384B004ECR0BMA12Z43CZ1O15D5Rachel7751312502400Great pure vanillaFirst found this brand in a grocery store. Was suprised to see this large of a bottle for the price for real vanilla. Bought it and have not used another brand since. It's very good real pure vanilla flavor. Very strong as it is only vanilla in alcohol, comparable to a pure Mexican vanilla, with no sugars added. Glad to see it on Amazon.
299385299385B004ECR0BMA3CNDBR18OI6ZKMelinda A. Stogsdill "Melinda Stogsdill"5551317168000Best Vanilla!!Rodelle is my favorite vanilla ever! My grocery store must think that the only time people bake is at Christmas time, since that seems to be the only time they stock Rodelle vanilla. I can't imagine baking without it though and am so glad that I can order it here when I need to restock! And don't forget to check out the Vanilla beans!!
299386299386B004ECR0BMAS5JFCCIQGZ7ULinda Smith4451334793600Avid BakerI own a bakeryand came across this product several years ago. I have found that using this prouduct it produces the best results. I have used products like Nielsen Massey and find the Rodelle produces a much stronger vanilla flavor. Love this product and would highly reccomend it.
299387299387B004ECR0BMAGXO0AH7D1284A. Terry3351339027200Great Vanilla ExtractI tried this vanilla because the price was attractive and the reviews were favorable. I used it recently on a batch of cookies, and I was very pleased with the results. This was indeed a wise purchase on my part, and I recommend this vanilla extract to anyone who is concerned about quality ingredients for their baked goods.
299388299388B004ECR0BMA1IK78ISNRKIWA47flygrl3351317081600Great Vanilla Great PriceThe price is very reasonable compared to other pure vanilla extracts and the flavor is quite good. For everyday use, I would recommend it without hesitation. I use it in baked goods, smoothies, ice cream (if its not strictly vanilla...then I use a bean) and sauces. By the way Rodelle has hands-down the best cocoa powder ever.....just sayin'
299389299389B004ECR0BMA37Z29ROOEWKH5RK2251340582400Great affordable vanilla!I have been using Rodelle vanilla for a couple of years now, after finding it to be the most affordable good option at my local grocery store. The size of the bottle is great, unlike the tiny bottles you usually get for nearly the same price from the major spice companies. I love it, and am never without a bottle in my cupboard!
299390299390B004ECR0BMA830NL2LWO3TVS. Napolitano "holistic health coach"22413390272002nd to Penzey's...This is more affordable than buying vanilla extract in the store, and has a pretty true, strong vanilla flavor. My favorite is Penzey's double strength vanilla extract, but considering it's also double the price I am good with stocking up on Rodale's more easily and cheaply.
299391299391B004ECR0BMA1NNV4W12PXISTarchdaleracing2251337299200GREAT Vanilla TasteI tried this vanilla on the recommendation of a friend at work, and I love it! I think it has a great vanilla taste. I was worried about using something different, as I am a McCormick kind-of-baker, and I haven't ever deviated from it. I tried it in a round of cupcakes that I was making for Mother's Day, and the taste of the cupcakes were amazing!! I think Rodelle's Vanilla Extract had such a stronger, more flavorful taste than McCormick. Some people say some of these other brands aren't as strong as the mainstream brands, but Rodelle has a wonderful product!! This is the only product of Rodelle's that I have used so far. Normally during the summer months, I make homemade ice cream. I can't wait to use their whole vanilla beans, as I am excited to see how the ice cream turns out!! I just wish I could find the beans in our local supermarket!!
299392299392B004ECR0BMABOUSLHX0Z3F9H. Gibbs2251334102400Best VanillaThis vanilla is the best there is for baking. It is flavor and gives a true vanilla taste. I'd recommend everyone to try Rodelle Pure Vanilla Extract.
299393299393B004ECR0BMA1P93EQZOQX4GXJanelle2251333756800Excellent TasteI've always baked with a locally sold vanilla. I was looking for a gluten-free brand & after reading other reviews for Rodelle, decided to give it a try. It is a very good-tasting vanilla. I am pleased with the finished results of the different baked goods that I have made.
299394299394B004ECR0BMAL1HK3GRQF4RZElana M. Wilkins "letsgoplaces"2251330128000Very Potent Amazing Vanilla flavorProbably the best vanilla I've ever used. However beware that if you are not used to using a quality product you may be surprised at the rich vanilla flavor it presents in your recipes. Using the same amount of this vanilla compared to other brands I've tried actually changed the way I put together some recipes. At times I've needed to reduce the amount of vanilla so the flavor didnt take over. Its absolutely the richest most pure vanilla flavor I've ever experienced. Will never be without this brand of vanilla.
299395299395B004ECR0BMA1ENGA3HHSH4HGMomMel2251329782400The Vanilla for Vanilla LoversI love the taste of vanilla. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I often found myself doubling the amount called for in several of my dessert recipes. With Rodelle Pure Vanilla extract I find that I don't need to do that. The flavor is strong enough that the quantity called for flavors my baked goods "just right". Personally, I love to add a dash of cinnamon and Rodelle Vanilla to my waffles. Nothing beats the taste for our family when we're having a big family breakfast. (Add in a cup of coffee flavored with a some Rodelle Vanilla Sugar and I'm in heaven.)
299396299396B004ECR0BMA2M45XAH7WY77Osylvette parker-monroe2251328832000Terrific FlavorThis vanilla gives my baked goods a terrific flavor. I've used it in items that didn't call for vanilla too. For the price, it's one of the best choices out there.
299397299397B004ECR0BMA1SAHMB8L5XG2Dmsv4192251328572800Great ProductI love good quality Vanilla! I have not used this yet because I already have some on hand, but I have used the Rodelle Almond Extract and it is exceptional. I've also use the Rodelle Dutch Cocoa, which is also quality. I will definately order again.
299398299398B004ECR0BMA2SXW2LIMLFZNFC. Fritz2241324252800Good for the price.Sure there are probably better vanilla extracts out there, but this one is great for the price. I bake a lot, so I did not want to be spending all my money on vanilla. You can pay the same price at a grocery store for a fraction of the amount you get here. This is great for all sorts of cookies and cakes.
299399299399B004ECR0BMAHIDJH947S85Zscrapper mom 271151326931200Great vanilla!I first purchased Rodelle vanilla because of its price. I had to give it a try because it was so much less expensive than the other brands. By the time I had finished that first bottle, I was hooked on the wonderful flavor of this vanilla. I make a vanilla cookie for my 4yo son that tastes fantastic with this vanilla, better than the original vanilla I used (whose company also wrote the recipe).
I was also pleasantly surprised that this product is organic and produced in a green facility. Great job, Rodelle! I will never go back to the others!
299400299400B004ECR0BMA3ABJY0XLNT68FPen Name3441302912000VanillaEver notice the insane prices for vanilla in grocery stores?

Large numbers for micronic bottles?

These are fairly large, and the taste is fine. A little different maybe, but if I had had this first, this would be the default...


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