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299641299641B001KWEZTOA2SBBMXYNC81V6Todd Yarling9951271721600Good dealI bake quite a bit. I make pizzas, breads, etc usually at least once a week.

I have found this brand of yeast to work well. The granules are tiny.

Yes, you can get bulk yeast a bit cheaper in some discount stores, and in groceries, but this is for sure worth it at the price.

Just not having to run around the kitchen looking for little packets of yeast, or having to cut them open, try to pour into your measuring spoon, etc. I divide the yeast up to about 2 to 4 zip locks and stick them in the fridge. I keep one handy to use, all I have to do is open it up, stick in the measuring spoon, and close it back up. Easy. And you never have to worry about running out.

You can save TONS of money making your own breads and pizzas, and it is fun, too. And almost always tastes better.
299642299642B001KWEZTOA37LM93ICL0HK0rumblefish3@hotmail.com8851300492800Best yeast and the best price I have seen anywhere.I have been baking with yeast for more than 25 years. I have tried other brands, but Red Star is by far the best one I have ever used. I don't use anything else. Use to buy it in the little packets at the grocery store, but they are way to expensive. I found it in a 1 lb package from a popular baking company and have been ordering it through them for many years. However the price of the shipping was almost as much as the yeast, but it was still cheaper then buying it in the packets. I was thrilled to see it on Amazon and to realize I could get two lbs for what I was paying for one and no shipping cost.

Since it is such a large quantity I store it in the freezer and it last until I run out. No problems with dead yeast unless I kill it by making the liquid to hot. I would highly recommend purchasing Red Star.

I have read some reviews saying you can get it at some of the warehouse stores for less. I have never seen it in ours and not everyone has a membership or a warehouse near by. So if you like to bake with yeast this is a great deal.
299643299643B001KWEZTOA2K9C9NZDMH3W2Horizon161951257465600FANTASTIC DEALTOTALLY AGREE with the two previous reviewers. Have frozen about half of the content, and put the rest in 3 of 4oz jars and kept the two in the regular compartment of the refrigerator and one outside in room temperature. This BRAND works very well with my bread-making effort. Fantastically MORE economical than buying in small packets in supermarkets. On the strength of the first reviewer I took a chance and appreciate her taking time to review -- so I'm doing the same.
299644299644B001KWEZTOA33LH3ROCD8AY4Eustacia Vye "a lover of books and everything...7751288051200Great YeastI bought this yeast to use in my breadmaker. It gives a beautiful rise to my breads both in and out of my breadmaker. It stores well and is such a great value.
299645299645B001KWEZTOA1TW5TBQHER12DLadyoftheIvy4451321660800Fabulous!For years, I always bought the little packets of yeast at the grocery store. Then, we got a bread machine to make more bread at home instead of always buying it, so we needed a good amount of yeast. I'm now fully convinced that if you use yeast on a somewhat regular basis (more than just once or twice a year) that it makes the most sense to purchase it in bulk like this. And if you can't get this locally in your area, this is a really good way to get it and have a good quality yeast for all your baking needs. We've been using it for months now to make primarily different breads, but also pizza crusts, cinnamon rolls, and a few other things requiring yeast, and it works really well. I store it in the fridge in between uses, which is the way I was taught yeast is supposed to be stored, and it's still going strong. I definitely recommend this, and if you can't find it anywhere locally for a better price (or want it delivered straight to your door!), this is a great way to get it as well.
299646299646B001KWEZTOA3NHUQ33CFH3VMCitizen John4451299024000Decent value for active dry yeastMainly I think this product is good value. Also, there is an advantage to getting active dry yeast as opposed to cake yeast. It has low moisture content, giving it longer shelf life. The shelf life of active dry yeast is 2 years from the package date, but it's advisable to use it within a year. If frozen, it can last for over 10 years. The main disadvantage is that it's more vulnerable to thermal shock than other baking yeasts.

As an alternative to dry active yeast, you might prefer instant yeast. Unlike active dry yeast, it doesn't require rehydration, plus it is has a much higher percentage of live cells. Some people swear by it. If you'd like to get instant yeast, here's a popular one on Amazon: Fleischmann's Instant Yeast - 2/16 oz. bags.

The main reason I get this yeast is the value. Sometimes I can't believe how much small packets of yeast go for in stores. I make my own bread because everybody loves quality fresh bread, and I have a lot of people under my roof. They make good bread disappear.
299647299647B001KWEZTOA195CH5A6HWS8VAnne3351322438400Good product at a great priceI use this yeast to make bread in my bread machine, and it works beautifully. I repackaged it into a small jar that I keep in the refrigerator, storing the rest in an airtight container in the freezer and refilling my jar as needed. It's much less expensive than buying yeast by the envelope or even by the jar.
299648299648B001KWEZTOA1O83SA3VV31ZSAmazon Customer2251347926400Use Cold Water...Cold FlourI have used this for stores well inside your fridge..I've made bread dough many ways...but...have found that when you refrige the flour..sugar...yeast...and use cold water you'll have the best dough..

Its more elastic and rises well..much better method here than using the hot water method..I mix all my (cold)dry ingredients first then add cold water and mix...Let it rest in the fridge for ten minutes and add more cold flour and kneed it..

When you knead.. fold the it it in the refridge..It only takes two good kneading secession's and she's ready...

Cold dough making is far superior than the traditional warm method..Give it a try..
299649299649B001KWEZTOA151ZF5AQGUUE4KT2251319414400Works as describedI bake every few days basically, so I HATE going to the store to buy the small packs and it is COSTLY as well! I just wanna say I don't need to worry about how much yeast I have left from last time I baked :) Happy Baking!!
299650299650B001KWEZTOA3I3FYY5N3777AEna2251316995200Excellent qualityThe dough rose maybe too quickly! That's how good this yeast is. The package was stamped with manufacture date of 6 months ago, and it's very very fresh and effective. The package says it's good for 2 years, so there's still plenty of time to use it all up before it expires. Although, considering how effective the yeast is now, I expect it will still be plenty effective after expiration. I store it in a dark airtight container in the fridge. In my experience, you can store the yeast on a cupboard, as long as the cupboard doesn't get the heat from the stove (or environmental if you live in warm climate).
299651299651B001KWEZTOA3HIB8R59RNYNVCyborg "RoadRunner"2251316563200Excellent valueBest value in town and it works. I vacuum pack this thing divided into smaller jars and laugh at people paying 6 bucks a pop at the supermarket. It goes a long way, has good smell and flavor, and cost is so much better then other brands. Do you use bread machine? Do you bake your own bread by hand? This is the way to go.
299652299652B001KWEZTOA2CS5VHXSF8ABKintanet2251315872000Very happyGot mine from "Las Vegas World Famous Brand Center" so this is also a review of my experience with them. The yeast had a good expiration date. (about 18 months) I contacted the seller first to check that detail out before I bought it. I suggest you do that too. (2lbs is a lotta yeast!) Anyhow, I love having yeast in bulk. I can use it without thinking about the price. It's up to $2.69 for a tiny 3pack in my neighborhood!

As for the product, it's great. Breads rise beautifully in my bread machine. I was concerned because I use the quick yeast in the bread machine. But this yeast worked just as good. No having to dissolve it first either. Just lay it on top with the dry ingredients just like the bread machine recipes tell you.
299653299653B001KWEZTOA13XTVECS9PZPFD-2251294531200Red Star Active yeastIt's well worth the money. After opening it I keep the open pack in the freezer in a zip lock bag. One reviewer mentioned the freezer a bit an overkill, the only reason I do that is because I don't have space inside the fridge.
The yeast itself works great, a pack equals 2.5 tea spoons. It rises very fast and gives a great taste to the bread.

You can find it cheaper in other places, that is true, but in case you don't have a Costco or PJ's Membership spending the money should not bother you. It's absolutely money well spent.
299654299654B001KWEZTOA2CDH0JX1IM8OGMrs McGregor2251288310400YeastWow, it came so fast and in good condition. It was not "old" either which I had been worried about. It is a large amount so I keep it in the freezer to keep it as fresh as possible. I transfered some to a pint jar to use for a bi-weekly baking and keep the rest in the original bag and wrapped again for long term.
299655299655B001KWEZTOA3HCPVWYZN8I6Rbob adam "Jayr"2251281916800Great Yeast at Bargain PriceBought this Yeast for a bread machine by Daughter gave me. I was using a Bread Machine
Instant Yeast , but that was very fast yeast. This I proof when using it with very predictable results. I do not bake with advance timer on machine, so I do not know if a
person could use it as like the instant yeast.
299656299656B001KWEZTOA3T976YCQLTHC7Michael1151345680000Great yeastI have never had a problem using the bulk red star yeast in the 2 lb bag. It's an even better deal if you can get it from Costco. I paid 3.99 for the same two pound bag being sold for more than 2x that here. I had to pay 6.99 for a four ounce jar at the grocery store! I just keep my bulk bag in the freezer double bagged in freezer bags. I refill my little glass yeast jar as needed, and won't have to buy more for several months!
299657299657B001KWEZTOA3S5R0IEOVW0KB.1151345248000A Good ChoiceWe have been very pleased with this product, and have already made many loaves of wonderful bread with it. It is yeast, so there isn't much to say other than it does exactly what it ought to do.
299658299658B001KWEZTOA15VW6AWHJX1ZSBob Brown1151345161600Save Money and Bake Better BreadIf you bake frequently, you can save enough money in a very few months by not buying yeast in little foil envelopes to buy a pretty nice bottle of wine.

Active dry yeast will keep almost indefinitely when frozen, so you'll need something to keep it in. Get one of these: Brabantia 298004 Clip Top 4/5-Liter Plastic Canister for another $13.

Keep the canister of yeast on the freezer door. When you need yeast, get it out, measure what you need, and put it back. Never let the contents warm up.

According to Harold McGee, author of On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen, yeast should be dissolved in 110° water. That feels pretty hot to the touch. Use a thermometer until you have {ahem} the feel of it.

Yeast "works" best at about 95°. I put yeast breads in the oven with the light on to rise.

So, you've saved a bunch of money and you're baking better bread. Glad we had this little chat!
299659299659B001KWEZTOA3JX30LNICZLJULauren K Odell1141343779200Great!This yeast is great! It rises well and doesn't expire for a year. I am very happy with this. It was such a bargain especially where they don't carry this brand at my local grocery stores and it works better than the jars they do sell.
299660299660B001KWEZTOA3CPN2MI1KLL1SL. Demi1151343174400Cannot be beat!Try finding anything near this price at a grocery store. I dare you! It's impossible. This is some great yeast that really does give excellent results. This one bag will last practically forever. Amazing deal!
299661299661B001KWEZTOA177HFMOCK56BDShopohooolic1151343088000Wow!What a bargain! Who would ever buy those little jars of yeast again if they knew about this deal! I bagged and froze mine. It comes in a vacume sealed package for semi long term storage :)
299662299662B001KWEZTOARGCDATN5BV8VMeg1151342742400Great value on great yeast!I bake a lot (A LOT!) and this has been the best yeast, and the best value, I've found. I store the yeast in a glass jar in the freezer and take out what I need when I need it.
299663299663B001KWEZTOA2WMX3U7GTX73CMarcia1151342137600Red Star Baking YeastThis is a great way to buy yeast. It works perfectly every time and I can keep extra in the freezer for future use.
299664299664B001KWEZTOA2P5EHM8T0D92IMonica Gaudio1151332115200FantasticA fantastic buy! Totally worth it.

I am done itch buying tose little packages - you're just paying of packaging there. This yeast is fantastic. I e put it in a plastic container after I opened it and leave it the refrigerator. Also, whenever a recipe calls for instant yeast, I just add 25% more yeast to the recipe and it turns out perfect!
299665299665B001KWEZTOA19YE99CKXSRWLCarla Fister1151323216000bread machineEven though most bread machine recipes call for Rapid Rise yeast I took a chance and puchased this larger quantity of Red Star regular baking yeast. I've not been disappointed. I'm using never before tried bread recipes and using a bread machine and this yeast - it's going better than I expected.
299666299666B001KWEZTOA2GQTANSR80BF0Oscar1151320796800Best price for the baker who bakes in bulkThis is simply the best price for yeast in bulk - and if you bake anything that needs more than one of those little envelopes of yeast (sooooo overpriced), then you need this. Too much, you worry? Relax, hotshot, just put it in a ziplock bag in the fridge.
299667299667B001KWEZTOA3RYFS8V2VEWU6MW1151320796800Top Quality, great priceThe price on this 2# package is great. I got tired of paying too much for the packets, so this works out fine. Red Star is really the best yeast I've ever used.
299668299668B001KWEZTOA2PA7CL15KEK74Joe Hassis1151313971200RED STAR | This product is exactly like the store (small individual tiny spheres)When ordering this product, I was wondering if this was a "solid" block of yeast, or exactly like the 0.75 oz. packets sold in small packets. It is exactly like the small packets sold in stores (it is individual spheres about the size of BB's). For me, I has placed 1/4 of the bag in a sealed container, and the remaining 3/4 placed in a vaccuum bag, and placed in the freazer.

I am not sure if I will even use 1/4 bag (8 oz), but buying it this way is much cheaper than even a small jar from the store. For my needs, this will be "endless" yeast for many years.
299669299669B001KWEZTOA1IO4211U6EVRCD. Nelson1151310601600Works just like the yeast you buy in the storeThis will save me a lot of money. Those little 4 oz jars were priced like gold in the supermarket. Made some pizza crust today, worked just like the gold 4 oz jars. Thank you for the previous reviews, they did not disappoint.
299670299670B001KWEZTOA16S0ZGBNPJDDBBaker1151305417600Terrific product & priceExcellent product at an excellent price. Exactly the same performance as comparable products sold in grocery stores but at a 70%+ savings. Highly recommended for the frequent baker.

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