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341268341268B001RVFEP2A17V9XL4CWTQ6GChandler1151259712000All-Natural, Now only 100 calories!, No "diet" taste...all good!1. All natural. Nothing artificial in 'em. No artificial colors or flavors
2. Low calories for a lot o' chips
3. Uber addictive taste-wise

What more needs to be said? I'll be the first to admit, in spite of my being a weight loss coach in the evenings; I am not a big fan of diet food. I am a foodie. I love good to cook it, love to eat it. Yet these, to me, are totally addictive. No fake diet food taste, tons of flavor. In fact, I HAVE to get them in the small bags or I will eat a whole large's one of those. Hickory, salty, hint of sweetness.

They aren't fried or fake baked to taste fried. They use a pressure cooker and the potatoes pop into a chip according to the bag.

I got the automatic shipment of them from Amazon because it reduces the price by 15%and if I get 2 per month it allows for free shipping and, with the no tax, I can't get them in the stores that cheap and they are delivered automatically to my door this way.

Also, these have a lot less salt than the old chips I used to eat...but they don't taste like its missing

Negatives: These are still hard to find in some grocery stores.
341269341269B001RVFEP2A335ZX9N3UWHX4C. Rhodes "NewLadyinFl"1151254096000DELICIOUS and ADDICTIVEEveryone who tries them ends up eating the entire bag. We ordered two cases of 12 in bbq and garlic parm and they were gone in two weeks. Between guests and midnite snacking there are two garlic parms left. Ordering more today!
341270341270B001RVFEP2A1LTNRGWZFY4C9GROUCHHUNTER1151253232000LOVE THE POPCHIPS!I am totally addicted to the POPCHIPS! They are very good and don't taste greasy at all. One bag has a lot of chips in them and can be filling. They are only 100 calories and around 3 grams of fat and they don't taste like you are eating something healthy for you. I love Cheetos and can't have them anymore and now love these chips. The flavoring is not very strong but strong enough.
341271341271B001RVFEP2A10PY7J8JMTP7QeBookworm1151249603200"Un-sinfully" Lip Smackin' GoodLove these pop-chips. I've tried some other flavors too but found salt and pepper the best so far. Original comes a close second for me. Salt and vinegar is a very close third. Garlic is too strong for me (I love garlic in other forms though).

I was hesitant to try these initially because I'm not a big fan of pepper flavor in chips, but am I glad I did! The pepper flavor rounds up the chip rather than defines it, so it doesn't feel like you're eating pepper in it's raw form.

It's a good thing the fat content is low because these are quite addictive.
341272341272B001RVFEP2A25W349EE97NBKTangent41141248307200I wanted to love these...I originally bought these chips because I'd heard great things about the company and their customer service, but I was a bit underwhelmed with the taste of the product.

- lower-calorie, baked-not-fried: this is definitely a huge plus!

- I was expecting something more potato-ey. Instead of being made with potato bits or mashed-up potatoes, it's mainly potato flour and starch. Therefore, the potato flavor is lackluster to non-existent. They're more of a delivery method for the flavoring than a tribute to the great potato.
- The salt and vinegar flavor wasn't as strong as I'd hoped, especially since more salt and vinegar wouldn't really increase the calorie count very much. Also, because the underlying "chip" was kind of bland, more flavor would have been beneficial.

Overall - a great snack alternative to chips. I would recommend it for anyone who loves snacks with the texture of cheetos and those puffy rice crackers. If you're looking for something with potato flavor as well as salt and vinegar, you might want to look elsewhere.
341273341273B001RVFEP2ABAQQJUP40VQXL. Harding "gimme salt and pepper popchips"1141245456000Great product, too bad I wasn't sent the correct kind.These chips are excellent! They stopped carrying them at my local Costco, but I was so happy to find them here!

I guess they ran out of the plain kind because it said they were available when I ordered them... they are listed on my order sheet and Amazon invoice as "Original"... and lo and behold, I received "Sea Salt and Vinegar", not "Original".

Still a good product, but wish I had a courtesy e-mail or something to tell me they ran out of "Original". I'm not a huge fan of salt/vinegar chips, but at least it keeps me from eating them quickly (it lets me nibble).
341274341274B001RVFEP2ANDLI8KLNE2DKShannon "what it takes"1151243900800My husband takes them to work every dayAfter my husband tried these chips (BBQ flavor) at a lunch meeting he couldn't stop talking about them. We found them at a local grocery store - but they were on the expensive side. Luckily we found them on Amazon at a much more reasonable price. Thanks for carrying the brand.
341275341275B001RVFEP2A2TCY4Q5S0NO5ZMira L. Shanks "F.R.O.G."1151242259200yummy and low fatDiscovered these at M.O.M.'s (My Organic Market) in Maryland. They came in large bags and the taste and texture really grew on me, so I checkd on Amazon and voila, small bags, bought a case, I am a happy camper!
341251341251B001RVFEP2A3FF3R1V94EPN4troys981151271203200Pop Chips are awesomeTaste is similar to regular potato chips but without the guilt of eating something so bad for you. They make a great snack. Bags are a little lite but if you eat a couple of bags it should satisfy.
341276341276B001RVFEP2A1KKUMD9Z4FCD5Dave1151241136000I love these chipsI first tried them at Jamba Juice and have been hooked ever since. They're light, very tasty, and have good nutrition specs as chips go. I prefer the BBQ to the other flavors but salt and vinegar are my 2nd pick.
341252341252B001RVFEP2A2MG3HG6VSII0OS. Bradford1151271030400DELISH!!These chips are absolutely incredible!!! They are so good and so flavorful!! My favorite is the barbecue flavor! The best part, they are ALL NATURAL!! Definitely will purchase these again!!!
341277341277B001RVFEP2A3SA5R18B3G13RChip Lover "Enjoy"1151240876800Good & HealthyIt is always a challenge to find healthy, delicious food. While Popchips is a snack food, most all of us still enjoy chips. That being the case, I have not found any better chip in my years of search that has such good taste and health considerations. I offer them to people who eat the heavy saturated chips, and they love the Popchips.
341278341278B001RVFEP2A39LJ3P2XJC8ZPTuesday Jo1151231545600These contain a fair amount of SOY...if you have a sensitivity...Popchips Original Potato Chips are dee-lish. But BEWARE of the SOY in them if you have a soy sensitivity, like I do. I ate quite a few and had a bad reaction before reading the label and realizing that soy was an ingredient. I just never imagined soy would be in a potato chip! I learned my lesson! My kids love the chips and, I agree, they are YUMMY! I'm sad that I can't have them! :-(
341253341253B001RVFEP2AGKJOW98X5KGBMommy of one almost-perfect boy1151270166400Delicious.Wow, I'm impressed. These are delicious. They cure your carb cravings and are much better for you than traditional carb-binging snacks!
341254341254B001RVFEP2A39YC26934SAG9Glenn M. Mehalek1151269302400Most delicious chips ever!I have gained weight *not telling you how much* over the months and am putting myself on a diet. These chips have saved me from gorging on the bad stuff becaue of their taste. This product is not only healthy, but it actually tastes the best out of all of my other possible options. Frito Lay is the thing of the past, because Pop Chips are in! I strongly recommend this to anybody trying to maintain or lose weight, because with snacks like this, you can keep the love handles off! Thank you, Pop Chips for a successful diet! Go to [...] for any more info on how they are made.
341255341255B001RVFEP2A2GSNLOLNOZWMMBud1141269216000Great for those watching their weightThese chips are tasty, crunchy, and best of all, they are reduced in calories and fat. I think for about half or so of the calories etc of a regular bag of chips you get all of the taste of regular potato chips.
341256341256B001RVFEP2A1PZO2HQFTLHC7Mary L. Runnion1151269043200Pop Chips Original ChipsThese are the best chips I have eaten. They are popped instead of fried or baked which makes them easier on the weight column.

Love them, love them.
341257341257B001RVFEP2A2WNWQQX8Q3JEGSanjay Srivastava1131269043200Too salty...I love the taste of pop-chips but, I think it is a little too salty. The manufacturer for some reason decided that it looked,tasted too healthy and decided to add extra salt to appeal to a broad audience.
I think they woul've been better served keeping the salt content low.

I would recommend the barbecue flavor which doesn't suffer from the same problem. the worst I think is the sour-cream (or something like that) flavor. This one is ok.
341258341258B001RVFEP2A215WH6RUDUCMPShilom1151268438400Tasty!We all have our vices, mine has always been chips. Specifically, Bettermade BBQ chips, so as I'm trying to eat healthier I've tried to find a replacement for that craving. I decided to give the popchips a try, thinking if they were at least okay I could replace my cravings for them. They are better than okay! These little guys are full of flavor and crunch! And not to sound like a pig, but I could eat a half a bag of Bettermade in one sitting, but these little 8 oz bags, even though they are small, they fill me up! I was shocked! I am not kidding, I am eating healthier, giving in to my craving, and getting full from one small bag. You cannot go wrong with these, even my kids love them! I am thrilled to have found a healthy alternative to fatty chips!
341259341259B001RVFEP2AFTG2156EB5S7Patrick Murphy "maverick"1151268092800Pop ChipsThese are great chips. Came in one box, and we have been working our way through them. Fresh, and the 3 oz. bags are a great size.
341260341260B001RVFEP2A2YB7DLC3FOR7WPamela V ""MS V""1151266451200Addictive!I purchased the variety pack based on other reviews and was quite pleased. I am pretty choosy about snacks and food in general, and these crunchy, tasty, chips exceeded my expectations.

I especially enjoyed the cheese flavor. I would order these again.
341261341261B001RVFEP2A2CXLQXPUJRRMXDavid DelPozzi1151266364800Best BBQ chip on the market today, they POP with flavor!I just love these chips! The BBQ are by far my Favorite. The BBQ flavor is a little sweet with a hint of smokiness, very addictive. They are light and as far as junk food goes they are healthy..'er than your regular chip. They do not leave your fingers greasy or any oily / greasy feel or taste in your mouth. That is because they are hot air popped and not fried. I almost ate the whole bag on my first taste; by the way it was the huge Costco size bag, twice the size of their large bags. With in two days I was back at Costco to by another bag. Like I said I just love these chips!
341262341262B001RVFEP2A25IYR6TECWEBTB. Brazel1151265760000L O V E these chipsCan not find them locally yet. Much better than baked!! Only 100 calories per bag. Get the variety pack so you can decide which you like best. I think the vinegar salt, sour cream onion, and the barb-q are the best. Shipping is very fast.
341263341263B001RVFEP2A23A0ERHVM4HS6Stingaree1151265760000Add me as another convert to these chips!After reading the reviews I decided to take advantage of the special Amazon was offering. Wow! Excellent chip and of course you can enjoy it more knowing it has no cholesterol or saturated fat. Fortunately the bags are small which helps you control your calorie intake. But, they are highly addictive. I have only tried the regular, but I will definitely be ordering some of the other flavors later on. I recommend that every one try them, although at regular price they are quite expensive.
341264341264B001RVFEP2A368F99UPGPP4RL. Eckford1121264550400Not my favoriteI love Popchips. However, I did not like this flavor at all. The garlic flavor was too intense.
341265341265B001RVFEP2A31Q59TUS9T6H0Marla Brugger1151264291200AMAZING!Can't believe they are only 100 calories a bag and pack so much flavor! Tried them in NYC last week and of course can't find them where I live but thanks to I can get them whenever I want and at a great price too! The single bags were selling in NYC for $1.29 to $1.50 a bag. It's a lot cheaper buying the 24 pack here!
Looking forward to trying the other flavors, but so far Salt & Pepper are my favorite!
341266341266B001RVFEP2A3UNPDOS40TSF1Hoolia1131260921600Not as good as BBQI tried the BBQ first and was pleasantly surprised.

I have always had a weakness for Sour Cream & Onion so figured it would be heaven in the popchips calorie sized bags..

And it arrived and just didn't have the same 'tang' as most SC&O flavors do.
341267341267B001RVFEP2ARWIOUASZIL1XMichele1151260316800Love them!These are the best chips ever! The BBQ ones are on the spicy side, which I really like. I used to think baked chips were good until I tried Pop Chips. There is no comparison! The baked chips are thin, flat and tasteless next to these. If you want a chip you can really sink your teeth into you will not be disappointed!
341279341279B001RVFEP2A1QXI1ZG79S8NSPriscilla Palmer "miss_pris"1151225584000Salt & Pepper Popchips - I crave these!If you like hot peppery spicey food (and drink), you will like these. I get a craving for them. Of course, I like to drink Habanero Margaritas -- yes, there is such a thing! -- so you may prefer to order the Popchips variety case first (you'll get 3 packages of these in the case) to see how your taste buds react.
341280341280B001RVFEP2A3GQ47O4TP4TWYflygirl1151224892800THE BEST CHIPS, EVER!!!I first sampled these chips at a volleyball tournament in California. I'm a big chip lover, and these are by far the best chips I've ever had. Better than the baked; not greasy at all, sturdy for dips. I highly recommend these chips to any chip lover! (I've not purchased them from Amazon, so I don't know how they will fare during shipping.)

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