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340214340214B001M1YZAWA3JJ4BZFHGDZX5Miles W. "Miles"1151317686400Best salad dressing. Period.My family has been using these salad dressings for 20+ years. Started bringing them over from Germany, then found them in German markets, and now Amazon! So convenient. Although the dill is my favorite flavor, Italian and Greek are pretty good too. Over the years they've removed the bad stuff (MSG, possibly other artificial ingredients) and from what I can tell, they are now just a mix of dried spices and seasonings.

Most of the directions call for equal parts water and oil, like 3TBSP each or something to that effect. I've found this to be a good ratio for things like tomato salad, cucumber salad, or when using butter/boston lettuce. As a low fat lower calorie alternative, I usually mix 4 parts water to one part olive oil or even some water with some vinegar if you like it more tart for regular salads like red leaf, green leaf, romaine or baby lettuces. This stuff is great!

BE CAREFUL - depending on which flavor your order, some are labeled as 5 packs of 5 for 25 total at a great price, some are labeled as just a 5 pack at a similar price, too expensive!
340215340215B001M1YZAWAOD4HVAU54AJpeggy0051301097600couldn't find anything to replace it!I bought this when I was in Germany and I'm addicted to it! I couldn't find it anywhere in Malaysia and I'm thrilled that I manage to find it over Amazon. I bought both Italian and French dressing although I personally prefer this one. Vinegar is not needed if you are using this. However, I always added some vinegar due to personal liking. Perfect dressing!
340216340216B0006NEDUOAKRIY9YAYL8AWN. Bonner1151253318400My dog loves theseMy dog loves these treats, and I can feel good about giving them to her!
340217340217B001EO7O8WAG0M4YG063YQLBob "Bob"5511252972800This Assam is pretty bad.Don't believe you are getting Tippy Golden Assam as the picture on the box suggests.
Once again I was deceived in believing that the little picture on the box is the actual end product I will be getting, this is the second time The Tao of Tea had me fooled with misleading good looking picture of full leaf tea on the box only to discover extremely low quality leaf inside the box.
This Assam is pretty bad.
340218340218B001EO7O8WA1BI3NPDJ5R0DOrogersa2k0051335312000I love this teaI first found this at our local Whole Foods Market and I really like it. I'm not sure why but it's rarely in stock there so I decided to order some from Amazon. I drink a lot of tea (mostly green and black) so I'm a little surprised that this isn't more highly reviewed. I expect this vendor to be good so if they aren't I'll come back and update this review.
340219340219B001EO7O8WA15WXXWHTT7A9ZT. Malaney0041283731200Decent Assam, shouldn't be on AmazonI have been happy with the Malty Assam tea. The leaf size and flavor are good and as expected. This Assam brews into a mahogany color. This is a little lower in tea oils than I expected, but that is kind of nice because then it isn't as hard to clean out my mugs afterward. This tea is sweet, but just the right sweetness for an Assam.

I dislike that Tao of Tea always puts 3.5 oz in their tins because that means that you always have a package that is half empty. I also dislike that Tao of Tea is selling on Amazon because I've been unable to order this Assam in bulk for the last year from their own website.
340220340220B001EO7O8WA1B6SIX2I161O9ringo0041268265600Not bad at allI found this to be a very full-bodied and flavorful tea (terrible and bitter if you don't follow the brewing directions, though).

It isn't full leaf, but I wouldn't expect that from Assam. (The picture on the label must be a closeup). But it's certainly not dust, and it's a better grade than a lot of other organic Assams I've seen.

No complaints.
340221340221B00008MOF8A3G2Q60XNLUHW6Cat lover2251226361600MeowThis product was recommended to my cat by my vet. My cat suffers from irritable colon (yes, cats get it too) because of all the stress he went through when my mother-in-law (his former owner)passed away after a battle with cancer. My cat does not need any medication whatsoever. This food has been great for him and I don't have to worry about stomach upset anymore. Great product.
340201340201B000A0BOW8A2UA2IJFXD9QKNhappymom0011339977600Attracts Flies and more bugs!!! Does not work!!!Gave it one star because the no star selection wouldnt work!This product does not work. Bugs are multiplying! Flies are attracted to it I think. My kids are getting eaten alive!I am so frustrated with this product. Going to the store to find Cutter Brand. I have used that several times and it works great, don't know why I would even switch brands, just assumed they all were alike!! Boy was I wrong!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!
340202340202B000A0BOW8A3GL787ONTHO1UThomas Flattery2511318377600Not SatisfiedTwo bottles arrived, one was leaking to extent that cardboard box was wet.
This is a dangerous product.
Never mentioned in product description that the contents is highly toxic to bees.

Should not be on the market. The dry anti mosquito products were OK.
340203340203B000B6FL5MA9L6GHJC42RRCdenpq "A READER"1151329264000Wonderful - Hard to FindI can only find this Old Bay spice at a local fish market. My husband goes through it very quickly. He loves blackened fish. I knew I'd find it on amazon & by the case is exactly what I needed. Fast shipping & great price, too.
340204340204B000B6FL5MALTHFWQ33GGRSR. Dorr "Dx3"1351297900800Thank you 'Old Bay'Being a one time resident of Maryland, I was very familiar with Old Bay seasoning. Great on Crabs, Chicken, and other sea foods. The 'Blackened' variety is quite delicious as well, great on grilled tuna. Now living in the Philippines, it is nice to get the twelve pack, as the humidity here is hard on seasonings.
340205340205B000PDO1IEA32ILDVR9EU4G8Magnum P.I. "Ron"1151220140800RonFoodChar Siu is great.
No MSG but still a great favor!
I made the NOH Fried rice with this and my family loved it.
I am marinating some more now and making a double batch now.
340206340206B000PDO1IEA15L0Y9O1DLJVKThomas E. Contri2351185667200Char Siu - Chinese BBQ mixThe best there is and so convenient getting it through Amazon. I was conserving what personal stock I had, but now I don't have to. Don't quit carrying it!
340207340207B002HG07VCA1JMCY0XKUXT6XL. Ott1151292716800Very good glueteen free cake mixThis is the 1st Gluten Free cake mix I have use. The cake turned out very good. The cake did take much longer to cook then the direction had stated. This could be due to the oven being old and not the right temp or could be the cake mix. I forgot to check the temp in the oven. I highly recommended this cake mix and the cookies from Wow Baking.
340208340208B000NY4T1EAUJB0AFS4YBNZAdriane Jamie Watch MBA "Jewish Food Maven"4551178928000Beet HorseradishMmmm... Yummy - perfect stuff for your gefilte fish. But, unless you are desperate (as I was) the price of the product and the shipping is ridiculous. When we received it, the price tag on the jar was $2.20. We were charged $4.95 (not too bad considering we were desperate). Then the shipping was about $11 - I figured it needed refrigeration and special dry ice packaging as well as fast delivery. NOPE!! It came in a regular box with standard shipping - no dry ice. I am getting my friend who lives in a civilized area to buy a case of the stuff and ship it over to us. Much better idea. Would probably not buy again due simply to the gouging. The product is good!
340209340209B005V2PYLWAJ3HP6XP3Y5SUOsyn0051318982400SPICYI love spicy food, so I loved how this sauce gives my tastebuds a kick. It's really good with beef and pork, but almost any dish can really benefit from it. Delicious and absolutely wonderful to taste, it's kinda hard not to want to drink it.
340210340210B000NY4T1YA2FBBDB3RZ8SBXEquusBrokus5551252627200Currywurst in the U. S. is possible!There's hope for those of you who'd like to re-experience the taste of this popular German fast food here in the U. S. In Germany, Polish-sausage type weiners are deep fried, then doused with curry ketchup and a bit of curry powder, then served with French fries. Using Costco's quarter-pound+ Polish sausage (grilled), this ketchup, and McCormick's curry powder, the flavor is dead on. You'll be transported back to an Imbiss in a Fussganger Zone in any-town, Germany. Zeisner Curry Ketchup is well worth the price.
340211340211B000NY4T1YAUU00CNYMFJQND. Goebel2251249862400Zeisner Curry Ketchup is GREAT!Both my wife and I were stationed in (then West) Germany in 1982 - '85 serving in the US Air Force.
We both were introduced to curry ketchup there and missed it when we returned stateside.
We found Zeisner Curry Ketchup in the Ellsworth AFB Base Exchange, picked up a bottle and just love it.
We bring it on summer cookouts and introduce it to others, most of whom greatly enjoy it as well.
340212340212B000NY4T1YA1EYHUR8IX6MFRFriend of Israel1151255910400Great ProductThis curry ketchup tastes great with any type of brautwurst or sausage. It brings a great taste of Germany to your food. The curry ketchup adds a spicy (but not hot) flavor to the sausage.
340213340213B000NY4T1YA1J95RXJED2NUZAniaPlnd0051348876800YUMMMMMMM!!!!!!!I was looking for a product that I remember from my childhood, that we used to by in those very tall, red plastic bottles (Hela Curry Gewurz Ketchup) but in a smaller version, here in the US&A. Zeissner Curry Ketchup is a top shelf product, couldn't get enough!
340222340222B000ES5GLQA3E12BM0TG2ZS8Lea "Eager Reader"1151257897600Forget Lipton foreverI discovered this tea about 6 years ago in a little market while visiting in LA. Since then I've relied on Amazon to keep me stocked. I occasionally drink the Ahmad English tea (caffeinated) and it's great too, but mostly I'm a decaf drinker and there is no compromising taste with this wonderful tea. I hope it continues to be available. (And I love the beautiful box!)
340223340223B000ES5GLQA32TQIPRTAAVL4Angee1151244937600Absolutely Lovely!I love this tea so much. I'm a fan of Ahmad English Breakfast and I wanted a tea that I could drink at night and wouldn't keep me up. Luckily I found this tea on Amazon because I haven't seen it selling in any stores. I was so impressed when I first tried it. I thought it would just be a decaf version of English Breakfast, but it's not. Evening tea has a distinct taste all its own and it's extremely delicious. I like it with a splash of milk, but I'm sure it's good without.
340224340224B000ES5GLQA1Z4U8N8H1FUMXAnonymous1151239494400Excellent Tea!We had tried this tea before in Europe, but could not find it easily in stores here. It has a distinct, flavorful, pleasant taste--it actually tastes like "real" tea, even though it is decaffeinated. The price was better than we found anywhere else. We're very thankful and are enjoying it very much!
340225340225B000ES5GLQA1LK4JQE5O3F2WA. C. Boyles "Gryphus"0051346371200he likes itI am a picky tea person. Mostly I only drink loose leaf tea, and find the idea of bagged tea unappealing. (As my dad used to say its the stuff that fell on the floor in the factory). However, before I goto bed, I don't want to deal with all the steps involved, so I decided to give this a try. I was very surprised. Its a full flavored tea that I don't think could be any smoother. This is my second case, and I hope Amazon continues to carry it into the future.
340226340226B000ES5GLQA3CHE6FL22V7CGJosie R.0041327104000Like the tea...I like the tea yet I do not like that the tea bags are individually wrapped. I really like the pillow wrapped tea bags much better that comes in a box of 50. This creates a better pot of tea....
340227340227B000ES5GLQAW0IPK3VJSG82diane0051321660800best tea aroundThis tea is delicious- mild taste- does not stain the cup- good English tea- It is not found in most chain stores, only specialty places and via internet. So glad I found it.
340228340228B000ES5GLQA1LYXFGK5DOGBGDiana L. Shek0051305331200Heaven in a cupYou can't get a more satisfying, soothing decaf than this. I can't drink caffeine within 6-8 hours of bedtime, but with this tea, I can be totally satisfied and sleep like a baby. Great flavor!
340229340229B000ES5GLQA1VZKLCF7HJNY7Teafortwo0021296432000Not what I expectedI'm extremely disappointed in this tea. I'm giving it two stars instead of one to account for the indisputable fact that my dislike of it is a matter of taste (as any food review would be).

I find it extremely perfumed with bergamot (a citrus-like sweetness) with very little black tea flavor. If you are looking for a straight ahead great tea to drink in the British style with cream and sugar, this is certainly not it. It's sort of a dessert tea for those who perhaps don't enjoy the flavor of strong black tea mixed with cream.

I can't believe I have 120 tea bags to drink of this stuff. How will I ever get through it?
340230340230B000ES5GLQAZDYF8AXM2GYGlawrencenj0051288656000Great decaffeinated tea!This is the second time I have ordered this tea in bulk. My boyfriend and boyfriend's mother LOVES this tea. They like to drink it at night time, and find that most other decaf teas are usually weak-tasting. However, they say that this decaf tea does not taste weak at all! I will definitely be a repeat customer.

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