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340741340741B002UVLPA6A1ONT5BHMPV111The South Face2251305244800Great flavor and all nuts!Very good, but a little too salty for me. I roll them around in a paper towel before eating them.
340742340742B002UVLPA6A1ML5844NQUH8Hblurry "blurry"2321335225600Not very goodI used to buy pistachios from The Nut Guys but they went out of business, so I decided to try these, in spite of the fact that there are really expensive, especially once you add the shipping. Unfortunately, these were not nearly as good. The taste was so-so, and the freshness was sub par. I hate to leave a bad review for a product made by a US farmer, I really do. But at this price, I feel like it just doesn't cut it.

To be fair, I bought these in the winter, so maybe that explains the lack of freshness? But if that's the case, I might as well buy the cheap nuts at my local Costco. Very disappointed.
340743340743B002UVLPA6AJ92NZTZDO6ICS. Lewis1251321920000Yummy!One of the few places I could find bags of SHELLED pistachios, they are amazing! a great snack and they taste delicious. Next time I will try the unsalted, as these still do have a salty flavor to them, even with 'light salt.'
340744340744B00469VRT4AWFDYIKWHDVANMaria56**0011334275200I was very displeased and unable to return the unused packagesI order 6 individual packages since it was the least offered. I used one packaged and I was very displeased. The taste was old and bitter. I felt that I was sold old coffee. I tried to send it back but was told that this product was unreturnable. Buyers Beware! I will not order another food product from Amazon.
340745340745B0027YUMRSA2JZURC0KKO5D7I. Blumenfeld66512662784002 orders are gone in 2 weeks!These cookies are so delicious. I placed 2 orders 2 weeks ago, and already reordered again. They are nutritious, my kids like them, and they are nut-free, and gluten free!
These are crunchy with a chocolate and mild coconut flavor to it. The bags are small, and we eat them quickly.
340746340746B0027YUMRSA1AYSCRGPSVSXIkatafus3351331251200GF/SFOur family is gluten-free and sugar-free (and some are dairy-free). We recently discovered these and love them! Not really like a cookie as we used to know them, but still a fun treat. They're crunchy but have a great chocolatey-coconutty taste. Our whole family likes them, including my husband, 5yo son & 1yo son. This is the best price as compared to our local health food stores as well as local grocery store. Especially if you do suscribe & save.
340747340747B0027YUMRSAA91LD7JE7B4WNyranthalia Morgenstern "Nyra"5651291420800Love these Super Cookies! Chocolate Coconut without the Guilt!Crunchy, chocolatey with that coconut. Low glycemic with the agave. This treat is absolutely fantastic and it's organic to boot! It's wonderful to have a treat that is low in calories, good for your body (none of that overly processed low calorie snacks) and good for the earth. This is a staple of mine! Will definitely buy it again and again.
340748340748B0027YUMRSA1FRCZMAHQ1D24Charlie1151331164800Wow CookiesI just received this item today. I cannot believe how delicious and incredibly true the ratings are inductive of their quality and taste. I am so relieved and beyond satisfied with this purchase. It is quite a risk to buy without having tasted, and to read the reviews and trust them, they are really absolutely tasty and good for you. Raw products are sometimes difficult to like and it does have a different taste. I totally recommend this very yummy item.
340765340765B0027YUMRSA3V0HQFGEV86W0Istva0211347062400Contains no sugar?It says on the top "Contains no sugar" when it really should say "Contains no ADDED sugar". These things still have 11g of sugar in each serving (because of the dates), they need to correct their wording. For the average person, this probably isn't a big deal, but I wanted to make a note incase someone was going to purchase it for that reason.
340749340749B0027YUMRSA21Z56LJU2N0U0tonica630051345161600Very, very tasty. Love them!These are a great healthy snack for me. I didn't think healthy snacks could taste so good! A little pricey, but very good.
340750340750B0027YUMRSA1RM3T0COLDXABSP-LA0051342656000Delicious Healthy SnackI was surprised by how absolutely delicious these cookies taste. They are a healthy alternative to junk food cookies - i take them on planes when traveling, in the car when running errands, etc. The downside - they are EXPENSIVE.
340751340751B0027YUMRSA1NK49L8MZW76KKimberly McFadden "Kim"0051339286400Chocolate... Need I Say MoreI love Go Raw products. I don't eat sugar or dairy and that rules out practically every dessert or "treat." These are my chocolatey treat. They're delicious.
340752340752B0027YUMRSA12T7TBZXHN64FJB0051339113600GOOD STUFFGreat Cookies. These are a great raw food cookie. I wanted the spirulinia ones but these are great also. Yum.
340753340753B0027YUMRSA2H7UGNY51Z4BUAM0051335657600Incredible Gluten Free / Refined Sugar Free Snack!After buying/trying these I actually had to make sure that there wasn't any sweeteners in it because it tasted so delicious!!
Great Gluten Free / Refined Sugar Free / Soy Free / Raw / Vegan ORGANIC (and there is more "Free") snack.

Well worth the money!
340754340754B0027YUMRSA3T1LD0C65QCWKGordon M. Wagner0051335139200A healthy cookie my kid ASKED for???TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! "You know those cookies you put in my lunch? Can I have more of those?" YES! A healthy snack that my kid approves of. I am in Heaven over this. I haven't tried a cookie yet, but I liked the ingredients and I am THRILLED that my kid approves.
340755340755B0027YUMRSAD4A88XEQU1ZYLokce0051332115200Love these!Love this product! These are snacked in my house constantly. I am a big fan of Go Raw and have subscribe and save to their Spicy Mix and Simple Mix as well.
340766340766B000H173Q6A11Z7GIR2ZCEBDSusanne Liley "Stay-at-home Wife"3351214352000WONDERFUL!My husband is diabetic and I have a passion for decorating cakes. For months I had been struggling to find a frosting that wouldn't put my husband in danger. I had seen this here on Amazon but was not willing to pay $30 for something that may not work, tasted bad, or would end up runny.

It seemed so foreign to me as a cake decorator to "just add water" to frosting, but I followed the instructions and was pleased that when it was done that it at least resembled frosting. I was concerned about the consistency since the cover pic looked like all you could do with it was smear it across the cake. Feeling a tad disappointed that it was not stiffer, I covered it and put it in the fridge for a couple of days. I had been trying to make a cake for my Hubby from the Sweet 'N Low "Yellow" cake (it still looked white) since he has been suffering through me working on practice cakes in preparation for doing his sister's wedding cake next month. I had held onto the very tiny hope that the Sugar Free frosting could actually be decorated with like a real cake.

IT WORKED! After the two days I pulled the frosting out of the fridge and immediately re-whipped it and iced the cake, then put it in a frosting bag with a star tip. My shell borders came out perfect! It is really smooth and firm as long as it stays cold, then it works like buttercream!

Hubby LOVED it and would have eaten it all at once if I hadn't made sure he didn't. He was really impressed that he got a 'real' cake.

I am not a huge chocolate fan, nor do I like the chemical taste of a lot of sugar free foods, but even I liked how it tasted! It just tastes like a good milk chocolate frosting. Yummy! Just keep the cake refrigerated and the icing will stay firm. Next time I think I'll try a wider variety of tips, but I'm sure it should work just fine! I just hope the white frosting turns out as well!
340767340767B000YZ0U4WA2YAEVMJAAHS0LRichard A. Levacy1151313884800Best White Wine Vinegar!This spring I purchased a bottle of this vinegar in San Sebastian, Spain. I was excited to find it online and have just ordered a couple of bottles. It compliments fish dishes extremely well and my family enjoys it as an oil and vinegar dressing on salads. The taste is exceptionally smooth, refreshing and unique compared to off the shelf American products. Try it I doubt you will be sorry!
340768340768B001RIXSNKA23RI484G3SDYGJoseph Tull111231280275200Good product - Bad deliveryI have purchased these snacks in smaller bags at stores but decided to buy a larger package through Amazon from Snack Factory. Fortunately I only purchased one bag. The Snack Factory simply shoved the bag into a larger box with no padding of any kind. Almost all of the chips were broken into tiny pieces when I opened the bag. I contacted Snack Factory, but they refused to provide any help, even though I paid ~ $6 for shipping. Buy them in the store -- not from Snack Factory!
340769340769B001RIXSNKA230ULXTHMWFQOelizabeth the first2251288656000Great product!We first tried this product at a corporate event. We fell in love with the pretzel chips and have ordered them twice now!! Gave away a bag as a gift and they were very pleased as well!!
340770340770B001RIXSNKAIUP0RI2RLEHKJudith K. "Jay Kay"1151294185600pretzel crispsthis is a great snack food. It is tasty just as you get it or really good instead of crackers for dips and spreads.
I was amazed at the excellent condition these treats were in but the packaging was excellent with minimum breakage.
340756340756B0027YUMRSA2BY3A7URABLIEduardo0051330560000Taste good! I always end up eating the whole chips :(It is addictive! I always end up eating the whole chips, so I plan to buy a dehydrate soon to make my own.
Pretty sure you can make your own like this one :D
340757340757B0027YUMRSA2YJITNVX3TNJTTaylormadeHef0051317254400Yum!Looking for a delicious healthy snack? This is perfect. It has just the right amount of sweetness, but is packed with great raw nutrients. Highly recommended!
340758340758B0027YUMRSA1HMTQ47TLFLNHdogdad0051317168000good little you can't eat just one..these were pretty tasty snack for a good fast not to bad snack...I like them but not everyone feels the same..
340759340759B0027YUMRSA1RI9WANDKOWY7E. Korzenko0051299283200Happy and AliveNow I know why they are called "live" cookies. I could feel an instant energy rush in my body after eating them. They are truely wonderful! I highly recommend these.
340760340760B0027YUMRSA3V4FB2YLSFCGOKelly Novak "kellynova"0051265328000Best Raw CookiesI just love these. My favorite of all of the GoRaw cookies. Who doesn't love chocolate!!!!!
340761340761B0027YUMRSAPK6LZPYO6PLLPatricia N. Jay "pjay"0051265241600Can't get enoughThese little "cookies" are so tasty and not too sweet. They are crunchy and satisfying after a meal or anytime. I love chocolate...especially dark and these are right up my alley.
340762340762B0027YUMRSAMINYHYIYIXBGsarahann1211284681600can't taste the chocolate... go rawcan't taste the chocolate...i do not like these and neither do my kids...Our favorites are the pumpkin and pizza.
340763340763B0027YUMRSA26H89NXPHJRR6J0111335398400Do Not LikeI really wanted to like this, especially after reading the reviews, but I did not like these at all. To be honest, they taste a little like dirt. I regret spending the money on them.
340764340764B0027YUMRSA36UEI3Z58VWK0Sarah Crumpler1331288828800Not as good as the others.This one wasn't bad, but it wasn't good eather.
The texture was off putting.
It was like eating tree bark.
It taisted like a so so knockoff of somthing that should taist nice.

I will have to say im not off the Go Raw products.
The Pumpkin and the Spirulina chips are way better for you and taist super good.:)

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