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341717341717B001RVFEP2A1DB4U8ISVULVEThe Original Most Interesting Man in the Worl...1451337472000I love the way these smellI love eating these chips. They have a nice nostalgic smell that reminded me of my old grandpa's butt when he walked by. Every time I eat these chips I feel like I am taking a whiff of the old codger's rear, and it brings back memories. Sometimes I just open up a bag and deeply inhale the crotchety old aroma. Scottyboy and I eat these by the dozens, and I requested them so much that ol Scottyboy, who's in charge of snack purchases, bought these in bulk, which makes up for the week he bought ten boxes of edible strawberry underwear for the office.
341718341718B001RVFEP2A2H7CZLHBP0N3DL. Winslow "steeler fan"51111266537600Tastes like cardboard!I read about these on [...] and decided to try them. I bought the variety pack so as not to get stuck with one flavor if I didn't like them. I really tried to like these because of the health benefits but I ended up throwing out the whole case after tasting one of each flavor. If you are looking for these as a substitute for potato chips, forget it. They really do taste like dissolving cardboard. Stick with baked Lays!
341719341719B001RVFEP2AJXA1LEPPNFW4MindSpeaksFree2611289433600Not greatMy family and I enjoy the salt & vinegar chips that lays makes as well as the kettle cooked chips, so we wanted to try these chips because we've seen them all over the market. i took a chance and purchased them online on amazon and I regret taking that the chance. We do not like the dry and more on the salty taste of these chips. I will no longer make purchases on items that I can try buying at the store first before investing in buying by bulk and saving online. Do not purchase these chips unless you already tried them before.
341720341720B001RVFEP2A2UQIQUOAB47OTDB "Been around for a few years now"0341327536000Has a sort of mild salty Captain Crunch cereal kind of taste......or like salty Cheerios. You can taste the sweet potato in the chip but the sweet potato flavor made it taste kind of like salty breakfast cereal. I did like the chips but probably not enough to get them again.
341721341721B001RVFEP2A2OGYQXGN9K5LOMaite Jerez0321327017600EwAt first, I was impressed by these round little cracker/chip things. The novelty wears off fast. I have decided they are quite gross.
341722341722B001RVFEP2A3A90CELVLOUP6Nanciejeanne "Enjay"0321307577600Did NOT like the taste of these.I like all kinds of snack foods and potato chips. The regular kind, kettle cooked, and the "modified" potato snacks such as Munchos (my favorite) Pringles, Lay's Baked, etc.

But not these. They have almost a styrofoam they aren't really crisp and snappy, just hard. Like stale styrofoam. Now, I could learn to live with the texture, but the flavor is odd, too. . Almost like an unnatural type of flavor. My husband doesn't even usually notice or comment on flavors in snack foods(just sorta eats,) but he said "I don't like these, they taste funny. Don't buy these again." My 12 year old kids wouldn't even eat them. Maybe the ones with flavoring (like BBQ) cover it up, but not with the plain.
341723341723B001RVFEP2A2QUILPZ40SKOKSMC0351298678400popchips pricesI loved buying a case of popchips for $13.42. I would buy them on a regular basis if they were that price. The product was great, the service was great also. altogether a 5 star experience. But now they've gone up by 70%. Any chance of selling them to me at the original price? Thanks, Susanne
341724341724B001RVFEP2AFUE5BETIO4G7B. Spano "b.s."0321283299200shipping is horrible.....I wish I could say that I've tried this and love it, however, I can't because I haven't received it yet. It's been over 2 weeks since I made this purchase and it hasn't even shipped yet; and when I bought this it said it was in stock, so I don't know what's taking so long. I don't think I'll buy this again because the wait is ridiculous.
341725341725B001RVFEP2A10X7DZ3WOE9YGCristina Growden "Former Marketplace book seller"1511325635200Is this food?This is for the regular flavor...
I give it zero starts, it was so bad.
Hard to believe this is food, and really hard to believe all of the good reviews. I felt like I was eating packing material, and it left a slimy, yucky residue in my mouth. Totally disgusting. BBQ Stix are way better!
341726341726B001RVFEP2A2RUN9WBD5H23Rrichman1511296777600hated themI understand many people love these things, but I bought the sea salt and vinegar popchips and I hated them. I LOVE regular potato chips lay's and other brands. These popchips not only taste bad but they have a bad after taste to me.
I think these popchips must be for "heath" type people who try to convince themselves these taste good.
We like what we like and we all have different experiences about this type of thing.
After reading so many positive reviews I thought these would be good.
They taste "hallow", "empty", too artificial chemical taste.
With a regular potato chip I get the "that's it" sensation, satisfying, full flavor.
341727341727B001RVFEP2A16UH2O4UVYOJZHajnal's Secret Admirer in the Regenstein1521266969600DissappointingTo quote another reviewer, I can't understand the high praises these chips have been receiving.

Based on their popularity and high review score I ordered the 6-flavor variety pack off of Amazon. With some excitement I tore open the packaging and tried the various flavors. I was met with disappointment. Texture-wise, these chips are not crunchy at all and are unsatisfying. The flavors vary from terrible to passable. I couldn't finish the pack of what they call "salt and vinegar" chips.

I suppose these chips might be popular with people who are trying to watch their weight.

An anecdote: the day after I received these I gave the rest away to the other people in my dorm (who proceeded to affirm my suspicions that these chips were subpar). I then went to the corner shop across the street and bought some salt & vinegar Kettle chips.
341728341728B001RVFEP2A1YGDKJ7CAOQN3C. Mallesky "C Mallesky"0421284681600why did the price go up for these popchipsthat is so unfair. I was a faithful customer now i have to go buy them somewhere else . Why Amazon!!!
341729341729B001RVFEP2AQNLG42HPS5KDVictor Silva "Victorious"1621240099200Packaging is misleadingI bought a big bag of these and I don't mind the strong pepper taste. What I do mind is the bag implies these are Potato chips.

There is absolutely no potato taste left in this snack; if you like eating extremely salty onion powder this snack is for you.

Going by the bag I expected: REAL potatos, a little oil and baking, finally sprinkled with salt and pepper only? Not a long list with things like Cane Sugar, Rice flour, maltodextrin......list of ingredients goes on and on.

If you're looking for BAKED POTATO, salt and pepper chips don't bother with these!

341730341730B001RVFEP2AKZPJVRNT4CR9Reagan's Mommy102311277337600Yeast Extract = MSG, They DO Contain Preservatives!Just an FYI that "Yeast Extract" is one of the titles that MSG hides behind. MSG IS a preservative and a dangerous one at that. The package lies... these contain preservatives. I will not be eating these!
341701341701B001RVFEP2A384U394FDCKUBPractical Paul1311295827200all Crushed, don't buythis is the third popchips box i ordered on Amazon. The box in the box was crushed by a toaster, the chips are really no more fun to eat.
341702341702B001RVFEP2A37JB1DGWBIDDSC. Erickson71311266883200Gross!I just cannot understand the high praise these chips have received. I ordered the variety pack and am very disappointed. All flavors have a really weird taste to them, except for maybe the plain chips. The salt and vinegar especially tasted gross! I took one bite and had to throw the bag away. Now I'm stuck with a bunch of chips that I'll never eat.
341703341703B001RVFEP2AIN0ZUU09525JNotASheep "Booklover"2511303862400To me, "Original" flavor just nasty tasting.Unfortunately, I somehow stumbled upon this product and, based on all the glowing reviews, bought a case. Upon opening the first bag and eating a couple, I was disgusted by the taste. Worst thing I've ever ordered from Amazon---and I've ordered a lot. I don't think the nutritional values are all that great, either.
341704341704B001RVFEP2A1ZC07EE366T09Rocky2511298764800Quality not what you find at local retailersI purchased two types, the original and the salt and vinegar. The original tasted burned, they were very tan/brown in color. The vinegar were very sour. Both cases were trashed & Amazon handled credit asap. I have purchased these in grocery stores & airports and never had this quality problem. These are pricey that's why I jumped at the great price Amazon offered this product. Does Amazon got seconds?
341705341705B001RVFEP2A30PW4ZH4AWXT1Nor2511292457600stale or rancidI have purchased these in the past and enjoyed them. This whole box is old. the flavor is off badly.
341706341706B001RVFEP2AXXWXM6K66YMZimmelbatoast51011224288000Too strong IMOI bought the popchips variety pack to try the different flavors and I kept an open mind but I just don't like this flavor. Their other flavors like BBQ & salt and vinegar are great, but these are REALLY peppery. I can't even taste the salt on them because the pepper is so overwhelming. Might be your bag of tea if you like a lot of pepper on food, but my husband puts pepper on everything and even he said there was too much pepper here.
341707341707B001RVFEP2A34FGRZK561PBPR. Taylor3711283126400They have a strange taste. Much worse than baked Lays or Pringles.I was disappointed with the taste of these chips (regular and barbecue). I can't really taste the potato, so it is almost like eating a badly-flavored foam chip. It tastes like it is stale even though it is fresh, and it also has an odd chemical-like taste. The similar baked lays and pringles chips are very tasty. My kids finally ate the rest of these chips, but only after all of the other chips were gone.
341708341708B001RVFEP2A1BAE6217W78NSMorrigan Cider0211347580800Bought it for kids and wifeThey said the salt and vinegar were horrible! Blecht! Couldn't get the awful taste out of their mouth. Now i'm stuck with this box of popchips! lol.
341709341709B001RVFEP2A3VNL3FSJK7ISGMama gremlin :)0211330041600Healthy really?I was excited to buy these "chips" and try them out since they are supposed to be a healthier alternative. But these things are super super salty. What it lacks in oil, it makes up for in salt. I would not consider these things healthy at all. I bought these for my toddler but I didn't know why he only ate 2 pieces before giving up until I tasted them myself. I even opened a 2nd and 3rd bag just to make sure the first bag wasn't just a fluke. Don't waste your money on these. Stick w/ the baked chips!
341710341710B001RVFEP2ABSFFH7ECSE49Connie Woods "Game Queen"0221327622400Lacks flavorBecause I like sweet potatoe fries, I thought I would like these. But, I found them to lack flavor. There is just a bit of a bitter taste to them. They may be better for you than potato chips, but they just don't give the same satisfaction. However, they are not very salty and are in a 100 calorie pack which makes them healthier for you. I thought maybe it was just me, so I had my husband and sister try them. They each gave them a 2.5 rating. My sister said they were a bit bland. Hubby said they weren't too bad. But, none of us are excited about eating another bag.
341711341711B001RVFEP2A3C40PJ9YXREQ5PJ Coldren0231327536000A nice alternativeI shared these with friends at work. The consensus is that they taste good, if not quite what some people expected. Those who enjoy sweet potato fries liked them better than those with no experience in that area. Price would be a consideration for everyone who tasted these, but not necessarily the overriding issue. I personally enjoy them. I'd look for them in a larger bag over a snack-size bag, mostly because I'm cheap that way. Nobody said they were nasty or that it was something they'd never choose.
341712341712B001RVFEP2A3SMV35531YMEBookAddict0251327536000Yummy!These are a nice, light alternative to ordinary potato chips. To me, they have a sort of buttery flavor. They're crunchy, a little sweet, and not the least bit greasy. My husband took some to work and they were a huge hit with his coworkers. In fact, he had none left for himself!
341713341713B001RVFEP2A30ELDPP5TCQ8JBernard Farrell0251327536000WAY better than I expectedThe label says they're popped, rather than fried or baked. However they did it, these are great chips! They're very nicely seasoned such that I don't think you'd be inclined to dip them, though they're certainly sturdy enough to. The flavor is a nice balance sweet and salty with not too much of either. At 100 calories a bag, 3 grams of fat (no saturated, no trans fat), 16g carbohydrates and 230mg sodium per bag they're also great nutritionally.

I'm not a big fan of sweet potatoes, but in this form they are terrific! All five of us in this house from age 9 to 50-something are fans.

I wish I was better at describing flavors but you'll just need to try them for yourself.
341714341714B001RVFEP2AZU591T4LP32Omousey gray "classic everything fan"0251297036800LOVE POPCHIPS BUT TOO SALTY!I really love these but hope they would lower the salt or perhaps offer a LOW SODIUM version of them. I hope the "powers that be" will read this & consider it. I could eat more of them then. They taste great and are low in fat which I love.
341715341715B001RVFEP2A2PL7D70ZQ22LUP. Najarian0241214179200Great chipsI tried these in Colorado and came home to find out they only sell them on the west coast. Amazon didn't sell the ones I wanted. I put it on a wish list as a gift for a loved one. Within a week of their birthday, Amazon e-mailed me that it was available. Great chips but, took longer to ship then expected. Just in the nick of time for the birthday. When you want something real bad, Amazon usually comes through.
341716341716B001RVFEP2A2RRIAGS3UOISMG W Push "Hello"4911286323200TRASH-Too much VINeGaR and NO Chips teste-24 BAGS of TRASHI just cannot understand the high praise these chips have received! AGREE. I ordered the Sea Salt&Vinger packs and am very disappointed. Ver weird Vinegary awful taste. The salt and vinegar especially tasted gross! I took one bite and had to throw the bag away. Agrre. Now I'm stuck with a bunch of 23 bags of chips that I'll never eat.

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