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336241336241B000BRR8VQA2DH3QCVOS8XCYPatricia Pearson13716351198195200Salmon Dog TreatsMini Naturals - 1 pound - Salmon Flavored
Great product for training dogs! I use them all the time for training (walking on a lead, sitting, fetching). They are high in flavor so even with our 7 month Golden Retriever, treats cut in half work well for a reward. Unlike dog kibble or other treats, these are quickly digested so that your dog will not be gagging on them as he/she works on the next behavior. To keep fresh, keep bag tightly closed and put a portion of the cut treats in a resealable sandwich bag. If they do get exposed to air and dry out, a small portion of a moistened paper towel in the bag will restore them to original texture.
336242336242B000BRR8VQA3W37DL6P9WZHCSR151731229212800Dog likes them!My dog likes these treats, but definitely prefers the peanut butter ones better. One strange thing I've noticed with these treats is that they tend to harden very quickly -- so you're best off buying the small bag (seen here), not the bigger bag. It's strange -- the salmon flavor does harden faster than the peanut butter flavor. But, all in all, they're a good treat to feed your dog because they're so small. They're perfect for training, and Zuke's is always full of good things, not some crappy ingredients like some other dog treats out there.
336243336243B000BRR8VQA17IGFR37ISWPLL. Smith "Love to run"91051268870400Great for training!Surprised of the bad reviews because of the smell, . . .come on seriously? Dog lick their privates and smell each others butts. I mean the smell is hardly that of a baked apple pie but I love that these treats are made of natural ingredients. I also love the perfect pea sized shape. Not to much and not to little. My puppy loves the stuff and I've gotten him to do all sorts of things. Catch a frisbee, sit, down, shake, sit pretty, play dead, roll over, fetch, touch a target, say his prayers, stay, and come and he's only 4 months old. I make sure that I adjust his feeding when I treat so that he does not over eat for the day. These are great. I buy the peanut butter flavor.
336244336244B000BRR8VQA2CV6KXDKFYIN1regency reader91121292112000Great in Every Way Except they STINK!!I like almost everything about these treats (I got the chicken). They're small (though I still cut them in half when I'm not feeling lazy), perfect size for a quick training treat so that your dog can be rewarded but his attention stays on you (rather than on eating the treat).

I like the texture. They are moist but not wet so there is no sticky residue.

The price is good.

The ingredients are ok. Not great, despite the "natural" claim, but I don't necessarily expect treats to be healthy.

But, and it's a big but, they stink to high heaven. In fact, they stink so bad that I have to hold my breath whenever I open the bag, otherwise I will truly gag. I can't describe the smell but despite the "natural" ingredients, they smell nothing like what you would find in nature. These treats have been so highly processed that the original ingredients are beyond recognition.

Actually, the smell reminds me of kibble. I haven't fed my dogs kibble in over a decade, but whenever we dogsit and I get a whiff of our friends' dogs' kibble, I want to gag too. But the smell of Zuke's is at least 6 times stronger. I hate how the odor lingers on my fingers after I've handled the treats.

In fact, for a couple of days, while working at my desk, I would get a strong whiff of what smelled like crab. I had eaten a whole crab a couple of weeks ago and kept smelling my clothes, thinking that the crab smell hadn't washed out. But my clothes smelled clean. It wasn't until a couple of days later that I discovered the origin of that crabby smell. It was coming from a treat pouch I had put the Zuke's in and had left on the far corner of my desk about 4 feet away. If laundering doesn't remove that smell, I'm going to have to toss that pouch.

I feed raw green tripe to my dogs on a regular basis, and while some have likened the smell of that to sewage, I don't actually find the odor too offensive. Certainly isn't pretty but not enough to make me want to vomit. Zuke's actually makes me want to do that. It's unfortunate that they stink so much to me, because I would buy more otherwise. However, I will say that the 1 possible benefit of their intense odor is that it does get the dogs' attention and they don't seem to mind it.

But I guess I'll go back to making my own treats. Chicken/turkey heart or liver, cut up into pieces, then boiled. Pat dry, then stick in oven on low until dehydrated. Dogs love them just as much, and not only are they TRULY natural, they are human-grade, minimally processed, and actually healthy. The things I do for my dogs.
336245336245B000BRR8VQA18GRFBPQO1I17Courtney de Craen314351229904000Good treats!Our puppy loves these little treats! They are small enough to give him a few at a time, but I like to cut them up even smaller and use them for training. They are tiny as is (about the size of a pencil eraser), but can easily be cut into quarters for reward-based training. I will always keep these in stock for him!
336246336246B000BRR8VQA2ADFY7W2GQ8CXAjosef35 "Joey"3341339027200My dogs like them, but they STINK!We got the salmon and the peanut butter flavors for our puppies, and they go crazy for them. They were really hard to potty train, but these were small and healthy enough that we were able to give them to our dogs every time they pottied outside. They worked great for that, and our dogs finally got the message! But they really don't smell appetizing, and even one of the salmon ones will make their breath smell terrible for a whole day!

I'm giving it 4 stars for that reason. If your dogs like them as much as ours do, I think it's well worth the stinky breath.
336247336247B000BRR8VQALA15X444CMOULinda One "Lol925"2211330992000UnsuccessulI read that chicken jerky from China is dangerous for dogs so I was looking for another treat they would eat. This was not one of them. It didn't matter how hungry they got, they wouldn't eat these. They sat on the floor two days. I picked them up, threw them away and then tried again a few days later with fresh treats. I left them in their treat spots. They sat there for days. They would not eat them. It doesn't help if they were made in America but my dogs find them unpalatable.
336248336248B000BRR8VQA19123D9G66E0OTim2251325203200We call it doggie crack.I think the title explains it. We cut it into quarters and use it for rewarding our puppy while we train it. Took us 24 hours to teach a 8 week puppy to use the outdoor for relieving itself. The dog will do anything for a reward.
Do be careful in how you store it as it will dry out if exposed to too much air.
336249336249B000BRR8VQA3QYZEVC67S4OKjonesgrp2251241222400Excellent for training!These treats are excellent for training. My dogs love the (safe) peanut butter flavor. They come running when they hear the pouch open! A tad pricey, but worth it.
336250336250B000BRR8VQA6E8G4DVYEQY9adrianna0051328054400Awesome Treats!!both my 14 week old aussie and 60 lb cattle dog mix love them! perfect for training
336251336251B000BRR8VQA2AIJNI9Z49HZ9Marshmallow0041327622400Chicken-Flavored TreatsThis review is for Zuke's Chicken-Flavored treats.

The only problem I have with these treats is their overwhelming smell. It's not pleasant at all, almost like they're on the verge of spoiling. I've left the bag open accidentally and returned to the whole lower level of my house reeking. Even after putting them in a sandwich baggy for training during our walking session, the smell clung to my coat. Basically, anything these things touch, they'll share their smell with.

Stench aside, these are fabulous treats. My dog responds more readily to them during our training sessions than any others I've tried so far (guess what disgusts me smells like heaven to him). They're also already the perfect size, which is very convenient.

I'll definitely try out some different flavors next time.
336252336252B000BRR8VQA38RDZ7AXT6XIBCat0051327536000Great for trainingThese are fantastic training treats. Great to take on walks, perfect size. If your dog likes peanut butter he/she will looooove these!
336253336253B000BRR8VQAIJPCOCLGP2MXLee Livingood "Lee"0051327536000Quality Training TreatPerfect size for training. Easy to break in half (or smaller) for smaller dogs and toy breeds. Haven't found any dogs yet who have turned them down. I appreciate the quality of the ingredients. It's not easy to find good treats which don't require refrigeration. These are small and soft and perfect for class. They have enough smell/taste appeal to compete with other normal training class environment. I've purchased these in a number of flavors for use in classes and with my own dogs. I recommend them to my students because of the quality and convenience.
336254336254B000BRR8VQA33AQPJYH7UUXRDesert Gypsy "A Brooklyn Girl Out West"0041327276800a tip for keeping zukes fresh on the goTIP: My little guy really loves the Zukes Mini peanut butter treats. I always keep a little stash with me wherever we go
336255336255B000BRR8VQA1YE2MN9PHQ2TZmicheledollman0051327017600Dog loved it!I used these in conjunction with dog training, the are just the right size! I love natural/organic products and this one helped fit the bill.
336256336256B000BRR8VQA2RCGX6IGUMDS0M. Coggins0051326931200yumThe price for these on Amazon is a couple dollars cheaper than where I used to buy these. They are a nice treat for training, I sometimes even break them in half (even though they are small). They smell strong and my dog loves them.
336257336257B000BRR8VQAHWQEDBBE6HLGSheri D. Gubash0051326326400My Dog Loves themI use these as a training treat when walking, and my dog loves all the flavors. I like that they are made in USA and natural.
336258336258B000BRR8VQA3LSMD3EYK6HFRtj "luvs shoes"0051325980800best treats for trainingthese treats are the best we've found for training our rescue dog the basic commands. they are small, so easy to reward w/out overfeeding and the dog just loves them.
336259336259B000BRR8VQA3MU9EYVDQZ5CRDavid Hyunsuk Kim0051325635200can't get enough of it!i gave couple to start with my puppy and he lovesss it.
he just cannot get enough of it. everytime i open the seal, he knows it's coming and
when it's closed, he begs for more!

this has great scent when you grab it with your fingers so wash is a must after the treat, otherwise your fingers will be licked all day long =)
336260336260B000BRR8VQA1RUUIE772T6D8DeeDee0051325376000Salmon SellsMy puppy is willing to work for these treats. They're a great size for training. She wasn't crazy about the peanut butter flavor but she likes these.
336261336261B000BRR8VQAG76RPB77XY22Anna Lewis0051325203200GREATThese are great treats. I love that they are not large treats. They are perfect for training. All of our four dogs love them.
336262336262B000BRR8VQADCYAVE14OJCJVB "schanauzer lover"0051325203200low calorie treats for dogs who need many rewards a dayMy miniature schnauzer has a sensitive stomach. She has tolerated these without a stomach upset for several years now. The treats are so tiny that she can have several a day for all the good dog behaviors she has. They smell good but I have never tasted them. By saying "Zuke" she will stop barking or come to me in an instant and I will give her a Zuke. And she still feels she is the boss. Additionally, I add these to her prescription diet dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs and she eats her meal. She is a very high maintenance but adorable and loving.
336263336263B000BRR8VQA37B5UD233DOFA. Fossum0041325116800Great for trainingMy 4 month old puppy loves these. I agree with the other reviewer that they do tend to dry out fast so I recently ordered the PB kind to see if they stay soft longer. Of course, if you keep them in the package or a ziplock, they don't dry out, but when I'm training with them and have them in my pocket, they do start to get dry.

Training has been great with these treats. My dog is very responsive and I know I can use a lot of them without any upset GI issues as they're healthy for him too!
336264336264B000BRR8VQA2BEFHQR16KZB4Rhonda0051325116800My Westie loves these!These little treats are his favorite treat and he loves all three flavors but especially the peanut butter flavor. They are great for training or just because.
336265336265B000BRR8VQA3H5T46G1K6MBGKNJ180051324944000ExcellantCame quickly, perfect training treat, use them for a 50lb labradoodle, loves them and responds well for training needs, smell is strong must have a lot of flavor.
336266336266B000BRR8VQAMPGRXQMO89X9Faye L. Bowring0051324857600Our dog loves the peanut butter flavor!These Mini Naturals Peanut Butter flavor are a bit hit with our pup! And the mini-size is perfect for treating good behavior. I will buy more of these when she runs out of the several bags she received for Christmas. These treats were included in with other pet food items and arrived within a couple of days after I placed the order.
336267336267B000BRR8VQA1TS2XUVMM9AUOPaul J "Bit Pusher"0051324598400stinky delightI find these a little stinkier than most treats. This is probably why my dog suddenly turns into the most obedient dog on the Pacific coast any time these are near. I've used freeze dried liver, hot dogs, corn dogs, hamburger, lots of other things and these seem to be my dogs favorites.
336268336268B000BRR8VQAJHOQI0PH83A4Katie0051324598400Great treats!These treats are great. The ingredients are all natural and our dog loves them. Good for training since they are tiny. No more breaking up hard dog cookies and getting crumbs everywhere.
336269336269B000BRR8VQA14LGGRDGKO02YJojo "shopper"0051324339200good for grain sensitive dogsmy dog seems to be grain sensitive.
he had dirrahea til i switched him to taste of the wild food and stopped giving treats that had grain in it
so i stick to this treat only.
he hasn't had dirrahea yet.

its small - so its great cuz i don't want a fat dog

the on
336270336270B000BRR8VQAA8EVHLG6J5N3gammyd0051324339200mini treatsI like that these are small. You can make your dog happy with just a couple at a time. Again, I have always bought the Zuke Brand and been happy.

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