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299911299911B002ZJ4IYIA1UEZ90PJJTK41health seeker4451283126400Carb friendlyAs a diabetic I am always on the look out for low carb snacks. The dietician limits my carbs for snacks to between 15-30 g. My 100 calorie pack of Emerald Natural Walnuts & Almonds contains only 3g of carbohydrates. What a satisfying good deal!
I understand that most diabetics die from heart disease. The box claims this snack has 740 mg of omega-3 to help protect the heart. Prevention magazine says you probably won't get enough omega 3 from plant sources, but I think it could help.
299912299912B002ZJ4IYIA1IH7O6EL7SNBDJ. Stroh3351316649600A perfect snack!The amount of nuts in the package is perfect for a snack as it is not too much and not too little. The nuts are fresh and crunchy and the packages are very easy to open. The best part if that the case amount if very good for the price as I usually buy one box of seven for around $4.00 and I bought the whole case of twelve boxes for a little over $33. You can't beat the price and the product is very good.
299913299913B002ZJ4IYIA1XBK05EGSQMRLFrancisco Prieto "Eclectic in all respects"1151321747200good priceNot much you can say about this product. the are what it says. the balance between nuts is fair, the price was great, and while I doubt that each package is exactly 100 calories, it is was a great deal.

most important were the price and the nuts. as stated good price compared to local markets (including target) and they ARE FRESH.

nuff said
299914299914B002ZJ4IYIA3KURTMF4YP4S2NomadicShopper0051341792000Exactly as promised!This item was just as decribed - and the expiration date over a year away. Great price, great snack :) I'll post some pics of packaging so you can visualize.
299915299915B002ZJ4IYIA291HTT117RVS9MadisonVeggie "Lynette in Wisconsin"0051324512000Nice portion size, fresh nutsI prefer my nuts natural (raw and unsalted) and walnuts and almonds seem to have the most research behind them when it comes to healthiness. These are great snacks to keep around to avoid vending machines and the like.
299916299916B00473DT2CAFL8DI2C1ZPU8Joshua L. Peterson0051299542400Good Survival Food, Smells Like Hell Though, Which May Be a Good Thing!I dont care much for the idea of starving to death, so i bought a bunch of cans of this stuff for survival purposes. Buddy of mine eats this stuff all the time and loves every spoonful. He said the menudo sin maiz had alot more fat in it, then the regular stuff. Looking at the label, he was right. During a survival situation, everything you could get your hands on will be lean meat, cats, dogs, birds, fish, rabbits ect ect. You need fat in order live and stay healthy. Cornbeef Hash is also another good survival food. If you think bad times are coming, you might want to buy a couple cases, or more. If you think the Government is gonna be there to put food in your belly during a collapse, you might want to think about the situation further. I'm gonna get me some more also and put it up.

This stuff smells so bad, people in the area might not even make a connection that your heating up food? Im gonna use it as a soup base to add in other stuff i wouldnt normally eat. You'll eat it if your hungery, and its good for you also. Thats the whole point i guess in a post SHTF type of deal. Buying this reminds me to get some metal soup bowls.
299917299917B00545PN3UA1FWI9UT6L9E9Qsophie34131151330473600Great food!My cat loves this new food and the hairballs have drastically cut down since switching to this new food. She has also had an increase in her energy and her fur is shiner than ever!
299918299918B00545PN3UA33U8304RD0F6BShay1151322956800ExcellentExcellent, high quality product. In particular a great way to get your finicky kitty to consume more liquids, as the gravy seems irresistible even for the most picky of eaters.
299919299919B00545PN3UA2R8OP0Y1YTJ1UR. Felter0011345852800They won't touch it.My cats are gravy lickers who tend to leave the meat in the bowl. They love canned (rinsed) tuna, so I've been trying to find a wet food they'd enjoy as much to transition them off of dry. This food as a big step backwards; they won't even eat the gravy, which they really enjoy in cheaper foods. I thought the problem might be the faux meat in cheap foods, but this more natural product doesn't interest them at all. Now I need to find someone to donate the rest to.
299920299920B00545PN3UA222AFPVSGC98LBonnyBlue220051331769600A kitty favorite!My kitties love this and I'm so happy I found out about these because turns out the older pouches I was buying from our grocery store were full of bad ingredients. These are great, natural cat food meals with gravy and chunks and my kitties purr every time I get one out. There's no corn, soy or wheat added - thank goodness. Cupcake even bats my leg until I fill his bowl!
299921299921B00545PN3UA3MYVQRJWL1RQ9Huddy's Mama0051327622400great food!My kitty eats all the flavors of Natural Balance Platefulls on rotation, and loves all of them equally. He gets dry food in the morning, and a pouch for dinner every night. His coat is GORGEOUSLY soft and shiny, and these pouches don't give him nasty gas or rowdy bad breath like some other canned/pouch foods. When I first opened a pouch, I saw that it had peas and carrots in it, and I figured those would be left behind in the bowl. Cats just...don't eat vegetables. To my surprise, the bowl was licked clean! And after 3 months, he still licks the bowl clean every night!
299922299922B0002ASCO4A6NQ0MXJFKE13L. HILL "LadyWinter"414151275696000Best non-automatic litter disposal system w/better directions!This is an excellent product, second only to my Litter Robot. Instead of inserting the sifter into the "in use" pan, I put it in the unused pan. When time to sift, I just pour the litter from the "in use" pan into the empty pan with the sifter. I lift the sifter, dump the sifted contents into the trash, pour the litter back into the "in use" pan, put the sifter back into the empty pan, and put the "in use" pan on top. All this in less time than it would take me to scoop! It is my opinion that the instructions would be better illustrated this way--no potential for clumps stuck to the sifter. Hope this helps!
299923299923B0002ASCO4A1KNZUGRNVD6FAJohn Crichton282951273449600Great pans for wood pellets!I recently made the switch over to wood pellets from clay-based litters. In doing so, I needed to buy some new litter boxes, and the Van Ness sifting pans seemed to fit the bill.

I've been using them for two weeks now and love how easy they are to use. I don't know how well they would work with clay-based litters - I never really liked the sifting litter boxes I had used when I used to use clay.

However, for wood pellets (which are biodegradable, odor absorbing, cheaper, and last longer) it works great. The sifting slots are big enough to let all of the sawdust fall through, but the solid pellets and solid waste remain on top. It's also nice that they give you an extra bottom pan to swap out when cleaning. The boxes themselves easily fit my cats (one is rather large at around 15 lbs.) and they had no problem adjusting to them from the XL Booda Domes we used to use.

I purchased 3 of these (one for each cat), and I would definitely recommend them to anyone else using wood pellets for litter.
299924299924B0002ASCO4A1U2Q8LDK4TRZWT. Shepard "stockbridger"323811285200000Don't buy for Feline Pine litterThis would be a great litter box for some litters, especially with the double bottom trays that make cleaning easier. However, contrary to a previous review, I found this box bad for Feline Pine wood pellet litter. The slots in the top sifting pan are exactly the same size as the Feline Pine pellets, so pellets block most slots. In addition, the top sifting pan does not sit sufficiently high above the pan below it. Both lead to powder piling up very quickly in the top pan, defeating part of the purpose of Feline Pine.

If you use Feline Pine (and I recommend that highly) Feline Pine Original Cat Litter, 40-Pound Bags, buy the box made specifically for it, sometimes offered on Amazon but, if not, at [...]. It has the right sized holes in the top tray and the proper height difference and thus works terrifically. It costs a bit more but is completely worth it.
299925299925B0002ASCO4AU58HKM379ZPRJ. Beach "Mwa"6651301788800Best I've Found So FarI bought one of these and like it better than a standard scoop litter box. I read the review from the person who puts the litter in the box without the sifter and then dumps it into the box with the sifter to separate the clean litter from the doo. I tried this and it works better than the instructions that come with the box. I bought a second one and it takes me about 3 minutes to clean both with only occasional use of a scoop to loosen debris.

The elevated sides do not keep my cat from flinging litter everywhere. I think she knows it frustrates me and that's why she does it.
299926299926B0002ASCO4A26K532VHP6DQ1Eclectic Reader6631281398400Works ok for pine litterI've only used this for pine litter not clay. It works ok. The best thing about it is that underneath the screen I line the bottom pan with 1/2 a kitchen garbage bag and some newspaper (the newspaper of the free weeklys fits perfectly) The cats can't tear the plastic or paper because it's protected by the sifting part. Clean-up is much easier. Also the second pan is super convenient and can even be used as a litter box independently of the hood in a pinch. Hood is nice for keeping litter inside when the cats are pawing at the litter to cover up. (It's obvious this thing is not meant to be picked up by the hood - as long as you always pick it up using the pan portion it will not fall apart or dump litter on the floor.)

Where it doesn't work great is that only some of the saw dust falls through. (Urine without sawdust will also fall through... but lining the bottom pan makes this less problematic) A lot of it gets stuck in the holes along with the pellets sometimes requiring a lot of tapping. It was taking me a lot longer to clean the litter than my other litter box where I use clay. I was going to give up on pine all together (my cats don't like it as much as the soft clay), but I altered my methods and after scooping the poop, scoop up the areas of "sawdust mountains" and basically sift it so the saw dust falls into the trash and the pellets stay in the scoop. Then I can get by without doing the whole tapping thing/change everything every day. (It's hot and pine does not have great odor control.)

Overall I think I can live with this system, despite it's imperfections. Less silica dust which is key for me. Litter box overall is cleaner. Pine pellet tracking is overall easier to deal with than clay tracking. Will get another sifting box for my second cat. My other cat is BIG and I've seen him use this litter box - it's a little on the small side for him. Still deciding whether to reorder this or experiment with a different sifting box to see if it works better.

DEC 2011 EDIT:

Since I wrote the review I've tried the x-large Van Ness sifting pan (highly recommend avoiding - doesn't work for feline pine at all) and the boxes specially designed for Feline pine (as well as the Litter Robot). It's definitely worth buying the litter boxes from feline Pine over this one even though they are more expensive. They do work so much much better than this that I ended up getting a second Feline pine pan despite still having this one. They do lack the convenience of that second solid pan that this one has - so I actually use my no longer used Van Ness pans to put the sifting part of the feline pine pan on while I'm cleaning out the bottom part. So I've downgraded this from four to three stars since while it is marginally acceptable for Feline Pine, it is considerably more bother than just using Feline Pine's. I have to admit though with a 100% Feline Pine household I had some issues of one of my two cat peeing outside the litter box. I ended up getting a Litter Robot (which gave me much pause because of the price) which has worked great (However, one must have clumping litter with the litter Robot so it is not compatible with feline pine pellets). The best thing is that the cats exclusively poop in the litter robot but do use my two feline pine boxes to pee sometimes. Since feline pine works great with pee but not so much with poop this is the best of all worlds and I believe both my cats are happier. I am definitely happier and spend a lot less time dealing with the litter boxes. Bottom line: it's worth paying more for the Feline Pine Pan over this one if you use the pellet form of Feline Pine.
299927299927B0002ASCO4A1HOLE9R6WPT85Mad Max6621265932800Great idea, wish it worked ~very messy~We bought the large sifting box, the nicest one (with lid). Did not work for our 2 cats.

We used extra-clumping litter, as instructed (that's the kind we use anyway), but the clumps of pee get stuck on the sifter.

The "hard" waste sifts out just fine. But the pee causes a huge gummy mess. It's too big & gets stuck on the sifter. Then I had to spend several minutes, each time, shaking & scrubbing the sifter pan into the trash bag. And (hate to be overly descriptive here) if your cat ever has diarrhea, the sifter will get ~really~ messy.

I then bought a kitchen scrubber to scrape off the residue each time. I'm laughing, in retrospect, as to how much effort I put into this - I really wanted this to work. I can imagine if you only have one (small) cat who only pees small bits at a time, it may work better.

Tried feline pine & also crystals. Successfully sifted out the poop, but the urine just goes straight to the bottom, which *never* gets sifted out. It starts smelling quickly, & you have to manually clean the box.

Then, the box has fallen apart on me "twice" while trying to move it - the plastic latches pop off easily. Made a huge mess all over the floor.

Then one day I decided this was much more work than my old basic litter box. This is a great idea, wish it worked.

If anyone knows of a better product or method, please leave a comment. For auto-sifting, so far I've found the liner bags work better than just about anything. I've also tried toilet training, but the smaller cat jumps into the toilet to give himself a bath if the toilet lid is left open (he loves to swim - we can't stop him from jumping in the tub or shower with us. Yeah, I've got some crazy cats. We love them.)
299928299928B0002ASCO4A3G3OTYWQT4MUZJen W.4411329609600InconvenientI've always used the regular "litter tray with the scooper" procedure but when I saw this type, it seemed too good to be true. It was. When you pour the litter on top of the strainer tray, some of the clean litter sifts through and the cats end up with half of the clean litter originally put in. The clumping litter makes solids adhere to the underside of the strainer tray. You have to bang it against something to get the dirty litter off. As you do this, litter sprays around the floor -- no matter how hard you try to be neat, adding an additional "sweeping step" to the whole procedure. Also, the litter you have "strained" weighs in pretty hefty when you're crouched on the floor lifting and sifting the entire tray of litter daily! So, I say, if you just scoop it daily with a regular scoop, you will get the job done in half the time, with half the mess and half the trouble. I'm going back to the old method.
299929299929B0002ASCO4A1MXHD5QFQNZXZmomof1gr8girl4451327708800Way better than scoopingI have to tell you how I just cut down on litter box cleaning by 10x. I bought this box. We'd had one of these before but the problem was two fold. First our cats need a covered box or they make a huge mess. Second the "waste" would clump to the sifter thing which just made it gross. The other day I read on a blog how these are so awesome if you don't follow the directions. You don't use them as the litter box. You use them as a giant scoop. You pick up the litter box, pour all the contents into this. The stuff in the filter you throw out. The litter that goes through you put back in the box. We have three litter boxes. Took me longer to take the lids off than to "scoop" them now. You don't get the stuck yuck either because it isn't drying and clumping to the sifter. Best investment in a while
299930299930B0002ASCO4A6GJSZ32C8HPTJulia Zheng3351311984000Best Litter Box For the Feline Pine LitterI prefer feline pine litter to sand litter for varies of reasons, one of them being that they do a fantastic job absorbing odors. The pines break apart after being urinated on, so something like a screen that can screen out the sawdust would be ideal. This sifting pan works great. We put a trash bag around the bottom pan, so after all the sawdust are screened out we just throw away the bag. Easy and clean.
299931299931B0002ASCO4ATQ8V25KP7IOBsummer fun MI3321286150400Not good for FELINE PINESomeone's review claimed this litter box is good for the Feline Pine pellets.. NOT TRUE! The pellets fit exactly in the grid. You can shake a bit of the sawdust through, but for the most part, it's a huge hassle because the holes are all blocked with the pellets! It makes a huge mess! SO BUMMED I just wasted ~$20 on this thing! (Get the official Feline Pine sifting box.)
299932299932B0002ASCO4A26I7BU3M58NDUC. Jones2251323043200Easy to use litter boxThis is the best cat litter box next to the LitterMaid automatic litter box we had. Bought this to replace the automatic litter-box that is 7 years old and finally went kaput. This thing is so easy to clean. It only takes a couple of minutes to have a clean litter box again using this one.
299933299933B0002ASCO4A17BFR144UZTDESabine Meyer2211317600000MessyToo messy - sifting the litter creates a lot of dust which goes right into my nose. Also, the pan is too low near the entrance, resulting in a lot of spilled litter. And finally, the process of disassembling, sifting, reassembling takes longer than scooping. I will use the pans for something else.
299934299934B0002ASCO4A37R3P5JFNQG8SKaren Wilber2251313884800Makes a dirty job easierWe bought our first sifting litter box with this design many years ago and always loved the ease of using the sifter, rather than scooping. Clumps could be a problem, but the ease of sifting outweighed the occasional tough wet clump. (Besides the whole thing should be cleaned periodically anyway)

After adopting 2 more cats, we needed more litter boxes. I tried one of this model and found that the design had been greatly improved. The size and distance between the slots was modified, allowing for more sifting and fewer clumps. The plastic used for the sifter and trays is slightly more flexible and easier to handle. Sometimes I have to bang the sifter against the inside of our garbage can to dislodge all the clumps, but it generally comes clean quickly.

Even our neighbor, who takes care of our cats from time to time, remarked on the ease of cleaning these litter boxes.

I like this model so much that I purchased a 2nd one. The entry says "assorted colors". Both of mine are purple. My cats don't care.
299935299935B0002ASCO4A3Q9LQLNW5V6QPSweetjane2251308787200Great for pine pellets (provided you get the right ones)"the item is as described ..however I bought this item based on the fact that a few other reviewers stated it worked great for pine pellets as well...however I find that the holes are too large and the pellets fall right through...rather than just letting the sawdust fall thru and leaving the pellets on for the purpose I purchased it for its useless for sure it works great for scoopable litter"

would like to update my suggested by other reviewers of the pine pellets....i purchased a bag of pine pellets at my local horse feed store for a fraction of the cost of feline pine or any other of the brands at pet stores..they work wonderfully with this box as the pellets are much larger (and far more absorbent) and dont fall through the holes.....Now this box works wonderfully for me and my cats :P
299936299936B0002ASCO4A3PU2F4BO6N11HDevonRexLover2211281830400Big poopy messMy husband and I had been using the omega paw rolling litter boxes for three years with few issues. The only downside is that when rolled, after the plastic has had time to warp, there is some litter that leaks out when rolling the box. Nothing a dust buster can't suck up in a jiffy. These pans were a new addition and were a total nightmare. No scoop needed is a lie. My cats managed to practically empty the litter out of the pans and the mess that wasn't on the floor was left in the pockets of the sifter that required a separate scoop to clean out. If you use Tidy Cats for small spaces or something similar, this pan is not for you. The litter gets stuck in the cracks and you need a toothbrush and a head pin to get it out of the little cracks and crevices. It seems like a great idea in theory, but for the type of litter we use and our cat's tendency to send litter flying, we would be spending hours scooping, sifting and cleaning. :o( We are back to omega paw and our poop drawer will do just fine. Unfortunately after all this our cat for the first time ever left a pile for us on the litter mat in defiance when we returned to omega paw. :o( I guess she liked the mess.
299937299937B0002ASCO4A1T0Y6FKQKGS1AM. Killam "thisismatt"1131344729600Not for wood pelletsI bought this on the chance that it might work for wood pellets. The simple answer is 'no'. The sifting tray sits directly on the bottom of the main box, meaning that wood pellet dust has nowhere to go other than the small amount that would fill the sifting tray mesh. I'm sure it would work well with normal clumping clay litter, but for wood pellets it gives no advantage. It does seem well constructed and if I were using clumping litter I would probably give it 5 stars.
299938299938B0002ASCO4A2QP3K6N82M59QNikki Chandler1121327708800Great concept - but still needs some work!I was so excited when this finally arrived in the mail! I have 5 cats and I could not wait for the litterbox job to become quick and easy. I realized after reading other reviews that you either love it or you don't, we'll I don't! The first couple of times were fine, however after that the grate part kept having buildup which meant it had to be scooped or scraped off. When dumping from the sifting grate litter from the buildup spots would fall all over the floor, making a huge mess! I used it for a few days an decided that it was better to scoop and a lot less messy!
299939299939B0002ASCO4A2AB5SPISO6FYE. Henry1121325808000Good concept however there was still a mess to clean up.
299940299940B0002ASCO4A33H90BODMD7FZkd4pjq1141320278400sifting litterI use this product for cedar pellets. The 'saw dust' falls thru the sifter (must shake back and forth) and what is left on the top is reused (except the turds must be extracted first). It is not 'great' but makes better usage of the pellets and therefore much less waste.

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