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342571342571B0000DC332AGO0LO80EPLVEGlycerine4651214697600Great for martinisThis makes the best pomegranate martinis - just add a shot of the syrup, a shot of orange juice and a shot of vodka, shake over ice and serve. Delicious!
342572342572B0000DC332A27KBRAUGF7X6GMarie Lupica0041305158400A bit too sweet for my taste.Monin Pomegranate Syrup is an excellent product. However, it is a bit too sweet for my taste. Others may disagree.
Also, Amazon almost always has a product that I am looking for.
342573342573B0000DC332A3LM5BHZ018AOQLaura I. Redsecker "Redseckerl"0051260230400Monin Syrup GrenadineI was really impressed by this item. It was delicious and very satisfactory to taste. I added it to a lemon lime soda and had an instant Shirley Temple drink. I would have waited a long time for a drink like this to be fixed for me. Now I can have one any time I like.I am very pleased with the value of this purchase also.
I would buy it again on Amazon.
342574342574B0000DC332A2Y43VRL3HIBW4Nikita1251312070400Love it!All the Monin syrups are great, but the pomegranate flavor is THE BEST! If you like your drinks on the tarter side, try Pomegranate. You'll love it!
342575342575B0000DC332A15NB814T62B71A. J. Wischmeyer "AJ in AZ"1241254182400Worth the shipping costI am always looking for decent products without high fructose corn syrup, or even corn syrup at all, and grenadine syrup without it is VERY hard to find. This Monin syrup fills the bill and tastes great too. Natural Tequila Sunrises, here we come.
342576342576B000YT7ROOA2H3LQIQN9LFR7fth1111344297600graham crackerswould never buy product again, not one pack was still intact all were crushed, need to find a better way to package
342577342577B000YT7ROOA28INFNXBI8G5MChatty Cathy1141260576000Should be the honey grahams! Not the originals.Loved the packaging, loved the cracker's freshness, but wish you offered the same graham cracker with Honey. SOmething to think about.....
342578342578B000YT7ROOA7A2BH3TI5HYVD. Patrick1151235433600Keebler Graham Crackers - Individual servingsCrackers were very fresh. Serving size was as listed. Very good product!
Delivery was fast!
342579342579B007Z6DCFWA2OBK9DO1Y6P7IJackie0051347494400Great Product!Great product, really works! This is my 5th bottle and wouldn't go a day without it.....
I wish all products work this good, finally a product I can trust.
342580342580B0046H53AKA3D6OI36USYOU1Ghenghis4451300924800Critical ingredient in Cajun dishes.Essential for gumbos, jambalaya, steamed fish, and Étouffé. I'd be lost without this stuff. Great for chowders too!

From the side panel....

Ingredients: Contains 2 or more: (cod, flounder, pollack, herring and/or salmon), vegetable stocks (onion,
celery, carrot, mushroom, red pepper), natural flavor (from corn), tomato paste.

Amount per serving (4):
Calories: 10
Fat: 0
Sodium 480 mg
Protein 2g

Ya cant make a decent bouillabaisse without this stuff! I much prefer my own shrimp/lobster stock when making
something special, but you cant beat the convenience of these great Kitchen Basics products. And not too much
competition out there for a fish stock, this is pretty much the only game in town.
342581342581B0046H53AKAUND3L08KKY8GPatricia Doherty0051343174400Make delicious seafood soup at home!My husband creates delicious soups using this broth along with onions, carrots, celery, and cabbage and either shrimps or fish filets. It's basic and easy to use frozen filets such as tilapia. The stock has lots of flavor so not much more is needed. However, he likes it spicy so we add sriracha and a bit of Thai fish sauce. The stock is convenient, tasty, and easy to store. It's hard to find at the grocery stores, so we buy our supply from Amazon.
342582342582B0046H53AKAHPON0KBM5ATPSarMar0051341273600Delicious!My local store stopped carrying this item. I tried to use clam juice, and other brand broth and stocks but they didn't compare and were more expensive per oz. I was THRILLED to find this on Amazon and with FREE Super Saver shipping, very easy to add another item. The companies website has outrageous shipping.
342583342583B0046H53AKA1WY5I5LGY6G7JLITTLE DOG0051335657600SEAFOOD STOCKI had found a new recipe I wanted to try and I could not find Seafood Stock anywhere in my town. I was so trilled to find it at Amazon. The Cioppino turned out wonderful and have Seafood Stock in my cupboard to make it more often.
342584342584B0046H53AKA3UVQQDD2GA1NEBlind Faith 99 "Blind Faith 99"0011335571200Vegetable broth in disguiseSaw this for the first time at the market tonight. Decided to give it a chance. I usually use clam juice, fish stock, lobster broth, or anything like that for my seafood dishes. If I can get a fresh whole fish at a good price, I'll even make the broth myself. Anyway, opened this up and was very disappointed right from the outset. It smells like vegetable broth, tastes like vegetable broth, and in the end, what i made tasted like fish in a vegetable broth. According to the ingredients listed on the package, it actually is vegetable broth, in addition to some seafood ingredients. Obviously, most of it is vegetable broth. Nothing wrong with that if that's what you like. I prefer something that's a lot closer to 100% fish/seafood stock.
342585342585B0067HL7LGA1B70ZEWQ6UH1AJust Me0051326844800healthy & the dogs loved itBeef heart is a very healthy treat, but it's hard to find. All of my dogs, even the pickier ones, both love these treats. Pricey though.
342586342586B004QLEMKIA2MX94DQABK8GYmattiew1121329523200Save your time and moneyI was very excited to find a natural ingredient cookie mix (we love cookies but are often short on time) but VERY disappointed in the results. The cookies have a slightly odd texture which could be overlooked, however they have no flavor. Even the chocolate chunks are bland. I added vanilla to the second batch which helped a little.
342587342587B004QLEMKIA2U6U1KCXH7DKMrockinhippie0051326153600yummy and good for you!I love that these cookies are basically scratch in a box. No preservatives or artificial anything. I also used coconut oil instead of butter to make them and they were still delicious!!! The only way they could be better was if they were also organic. But I will still buy them as is!
342588342588B004QLEMKIA3IZTR50LWIZ0CSally W. Schwartz "sallyws"0051322179200Saved the morning after Thanksgiving with my 4 year old grandsonThis morning the visiting 4 year old saw a package of Naturally Nora Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix in my pantry and asked to have one of the cookies. When I explained that we would have to make the cookies, he begged. We didn't have a lot of time, but we had enough to make this wonderful mix, and all he had to add was an egg and very soft butter. We had the cookies made, the kitchen clean and a smiling grandson when the rest of the family came back from breakfast out. It took about three minutes for the cookies to be eaten up. They were terrific--and so easy.
342589342589B000GG1O7QA2M687HYOW9JFWdream factory1121326931200Not GREENMy quest to find THE perfect green tea led me to 'Bigelow'. A big name in the tea industry.

I steeped a Japanese green tea (Sencha) in one clear glass mug and Bigelow's in another glass mug.
Rules: allow the boiling water to sit for 4 min. Then gently steep for 4 min. Place onto a large pure white table top.
The difference was dramatic. The Bigelow's green tea looked brown next to the Sencha tea.
The taste was just as dramatic. Bitter initial flavor with a dull harsh after taste vs. A Smooth consistent green tea flavor.
I repeated this 3 weeks later with a different batch of Bigelow's. Same difference.

So if it's GREEN tea your looking for - Bigelow's is not the one.
342590342590B000GG1O7QA2T4X3JDES3TF1M. Smith0051325030400Good deal green tea.What a deal for us. This tea on sale sells for $3.oo a box at local stores. Items shipped and arrived in a timely manner.
342591342591B000GG1O7QA15IM7D6RLSTFKGeego "GR"0041316736000Bigelow Green Tea, 20-Count Boxes (Pack of 6)Very tasty tea Green tea, I am a drinker many other brands of green tea, but this is one of my all-time favorite.
342592342592B000GG1O7QA1SOHC7HOY5PZAAJ0051305331200Bigelow Green Tea with MintMy Mom drinks this tea with honey, on a daily basis. She loves it, so we have it on Subscribe and Save to make sure she always has it on hand. The price on Amazon is really good!
342593342593B000GG1O7QA58N07M0ZCYMBValentina0051258588800So Good!I'm a tea drinker, and this Bigelow Green Tea is of my favorites. This green tea is mild, and has a very light color and a smooth taste. I try to stay away from too much sugar, so I sweeten mine with a few drops of stevia sweetener.

I especially go to this tea when I'm sick. It's great hot, and soothes sore throat even better than chicken soup. Tea comes in sealed packets. Last time I ordered this pack was at least a year ago. I just finished my last box, and this one was as good as my first. If you like black tea, try Darjeeling from Bigelow, it's my favorite black tea.
342594342594B003N0S99IA3C0MCE8O30CRDIceteaallday2251289433600Possibly the best Ice teaI love this ice tea. It is a nice change from the more available brands like Snapple or Arizona. It has less sugar then both but still more then some of the lipton bottled ice tea. The bottom line is it taste great, not too sweet and a good balance of lemon flavor and you can actually taste tea! I have been looking everywhere for it for the past few months. I had some from a Duane Readu in NYC and after i bought out the store they didn't have it again up until a few days ago. If you like ice tea or half and half you should definitely give this a try it's better then most drinks out on the market.
342595342595B002O19HWUA9ACNY7E9FVOARob Millette171951291852800These are awesome Peaches. Previous reviews contain inaccurate points.Both of the reviews on this product so far unfairly give one star as both contain incorrect information. I enjoy these peaches, so I investigated. I wrote to the Edward & Sons company and they verified that 1) Their cans do NOT contain BPA, and 2) Their organic certification for peaches grown in China comes from familar bodies. They state: "Our organics out of China are certified by 3 groups, all following the EU/USDA standards: IMO (Institute for Marketecology), Ecocert, and BCS (a German certifying body)"

These peaches are really delicious, highly recommended.
342596342596B002O19HWUA3173BUN91R8RFChris St Pierre6651299369600Best Canned Peaches EverThese are the sweetest peaches I have ever eaten out of a can. Its hard to believe there is no added sugar, only fruit juice. Tender, juicy, organic whats not to love about these ?
342597342597B002O19HWUA19G7KC7Q2KSVPBob Day7851300320000Distrust fearmongering xenophobic reviewsThese peaches are excellent, and extensive surfing and cross-verifying on the internet assures me that Edward & Sons' Native Forest Brand products are packed in BPA free cans. Also, the USDA is pretty careful about who they allow to use their USDA Organic label, so I trust that a whole lot more than reviewers whose main complaint seems to be that these peaches are produced in China. One of these reviewers has posted very similar reviews of Native Forest Mandarin Oranges and Native Forest Pears. He states that the peaches, pears, and mandarine oranges are all either "delicious" or "fairly tasty". But if he is so fearful about China and what he claims (falsely I believe) that these products are packed in BPA lined cans, I can't help but wonder whether he really tasted any of these products.
342598342598B002O19HWUAIDMLAYRQRIU3M. Roberts3351306800000Delicious Peaches, BPA Free According to Company RepTwo important things about these peaches 1) They're delicious 2) according to the email exchange I had with an Edwards and Son's rep (company that makes native forest brand) they ARE BPA free.

I think the peaches are delicious, I haven't had any problems with mushiness at all. They come out of the can fresh and delicious and have a relatively long shelf life, although I haven't really tested how good the peaches are after sitting in my cabinet for 3+ months since they're eaten by then. Also haven't had much trouble with dented cans, maybe 1 in 6 will be slightly dented.

As far as the BPA issue, the Edwards and Son's rep replied to my email with the list of products that are "specified to be BPA free." The peaches are on the list. The asparagus tips that I used to get from Native Forest were not, I no longer buy them.

Hope this clears up the BPA issue (I'll include the relevant part of the email with the list of BPA free products in the comments).
342599342599B002O19HWUA33W5JAFGHYRQZghermine "ghermine"1141344297600Organic, BPA freeWe buy almost anything we can find in BPA free cans. There is very little available. These peaches taste ok but sometimes the color is off. Recently, we got a shipment that had a slight green color. The cans were dented, so maybe something was off. Amazon is always good about refunds and replacements, so we're still happy and stick with Amazon because of their policies.
342600342600B002O19HWUA2AVYSXICESSTKE. Kerby1121323561600Weird flavor.I was really excited to find these peaches because they are organic, the can is BPA free, and the ingredient list only includes organic peaches, filtered water, and organic fruit juice concentrate (apple and/or pear). Perfect!

When I actually started eating them, I was really disappointed. They have a weird flavor, kind of a chemical sweet taste to them. The best I can guess is that I'm used to peaches in pear juice and the apple juice changes things in a way that I don't like, or maybe the concentrate is not very diluted.

I don't know what it is, but I've had about 6-7 peach slices and I'm done. Maybe they would taste ok IN something, but they don't taste very good on their own.

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