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299401299401B004ECR0BMAWHT9IDY2SMGSThe BBQ Princess0051348099200Rodelle Vanilla - Great Taste, Great PriceI first found the Rodelle brand about six years ago when I was doing a lot of baking and ice cream making. I was shocked at how inexpensive a "pure" vanilla was and thought sure it was a weak version of "pure" vanilla. Well, to my surprise it was not! Rodelle is not some off brand, low quality product. I highly recommend it for all your baking needs. I used double the amount of vanilla I use in a recipe when I used another brand, I don't have to do that with Rodelle. So not only is it a richer flavor, so I'm not using as much as I would with the other brand, it's cheaper than the other brand. The next time I went to the store I bought 2 more bottles, plus a couple bottles of their vanilla beans - which by the way is simply delicious in homemade vanilla ice cream. This was almost six years ago, and I still find they have the best price for QUALITY pure vanilla.
299402299402B004ECR0BMAI5EIS34J73QBSam0051342742400Superb taste. Best vanilla extract I've ever used.I used to buy large bottles of vanilla extract at Sams because the price was so much less than the brand at the supermarket but I thought the flavor was lacking (this was real vanilla, not the artificial stuff).

I recently starting making my own ice cream and I wanted the best ingredients. I bought and used the Rodelle vanilla. Everyone agreed: the ice cream came out incredibly tasty with a great vanilla flavor (I didn't use vanilla beans).

I will never buy by price alone. If you value the results, buy the best.
299403299403B004ECR0BMA1L7DPWU7H04GTJeffrey L.0051342742400Pure Vanilla TasteI purchased this product out of luck as the local grocery store had it on sale. I found the flavor to be pure and the odor robust. I love the taste and smell of vanilla and this bottle really struck me. I've used it in cookies, cakes, frosting and many other recipes with great success. For the price, this product is top notch and I recommend it to anyone who wishes to serve their family baked goods made of the utmost quality.
299404299404B004ECR0BMASSDQJ8A270YXJames M. Krasselt0041342656000Great taste and priceThis was my first time ordering "real" vanilla. Cookies and such all taste the difference. The price is great at approx. $1/oz. Most others cost more or are huge bottles that would take years to use. Will buy again.
299405299405B004ECR0BMA24QFEOROF5GKRbraiding one1231337040000Tastes more like alcoholAfter having read reviews for every pure vanilla, I decided to order this one. I have to say I'm really not impressed. I had some Spice Island pure vanilla left that I got in the grocery store and the vanilla flavor of that is far superior to this. This one reminds me of McCormick's, although I haven't used that in awhile. I'm not sure if I'll continue to subscribe.
299406299406B004ECR0BMA3QY8ACXDRQJQEsusieofutah01421322524800What's With the "Bourbon" Vanilla Appellation?First of all, the product does not look as pictured online. The label is different. Because I was thinking I was getting a new and different product from what I had in my cupboard, I ordered it, but alas, when it came it was the same Rodelle vanilla I've used in a 16 oz. bottle for the past 5 years with the same, to my eyes, tired label. This vanilla is labeled "bourbon". What is that all about? I'm simply annoyed. My old Rodelle with the same label, is not sub-labeled "bourbon". This new stuff smells like vanilla, but who knows what someone has fiddled with in manufacturing this product.

Do not order this vanilla if you want truth in advertising. I'll probably use it, but don't trust Amazon with aromatic extracts.
299407299407B000WFTQX0A2QJHUMBOYTG39Imo Gene0051229385600chicken in a canIs what it says, an entire chicken thigh cooked in the can. Our dogs love this, why wouldn't they ?!! We mix in a can of this along with Envangers canned beef or chicken to give it a special treat. Plenty of juices, looks good enough to eat !! Five stars, another great Evangers product.
299408299408B000WFTQX0A4GA20E6VI6CTDog Lover0051223510400Evanger's Whole Chicken ThighsProduct arrived on time and in great condition. Nothing was bent. My dog loves this food!
299409299409B0007SN7D2A3FZXZM2WLW8SPM. Domzalski1131242691200Pepper Plant Chipotle as a BBQI am a long time fan of the the Original Pepper Plant Sauce, it's the best hot sauce out there in my book.As for the Chipotle sauce, it's got a good smokey flavor, but it's more of a BBQ sauce replacement than a hot sauce for eggs or dishes. I use it for my BBQ or grilled chicken and pork, it's a good sauce for that, but not much more. Lastly, it's not that "hot" of a sauce, just a nice chipotle/ smoke flavor
299410299410B0007SN7D2A3PWN30JZK5LF9Nancy Miccoli "Lover of Food"0051349308800YUM!!!!!I love this sauce and can not get enough of it. Cousin's bought some at a restaurant we went to but forgot they couldn't take on the plane and so it was confiscated. Luckily I found it with Amazon and had some shipped right to their door. Yeah!
299411299411B0007SN7D2A3HHRQBSECP697Starla Slade0051326672000So, so, so good!Fantastic product - tastes incredible! I love this plain to dip things in or pour over, or it works great cooked in with foods. So delicious with an intoxicating scent. I will ALWAYS keep this item stocked in my cupboard!
299412299412B0007SN7D2A1BKXNFDA764NNKeith R. Prior "occamist"0051287705600Love this stuff: classic flavorI put this stuff on nearly everything I wish to spice up. It is great stuff.
299413299413B0007SN7D2A1QMJBMMEDO0RMTim H "Tim"0051285372800tasty saucethis brand used to be very hard to find

I used to have to go to the central coast of California to get it

now it is available here

goes great with all meats or on burgers
299414299414B0007SN7D2A3BBQ5P2QN1SCWFrank D.0051258675200Chipolte Pepper Plant SauceIf you like the original, you may be pleasantly surprised by this product. It has a sweet rich flavor with the familiar bite. Pepper Plant has a winner with this one. It is great on chicken as a baste for bbq or as a dipping sauce.
299415299415B0007SN7D2AB6JV03J12LDLLaurie Eckhout0051245801600Sweet-ish with a nice amount of heatVery tasty. The touch of sweet off-sets the heat of the chipotle just right. You'll be looking around for stuff to put it on!
299416299416B00142BX68A38LIPX6GHLI9XDashpie0051347062400Great TeaHelped when I had a cold and soar throat and could not make it to the doctor-- I would purchase again
299417299417B00142BX68A29NQI0OT0Q81Shappycamper0051346889600Delicious!Excellent Peppermint tea - can't beat the price - would pay quite a bit more on store shelves...highly recommend the chamomile also
299418299418B00142BX68ADAOC6UTL8ZZVJonathon Gonzalez "sharkjmg"0051346112000tea timevery wonder very light melow taste tea. not over powerful. great sit down read take knote type of tea. i tryed out see how good was.
well worth money spend.
299419299419B00142BX68A23LSQMKWU1B00A. Davis0021345593600I liked it at first...The first box I ever bought was good. The tea, to me, tasted better cold than hot so I would make an ice tea of it and refrigerate it until I wanted it. The last few boxes I bought, however, were awful. I would boil the water and steep it and the tea would make this oily film over the top. It would just float and wasn't tasty to drink. I know sometimes plants have oils in them but this was excessive and killed the flavor. Not buying this brand again.
299420299420B00142BX68A78NS29TCGKI7sarcasticRock0041343174400Actually works.I was surprised to see that this product actually works, but they don't warn you about the god-awful smell. It's horrid, truly.
299421299421B00142BX68A1E0NXRTGYDN45L. Sanders "Lkay"0051342396800Good teaMild taste. Just add some honey and it's just like any other mild tea you would buy. Supposed to be great for allergies and Stomach bloat after drinking/eating poorly, noticed it does calm my stomach down and aid in flattening the post drinking bloat. Worth it! Try to drink a cup before bed each night! Caffeine free!
299422299422B00142BX68A2CSAP7T1FSIVMCara M.0051341446400Earthy and comfortingIts a really delicious earthy, herbal tea. Every cup makes me feel warm and comfy. I love it! his will definitely be a repeat order.
299423299423B00142BX68APCOMFRS7NIT8AuntB710051340841600YummyI am loving this tea. Its very tasty with just a teaspoon of agave nectar. I was recommended this by a doula to help with upcoming labor! I will let you all know if it helps :) Regardless its yummy.
299424299424B00142BX68ATCT22YM2HUQ8Pillowtalk0041340236800Great flavored teaThis rosehip tea is surprisingly good, reminds me slightly of rhubarb with a subtle regular black tea undertone. The package did take 9 days to arrive & it was all crushed up inside the jiffy-bag so it's a good job it wasn't ordered as a gift. I also think the price is a bit steep for teabags. I just couldn't find this flavor in supermarkets, so I had to get it online.
299425299425B00142BX68A1CSB9FS3SLHJOCrochetGranny7 "Christian Blogger"0051339200000Great Stuff!I have been having problems with my bladder. Interstital Cystitis is a chronic condition and also effects the colon. I suffer from severe constipation (IBS) also. I take fiber during the day and make sure I get enough in my diet. In the morning I drink a cup of Alvita Senna tea and within 1 to 1/2 hrs. I have elimination. This is the only thing that has worked for me. I have tried many other laxatives which do not work and bother my bladder. This product does not. I have also drank it at night with good results in the morning. Doctors have said not to use this continually because you could develop dependence. However, my condition is unbearable without it. At last my doctor agreeded that if I was going to take something daily then he suggested this tea. I highly recommend it for people with my condition or for individuals who take a lot of medications that tend to slow down the system. I have placed an order for more and will continue to use this great product. By the way, I had purchased another brand before I bought this brand and it was of terrible quality. What a difference. This product has great quality and also I like the tea bags being natural and not bleached with chemicals.
299426299426B00142BX68AKNHKB593FINLAnastasia Morgan0041339027200Tastes ok, good for ya!This tea was surprisingly hard to find at the health food store, so I bought it online. Reading about possible ways to off-set liver damage 2/2 medications (statins in particular), I figured, why not--I drink tea, so I can try this one. It tastes ok. Not great. But drinkable.
I think this tea is a fair alternative to taking another pill.
299427299427B00142BX68A2VN5P9WA4HTFROCAnn0051338768000Great Tea @ Reasonable PriceI have a hard time finding nettle leaf tea at regular grocery stores, so I purchased mine from Amazon. I generally enjoy English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Japanese green, and Oolong teas; this is a great addition to my current mix. The tea bags make it easy to enjoy at work.
299428299428B00142BX68A2YGDUFEV2B7TOBrady0051338249600TasteTastes Great! My wife and I drink this tea on occasion and regular grocery stores dont usually have it in stock.
299429299429B00142BX68AEA27WV6NXOH2Tole "Momzilla"0041338249600I like the tasteFor me the tea has light taste, I drink it once a day for about 2 months, hoping to have better hair and nails (after seeing it on Dr.Oz). So far, I haven't seen the result, yet, but I'm hopeful.
299430299430B00142BX68A666QET48NULXAnna Saunders "RG"0051337212800Very tasty teaWhen I bought this I didn't think it would be so tasty. This tea has a very flavorful, sweet, natural taste. I am a big tea drinker and always hunt for a new taste and this is definitely at the top of my list.

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