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339721339721B000MIAOWEABTUNH7645QJLPeter Reeve5531258675200Convenient, but not a complete successThis range of microwavable meals is extremely convenient. They don't require refrigeration and can be heated up quickly and eaten straight from the bowl. The 7.25 ounce size is not an adult meal, just a light snack.

The pasta and chilli valieties are very good, this rice variety fares less well. Rice is not as amenable as pasta to this type of processing. It was too soggy for my taste. It is solidly packed - not watery - which is good. The taste was fine, if bland. There was very little chicken. I think I'll have one occasionally (the 12-pack on Amazon is very competitively priced) as a change from pasta.

The instructions say microwave for 45 seconds, but I found it needed a full minute.
339722339722B000MIAOWEABKO61P2ZGZM6Kim Bo Kyong "Sumiji888"3351320969600Awesome~ Taste greatI've been eating a lot of Chef Boyardee products since I started my healthier eating plan a month ago. Before my healthy eating plan I was eating very unhealthy. So when I decided that it was time for me to make some changes, i was looking into buying food from Nutrisystem, etc because they are convenience and supposedly healthy. However I found out those diet packaged food are no better than the package food in the store, I was like, "screw that, i'll pick my own from the store."
The downside of any packaged food is the sodium content, is always high for some oddly reason. Chef Boyardee's microcups are very affordable in comparison to my typical fast meals I purchase from my school.

The serving is just about right, it's enough to keep me fill 'til dinner time actually. People who say this is not enough for lunch could be that they are not eating a filling breakfast. My breakfast is no milk and cereal or granola bar, but a full size breakfast. I have plain oatmeal as my main carb in the morning along with protein, so i sometimes have a small dish of stir-fried chicken or grilled chicken or eggs and a plate of green if possible.

My dinner is usually whole-grain /whole-wheat pasta topped with homemade Alfredo sauce or a variety of poultry on top of that.

Anyhow, going back to Chef Boyardee Rice with Chicken & Vegetables.
I love the taste and has the right about of flavoring.
I used to get their Beefaroni, but that gets to have too much sugar, it's like 5g-6 per serving and the lasagna is even higher at 7g.
This Chicken rice veggie cup only has 1g of sugar, definitely a plus on that.

Anyhow, the only thing i wish they could do is do better on the sodium content.


Taste (5/5)
Size (4/5)
Nutritional value (3/5)
Price (4/5)
Convenience (5/5)
339723339723B000MIAOWEAFW7TX0B0IXY3Lynn M. Knurek "lynnmarie240"2251315958400who doesnt love chef boyardee?I had these sent to a friend who I knew was ill and shut in with no one to help him cook. All you do is take of the thin metal cover -put the plastic one back on-30 seconds in the microwave --and you have yourself the perfect size serving of food/dinner.I will lose this in the future as it gave me piece of mind to know that-even though I could not be there--they did have food..
339724339724B000MIAOWEA3VJWKXD2R3IM1M. Dickerson "The Gamer"2221200700800OkayI dislike the taste of this product I cannot describe it, I think it could be too much salt. I wouldn't suggest buying it.
339725339725B000MIAOWEA1PS2U7N3WQM0LFSOMS "DV"2231198108800misleading titleThe title says Chicken with Rice and Vegetables, yet when I received the package, it was labeled Rice with Chicken and Vegetables. The first one makes it sound like it has chicken as the main part of the meal, when it is actually rice. That being said, they taste okay. The chicken is fairly large chunks, and there's a mixture of veggies. They taste a little bland, but they are okay to take for lunches.
339726339726B000MIAOWEA2WU34FQ0ZFVZHreview1141324598400Much better than expected when I first saw itWhen I first saw the size I was quite surprised because it looked like a snack for a 2 yr old.

But actually because this has no water/soup in it - just actual rice, etc - it is more than expected looking at the size - I ended up ordering more of it.

I like to mix it in to plain rice or with a can of condensed chicken and rice - it adds taste to these otherwise bland items. I like the taste which is better, more flavorful, than just plain rice and chicken soups - whether condensed or with water already added.

Got hooked on it. Had to buy more.

One odd thing is that this is the only microwavable bowl type that causes problems in the microwave - high pitch sound and even a flash. I put it into a microwave dish now. I tried it with 2 or 3 times and the same thing. But not with any other so far.
339727339727B000MIAOWEAAA0TUKS5VBSANerd Alert3451221091200Good Bargain Meal or Snack StaplePerhaps, like me, you have been on diet plans that include prepackaged food items. Sometimes I wonder if the primary goal of these diets is to deluge us with such foul and overpriced food that we will never want to eat again. It's possible that this isn't the worst strategy, as people often lose weight on them, and I have found that my health is best when I follow them, both quantitatively and qualitatively. However, while I may be forgiving of bad taste in the pursuit of a healthier me, I am not willing to throw all of my money into that black cauldron.

So, as you may have guessed, I have decided to structure my own rigid meal plan using much less expensive store items. Chef Boyardee is about as cheap as these canned soups get, and I set my expectations accordingly. Upon first opening the can, I was pleased to find it stuffed tight with food. This is quite good, as small cans of soup are sometimes filled with too much broth and not filling at all. I find this is particularly true of "diet" soups, which simply lower the calories by increasing the amount of water. As this soup is rice based, the primary concern is texture, and I was very pleased - not mushy and not crunchy. The chicken and vegetables are in reasonable quantities for this price range and good quality. I much prefer this to the discount soups stuffed with low quality chicken.

Overall, I was very pleased with this soup, and would give it 5 stars given the price. For a higher price, some competitors up the quality by including more chicken breast, but I find that they do little more in terms of creating a better flavor.
339728339728B000MIAOWEA32JCVTRRQF9OHShaun Skelton2341201651200As good as you'll getThe serving size, like all of these 7 ounce "bowls" is small. If you're an adult looking for a meal, this isn't it. It definitely works as a healthy snack or a meal substitute if you're dieting.

The rice is mixed with chicken and veggies, and the whole thing tastes pretty darn good. It's not something you'd want to eat on a daily basis, but a couple times a week is fine.

It heats up perfectly in one minute.

Overall, not as well executed as the Ravioli, but not bad at all.
339729339729B000MIAOWEA2YIO225BTKVPUAngel_Boy "Treat the people around you the wa...0051350259200I Was Surprised By How Much I Liked ThisIt tastes real good- and it microwaves real fast- not a lot of chicken or veggies- but the sauce adds good flavor and there's lots of rice.
-it's not fluffy rice- it's more like a sticky rice- a larger sice would be nice for adults- but this makes a good side or snack- if you added more veggies and season to taste, you could probably make a meal
339730339730B000MIAOWEA2GEZJHBV92EVRHistory buff0031345248000Good thing I like rice.Yep! I like rice & that's good because that is mostly what was in here. Very little chicken or veggies. Was better than some of the micro cups I've tried from chefboyardee. Still do not like like the lid system. Hard with arthritic hands.
339731339731B000MIAOWEA25M53WV1RCYNGG.M.0051341273600Quick and tastyThis Boyardee choice is a bit healthier than what you would get from ravioli or mac&cheese although not much. It is pretty tasty considering no refrigeration is needed and there are good sized chicken chunks in there along with a few veggies and the chicken fat. Make sure to heat it well so the fat can melt and spread otherwise you have a jelly.
339732339732B000MIAOWEALM08NERQCLB1dogloverdoc0051340668800GREAT Baby/ TODDLER FOOD!!!!!! for my picky eaterI can't say enough goodness about this produc. The taste, texture is great for my toddler. You do have to microwave it for a full minute then let it cool. It sticks to itself so that your baby won't make a mess when they feed themselves, I do fish out the chunks of chicken. Plenty of peas and carrots to put my mind at ease. Pack some in the car, in the house, ready to go, it's the BEST for my picky little one. Especially nice since my kids don't like/eat tomato-based meals. DO NOT add water.
339733339733B000MIAOWEA2ZMMQ4W17EK2NKendra0051337472000Very Yummy!I am so glad I bought this product. It taste sooooo good! It reminds me of how campbells chunky chicken noodle soup taste with white rice. I often mix that together sometimes. And this is just as good. Yummy!

And they are perfect for the whole family!
339734339734B000MIAOWEA2V7DD8Y0XRGRIPlaytoachieve0051336521600Loved by all!Everyone in the family loves this chicken and rice from the 1 and a half year old to me who is a grown-up. Served with some fruit it is the perfect lunch.
339735339735B000MIAOWEA2HMPMAHXB68D5Amazon user "Amazon user"0051327536000Very delicious - hits that carb craving spot but not too badlyI have been buying the grass fed beef, the cagefree happy chicken eggs, the least pasteurized whole cream and watching my carbs in attempting to eat more healthfully. Then I discovered this Chef Boyardee Rice chicken & vegetables. I may not eat perfectly all the time, but when the carb urge hits - plus me being asian - the rice in this entree is the perfect amount, and has the most delicious and satisfying taste! I had been buying Cambells chicken and rice soups but this Boyardee rice with chicken and vegies is more substantial. To me, the mix of rice, vegies, and chicken is perfect and delicious. I am so pleased that this product is available, and you can't fault its amazingly low price. Plus the container is so cute and it fits into your car trunk easily (for emergencies during the winter in Northern Virginia - when the snow is so bad and the traffic so bad that you can't go home for 13 hours while you are sitting in the car along with thousands of others stuck with you as in 2011's snow in DC) for you and to share with others - and also in your glove compartment and in your lunch tote!
I am so pleased this product is available!!!!
339736339736B000MIAOWEA1FV0HOXQA87O8Mike Latta0031325203200Perfect for lunchI eat at my desk a lot of days. These things are great. Nuke it for 45 seconds and you're good to go.
339737339737B000MIAOWEA1KHLPZ415EZ1PBen D. Schaechter0051208044800Suprisingly tastyI just bought this to have some extra staples around since I hardly cook. But they taste pretty damn good!

I find myself having 2 becasue teh first one whets my whistle.

Not asubstitute for dinner--or even small for lunch--but a great snack...or something to nibble on between meals...
339738339738B006311NS8A1E3LL65XH3CHFlxl_lainy_lxl0051350432000Great item!This is a refreshing flavor for the summer. Too bad they don't stock this in stores anymore. I ended up repurchasing because I liked it so much.
339739339739B006311NS8A3CEGFRCZKBBV1ChrisK0051347235200Yummy Watermelon JelloShipped very quickly. Well packed. Must have ingredient for watermelon pie! Check out the Jello website for the recipe. Delicious!!
339740339740B006311NS8AUSC3AAQHVULQEmma L. Taylor0051337558400Simply Refreshingly DeliciousI found a recipe for Watermelon Pie that called for Watermelon Jello. The jello combined with watermelon balls made the pie taste so refreshing. I served it at a get-together with friends and they were awed by the taste.
339741339741B001AWD97IA3E1MQRRFC4WGZnorthernmommy3351299024000Gotta love GerberI love buying with Amazon's subscribe and save. I order enough baby food for a month and at great prices. It comes right to the house and I don't have to mess with all the little containers in my cart at the grocery store...two kids and a cart full of groceries is enough to contend with! Love Gerber, love Amazon and love, love Subscribe and Save!
339742339742B001AWD97IA12V3D0IO8UL1JCaprice1151319328000Yum Yum!My daughter loves bananas and this is a great deal! I love that I don't have to go to the store, it comes right to my door!
339743339743B001AWD97IAI6EQWPFTV6S6Vanessa1151301270400Can't go wrong with GerberWhat a great price I got this 8pk for anound $7.00 not bad and i saved my gas not driving to the store!
339744339744B001AWD97IA32UD15TCXW0L3RW "RW"1151293926400Tastier and less sugar than Gerber 2nd Foods Bananas with Apples & PearsI used to order Gerber 2nd Foods Bananas with Apples & Pears until I tasted it. I found it extremely sweet, so I did some research online to find out that it contains 15g of sugar per container.
When I looked for a substitute, I came across this fixed fruits, "Gerber 2nd Foods Apricots with Mixed Fruit", which has 50% less sugar (10g per container) and has apricots in addition to apples, pears and bananas.
My son loves this mixed fruit puree and I love it too!
339745339745B001AWD97IA32UD15TCXW0L3RW "RW"2331293926400Great fruit mix, but contains 50% more sugarThis is a great mix of fruits with apples, pears and bananas. However, it contains 50% more sugar than other Gerber 2nd foods such as Gerber 2nd Foods Apricots with Mixed Fruit and Gerber 2nd Foods Pear & Pineapple (10g of sugar instead of 15g per container)
I did not realize how sweet it is until I tasted the food.
339746339746B001AWD97IA11Q4P6U58BAXMJim Chen0051327795200Sweet but goodThese come in plastic containers and not glass which was a plus for me as they are easy to transport without the risk of breaking. My daughter loved the taste, I guess because it is fairly sweet tasting.
339747339747B001AWD97IA251OTCDOJVQLJRachel Baldes0051322697600My baby loves prunes!We try to buy her Nature's Best Organics but they frequently do not have prunes and Delia demands prunes. Prolly because Earth's Best used a lot of bananas which can stop a baby up. Trying to wean her off...but as long as she wants them, I'll order them for her.
339748339748B001AWD97IA2NNEICC131WKTAllyson0051316390400love this baby foodMy son loved this baby food! Too bad he no longer eats the baby food. now he eats everything we eat.
339749339749B001AWD97IA1BD342U8BF3UCBritney0051314230400I got this for a diet i triedOk, sounds crazy i know but i heard about this baby food diet and figured whats there to loose. The food tastes good, and im sure your baby will like it too hahaha!
339750339750B001AWD97IA1Z5ZYNSR67EPQCat02080051313884800Kids love itBoth my kids love this flavor. Always a favorite in our house. Wear a bib though, it will stain your favorite clothes.

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