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338461338461B000EGSUMAA67LYEQ73289DKris1121291075200So good, but it broke my toothI love these bars, but today while eating one I broke my tooth. After reading the other reviews I wonder if Mrs. Mays shouldn't trust China with making their product. What I bit down on was much harder than any of the ingredients in there should have been.
338462338462B000EGSUMAALRLZKLVI93OYEtta A. Gordon "E. A.G."1151267660800Mrs May's dry roasted snacks, coconut.almondI WAS VERY PLEASED WITH THESE SNACKS AND ENJOYED THEM UNTILL MY EYE TOOTH BROKE SEND ME TO THE DENTIST.
338463338463B000EGSUMAA2E4CI0DLIEUU3Lindsaylouella0011309305600MADE IN CHINA!I was VERY excited to find this snack and opened it right away. They tasted amazing & I couldn't believe the great price for the product! THEN I found out they are MADE IN CHINA! You've got to be kidding me! I seriously have a problem with that & will be returning the products from Mr's May's that I've yet to open. I cannot believe they are stating they're a all natural healthy snack. Who even knows what's really in them!
338464338464B000EGSUMAA17PMYM6LYD1BDKari J. Anderson "Karioke"0041188691200Great Snack!I sincerely love this product. However, two aspects have taken the wind out of my sail in endorsing it - I saw on the box sent to me that this product is made in China (not so sure if that is a "good" thing these days with all the product scares) and I don't know how the use of cane sugar will be a good thing, but I have some more research to do on that part. If you are someone who is looking for a taste alternative and is amenable to cane sugar then this is a great alternative!!
338465338465B000EGSUMAA1TIK2XZEG6I38V. Allen "Artist"0051188518400Tasty!This was a crunchy, tasty snack! And it's vegan, so I will be buying it again.
338466338466B000EGSUMAAAQDC94GP6TPQL. Leung "ll"0051179014400Met ExpectationsIt is delicious as like other flavors available from Mrs. May's. Almonds are crisp; coconuts are flavorful; as described in the name. Will order again, but it is going to be a while since it is a 24 pack.
338467338467B000EGSUMAA3J4FP9Z0J0535Ms. Divine1251156118400Mrs. May's Coconut AlmondI loved this product. It tastes great and the 2-ounce pouch is the prefect size. It was just sweet enough. My family eats almonds everyday and this product makes it even easier to enjoy.
338468338468B00332AKZMA29ZPQID077L4AKen Coumerilh0031332547200Good service. Didn't care for the cheese.Great experience with the seller and shipping. The product wasn't my cup of tea, but I ordered it to find that out along with a few other truffle cheeses.
338469338469B000SBLNVGA1A2NKGR8UBYXXJohn Hansen8851224547200Pity about the shipping...I live here in New Zealand, down here in the south pacific. One day, our neighbours who are from Texas, bought over a dish they'd made with Colgins Liquid Smoke. BLEW ME AWAY- absolutely fantastic!!
So I got on line and bought a bottle- which I had until one day our son "borrowed" it and we haven't seen it since...
I'd like to buy some more but.. the cost of getting three $3 bottles here comes to about $60.. so I won't. When they get that right, you'll have a ready market down here. Irrespective, I can't recommend it highly enough. Really makes a BBQ a BBQ!!
338470338470B000SBLNVGA113IZ4NB6JJSAjanice m. gill2251301875200magnifiquenot only is this the best on all grilled meats it is also good in soup, stews, sauces and endless other uses. they also have apple flavor which is equally good on everything especially pork.
338471338471B002PNSJGMA2LN89DY8NBK10L. Smith2251265673600MMMMMMMMMMM! Best popcorn i've ever ate!This is the best popcorn i've ever ate! Can't find it all the time, but when i do i buy 2-3 bags at a time. My husband usually has one gone before we can get home from the grocery story!

Please make more!!!

Laurie, WI
338472338472B002PNSJGMAPWNZM5ITE8QDT. Sanchez "movie freak"1151323388800Smart popcornI ordered by Amazon because we dont have this item in Puerto Rico. Love this snack. The only thing that it was a negative one of the boxes came broken. Other than that i enjoyed eating my bags of Smart popcorn.
338473338473B002PNSJGMADS5APY1NKTL4D. Pawl "Dani"1151323302400Popcorn and cheese goodness....I absolutely adore this popcorn, and have enjoyed it since I was a tiny child. Popcorn was always a very "friendly" snack, for me, along with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Smartfood succeeds in creating an excellent balance between the high quality popcorn and white cheese in their product. It isn't too greasy, has a fantastic, lip smacking flavor and also is very light and airy. I am amazed that they sell so many bags at one time. The price seems a little higher than I pay at the drugstore, but, this is an online item.
338474338474B002PNSJGMA1L6Q8E1PNMN2GMary Ingram1151274659200FANTASTIC!I agree with the other reviewer. This is the best popcorn ever.
The problem is that you can get totally addicted to it. I can buy
two bags at grocer and no time I,m out. I can get a craving several
times a day. I am completely hooked on this popcorn-no other kind
for me as long as this one is made.
338475338475B002PNSJGMA3IGPIJFKRSFZNCat2351297728000Delicious treat.I love popcorn and I love cheese, so naturally I love Smartfood popcorn. The white cheddar flavor is what does it for me- it's so delicious, I can eat entire bags by myself! I am actually thinking of having some right now as I write this review. My mouth is literally watering with anticipating! xD The popcorn itself is always light and fluffy. The bags are actually filled pretty nicely so you're getting your money's worth. My favorite part about eating Smartfood is the end- when there's a ton of yummy tiny pieces of popcorn at the bottom of the bag. They were usually the cheesiest. :D Can't say I enjoy having white fingers though.
338476338476B002PNSJGMA375T9CVW8POQIpksmith21021290124800yes its good, butthe reason its addictive is the msg . msg is not listed, but its hidden in other names

google msg other names
338477338477B000AXSG2QA1UCC3D24ARXVCL. Philbin212431209254400Good if you are a bar owner...This pump works great - that's not the problem. The problem is that it makes the bottle about 2 feet tall when it is inserted. That'a way too tall for your kitchen, or even in your cabinet. All I can think is that it's perfect if you have a bar, or something where you display all of your bottles. Otherwise it just looks foolish. I took mine out, and now I just pour.
338478338478B000AXSG2QA1BYNS98RNUNTRK. Ngo9951215475200Works as statedWhat can I say, it pumps when you need it to pump. Still working after 1 year.
338479338479B000AXSG2QA15YUK2UNZ7G6KD. Nichols "Greatest Grandma"6651239408000Syrup PumpI like it because it's easier to control the amount you put in whatever you are using it with. Personally I use the Torani Sugar Free Syrup in my soft drinks. That's when the pump really comes in handy.
338480338480B000AXSG2QA10DWNSDF1UY9CWilliam Robbins "oldorange"5541279238400Works But ...Seems to work reliably and gives measured amount of syrup ... that's good. But be aware that the pump adds considerable height to the bottle, so that if you store your syrup in the refrigerator like I do, it's a potential problem. You'll probably have to adjust a shelf to get it to fit.
338481338481B000AXSG2QA21I0AK88XYL4LC. Graham4451297900800Great Pump! No drip!For the 3 yrs I've owned an espresso machine, I've never had a pump for my syrups... Thought I'd give it a try and I am in love!! It never drips, like a lot of pumps do. And if you want to lock it in the down position after each use just simply twist it on your last down pump. It's fantastic!! I would definitely order this again, especially for the price! No mess with the sticky syrup is key!
338482338482B000AXSG2QA3QBXEKRH2M91KE. ONeill "Graphorik"2251282003200A timesaverA lot of coffee is consumed around here, and we all love to add flavoring. The Torani pump beats having to get out the 2-ounce measure, use it, and wash it. I had to grit my teeth to spend the money for 7 pumps, but the convenience is worth it. I have the syrup bottles on a revolving, round spice tray, and it makes it easy to "spin and squirt."
338483338483B000AXSG2QA2432P1C4KN6DNCarla Conant "beauty guru"1141306886400Works as expectedI've had this for a few years now and it works well and is a quality product. Fits perfectly in the Torani Syrup bottle.
338484338484B000AXSG2QA3RIVLXJXKBDQMkgg0011351036800DefectiveI couldn't figure out why it was not working well from the day I received it. I found a large crack in the side of the pump. I am going to try to return it but it seems that if it is not sold by amazon I will not be able to exchange the product. Very disappointed!
338485338485B000AXSG2QAMVNABZUHDRVYJohn Upchurch0051345852800Save a tripSince receiving my Torani Syrup Pump along with my bottles of flavors and pumps, my kitchen "coffee bar" is up and running. The pump came well packaged and was of better quality than I expected. I anticipate long usage because of the construction and ease of cleaning. I now enjoy my favorite coffee whenever I like without having to travel to the nearest store or gas station.
338486338486B000AXSG2QA12EQV5U5B9BRMfilly0051345593600Handy accessory for syrup bottles...I ordered this pump along with 2 bottles of Toriani mango syrup. Thought it might be a bit pricey, but will have it always, not like you need to keep purchasing them. Haven't actually used it yet, but will. It will make it easier to measure correct amount of syrup instead of pouring directly from bottle.
338487338487B000AXSG2QA37FDNDVN1JF07Aerie Anderson "Ree"0051343001600Pumps in pumplike fashionI bought this for my husband to use with his flavored syrups. So far it seems to be working just as it's supposed to. The plastic is sturdy enough and the tube reaches all the way to the bottom of the bottle. So, as far as quality goes, it's decent enough!
338488338488B000AXSG2QA8JI3W8TFMYYKArash B.0051333411200Looks good, works well, and meets 1/4 ounce per pump as spec'dThe pump is fairly accurate at 1/4 ounce per pump. It mates well to my Torani bottles, and other non-Torani bottles. The pump seems robust and solid and is working well so far. The height of the pump is a nice looking positive for me, but it does add about 4'' over the size of the 1ft bottle for a total height of 16''. Overall, I would buy it again in a heartbeat.
338489338489B000AXSG2QAZZV9PDNMCOZWAnne B. Ward "Dr Anne B"0051329436800Just what I neededThis is a great addition to my Torani syrup. It does add a little bit of height (some reviewers complained about this) but my countertop height accomodates it, so no complaint here. I like that I get the same amount each time with no spills or drips. I think it's perfect.
338490338490B000AXSG2QA4H9ZSSN8AMGQBeverly A. Lynn "loves amazon"0051322438400Needed it for the SyrupsWorks well for the Torani syrups.. and I bet it'll work for other things as well. If you want to limit the amount of fluid you are using, this is the tool.

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