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338955338955B000HJ7AIYA1BSLLH76TVZ0Lrr200051277683200Worked great!This trap was a great fix for our moth problem! I put them on our kitchen counter and within about a month we had tons (maybe 40) in the trap. They are very easy to set up and when full, just throw them away. I think it was very affordable and well worth it for the amount of moths it caught. I even reordered the same product again to replace the full traps.
338956338956B000HJ7AIYAWGVF1Q7P9E4PK. Johnson "stl mom"0051260403200No more mothsThis product worked well to rid my pantry of moths. It is still necessary to clean the pantry well and check stored products for mealworms.
338957338957B000HJ7AIYAB0AB8A2DPT7RM. Chan "mom"0041259020800Works great!I had a terrible problem with pantry pests, so I looked online for something to solve it. I searched Amazon and decided to try this product. It worked immediately. Took it out of the box, put in the lure and set it down. Those pest started to circle around the little trap and soon were flying in and getting stuck on the adhesive inside the box. Needless to say I am happy with this product.
338958338958B000HJ7AIYAKS4AK8GQQLMOLeslie J. Schauer0031258070400not as good as other brandsI have used other brands from [...] and had so much better results. This brand did not even catch a moth for over a week! In fact I have seen a few flying around but not going near the trap. With other traps I have bought in the past, mouths were in it within a few hours. I am thinking the hormone is not strong enough or I was sold an older shelf product.
338959338959B000HJ7AIYA1LPTC2IRVLONUSheila A. Chappell0041257638400Safer pantry pest trapAfter buying these traps in a local hardware store, I found them online at a reduced rate. They worked very well initially and did help to stop the cycle with the Pheromone attraction. But the pheromone seems to wear out in ten days. not weeks. However, that said, these simple easy traps took my home out of being moth infested, to having a few here and there. I recommend them highly.
338960338960B000HJ7AIYA2MYWQTKYHIZ6LPEG "Elaine"0041257292800It Works!It seems to work - - We aren't seeing any more flying things coming out of our cupboards.
338961338961B000HJ7AIYA106413IIT09YAChristopher W. Moore0011256515200Does not work, moths don't stick to itThis trap does not work. The glue on the trap isn't sticky enough to capture the moth so the little critters fly in and out of the trap but rarely get stuck in it. The absolutely fly in.... that part works fine, but then they fly right out so it isn't very satisfying.

Traps with strong glue/stick work great ... but this isn't one of them.
338962338962B000HJ7AIYA1DI4HC5HYZ5HYA. Hood "Rare Ale"0051256256000Great solution to a pesky problemI was looking for a product that I could safely use around my birds. This works great. Just drop the bait (which is about 1/2" square and thin) on to the sticky part of the trap, set it and voila! In 2 days several moths were removed from the area. In a few more days I no longer see moths anywhere. No ill effects to my birds or to us. Great product.
338941338941B000HJ7AIYANQJO66GGSBTNSue F. Zimmerman "suellen zim"0031332633600different Spring Star products....This one, that reads "Safer" on the outside did not work nearly as well as the previous Spring Star I have used...which reads "BioCare"..."Certified Green Product..Pesticide Free"...I have misplaced my camera...would love to send a photo of the results...will at a later date, but needing to re-order, and will be sure that I get the "BioCare" is wonderful!...
338942338942B000HJ7AIYA3S3R88HA0HZG3PT Cruiser "PT Cruiser"0051329350400Safe and effective for getting rid of those pesky mothsWe had tiny little moths that seemed to come into our home from packaged grains that we purchased from the grocery store. Once we had them, they just seemed to multiply. I didn't want to use toxic sprays or cleaners in the pantry so I was happy to find these easy to use pantry pest traps. All you have to do is fold the traps into a triangle with the sticky stuff inside and open the little dot with the pheromone (a scent that attracts the moths) and drop it into the trap so it sticks on the side. Then just set the trap in an area where the moths are. You won't be able to smell the lure, but the moths will.

It takes a week or so to trap all the moths, and each trap lasts for up to 3 months. I was surprised at how many moths it trapped. We also used one in the garage near the bags of bird seed and thistle. Moths seem to be attracted to that too and we caught a lot of them in there. Two thumbs up for a safe and effective product.
338963338963B000HJ7AIYAUBPFS372BBZNCheesewater0041255219200Be patient.These work. Within seconds of having torn open the little pheromone packet I was swarmed by male moths. You just need patience. The life cycle of the pantry moth takes time. There may be eggs that haven't hatched yet, and larvae that haven't metamorphosed yet still hanging about. You have to leave the trap out (and according to the directions) for a good long while to catch all the moths. The traps say they are good for 3 months...well you should leave them out that long to make sure you get them all. I believe we have conquered our pantry moth problem using the Safer brand traps.
338943338943B000HJ7AIYA2RQYTS3QOOSFGBelee0051323561600Met the needMoths were getting in the pantry so needed a trap
to catch them to protect the food. After placing
this trap on the shelf in just a few days the
moths were caught. Great product.
338964338964B000HJ7AIYA3EEDHAOXA61BDJ. Sullivan "jasuus"0041255046400No ComplaintsIt caught many, many pantry flies. No issues. Cheap. Was exactly what I wanted.
338944338944B000HJ7AIYASTN6CKA6SJN5James E. Schaffranek0051320364800Pantry Pest TrapGreat results from such a simple product. I would recommend these to anyone that has problems with moths in their pantry!
338945338945B000HJ7AIYAFI1K3Z74YIU6BUDDY0011319328000MOTH TRAPS STIR UP MOTHS BUT ONLY ONE TRAPPEDWe had few moths hanging around on the walls, swatted them but each day another couple of moths again, no larva found.
Bought the safer brand pantry pest trap. When I opened the box the two traps had the lure pkts stuck in the traps; I had to pry them out of the sticky stuff and then open the lure packets. Suddenly 5 moths swarmed around me. I set the traps as instructed, saw one moth fly near the trap; one went in and came right out. The others just swarmed near the trap but never went inside. I had to kill them myself. Then I took the other trap out of the pantry closet because it didn't catch any moths after three days. I put that trap over the kitchen cabinet and immediately one moth showed up flew around and went in and did not come out. Three days later no other moth went into the trap. I haven't seen as many moths as before. In the meantime I've checked cabinets, drawers, vacuumed and went over most of the kitchen. No larva, just a couple of dead moths in a pot cabinet. For now I can't say the traps worked well.
338946338946B000HJ7AIYA1ZAH05F5KXF2LSu2440051317600000Worked like a charm!Only thing worse than the pantry moths is finding their offspring in your food. Ugg!! These traps work great. There in no oder or insecticides so you feel good using them next to your food. Problem solved!
338947338947B000HJ7AIYA18XOJU0JCT52PSwodogg0041312588800It Works....Moths showed up within a few secondsSo I opened up the box, placed the square pink thing in the middle. I open up the pantry and all of a sudden 4 moths flew out with the box still in my hand. I set it down inside the pantry and saw them go in....the 1st day i caught about 5. A week later I had about 15. I did see one or two go in and not get stuck though in the glue.
338948338948B000HJ7AIYA3UP90Q9UAA77OR. Robinson0011310342400Does not attract mothsI have many "pantry moths". This safer brand product does not attract any of them. I am very upset because the other safer products that I have used are outstanding... this one is a let down...
338949338949B000HJ7AIYA3GS4J6Y25JHOBmeohmy0011309996800Did not workThis product did not work. I think 2 moths got stuck to the trap and that could have been by chance...
338950338950B000HJ7AIYA10LH55LRGEI24David Jackson "UConnDave"0051309478400This Safer brand trap is excellent for catching mothsThese moth traps are excellent. In one box there are two trap and the scent packs. After putting these traps out I caught tons of bugs. Many moths swooped down and were trapped. It does take sometime for these traps to start working, give it a day or two. I will be adding some pics of how my traps look after about a month of being out.
338951338951B000HJ7AIYA3G5GNGDRFISJ7Strubes0051305676800They Work!These are fantastic. I will often get pantry moths in early spring so I set these up before that time and it takes care of the problem.
338952338952B000HJ7AIYA1Z59T7I75H6XTroscoe0011303689600Caught one by mistakeI purchased 8 of these and had to give a star otherwise there would be none but I did learn a lesson. We had a massive number of moths appear almost overnight and our house was full, they were everywhere. A white ceiling looked dark there were so many. I set these traps out and in four days I caught one (1) single moth. I do believe it was an accident on his part taking a wrong turn and getting stuck inside. I would not try them again having checked locally finding them 30% cheaper before shipping. So look at your local hardware stores but not for these I wouldn't hit a dog in the back side with these. Ask what is good and in a day you will be moth free. We bombed the whole house and vacuumed them up. End of story.
338953338953B000HJ7AIYA24SQ3JTBTSE2WW. R. Martin0021281916800Not very attractive to mothsI have two of these in the cupboard where we have a moth problem. The moths are not well attracted to this trap. Previously I used a trap from a seed provider. It was many time more effective than this one is. I'll go back to the other seller.
338954338954B000HJ7AIYA31L63ITLWKMU0fifty50 "Fifty"0011280707200Didn't work for meI bought these traps and had no luck whatsoever. I had loads of moths and I had used another brand, which worked very well, but that brand was no longer available. Then I bought this brand and it didn't catch one moth. I used one trap with one square of pheromone. I followed the directions completely. In other words, I don't think the problem was me. I have to wonder whether these sat on the store shelf too long. Anyway I took them back to the store and got my money back.

It might be hard to return these if they catch one of a hundred moths and are therefore used and slightly successful. Fortunately for me they did nothing.

I now have another infestation and need to do something about it, but I don't know what I'll do as I need a product that is 100% successful, else the remaining moths will replicate.
338965338965B000HJ7AIYAK38QHAG94QCKrwcmick0051254182400WorksI literally ripped open the lure packet and one of these pesky pests was flying towards it. Thirty minutes later and I had four or five stuck to the glue trap. I am beyond pleased.
338966338966B000HJ7AIYA332D1V5W8UJTTJ. M. Celiberti "Happy Scrapper"0051253577600Great Pest SolutionI have used this product for many years and love it. It's safe and easy. Anybody who says this product does not work apparently doesn't know how to use it - and it's very easy to use.
338967338967B000HJ7AIYA1K3UY69R0OW0IB. Okoh0051252886400gross to look at, but efficientthis product is basically fly tape in a box. it doesnt get rid of the have to find those yourself. i basically wound up throwing all my boxed food away until all the moths were gone. and then the new batch hatched from their secret hiding place! if you want to get rid of the moths, this definitely will catch them. the whole sticky area was covered with moths within a month
338968338968B000HJ7AIYAMEDE9N029GWND. Seaton0051244937600Works every timeI'm so glad that a friend of mine told me about this product. I had no idea there was such a solution.
338969338969B000HJ7AIYA3HVN0ZD4XO6Q8Donna J. Wolf Tizzano0051243555200pantry pestthe price for this two-pack was reasonable, the product is easy to assembly and does the trick. I would order it again
338970338970B000HJ7AIYAYVG9FJPVWKLMerc0041238198400Works FineFirst of all you need to identify the main source of the infestation and clean it up even if this means throwing out most of the food in your panrty. Once you have cleaned out the space you put on of these traps out and in a week or two you will be moth free.

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