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299611299611B0034YP1P8APJDSJZPWE532Randy Williams101051273536000Delightfully pleasedI'll keep this short and sweet, I bought this for my wife on Mother's day, i figured I would get her something out of the ordinary (chocolate wise). So I decided to go out on a limb with this, needless to say my wife loves it, she can't stop raving about how the candy actually does taste like the desserts. Hope this helps.
299612299612B0034YP1P8AG3G6Z8MA7KT6Erica Reid4451295395200Delicious!I picked up a box of these chocolates when I went to Walmart tonight. I love trying different and exotic chocolates and these caught my eye. I love this box! Tiramisu is amazing and bares a huge resemblance to the actual dessert and so does creme brulie. I recommend these chocolates, but I would see if these chocolates are at your local Walmart because I got this 6 oz. box for 8.98, not the 19.99 plus 11 dollars worth of tax this site is asking. Unless there is more than one box in the shipment, I don't think it's a good idea to get it shipped if you have the option to get in store.
299613299613B0034YP1P8AYB4ELCS5AM8PJohn B. Goode "JBG"2251293667200Excellent!I don't usually like chocolate desserts because they are usually too sweet and sugary, but this Lindt selection isn't like that at all, in fact it's the opposite, the sweets are light and exquisite. I got this box as a gift and it was finished within 2 days as each family member tried to get his/her favorites before the others got them! Of course Lindt is a famous brand of "usually expensive" imported chocolates but it's prices have fallen in the last 20 years or so, so that it falls into the realm of mid-priced expensive chocolates.

I highly recommend this if you want something a little bit more than plain chocolate and you want something that's light and refined. If you give this as a gift, your recipients will totally thank you for them!
299614299614B0034YP1P8A259W8AGBOT0G4arietta night sparkel0051342051200Very UniqueThese Chocolates are so delightful. The actually taste like the deserts described. I love the lemon Tart very good, Each desert is delectable. I love the variety you get in the package, and the Box is very nicely decorated and gives you a very good description what each desert is. The flavores are so close to the desert is amazing. As the other reviewers stated I thought this would be like any other box of chocolates, I thought they cant be that good, well wrong there fabulous, delish, so tasty, You cant have just one. Very good chocolates.
299615299615B0034YP1P8A3I8H8AXN2SPBYLisa Kline0041332892800Better than Typical Store-Bought Boxed ChocolatesFirst, I will say up front that I purchased these chocolates off of the Lindt site itself in a 21-piece ballotin ($12 there) because I had a coupon/deal voucher.

I am not a fan of Lindor truffles, but I have a friend who loves these petit desserts. So, I figured I'd give them a try!

First impression - Adorable! If you're looking for dinner party chocolates, these would be lovely.

Texture - The chocolate still is a tad waxy, but not nearly as bad as the Lindor truffles. The fillings are smooth and taste similar to the desserts that each chocolate resembles. There are different textures - different than what you'd find in typical chocolate boxes. Crunchy nuts, crispy meringue and phyllo-ish substance, and creamy creme brulee and lemon.

Taste - Each chocolate has a unique taste, but not so unique as to not be enjoyed one after, be careful ;)
Each chocolate tastes somewhat like the dessert.

Overall - They aren't Godiva, but they're the next best name brand thing I've found!
299616299616B0034YP1P8A16MZ9PUXO3Z9DElise (plt)1251292284800Excellent!I totally agree with the information the other reviewer, Randy, shared: out of the ordinary choice, very original, and the taste of desserts so well imitated! I also got this chocolate box as a gift form my husband, and I also rave about those tiny deserts.

Lindt is a really good company.This is an additional info, just in case: in our group of friends who are European expatriates, Lindt chocolates are loved too, and when we are visiting the old continent, we bring back various Lindt chocolates among gifts, as they are sure to please. Or our guests from Europe bring Lindt as gifts too. Lindt chocolates taste like home. So, if you need to give chocolates to an European expatriate, specially a homesick one, this box could be a good choice.

I truly recommend those tiny, so cute deserts. Yummy.


299618299618B001QECTZ8A10GBEDF4RCOVISuperchiller8811310774400Buyer beware, Proctor & Gamble has ruined this food!My girlfriend and I have been rescuing, fostering, and adopting out (through a rescue group) cats and kittens for over 10 years. We also have a number of feline companions that live with us and bring us a lot of joy. So we're very experienced in all aspects of cat care, and we always try to feed our feline companions high quality foods. The foods are more expensive, but worth it for the health and well-being of our beloved companions!

We had been using Innova Cat & Kitten Dry Cat Food for several years, once we discovered that it included no by-products, corn filler, or other junk ingredients. Our cats loved the food, which we mixed with another high quality dry food for variety.

Fast forward to our experiences over the last few months. We heard that Proctor & Gamble, manufacturer of IAMS and other junk cat foods, had purchased Natura Pet Products, maker of the Innova, Healthwise, and California Natural brands, among others. Proctor & Gamble has questionable pet food testing practices (search the internet for it), so we naturally never buy their products and do not want to support the company in any way. So we were very upset about P&G's purchase of Natura, but we stuck with the Innova Cat & Kitten food for the short run, hoping we could later find a better alternative.

Well strangely enough, for the last 10 or so 15lb bags of Innova Cat & Kitten that we've purchased, something has changed. The food is much more "crumbly", i.e. there is a lot more "food dust" in the bags, and the kibble looks a little different. We didn't think much of this change until our cats, which had previously LOVED the Innova food, lost interest in it and really didn't want to eat it. In the dry food mix we make, we noticed that very often, the cats would eat the other part of the mix, and leave the Innova Cat & Kitten behind. Clearly there is something different about the way P&G manufactures this food, as opposed to how it USED to be made by Natura Pet Products.

This is EXPENSIVE food, and for the money you pay, it should be TOP QUALITY. Well, it ISN'T anymore! We finally reached our boiling point one day when we looked around at all the cat food bowls (which are usually totally empty after feeding time), and saw that much of the Innova part of the mix was leftover, unwanted.

So that was it; we returned our last 3 large bags of Innova Cat & Kitten to the store we'd purchased them from, and will never buy this food again. In fact, we've now decided to never buy ANY Natura products, which include Healthwise and California Natural. We did find a good quality alternative cat food called "Simply Nourish", and when we tried it with our cats, they LOVED it. There is no longer ANY food leftover in their bowls, and we know the new food we are feeding is good quality.

WARNING: For anyone currently purchasing "Innova Cat & Kitten", or planning to buy it in the future, we believe that P&G appears to have changed the way this food is made, for the worse. We can only assume that this large company was trying to save money, and in so doing have ruined one of the formerly best brands of food on the market. AVOID this food, it does NOT appear to contain the same formula/ingredients as it was before P&G bought Natura Pet Products, and ruined it!
299619299619B001GZWDEEA7KFAQG54SWBXmonique j5511335571200Delivered brokenI should have gone by previous reviews and passed on this item. The lollipops were just about all broken. I had about 2 good ones out of a dozen. They were wrapped in bubble wrap, so I have to wonder if they were broken before even shipping.. I don't even want to be bothered with trying to exchange them. I'm pretty disappointed.
299620299620B001GZWDEEAVILRVTWN08TRJFR4421328227200DisappointingThe order was received as promised - overnight - My disappointment came when I opened the Amazon shipping box to discover that the lollipops were an Oriental Trading Company product - The lollipops were in the original packaging from Oriental Trading - It did not mention this anywhere on the shopping page - The second disappointment was the quality of the candy themselves - I needed 14 lollipops for a party so I ordered 2 boxes - Lucky for me I had to over order because out of the 24 lollipops - 6 were broken!!! Unacceptable!!
299621299621B001GZWDEEA1IAUJSIAHXG6RN. Hernandez "NYC_Gora"2211333065600Poorly constructed, half price at Oriental TradingThese cost $6.25 on Oriental Trading. They are re-selling here for more than double what it costs. I feel like I was taken for a ride on this one. To add insult to injury, the lollipops look poorly constructed.
299622299622B001GZWDEEAPYVM3XRKS304Nstoff10041348617600LollipopsKids loved them! They were the perfect size for our Candyland party and they were great for the take home gifts.
299623299623B001GZWDEEA3TEW6FQ8LPEKVTina Jenkin0011342051200Lollipops are 2-2.5" in diameter, not 3"Very disappointed. These lollipops are advertised as 3" diameter. When they arrived, they looked small, so I decided to measure them. The pops were 2"-2.5" in diameter, not 3", which makes a big difference. Also, each lollipop is supposed to be individually wrapped with a twisty-tie, but some of the ties were missing in the boxes I ordered. These are being returned.
299624299624B001GZWDEEAYVREHI73VPHQYuvenHill1251325980800Party CandiesAs expected, the product did fulfilled to satisfaction with the expectation of all invited children to my granddaugther birthday party.
299625299625B001E5DC0UA2ARMTQA9MT2MVMuscle Man101341327968000Good for ToddlersMy butler gave me a tin of this for Christmas. Anyway our 4 year old is a finicky eater, so we gave him some, and he loved it! The nanny gives him crackers with caviar every afternoon before his nap now. Little Wellington III has become a beluga addict, but at least feeding him has become a breeze.
299626299626B001E5DC0UA2TSYYB4QOI5REMatthew L. Robbins152131327881600Not bad, but...When I'm feeling too lazy to make popcorn I bust this stuff out. It's not bad but I find it annoying that because the tins are only 8 ounces, I have to open up 3 dozen to fill up my favorite popcorn bowl, which sometimes makes me miss the first few minutes of Ice Road Truckers.
299627299627B001E5DC0UA334SM8A3SZLKMAlfred L. Moniot0051329609600Fresh Iranian Beluga caviar in IstanbulIn Spring 2008, I bought 2 400 gm tins (that's 14. 1 oz each) for US$86. each.

It was almost like doing business with a drug lord, but I figured they could kill me, but not eat me, and they did want some money.

Put those in a tiny plastic picnic sac with dry ice and returned (1 to NYC and the second to Mexico).

Best thing I have ever tasted and I'm 67.

Worth the airfare to Istanbul!!! Great city also.

I may still have the merchant's name and addy.

ret expat MD
299628299628B001E5DC0UAWXH63WE2TL2SAdelknight Seven "oodleman_aka_mazza_2k3"1251319328000Self-ValidatingAbsolutely Grand, Delicious. I feel guilty when I'm opening the can(one of these amounts to over 4,000 Ramen Noodles cups - enough to feed a few villages), but once I taste it, I am instantly transported to Heaven(or at least, top-floor condo with 7 maids). So yeah, get rich and share this beneficence. Adios
299629299629B001E5DC0UAYFKR2K2C6O8DA. Dearinger1351314144000Fantastic Quality, Decent PriceWe fell in love with this brand when we were visiting the west coast several years ago, it is wonderful. We have bought a couple tins every Christmas for the past few years for holiday parties. Buy the large tin, you won't regret it!
299630299630B001E5DC0UAUJMTIVAZFC7ZNeil Ortmann2551313798400Totally worth itI Love It! I just cant get enough. I Like To Eat It By The HANDFUL!!!! If you the money i would totally get it!!!!!
299631299631B006WPYSZAA6UADTLMGWMPXD1131333756800Get Creative!These are interesting. You open the packet, rinse them off and then throw them in boiling water for just a few minutes. The texture is slightly diffent, and they taste like absolutely NOTHING, so you need to get creative. They will take on the flavors of whatever you cook them in, so, if you are a creative cook, they can be a great alternative to dishes where you may use pasta. The "Rice" is more like a pastina, so they work well for soups. The "angel hair" is my favorite though. I make a lot of stir fry dishes, so these are great to throw in, and as stated, they will take on the flavor of the oils and spices. If you are trying to consume less carbs, these can be helpful, but don't expect a taste and texture of semolina pasta. Also, they have absolutely no nutritional value, so they are strickly just a filler. You don't want to consume these and nothing but these to lose weight or you will be starving your body of the nutrition it needs, especially while dieting.
299632299632B001EO5Z24A2VWAH0UJB01N1BayAreaShopper1151288137600Jazz up your grilled chickenI'm watching what I eat (isn't everyone), and use my George Foreman grill daily, for chicken. I use just a sprinkle on each side of the chicken breast, and it transforms boring old chicken into "wow". Got to watch the sodium level (hence just a sprinkle), but a little goes a long way. I've introduced this to many of my non-persian-heritage friends, and they've loved it. This is definitely a staple in my kitchen.
299633299633B001EO5Z24A3L12XQ9R21O44DeP0051319587200Really great seasoningWe were given some of this seasoning and it is really great. We use it with chicken on the grill and it creates a very flavorful (but not over the top) taste and a wonderful light red appearance to the chicken.

Everyone who as tried it likes it as well including very traditional mid-western meat and potato types so you don't have to be used to Iranian cooking to love this.
299634299634B005WINILIA1WP0T7DQ2Z8RNJennifer Job0041344211200Delicious, not very robustThis tea smells amazing when you open the bag--that's almost the best part! However, it's advertised as "flavored black tea"--but no matter how much I steep it, it doesn't get very dark or robust. It's been good for inflammation!
299635299635B001KWEZTOA1BDMSJDPX5MDFLDS515251251763200Best yeastMy daughter-in-law gave me a 2 pound bag of Red Star yeast last Christmas and it has lasted me 8 months, baking a loaf of bread almost everyday. I take a small amount and put it in one of my old 4 ounce yeast jars and freeze the rest and it has kept very well. In my opinion Red Star is the best yeast out there, but not always available at my supermarket and you can't beat the price, 2 pounds for $14.88 sure beats $8.99 for a 4 ounce jar at the supermarket.
299636299636B001KWEZTOA8WKNCN7FUZ3UH. Vardhan "vardhans001"343551256083200Stop buying yeast from storesIf you bake on a regular basis, you also know that the tiny packets most grocery stores sell their yeast in are pretty expensive (75c per use at least). This bag has the same product without the extraneous packaging and will serve you for months while bringing your yeast cost per bread/cake down to pennies (10-15x cheaper :)). Please note that yeast needs to be kept in the fridge once it is open.
299637299637B001KWEZTOACURG383CP30XCharles Wadsworth353751267488000Baker's yeastAs far as I am concerned, bulk is the only way to buy yeast. These little packets and tiny jars are ridiculously priced for what you are getting, and beside that most people arent using enough yeast in their baking either. I use yeast for everything from bread to pancakes to corn bread. I use more than most people do. Unlike baking powder and soda, yeast is actually nutritional (as long as it is cooked, never eat it uncooked). Yeast adds a nice flavor and aroma not found in these 'powders'. I don't know where some of the common practices for using yeast came from, but I've found that you don't need to let things rise two or three times unless, that is, you are looking for a way to pass time. Also like in pancakes, just mix up the batter and throw it on the griddle, it rises for me. But don't be so stingy with the yeast. Yeast is not some rare thing that needs to be conserved, actually it is cheaply made, yet yeast boasts rather high nutritional value.
I may be biased, I rarely if ever bake with white flour, I use whole wheat, corm meal or perhaps rye, mostly whole wheat. I use egg in my dough, batter etc., rather than the added white flour for gluten. Again the egg adds flavor, nutrition and RISE POWER without damaging the texture or character of the whole wheat or cornmeal product.

Red Star is offering a great deal here, and the price is right.
299638299638B001KWEZTOA3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"222251275264000Gluten-free, GMO-free and guaranteed to perform with consistencyNot all baking yeasts are gluten-free or high quality; but check out this information from the manufacturer's website:

Lesaffre Yeast Corporation markets our consumer Baker's yeast products under the RED STAR®, SAF® and bakipan® brands. All of our Baker's yeast products are guaranteed to perform with consistency.

General Information

Gluten-Free Yeast

RED STAR®, SAF® and bakipan® Yeast do not contain wheat gluten or other cereal protein that cause allergic reactions in people with gluten intolerance.

Certified Kosher

All consumer Baker's yeast produced under the RED STAR®, SAF® and bakipan® brands are certified kosher pareve. Our RED STAR® cake yeast is under the supervision of Organized Kashrus Laboratories. All other products are under the rabbinical supervision of KOF-K.

GMO Free

All RED STAR®, SAF® and bakipan® consumer Baker's yeast products are GMO free.


All RED STAR®, SAF® and bakipan® consumer Baker's yeast products do not contain any peanuts, tree nuts, potatoes, or any other products derived from these sources. All of our consumer yeast products are produced in a dedicated plant where there is no source of peanuts, tree nuts, potatoes, or any other products derived from these sources.

All RED STAR®, SAF® and bakipan® consumer Baker's yeast products are dairy-free and egg-free.

All RED STAR®, SAF® and bakipan® consumer Baker's yeast products are vegan. There is no animal byproducts or ingredients derived from animals in our products.

I got mine at Costco for $3.89 + tax.

I hope you found my review helpful
299639299639B001KWEZTOA1IU7S4HCK1XK0Joanna Daneman101051288137600Gold star for Red StarI compared this yeast to a popular brand of jarred, bread machine yeast. This yeast gets an "A" while the other yeast gets an "F" (which coincidentally is the starting letter of its name.) The "F" yeast did not last a month, even though it was stored properly. Within 4 weeks, it had lost its potency and failed to make decent bread. Meanwhile, this 2 lb bag of Red Star, kept in a sealed plastic tub in the freezer, has worked for months on end. I found that in my bread machine recipes, the same amounts work, no matter whose active dry yeast is called for; 3/4 tsp per 1 lb loaf.

Just make sure you store the opened bag in a proper container to keep it dry and cool, and make sure to bring the yeast up to room temperature before throwing it into the bread machine. This is a very economical way to buy yeast. If it's too much for you, split the bag between you and a friend.
299640299640B001KWEZTOA345NW7QRCEYALJ.F.L.-Fairfax VA "j_f_ligaya"9951299801600Excellent Value -- Buy Bulk!Actually, two pounds of active dry yeast is way too much, but it all works out after I share the product with my daughter (who is an excellent cook, gourmet, baker!). Also very noteworthy about the product I received --- the expiration date is Jan, 2013 with product-manuf date just 7 weeks ago.

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