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299671299671B001KWEZTOA2YNL79E3AY3AZc'est moi "whocaresanyway"1151305158400Very handyI make 3 to 4 2-lb loaves every week. I make enough grocery store runs for flour
299672299672B001KWEZTOA1W33ORESHBOTNDDD1151304985600What can you say about yeast?Without being facetious, how do I rate yeast? It came promptly. The packaging was as described. The yeast works well and everytime I use it,it rises as it's supposed to. To keep it fresh,I do use it almost on a daily basis to make bread, I put some in a glass jar in the refrigeator and store the remainder in jars in the freezer until needed.Although it may take quite a few months, I do use up my supply of yeast long before the expiration date, so I can not attest to its longevity.You can't beat the price over supermarket yeast, especially if you do a lot of baking.
299673299673B001KWEZTOA3BB9STQ0O91Pblessedrtoo1151302393600Big savingsI bake homemade bread daily and use lots of yeast.The 4 ounce jars are $4 each .This bag was 2 pounds and I got free shipping with it so saved a bundle and the yeast is really nice and fresh.I had saved some of my old yeast jars so I put a couple in the refrigerator and freeze the rest for later
299674299674B001KWEZTOAV50BTPH6IJ3CGlory Bound "Glory"1151297123200Great deal!I bought this to use with my bread machine. The yeast came vacuum sealed (like a brick of coffee) and the expiration date is 1 1/2 years away. I tested it and it is fresh. I figured this was enough yeast to make anywhere from 96 to 120 loaves of bread. So if you make 5 or 6 loaves of bread a month, you will use it up by the time it expires. I think it was a great purchase.
299675299675B001KWEZTOA1I0DBANNRVDJDV. Terrell "vlterrell54"1151294617600consistent, reliable risingA consistently good result in baking bread 3x a week. Buying 2 lb at a time beats (in price and convenience) the 4 oz jars available locally as well. This quickly became my every-time yeast. The first thing I do on opening the package is transfer all the yeast into 8 oz canning jars, which are then stored in the refrigerator. That way, only what's in one jar gets disturbed with each use.
299676299676B001KWEZTOA2VMQWVFL482CDkifwebe1151285632000Super price for an essential ingredientThis is a great price for an essential cooking ingredient. I bake bread at least once a week, and the price of yeast in the grocery store is very high. This is fabulous yeast and I have never had a problem with it. I put what I am using in a jar in the refrigerator and freeze the rest.
299677299677B001KWEZTOA2ZCZXNHU76U8PPetar Mitrevski1151273968000Red Star Baking Yeast - Works very well!We keep it in the freezer separated in jars that are wrapped with a ziplock bag. A small quantity stored in small jar in the cupboard and refilled from the freezer. Works very well!
299678299678B001KWEZTOA1ROUMJOGO4QMBSteve3441320451200Good stuff, just get it locally to save moneyI've always had better luck with Red Star than any other yeast for machine bread baking. And buying a two pound package is a lot cheaper than the store bought 4 oz. jars.

I knocked off a star only because of the price here. As another reviewer said, Smart and Final has this for about $5 (but I think him/her rating it at one star for that alone is excessive). Some people don't have a Smart and Final close by, and if that were me, I wouldn't hesitate to order this.
299679299679B001KWEZTOA3LCLMRDOQFBIRPennyPincher3441317427200Good Product-Bad PriceI recently started baking a lot and decided to look for bulk yeast. I couldn't find it at the local stores in my area, including some of the fancier stores that sell odd products. I started to order it from King Arthur, but a 1 lb bag was $6.95 + $6 shipping. Amazon's is at least a bit cheaper if you order over $25 and get free shipping. Thanks to the reviews here I found we have a Smart and Final not terribly far from where I live. Out the door a 2 lb bag was about $4.59. I've never looked at Costco, but will the next time I go. Some people say the 2 lb bag is too big, but even if you only use a quarter of it, you've still come out ahead over $4.59 for a 4 oz jar. I will try freezing some of my package since a lot of folks seem to have good success.
299680299680B001KWEZTOA1FBQRHWWQY6ZLC. King3451285804800I can enjoy yeast bread againSeveral people have commented on how well this yeast works as well as how economical it is so I won't be repetitive, I'll just wholeheartedly agree. The only thing I'm doing different is I'm freezing all of it and taking it out when I'm ready to bake. However, this is not the reason I purchased the yeast in the first place.
I have never had any problems with yeast bread until I recently started making my own bread. I had used a machine years ago with no adverse effect from the Fleischmann's yeast. When I decided to start making bread again, I wanted to challenge myself and try to do the kneading and the whole nine yards without the use of any machines, well except my mill, not into rock pounding grains:). Besides, it might prove to be a necessity someday. My problem was, no matter what bread I made, even very sweet cinnamon rolls or how well the bread came out, the smell of the yeast overwhelmed me and made me ill so much so that I couldn't even stand the smell of my house let alone stomach the bread. I would also taste the yeast for many hours later if I ate any of it. I could only surmise that I had developed some sort of allergy to it. I was pretty much beside myself, one because I had still had a good bit of Whole Grain wheat left & an expensive new mill but two because I could walk into Restaurants and bakeries and the smell of the yeast rolls baking made my mouth water. So what in the heck was wrong with the Fleischmann's? To my dismay, I couldn't find anyone else with a similar problem. So I studied many hours to learn how to make my own starters and even tried a friends Amish starter but bread did not get the raise I wanted nor the lightness. Neither am I a sourdough kind of girl & if I wanted cake, I would have made a cake, not bread want-to-be. I wasn't ready to give up and thank goodness I didn't.
When I found this yeast, I was like why not, if it stinks, I can put it through my septic tank.
I made bread yesterday and to my delightful surprise it didn't make me sick, & I'm sure pouring it into jars stirred it up in the air a bit too. I halved the amount of yeast I used in the recipe, just to play it safe, and it did the job perfectly. I can't lie and say I thoroughly enjoyed the smell of the yeast, but the unpleasantness was minimal. I hope this doesn't change but at least for now, I can love my yeast breads again.
299681299681B001KWEZTOA2V9YD29X193N5A. Reisberg "upper east side mom"2341316995200Was expecting 2 (1 lb) bagsI baught a 1 lb bag before (who needs a 2 lb bag open?) but thats alright. I use around 4 TB a week to make bread, buns, rolls and whatnot. The yeast is cheap but it isnt easily storable since the bag is big and needs a bigger ziplock I store mines in the fridge so the yeast doesnt activate from moisture in the air)
299682299682B001KWEZTOA13DAL9OKN9711P. B. Patten "P.B. P."0051351036800Great yeast.I use this for my breadmachine and love the quantity it comes in. Nice value, great if you bake a lot! Nice rise and consistency. Recommended.
299683299683B001KWEZTOA3TN9R4YOAQQ89Avoir0051349308800Excellent yeast!!Baked a few beautiful loaves of french bread and this yes was very fresh! I m very happy with this great product, with fast and free 1 day shipping with amazon prime I couldn't be happier.
299684299684B001KWEZTOA317J6XAJNNFFXDaniel Worth "PipeManMusic"0051341532800Great Bread YeastAfter having rising issues with other yeasts I bought this on the recommendation of many baking sites. Couldn't be more pleased. Keep it in the freezer to extend its life.
299685299685B001KWEZTOA3P7ZX4H1PS0C7L. King0051341187200The BestI've bought this yeast twice now in the two pound package. I have bought Red Star
in the supermarket packets before but it's hard to find and the price of the packets compared to this size is much more.

I also don't know why you'd need to buy instant yeast. This one is very active and quick. I wouldn't buy anything else now. This is just the best at a fraction of the cost of the small packets. Keeps forever in the frig.
299686299686B001KWEZTOA3E7WMJ8PFJU99Not_A_Bot_120051339804800I now have more yeast then I know what to do with.So now I have a lot of yeast. I split it in two container that block light and put it in the freezer. Will end up paying for it self at some point. :-)
299687299687B001KWEZTOA3RG71S0B36T0Ipickycustomer0051339632000Long Lasting YeastIt's been over a year since I bought it. I am not able to use all of them. Last time I used about few months ago and the yeasts are still active. I place unused yeast in freezer and a small jar in the refrigerator. I don't know how long I can keep it in freezer. I guess as long as they are active after adding warm water. It should be fine.

Yes, I will buy it again.
299688299688B001KWEZTOA17FJWN9D83B4ITwinsForMeToday0051336089600Good Quality but A Huge PackageQuality yeast. Dissolves well in proofing for bread. This is a 2 lb package all in one vacuum sealed bag. I stored mine in several containers in the fridge per manufacturers directions.
299689299689B001KWEZTOA1WBYOXQPMJQS5James L. Pautz II0051333238400Much better deal than in the grocery storeOther reviewers mentioned some club based big box stores had it cheaper, but this is way cheaper than any regular grocer. Red Star is quality. The bread is delicious.
299690299690B001KWEZTOA1HG82U7GY9531J. Paschal0051325808000Best yeast everI was surprised at how much better this yeast was in making my breads and pizza doughs rise. There really is a big difference in yeast and by far, Red Star has proven to be the best on the market! This bag is vacuumed sealed making it even fresher than what you buy at the grocery store. I am very pleased with the results and will continue to purchase this yeast. Highly recommend to any baker!
299691299691B001KWEZTOA262UJYLX0LATVdan0051322438400amazing product!!!! will buy againproduct is amazing proofs really quick and comes in a well sealed and packaged container. will be buying this product again.
299692299692B001KWEZTOA1JR9YLLHKL1UKC. Brenner0051317859200A Real Bargain if You Are A Baker!I bake bread about twice a week and yeast at the supermarket is a rip-off when compared to this product. It takes me about 5 minutes to repackage the yeast and I keep most of it in the freezer until I need it. The yeast rises the dough perfectly every time. The price is excellent.
299693299693B001KWEZTOA346IFJRPKJOI9enginxxxx0051317513600Amazing price, don't buy from stores!I am baking at home a lot and was buying dry yeast of the same brand from stores. It is a small jar (113.4 g/4 OZ) and lasts only a couple of weeks and the price is almost same with this product! I used this product in my pizza dough and it is no different than the one I bought from the store. While it is much cheaper, I add more yeast in my doughs and they rise much faster. You should definitely stop buying from stores and try this product.
299694299694B001KWEZTOA3AGSGH58LLF7BHyunmo Kim0051315353600very goodgood quality
big size
very good
I will buy next again
we happy because of bought good production
thanks so much
299695299695B001KWEZTOA2BCRFDZ30JAZP401220100051299715200Excellent ProductMy father-in-law loves to bake but has had difficulty finding good yeast. I found this product online and mailed it to him. It arrived quickly. He LOVES the yeast.
299696299696B001KWEZTOA2YKVQ93IV2H6GC. Coburn "Mrs. Devine"005129487680010,4I got this for $10.40 which is a great deal compared to the little jars. I opened it and put it into "pasta sauce" jars in the freezer so it will last.
299697299697B001KWEZTOA3RCBYQZ7CO19JNorman Cohen0051277164800yeast feastmy bread baking leaves much to be desired but that's not because of red star - it does the job
299698299698B001KWEZTOAX345AJXIJ7DQSteven Chandler0051273449600Great Yeast for BakingThis vacuum packed container filled 6 1/2 of those Fleishman's Yeast jars that you buy at the supermarket. We've had a bit of bad luck recently with the Fleishman's yeast. (i.e. the homemade wheat bread, cinnamon rolls, etc. weren't rising) The first container of this has worked great. All of this yeast will probably last our family of five a year. Our hope is that the yeast survives that long.
299699299699B001KWEZTOA3GIK0YF0DANS2yain "yani"0051267660800A good dealI received the bag and divide it into 2 parts. One bottle i keep in my ref another I put in the frezer. It worked good. I like it.
299700299700B001KWEZTOA3QJQQZTKFV7BJSandy "WR Gma"0051267574400great value for frequent bakersI keep mine in the freezer between baking sessions, and I expect it to last a long time.

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