Amazon Fine Food Reviews

341851341851B000LKZ8U6APME51CA909FUSomayeh G. Kashi "Stay-at-home Mom in Training"2251249084800Big fan....really delicious even if you're not Gluten SensitiveI bought this and the other flavors for my husband who due to his allergies won't eat anything unless I'm home to cook for him. One box was more than enough for actually was too much and ended up saving half for the next day. Even though the recipe recommended sour cream, he found it unnecessary due to how creamy it ended up being in the end. Absolutely loved it! Will buy again for sure!!!
341852341852B000LKZ8U6A3CXIYHPD7VMY1Carolyn Y. Hayden "Jr, High Teacher"1111332547200disgusting for humans, dogs liked itI made this meal with high hopes since I used to love Hamburger Helper meals back when I ate gluten. It looked good when I finished, just like Hamburger Helper. But it tasked terrible, totally inedible. No flavor at all, like mushy cardboard. I don't have very high standards for food (as I said I love Hamburger Helper), so me not liking it is saying a lot. I have the whole lot of it to the dogs and they ate it right up.
341853341853B000LKZ8U6A3IFI2PFEWZ4IHTimothy Truax1151266969600Delicious dinner item for gluten restricted dietsThese box meals are absolutely delicious. We add the sour cream and some sauteed mushrooms to this one. Delicious!
341854341854B000LKZ8U6A18VNSDK0S03YZREJOICEMusic "rejoicemusic"1151256688000Quick, easy, delicious .... and GF too!I'm a big fan of Mrs. Leeper's dinners. They are pretty tasty, easy to fix, and my husband (who doesn't eat GF), also enjoys them because they just plain taste good. I sometimes add just a dollop of sour cream and you could also add some mushrooms as well.
341855341855B000LKZ8U6A1NV232LJMB0FGA. William Ceglia1151246147200Beef Stroganoff dinnerThis product is gluten-free. Anyone with celiac disease will appreciate the quality and simple preparation steps to go from box to table. I add sauteed onions, mushrooms and a jalapeno. Wonderful!
341856341856B000LKZ8U6AXT5PH9W3QWV5Ellen0031322265600Pretty Good, but Not AmazingThis is a pretty good GF dinner, my biggest complaint is that when I reheat it, it tastes weird and sour. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but it tastes and smells spoiled when reheating just a day later.

It is fairly bland. I use spicy italian sausage and I still add heaps of cheddar cheese and hot sauce. It's more of a creamy base rather than a strong delicious flavor.

I still buy it because it's good for a fairly quick and hearty meal.
341857341857B000LKZ8U6AA7S590A4K4Z2Miriam R. Babcock "Miriam DuBois Babcock"0051253577600Mrs. Leepers GREAT Beef Strogonoff DinnerMrs Leeper's Beef trogonoff Dinner is delicious and very easy to make. I would recommend this to everybody!
341858341858B000LKZ8U6A3ICDLUQ3V2QY2Kevin L. Nenstiel "omnivore"0131289433600Handy but BlandMrs. Leeper's Beef Stroganoff is blandly adequate but uninspiring. Even after I added a liberal dose of cayenne, I could barely taste it. It's okay as a vehicle for the protein in the beef and the riboflavin in the noodles, especially if you can't digest wheat gluten. But it has even less flavor than Hamburger Helper, if you can imagine such a thing. When the best I can say is that it's handy and not unpleasent, that's a thin recommendation.
341859341859B002X4DIA0A2VOVLKP603R1TD. J. Brown212111297468800NOT suitable as strawberry flavorI can believe the source material used for this extract may have, by some miracle, exhibited strawberry genes... But that's as far as I'm willing to admit that this has any strawberry flavor at all.

What came labeled as strawberry extract tasted more like equal parts of:

- Vanilla
- Burnt wood

Nope, not only is this not suitable as strawberry flavor, it's not worth the bottle it came in either.
341860341860B000I6MBFSAN70EYEWMXTQEEugene Pucine "Gino"0031336953600Weak flavorThis brand makes a decent cup of coffee ... however when one orders a "flavored" coffee one expects to taste at least a slight amount of flavoring. Not so with this brand -- the "flavor" is almost non-exsistant. However the cost was lower than regular coffee in my local grocery stores. So bottom line ... it's a pretty good deal.
341861341861B000B868UWA2DIAK3M0MCYUZMico09943341231200000Wonderful treatThis product arrived in a timely manner, very well packed and was given as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. The recipient raved about it. Thank you.
341862341862B000B868UWA1J053YPZPQ00TCarlaVeg1151317513600Go Yummy!!!My cousin went to Mexico and brought me this a bag of this chocolate balls. This is one of the best chocolate I have ever had. It tastes so good with the passion fruit! Great combination. I am happy to find this product available thru Amazon, but the shipping costs are a bit high.
341863341863B000B868UWA1U9STBNTG1BQVLesina0051342137600Chocolate covered awesomeness in a bag!A friend brought a bag of these for me from Costa Rica and I immediately fell in love with them! They are sweet and the dark chocolate really compliments the passion fruit. Great product all around!
341864341864B0017WO2JKA39U7B5ZT37IZHAunt Mare3351247529600AWESOME FLAVORI LOVE this flavor and am unable to find it anywhere in my local stores. the last time i found it was in New York, until i found it here. it is a light bodied tea with mild berry flavor, not strong, just right. i only brew it for about 2 minutes per cup though. if i do it longer, it seems to change the flavor bouquet a little.
341865341865B0017WO2JKA1W9OO0AMDBAGJAmScray3451263513600I drink this every day!This is the only tea I've ever found that I can drink without adding sweetener or milk to. I can easily drink glass after glass and never get tired of it. I heard Tazo is discontinuing this flavor so I'm stocking up with Amazon while I can!!
341866341866B0017WO2JKA230CAH5O7B9FQMelissa0021340236800What flavor?"A delicate tea with enticing hints of blueberry & white cranberry"

"Delicate" and "hints" should've been the first tip off, translation: this tea has no flavor. Zip. I've tried other blueberry teas, and not only does the actual color of the tea change, it -tastes- like blueberries. I expected some flavor, especially with the cranberry, but nuthin.

The only reason I didn't give this one star is that it at least didn't taste bad. It just didn't taste like anything.
341867341867B0017WO2JKADMKR5TA9OYYIazsha0041339545600creamy deliciousnessSo first off I drink teas mainly from Taiwan so I guess u could say I get top quality stuff. But I wanted to try white tea soon so I ordered tazo off of a friends recommendation. By the flavor description I thought it would be like blooming tea which has a ....well plant like taste and so I doubted this one , but I was surprised how soft the flavor was it mixes nicely with the blueberry and the white tea. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a nice soft tea.
341868341868B0017WO2JKA3JLECMNWC4LDYLorinzo0051326412800Very NiceA pleasant blueberry flavor. Be careful that you don't add too much water or keep the tea bag in too long because it ruins the flavor. I have to taste it as I go.
341869341869B0017WO2JKAHC0UMZ2HA1PRAngel0031322179200Just OKI got a bag of this for free from my cousin at Thanksgiving yesterday. Today I decided to sit down in the evening (just now actually) and brew it up in a mug. The first few sips, my first reaction was, "Meh, whatever." As I kept drinking sip after sip, I realized my mouth felt a bit like pepper. I'm not sure why, though, as I don't remember anything in the ingredients being peppery...but oh well.
It was alright. You could taste the blueberry but maybe the peppery flavor was just the aftertaste of the bitter cranberries getting confused on my tongue, I'm really not sure.
Overall, my rating is "Meh," which means I'd drink this only if it was the only brand and flavor I had in the house :-)
341870341870B0017WO2JKA1G55IW32C3OWZunreadable0051310256000wonderful blueberry flavor -- without the hibiscus!This tea was a wonderful blueberry flavor. Since it has the benefits of white tea -- very low caffeine level and a lot of antioxidants, it is a very pleasant tea to drink many times during the day.

Since I don't like hibiscus and this tea does not contain hibiscus, this is the perfect blueberry tea for me. On the other hand, for those who like hibiscus -- especially in their berry teas -- this tea may seem weak, because it lacks that strong hibiscus flavor punch.

I highly recommend this tea for anyone who wants a nice, tasty blueberry tea -- without hibiscus.
341871341871B0017WO2JKA2M0BNNCVQ2N5Xtaylor10051299542400Tazo Berryblossom White TeaBest tea EVER! I drink it several times a day. During cold/flu season I make everyone I know drink it for the medicinal properties. Everyone loves it. Nice hint of blueberry. Clean tasting, no bitterness.
341872341872B0017WO2JKA3BM1B6WO6SAXFLynnette K. Dobberpuhl0051295222400Delicious!I first tried Tazo Berryblossom White tea after dinner at a very nice local restaurant. I didn't expect greatness, because I have had indifferent results with white teas in the past, but was very pleasantly surprised. The aroma is beautiful and the taste of tea is accented with berry, not overwhelmed. I brewed for one and a half to two minutes, as it is a bagged tea vs. loose leaf, and found that to be perfect. I took an extra bag home from the restaurant to make sure my experience wasn't influenced by the wine at dinner, and the results were replicated at home the next day. I couldn't find it at the store so am purchasing online.
341873341873B0017WO2JKA1Z81SPKNTEOD5Linda A. Rowley1251221436800Tazo teaService, price and speed of delivery were very, very good - I will definitley keep ordering from this site. Nice to be able to order hard to find items so easily.
341874341874B0017WO2JKA20KHETIOZEJCLrelaxed to natural0111327881600Joy Tea is betterThis tea has ABSOLUTELY no taste. Please believe me. Tazo's Joy tea is delicious and so is chai, refresh, awake, PASSION(especially), zen and even calm. But this Berryblossom nonsense is a complete waste of time.
341875341875B0017WO2JKA3TBTAX85OYRKPHappy Crafter0121262908800Gave me the shakes!I tried this in the morning instead of my morning coffee and it gave me the shakes bad!!!! It must be very high in Caffine, not for me, I did not like the effects at all. The taste was good.
341876341876B0017WO2JKAQ6B2UAFBL2PKFitKat0211268006400Blechhhh!You go from hot water to slightly bitter with a faint berry note. There is no happy middle ground and if you manage not to get a bitter taste, you don't get much taste at all. Save your money try another brand like Celestial Seasonings, Republic of Tea or something with more good ratings. Try a cup at Starbuck's first and you can see without committing to 6 boxes.
341877341877B0017WO2JKA1P662LNCNUIP6jgri "jgrimm19"0211263081600What tasteTastes like - hot water... At least I cannot taste anything other than that it becomes a bit bitter if the bag is left in the mug.
341878341878B00199CEP0AW1SX80EKDG1YR. Maurice0051285027200Costa Little RickyVery light flavored and fruity, slightly acidic coffee. One of my personal favorites. Great warm weather coffee. I fell in love with Costa Rica coffee after my daughter purchased a local coffee while visiting and brought some back. This coffee is the closest I've had in terms of flavor and freshness.
341879341879B00199CEP0AWH31SJ39NSRRT. N. Taupule "Fly T"0251243468800Excellent, smooth, reasonabley priced organic coffeeI agree with the other review, very much like the coffee we had when we were in Costa Rica, but this is organic.

We like this better than the Starbucks organic coffees, or any of the Whole Foods or TJs brands I have tried and when you buy it in bulk like this, it is also more reasonably priced.

We have enjoyed all of the Larry's Beans coffees we have tried.

My mom is even ordering this coffee now!! We are all big fans. ^_^
341880341880B00199CEP0A1U2VSM1T0C484J. kinney0351227571200smooth morning coffeMy husband and I love this coffee. It is a smooth, tasty cup of joe that gets our morning going.

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