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337921337921B00125PX9UA1MCTJMT8JW0LQG. Crooks71111268352000Don't be fooled by the pictureI love the Diet Berry Energy Drink for all the reasons mentioned here. However, please note that the "diet" Berry Energy Drink is no longer available at all and anyone who orders the product pictured here won't get it.

Much to my dismay, Steaz decided to eliminate the "diet" version and replace it with a "zero" calorie drink.

A few weeks ago, Whole Foods folks told me Steaz just made a packaging change, so thinking it was the original "diet" version, I bought 4 cartons. Not wanting to lug them back to the store when I found out that the "zero" version was not the usual "diet" version in a new can, and hoping that maybe the "zero" version was acquired taste, I drank all 16 cans. Ugh. Awful stuff. I'll never buy another "zero" version.

I was delighted to see the "diet" version available on this site and odered some. I've just returned it because what was shipped was the "zero" version, not the "diet" version. I thought maybe someone in a warehouse just packed the box wrong, but after time on the phone with the supplier and emails with Steaz, it turns out that the "diet" version won't be available at all.

Someone needs to update the photo on this site.
337922337922B00125PX9UA16QCKWSA7MGXHMargaret M. Lehey "Katie1"0111270857600Wrong ItemI ordered the Steaz Diet Energy drink that had 40 cal per serving and was pictured on the web site. I got the 0 calorie one that I did not enjoy at all. Could not find a way to contact amazon other than to just send back. Still w like the product I ordered.
337923337923B00125PX9UA25MW8DQPPM2VIyihwan0211289692800not for everyonei don't want to discount all the positive reviews here, but i have to say that this energy simply does not work for everyone.

i drank a lot of target-brand archer farms energy drinks which worked moderately well for me, but i wanted to try this because it was organic and presumably healthier than energy drinks with taurine and artificial colorings.

i bought a four pack from whole foods with high expectations. man i was disappointed. first of all, the diet version tastes very much like carbonated water with that unique (somewhat unpleasant) "energy-drink" after-taste. there is absolutely no flavor at all. some people might like it, and i might have even put up with it had the actual drink worked, but i still can't get used to the watery taste.

the first time i tried a can, i was really tired and had hoped that this would give me the boost i needed to finish my papers. not only did it not have any effect, it helped me doze off into a nice two hour nap right after drinking the entire can in a couple minutes. there goes my productivity.

i really wanted to like this product, so i tried the rest of the cans in the pack, hoping that the first one was just a dud and that the others would be better. nope. no effect, nothing. out of curiosity, i tried drinking one when i wasn't tired at all just to test out its effects, and IT ACTUALLY MADE ME SLEEPIER. that's right, this alleged "energy" drink might as well be filled with serotonin because that's what it felt like for me.

needless to say, there is not a single redeeming quality about this drink (for me, anyways). the taste sucks. the efficacy sucks. the price sucks (considering the first two factors). the packaging is nice though. maybe you could dec out your room in these trendy looking cans to get a healthy, hipster-ish atmosphere going. but at $2 a pop, you might be better off sticking to monochromatic prints of random skies, forests, and other places you've never been.

bottom line, THIS DRINK SUCKS.
337924337924B001SAWO82A3H5LA6MFHAI2JR. Mazzafero "R. Mazzaferro"0151238371200Don't tell mom we know her secretIm from western PA and everytime I go home to visit my family I stop at Primanti Brothers and Delallos. Bout time you get some more of their products on here cause shipping with my family or their site is killing me. With the recession I am going to have to move home or go broke from shipping. Go STEEELERS!
337925337925B001CAXRSEAMW1DT0OBM623Linda H. Ambill4441313366400Disappointed at first, but then . . . .I was very disapointed at first. I followed all instructions, but nothing ever appeared. Consequently, I put it away. In May, I decided to give it one more try. I added the rest of the soil and planted all of the remaining seeds. Eventually, plants started poking through the dirt. Only 9 seeds have germinated and are continuing to grow, but I am enjoying watching them. If they live, I will eventually transplant them into a larger terrarium (already have plans drawn for it).
337926337926B001CAXRSEA79G73UDP2DZDLesley Jane Bhadresa5611270252800Total Letdown!This toy is a waste of time. One can only assume that there is great educational value if the seeds germinate, which they did not. All instructions were followed and the toy was placed in an ideal place, still, nothing. I would buy the seeds yourself and let your little one help plant them without the use of the dome. Simply use sandwich bags and an elastic band to create small greenhouses.
337927337927B001CAXRSEA1SOVLYILVWP1IMary C. Dahbura4511274486400Disappointed - Rate it at 0These were not at all what I had expected and only a few of the seeds have come out - I ordered 4 of these. I am disappointed.
337928337928B001CAXRSEA3I0RNHL6M5XSXCameronAlicea1111347753600complete waste of moneyit just is.. its such a shame too its a great idea.. i really wouldn't waste my money on this product. I did, but i regret it. I was forwarned by other reviews but i figured i have a green thumb and the other ppl were just doing it wrong.. but no.. the terrarium itself is flimsy plastic no holes for the roots to breath its just a really bad idea and a big disappointment if you hve kids.
337943337943B0026LKY8EA2B2YIQ538DYP5S. Lerner1151285804800Best relaxation drink out thereI have had trouble sleeping at night and was looking for a solution. I stumbled upon the solixir Relax product on the internet and bought a case. Let's just say I have been drinking one before bed every night since. I love it. Really mellows me out and tastes great.
337944337944B0026LKY8EAA48AFIWU80VFTox grad1141261958400Nice alternative to sodaThis is a nice low sugar alternative to soda if you want a fizzy drink. This kind is much tastier than the other types of solixir in my opinion. However it is very very fizzy, and as someone who doesnt drink those kind of liquids normally, it was a bit too much!
337929337929B001CAXRSEA2612OTPUN070HTheBigZ0041350000000Dune Craft TerrariumI got this for my daughter who loves plants and watching them grow over time. She has 3 of these but with different type of plants.

As far as "fun" I don't know.. I mean, it's a plant, so it takes time!

Nice product!
337945337945B0026LKY8EALHRSXQSRS7I1PB0051350864000Love itThis is a really nice product. Tastes great and actually works. Love that its not super sweet too. I like the awaken and restore products too.
337946337946B0026LKY8EA11WUKWPQJ9YKLBus Boss0051349740800Chillin'!It's been a long day at work. Finally home, still feeling a little frenzied. Take a walk to start putting things into perspective, starting to feel more relaxed. Not feeling like tea, but I still enjoy unwinding the rest of the way with the newspaper and a beverage. I've found that Solixir "Relax" does the job very nicely. All natural, no added sugar and no cafeine. With all of the things my body needs to relax the natural way, I see this as a perfect addition to my active lifestyle. Enjoy!
337947337947B0026LKY8EA2R6TOK7PDRCDRKatvons0051348876800Tasty addictive, may or may not relax youI love these so much! They are tasty and a lovely natural color unlike a diet coke or redbull. They didn't seem to do much to 'relax' me but they were definately tasty and great for a soda fix. I can't say they relax people though...
337948337948B0026LKY8EA2RM9L2MM9EQVEBea Shalla "Abenteurerin"0051268697600Better than SodaThis one has blackberry, chamomile, passion-flower, hibiscus, jujube and lemon balm, plus sparkling water etc, it's supposed to be all natural, good ingredients... so it's like drinking tea that's also like a soda. It's good, I'd rather drink this than soda and with the herbs and fruit juices it contains, it makes it better than just sparkling water...
337949337949B0026LKY8EAEIC8R60BKY22R. Friedman0051243814400Relaxing ReviewI had heard about this new drink, but a Whole Foods is not near me. when I found it on Amazon I had to try it. Congrats to the developers on making a drink that tastes great, but without all of the sugar and other ingredients.
337950337950B000MD33CWA1DIFL0333QPEBMarcus T. Brody1151299110400Excellent TeaWhen I read Purple Antioxidants, I figured ok, it's still probably going to look like Green Tea when brewed.... WRONG! It's got a DEEP, rich purple hue to it. Tastes very good, mild but subtle sweetness from the elderberry, hibiscus, and blueberry. I love the fact that it's decaffeinated using only effervescent water. No chemicals, all natural. You can taste the purity. Although not organic, it still seems like a very healthy tea.

I will be buying more of this in the future.
337930337930B000F3VFDIASB04VDW0GBF8Robby0051318636800Surprised by the taste.I'm not a big fan of flatbread but I have been on a diet and decided to give this a try. I have to say, wow. I've been topping them and using it as a snack in place of lunch. The other guy that works in my office, who isn't dieting, tried them and was impressed by the taste but I finally had to tell him to back off. He started ripping through them so I think that pretty much explains how well the product tastes. The flavor can support itself as a standalone snack but again, I top them and just love it.
337931337931B004VMFCUGA14U8M4CY33I8XZNorm1151319587200Good chocolate flavored TaffyThis was very good Taffy. Chocolate is my favorite flavor and this did not dissappoint. It tastes a little different than the chocolate flavored taffy I like and can get at my local Cub Foods store. But it is better because it is fresh and delicious.
337932337932B000XJK7UGALERGZOVADEANcyberhawk151651324598400excellent productI have been using this product for about a month now for my dogs. It was recommended to me by a friend to help ease my dog's digestive troubles and ear problems. I give one teaspoon of coconut oil to 10 Lbs of body weight and it has done wonders for my dogs (warning if you use any type of coconut oil, start adding it slowly and over a long period of time otherwise the dog will have diarrea). my dog's digestive problems have gone away completly, her coat is so soft and shiny and her ear problems have gone away. I noticed a big improvement in her ears using the coconut oil as a digestive supplement but I also swab a small amount in her ears every week-it is anti fungal and anti bacterial. She used to have chronic ear infections and her ears are perfect now. Also the coconut oil helped to take away the "doggie" odor from her skin. I highly recommend this product. It shipped quickly, it has a great price and is very easy to use.
337933337933B000XJK7UGA102TGNH1D915ZLINDA Riley131451262131200Instead of butter...I use this on sweet potatoes instead of butter. I started doing it because of a recommendation from my doctor, but I wouldn't go back. This is better!

Hmmm...I wonder what else it would be good on?

Also, it's great for chapped lips, and tastes great on the lips.
337934337934B000XJK7UGALO0RBAUWJH49Healthy with coconut4451335052800Excellent!This coconut oil is one of the recommended by Dr. Fife. Tastes wonderful and I know I am getting all the benefits from the oil because it tastes so fresh even to the bottom of the jar! It also comes in glass rather than plastic.
337935337935B000XJK7UGAMCZU1T54Q3UDd.b. hobbs3351339027200Better than all the rest!This coconut oil is amazing! It has a sublime smell and taste. You can eat it straight from the jar, but be careful! It's totally addictive. I use it in smoothies. It's also a wonderful addition to baked products, the scent of which can fill the entire apartment with an almost floral fragrance. I've tried others because the shipping on this item can be expensive, but none can touch this product. My only hope is that Amazon will include this in their Prime program. Great stuff!
337936337936B000XJK7UGA1OW2NXWJ4EJ8FLena "Lena"1111346889600horrible after tasteI love coconut oils, but this one tastes horrible and leaves you with a stale aftertaste that is hard to describe. Also, customer service was surprisingly not helpful and didn't want to refund the money even though I've been their regular customer :(

337937337937B000XJK7UGA35DIQ9AUX5K1QRoxy1151335916800Extra Virgin cold pressed coconut oilThis is absolutely the best product ever. Humand can use it animals can use it. It is so healthy for your body. I love it!
337938337938B00093CH1SA3VO12HTUP5HNKMr. Benjamin D. Tweedle "Murkereedime"0041201910400Great price...10/10 quality on tasteThe only reason that I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5 is that a opaque bag would be nice to help preserve quality and taste.Other than that this is a fantastic tasting rosemary at a great price.
337939337939B0045DS4M4A2ICWDHB7MST2RCindy0051348963200Pineapple Coconut Mango Tequila sauceI originally bought this sauce in Pittsburgh while vacationing. When I got back home and tried the sauce it was great. My husband really liked it. I went to the Kitchen store in California where I purchased it in Pittsburgh and they did not carry it. I found it on Amazon and we use it on Pork tenderloin and chicken.
337940337940B0045DS4M4A1S1OWKTCAFO34A. Lantz0051343433600Delicious!My husband and I picked up a bottle of this at Pepper's of Key West. It is so good on all kinds of meat, my favorite being chicken. It is very sweet and fruity with a small kick, and the consistency is perfect.
I am almost out and will be buying more and trying more of Robert's Rothschild products!
337941337941B0026LKY8EA1ODDJ996OYETVCaliforniaGirl781151304553600Solixir Obsessed!I LOOOVE Solixir! It is awesome! This stuff is like a mystery drink because it relaxes me SO much but it doesn't have anything in it that's bad for you. It gives a really nice mellow feeling like as if having had a light beer, but with way less calories. It is so nice that it doesn't have a ton of sugar in it. The taste is really unique. There's nothing else like Solixir that I've found. An added plus is that it curbs my appetite if I have 2! :)
337942337942B0026LKY8EA1ZWM7T7R6MO02JoshuaRM1151302652800Crisp, Cool, and Totally HydratingSolixir is my new favorite beverage. Each can of solixir is packed with >1,400mg of botanical extracts designed to serve a functional purpose. The light botanical blend is the perfect balance between juice and sparkling water. There is no added sugar. It's all natural. The Blackberry Chamomile, also called "Relax", is the ultimate beverage for maintaining good hydration and a healthy balance without consuming lots of added sugar and artificial ingredients. I used to drink chamomile tea before going to bed to unwind and help naturally ensure a good night of sleep. Now, I drink a can of this solixir. I've found it is more effective than chamomile tea and I enjoy drinking it more. Also check out the Pomegranate Ginger "Restore" and the Orange Mate "Awaken" for a well-rounded selection of functional, healthy beverages.

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