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336961336961B004NVBE8YAS3L1FP0TOX6Ecathyb3351330300800DOGS LOVE THESEBought these after speaking with a Blue Buffalo rep inside a store. The ingredient list is amazingly good, the product is MADE IN AMERICA, and my dogs go nuts for them.
336962336962B004NVBE8YA1NHW81RUT125Mangie3351326067200my dogs luv themmy 2 chows and shar pei LOVE the biscuits we feed them the same kinda dog food so i wanted to make sure they would eat the biscuits also and like i said they LOVE then,now im waiting on a diff. flav. to see if they like them alos so they dont get board with the same thing all the i would say they are worth buying,price is high but if you love your dogs as much as i do then its well worth it.
336963336963B004NVBE8YA2IDRAYYZ5GKBZCathy J. Goden0051350086400My dogs' favorite bedtime snackMy two dogs absolutely love these biscuits. While they may get an occasional treat during the day; they are firmly entrenched in their bedtime "cookie" routine. Not a chance that I would be allowed to forget this special moment as far as they're concerned. My big shepherd is a huge fan of most cookies...rarely have I known him to turn down any type...but he does get more excited about these than he does most of the others. My little 12-year old terrier is particularly finicky about her choice of biscuits though. I used to buy mostly dried "jerky" type treats for both dogs. The jerky comes in a variety of meat types and is easy to keep in a pocket without crumbling. I've noticed in the past year though that my little old girl has trouble with the dried jerky. She gets so excited about getting the treat and gulps it down too quickly; and then spends the next 20 minutes hacking and gagging because pieces got stuck or scratched her throat. This worried me so I switched to biscuit types that will crumble when she bites into them. This is the only biscuit type that I can get her to least of the healthy ones that I would be willing to feed them. When I have tried to give her a different type, she grabs the biscuit as usual and then just spits it out and continues to look at me expectantly...still waiting for the "right" cookie. She will opt to have NO cookie if I've run out of BB Wilderness biscuits. I've tried the duck version of this biscuit also. She still spits it out, but at least goes ahead and eats it if she realizes that the salmon ones aren't going to materialize.

I only buy high-quality, healthy snacks for our pooches. When I removed wheat and corn from their diet several years ago, my little terrier got rid of her "itchiness" for the first time ever. No more feet chewing. It's great to find dog snacks like these that are grain-free and only full of healthy ingredients. The price on Amazon is good. I'm currently using up my stockpile of bags that I bought when a local store was closing and I was able to get them for $8/bag. I'll be ordering them from Amazon once my stash is gone. Can't have my little girl going "cookie-less."
336964336964B004NVBE8YA2068RA1LQ4MMQGinger0051349481600Dog TreatsMy dog loves these & the Blue Buffalo brand! She use to be fussy but not any more. I'm amazed at how much she loves this product & its' good for her. Great Product!
336965336965B004NVBE8YA2P2PBLK9QJ5A6AdamV.19830051340150400Great dog treatsMy dog absolutely enjoyed these cookies every time I gave her one! I would recommend buying that for your animals because they are healthy!
336966336966B003C4YIFEA3NEAETOSXDBOMStephen M. Charme9951302480000Great way to start your dayI don't like strong bold coffee, but I do like something with a little "punch" in it to start the day. This coffee is just right. It is a delicious tasting medium bold coffee that is great to drink in the morning, though I drink it other times as well. It has a very pleasant aroma that completes the taste experience. I vacation a lot in Vermont, and this tastes just as good as the coffee in the small country store where I get my morning coffee.

Bottom line: This is one of my favorite "wake up" coffees. I recommend it.
336967336967B003C4YIFEA2YEI6F7619EIAjessica "i love the 80's"8851300406400Great coffee!Green Mountain Coffee has lots of excellent k-cups to choose from. I find this to be just a tad stronger than Nantucket and just a smidge weaker that Lake and Lodge. All three are great, but this is my fave of the three. I would describe it as a bit stronger flavored than your typical medium roast, but not enough to turn you off if you dislike "bold" flavors.
336968336968B003C4YIFEA373VVEU6Z9M0NDr. Terry W. Dorsett3341296777600so easy to useI am not a big coffee drinker, but these little single serving cups make a hot, fresh cup of coffee that even "tea" drinkers like me are tempted to chug down. The Vermont blend is one of the best flavors Green Mountain Coffee makes.
336969336969B003C4YIFEA3356C71R17JXPcarb101 "carb101"2251337817600The office favoriteWhen I started working at my current employer, we had a Keurig and many, many coffee choices, mostly because each person had their own favorites. I was trying all the coffees looking for my favorite when I found a sample pack of Vermont Country Blend. A few cups of coffee later, it had become my favorite, and I ordered a box. Soon, everyone in the office was drinking it, and it's the only coffee we stock now. I always feel pleased when we have guests at the office, and they compliment the coffee - which is most of the time we have guests. It makes me feel like I found a real gem.
336970336970B003C4YIFEAST8Y2XPBEE2Dchellesdogs2251312848000Great Morning CoffeeI'm really enjoying Vermont Blend in the morning. It is a little stronger than Nantucket Blend and yet smooth with a bit of a kick. A great "get up and go" drink.
336971336971B003C4YIFEA9YG5QJ1U7P12G. Mitter2251309651200My favorite blend from Green MtnI've tried all kinds of k-cups and this is my favorite. It is rather mellow and for myself being a cream/sugar guy, I prefer this black and plain due to the smooth taste.
336972336972B003C4YIFEA2BPTUL8IPG6KEMelissa Feagins4551303689600Love this coffeeThis is the perfect blend of coffee for me any time of day. Not too bold, not too weak, just right.
336973336973B003C4YIFEA1BDMSNJVHCS8WJ. L. Knox1151337472000Very good mild flavorI usually like dark/very dark roasts, so this surprised me. It's a wonderful light toasty medium roast. I bought it thinking we should have some "regular" coffee on hand for guests, but will have to order more, because I've been drinking it. This is very good basic coffee, medium roast, not acidic tasting, no big bite or aftertaste. Will definitely buy more.
336974336974B003C4YIFEA71EN0B0MEZKKRoy W. Scarlett1151323907200My favorite coffeeI have tried a lot of different coffees and this one is my all time favorite! the aroma when brewing is an instant wake up. The flavor is just as good as the smell. Not a strong coffee, but very flavorful, not bitter, nice finish, great!
336975336975B003C4YIFEA1RBP6GG57VOWZJonathan Paul1151322524800Quickly Becoming My FavoriteThis coffee has a wonderful taste and aroma. I take my coffee with just a little sugar and no cream/flavorings because I feel that a good coffee should have enough flavor to stand on its own. This one does. I love it. Just enough acidity but not a hint of bitterness. Very smooth, and yet it still has some character - it's certainly not a weak coffee by any means. I bought this along with GMC's Wild Mountain Blueberry, which also comes highly recommended. Between you and me, I enjoy this blend more than the blueberry.
336976336976B003C4YIFEA2OO3R7V5E10QLjadelion1111320624000Greenmountain Coffee for Keurig Brewer: Too WeakI bought Greenmountain Vermont Country Blend for my home Keurig brewer because it was so good at work. Got my box delivered to my home and was disappointed to find it way too weak. Nothing like the brew at work. I opened up a K-cup and added more coffee to it from another one and it was normal (very good). I'm getting an RMA number and sending it back along with the pumpkin spice coffee which was also too weak.
336977336977B003C4YIFEA3GTJRN69C2WLWSusan1141315958400smooth , great tasteDecided to try a new coffee. green mountain vermont country blend k-cups were a nice change from our usual stronger bold coffees.
336978336978B003C4YIFEA3JMC4L5MY5MGHJackie L. Jamison1151314316800coffeeI love this coffee! I very much enjoy and appreciate my Keurig coffee maker, and I have struck up a great appreication of Green Mountain coffees! This is the first I've tried the Vermont Country Blend, and once again, oh yes -- great coffee!
336979336979B003C4YIFEA2Y7F4PJP3ATIQDr. Mark Griffin1151308614400Bold and beautiful!We love this particular blend of Green Mountain coffee. Bold enough and filled with the tastes that make that morning coffee break something to look forward to each day! Highly recommend this product.
336980336980B003C4YIFEARF68TNHBLABEcoffee girl2341299196800Vermont CountryGood coffee for first thing in the morning, but can taste just a little bitter if you let it get cold.
336981336981B003C4YIFEAQ80LJNDLVZPGPinkBiker0031346803200Good coffeeMy husbands favorite coffee. It isn't stocked locally in k cups. It's over priced here compared to other k cups, hence the 3 star review.
336982336982B003C4YIFEAQOY334UL0B95Mark S. Johnson "Nobodo"0051345248000Good quality coffeeThis coffee has a very good flavor, and is not bitter at all. I like also that it is one of the least expensive k-cup options.
336983336983B003C4YIFEA3CR32Y57ZV7ZYNH&0051344124800Vermont Country blend is my favorite!
336984336984B003C4YIFEA22KB3GQ5DLN2Ikc0051339632000Great price fast delivery. I am now a repeat customer!When I first ordered on line I thought it was unusual to buy my coffee pods off the Internet. Now I am about to order for the third time. They are too expensive to purchase from the store and the boxes are to small. I love to be able to get a larger quantity and you can't beat the price. Fast delivery and free shipping is great!
336985336985B003C4YIFEAGCZ6TYOZQ08Bdad58550051338940800very goodthe coffee is very good for the price. I would and going to buy more from them. I like alot of Green Mountain coffee blends. It came fast and it went fast also. Would tell others all about it
336986336986B003C4YIFEARUGLJXJNEIKWKit0021335398400Bad tasteI typically go for breakfast blends, but this coffee simply tastes bad. I'd recommend trying some variety packs rather than buying one big pack as I did.
336987336987B003C4YIFEA7XD6USME37GGMatthew Sutherlin0051335225600Vermont Country BlendGreat coffee at a good price. Love my Keurig and the convenience these cups offer. These are usually strong enough to use twice, or run two cycles through to get one 16oz cup of coffee.
336988336988B003C4YIFEA35E925HTVMI06jmtucker0051335052800Absolutely delicious coffee!I have had several different flavors of Green Mountain Coffee in the past, but could never remember the name of the one I enjoyed the most so I took a shot in the dark and ordered this one! Am I glad I did! I like a nice medium roast that doesn't taste watery or weak, but isn't going to be super bold or bitter either. If you want a great medium roast with an awesome taste, this is the coffee for you!
336989336989B003C4YIFEA3O11WW8067QERjasmine0041332806400great tastethis brand has always amazed people with their coffee flavors, and the vermont country blend is just one of them, my husband and i tried it for the 1st time and we loved it....
336990336990B003C4YIFEA3TX6CWSZL02PWLaVerne ":LaVerne"0051329004800Nice Aroma While BrewingA very pleasant taste with a nice aroma while brewing. It does not leave an after-taste and makes you want to have another cup. Good product I continue to buy.

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