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343141343141B003YBH398A2ZI9EWWZTNUA2jalcruces5551319155200quick easy complete light lunchI had first tried the humus Gopicnic lunch, and loved that. The next one I tried was this Pepperoni one. Yes, the pepperoni is greasy. Really greasy. More so than any pepperoni I've ever had. But, it's simple... just dry it off with a napkin... and, yes, as another reviewer has stated, you will need a couple of napkins for this. I am not a fan of asiago cheese, but it was good. Also, dried fruit tends to turn in my stomach (or mouth), but the dried fruit was very good as well. These meals are really quite satisfying... I mean, if you are starving... they will help (but not "fill" you).... as a lunch at work (which, if I am at work, I really don't want something heavy), it is really nice as all of these meals come with five items... a little of "this", a little of "that"... a bit from several food groups. Nice.
343142343142B003YBH398A1K6GBU4NRHSORM. B. Burdick "Bellydancer"5551317859200I'm in loveThe discovery of this product on Amazon has seemingly led me into a long term relationship with Go Picnic. I'm in love. These adorable and easily transported boxes are filled with high quality, interesting, great tasting foods. The meals are as balanced as they can be and I feel good about eating them. After buying this product I went on to order two other Go Picnic products, so I am very well-stocked for days I'm on the go and in need of food.
343143343143B003YBH398A2N84PWZLT4CDBEmmersMom4441306454400Great for on the go but grab a napkin too.These are great for a fast, easy, and tasty treat that's healthier than grabbing something while you're out! The pepperoni is somewhat greasy but I just bring a napkin along too and once I take it out of it's wrapper I set it on the napkin and that helps a lot. That's the only reason I gave it four stars instead of five because we really like them otherwise! It's the perfect snack or small meal (if you're like me and eat a few smaller meals during the day); a bit of salt, a little sweet treat, some protein, and grains all keep you going smoothly throughout your day.
343144343144B003YBH398A27DYAY3FUWIZ8J. Kendall3351329609600My favorite GoPicnic choiceFirst, as a celiac (needing to be gluten-free), I've been a fan of GoPicnic for a while. They're great for travel, providing a nice fill-in for the airline meals we no longer receive. Really, they kind of remind me of the sorts of lunch packs a lot of kids get -- single meal, shelf-stable, with various bits and pieces ready to combine once you dig in. The problem I've had with GoPicnic is that I'm picky, and I've found that while I enjoy *something* out of each package, most have at least one, often several, items I don't care for.

This is the first GoPicnic package I've found where I like *everything* included. The asiago cheese, while not something I'd immediately think of for pizza, works great. The turkey pepperoni is tasty (although greasy, as any real pepperoni is going to be if stored at room temperature.) I *love* the dried fruit in this (pineapple and, uh, cranberries, I think? I'd have to look up the second one -- but whatever it is, I like it.) And while the dried fruit could probably double as a desert, the almond roca is awesome -- unless you're one of those weird folks who hates almond roca. And if so, then, well, why? How can you not feel a shudder of joy every time you bite into a piece of that chocolatey, crunchy, toffee-esque goodness? Well, it doesn't matter -- your odd aversion toward almond roca is none of my danged business, really.

Any time I travel, I bring gopicnic with me. And unless I'm just feeling daring and want to pick up a box of some flavor I've never tried, this will be the only one I'll bring.

To the gopicnic folks, a suggestion, if you don't mind: Any chance of tossing in a wet-wipe or towel with this one? The grease thing really calls out for it. And, thanks for making something tasty, portable, *and* gluten-free. Traveling with gluten sensitivity is a real pain in the butt. Figuratively, and otherwise.
343145343145B003YBH398A281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"3341304035200Gourmet Cheese SpreadWhat I love most about this box of snacks is the gluten-free crackers and the delicious asiago cheese spread. The dried cranberries and pineapple are also quite tasty. Then for dessert there is an small Almond Roca bar which is crunchy and satisfying if you like toffee covered in chocolate. These ready-to-eat meals are handy for all sorts of occasions like hiking and biking. They are also handy to take along on a spontaneous picnic. The foods in this box do not contain any MSG or high fructose corn syrup.

~The Rebecca Review
343146343146B003YBH398ALVJCD5NY28G4Just a dude2251321056000My favorite at work lunch!Everything about this kit is awesome!!

The meal consists of a pack of crackers, turkey pepperoni, asiago cheese spread, dried fruit, and a great little almond toffee chocolate bar.

Every item is individually wrapped, tastes great and looks to be great quality. Who knew eating glutin-free could taste so good! My only gripe is that sometimes there are not enough crackers in the pack to account for all the pieces of pepperoni. I like to have a one to one ratio. Usually there are enough, but I've had cracker packs with way too many and had packs with way too little.

The included almond, toffee, chocolate treat is great!

Easily a 5 star lunch!
343147343147B003YBH398A2613AZS5O58QSJoey J. Tillson "Book Junkie extrodinare"2251320278400D-Lish-us!!!!This is the perfect snack and meal! Great tasting and doesn't make you feel yucky or too full, just perfect!
343148343148B003YBH398A3M3CXC2I4JW9Tdab12312251320278400Five Stars Plus...if possible.I am a teacher with very little time for lunch. I am also a forest roamer. These things are great. Perfect size. Easy to eat in a short period of time. TASTY!!!!!! Try these box lunches folks, they really are Lunchables for adults.
343158343158B003YBH398A3SLPC4WE0HVAVAgent990051326067200Great little mealThis is a great meal on the go. I take these to work and can see them as being excellent for road trips. Everything in this box was delicious! I rarely would find myself eating pineapple or cranberries, but in box it was delicious! Do grab a napkin for the pepperoni.
343149343149B003YBH398AU1T3SMES513OSnacker1141347494400Great but priceyI'm a huge snacker! I was walking through the cafeteria at my job (hospital) and noticed the cute little box. I love trying new things and gave it a chance. I would say that the combination of crackers, cheese spread, salami, candy, and dried fruit meets the needs of my taste buds with the sample bite sizes. I'm happy to see that there are 12grams of protein as well. My only criticism is that it's overpriced. I bought an individual box for $4.99. Even $24.99 for a pack of 6 is too much when you can get $5 footlongs from Subway...I'm just sayin'..
343150343150B003YBH398AZ8FD022VVK1Erika1151340928000Great for school and picnicsThis is my son's favorite of the lunchable style meals from Gopicnic. He really likes the fact that he can have a lunch that is similar to other kids. He also likes the convenience of having a full meal in one. Gopicnic is his lunch menu for an entire week at scout camp. It's nice to be able to send him off for a week and know he will be able to eat good food safely.
343151343151B003YBH398A2NE4LNFOIVWKWRachel1151335744000GoPicnic Turkey Pepperoni and CheeseI was looking for some simple meals to put into my emergency pack. I like these because it needs no refrigeration, it's light, and it's easy to eat right out of the box. The kids and I opened a box and I was surprised as it was quiet tasty. You'd think in an emergency you'd be willing to eat anything, but it's nice to know that we have something that we'll actually like. I especially liked the dried pineapple. I'm not sure how filling it will be as an actual meal because we split it up, but I was satisfied with it as a snack.

I subscribed for every 6 months. It looks like it expires end of October so that's right about when I'll be getting my next shipment. I'm excited to take these babies camping. No prep, easy cleanup, tasty snack on the go.
343159343159B003YBH398AJ3B3AH37HOUIKoobles4741315785600Great for school but need to pack drink and napkinsWhat I like about it
* Does not require refrigeration unless you open the cheese and pepperoni.
* No heating required
* No trans fats, no high fructose corn syrup, no added MSG, and no artificial colors or flavors
ª Crispy multi-seed oven baked crackers. Gluten free.
* Spreadable cheese and Almond Roca bar is good
* Easy open box
* Neat little Sudoku puzzle and facts imprinted inside the box

What I don't like about it
* Turkey is a bit greasy
* The fruit pack was a bit too sweet for me.
* Does not include napkins. Need for greasy pepperoni.
* Does not include any drink.
343160343160B003YBH398AN6CKS1PE4C8OJHL0131340582400Pros and ConsI was so happy to discover these. I have to keep food with me when I leave the house for more than a few hours since I have a medically restricted diet (Celiac Disease/gluten free). These are convenient and tasty, and labeled gluten free.

Unfortunately, as another poster mentioned, some of the items state that they are processed in a facility that also processes wheat. That means they're not gluten free. The search continues for safe, shelf-stable food.
343161343161B003YBH398A2RNNKJGDVJ62Bbob0131321142400Good snackA little overpriced for portion size. Good food to keep in car for when you need a snack. Tastes good but not meal sized portions.
343162343162B003YBH398ATN552TF5V40ZLh0231317254400Convenient but super saltyI wanted to like this because it's so convenient. I could tolerate the asiago spread and gluten-free crackers (read dry, super hard and tasteless) and I loved the little almond roca and tiny pouch of dried cranberries and pineapple. But the main protein, the turkey pepperoni was so salty and greasy that it was inedible. I tried covering it with cheese but no go. It was horrible to choke it down. And I usually love salty foods and pepperoni in particular. So I can't recommend this flavor of GoPicnic.
343163343163B003YBH398AY7KF9RDYNP4HD. B.2641315958400Too hard for my 7 year old to openOther than the cheese, I had to open everything. The pepperoni was so hard to open, I had to use a pair of scissors. So this won't work as an emergency school lunch for younger children.
343164343164B003YBH398AEO407GROR6JBSusan C. McConnell "Avid reader"0321329696000Too expensive, too greasy, expires too soon!I did like the crackers and cheese, and the turkey pepperoni is OKAY, but you have to soak up the grease with lots and lots of napkins before you can even eat it. I have never seen so much grease in my life! Also, I didn't like the dried fruit -- it was too sweet for my taste. And the portion is very small for being so expensive. I will keep these in my desk drawer at work and use them ONLY in case of emergency, like if I have to work through my lunch hour. Oh, I almost forgot: the shipment I just received expires in 3 months. It would be nice if I had longer to eat these.
343165343165B003YBH398A3ROFNRQ2LAGSWcwall8860411339977600This is food? Yuk!!!!Don't buy this ersatz "food.' The turkey stick requires a very firm jaw and teeth, and eating the stick is unpleasant. The included "crunchies" are similarly difficult and tasteless. At least the chips are edible.
343166343166B003YBH398A3B8TBXXCM3VWPstickman0521319155200Gluten Free Does Not Equal HealthyNice concept, but you really need to read the ingredients on these products. Pepperoni and cheese has some of the more nasty ingredients and high in fat and sodium, and the Hummus product is more on the healthy side. I guess good in emergency situations.
343167343167B003YBH398AHDJ6Q2QGL9DMMarifrances01711330992000Are they SERIOUS??GoSicknic!

Just because I can't eat gluten, doesn't mean I want to eat garbage. This "meal" (and I use the term loosely) is nothing but processed, sodium-ridden, chemically-laden junk in a box! I have to hand it to the marketers who created this line -- they have been so slick, this line of food trash has infiltrated the health food sections of grocery stores everywhere.

Besides being somewhat bizarre in components, this "meal" is packed with highly-allergenic items such as cheese spread, a piece of nut candy, sulfur dioxide, sodium nitrites, BHA and BHT! I mean, the gluten-free crackers are a real head-scratcher ... might as well have put Ritz in there.

Obviously whoever put this trippy repast together is not familiar with food allergies. I suspect the crackers are a red herring to put the shopper off the trail of the anaphylactic shock value of the rest of the box. It should come with a free albuterol inhaler and an Epipen. Maybe the Epipen could have cartoon characters on it to appeal more to the kids.

Frankly, this whole line of "meals" has the haphazard feel of a harried, not-too-bright mother hastily throwing a bunch of randomly-chosen, non-perishable "food" items in a box because her kid is late for the school bus and she forgot to go to the grocery store.

Please. You'd be better off eating the cardboard this "meal" came in! I implore you to read the "nutritional information" on the side of the box, as well as the actual ingredients, before you put this stuff into your body.

Bring on the negative comments ... I am *MORE* than ready.
343168343168B00028LZTUA2A30AVTSZULWRseule771 "seule771"0141328313600Good as ordered.I finally opened the boxed packaged containing this tea. It was inclusive in having other items added as free samples. I have yet to open and try the tea, but I have had twig tea in recent past. So I am hopping that it is as remembered, nice roasted cup of twig.

Thank you.
343169343169B000WFEN74AZNU6ZEJ6CVY8shalene11412977280005 out of 5 Love the FoodMy cat herd (5) love Wellness canned food, especially the turkey mix. Cat ages range from 3 to l0 and all have thrived on this food. I supplement their diets with Wellness dry food, but the canned is by far their favorite.
343170343170B000WFEN74A172W0Y5D8362PAK1151296432000Healthy and tasty cat foodWellness is the only canned food I buy for my cats. I has no by products, preservatives or any artificial junk. No grain, and it's first four ingredients are good meats. My cats love it (even the finicky one) and I'm happy there is at least one cat food company out there that provides nutritious pet food. Thank you Wellness! Buying this is chaper than buying in the store as well, I think if you buy the same amount in the store you pay about 13 dollars more. Just be aware of the fact that you need a can opener to open these cans.
343152343152B003YBH398ANBQNZOAGGDA9MandyGirl1141317686400A very satisfying snack.This snack pack, or as I like to call it, my adult version of a lunchables lol. Of course it is not just for adults but definitely has a better, more satisfying taste. I love the wheat crackers, they are good alone but definitely better with some of the asiago cheese spread and a pepperoni slice. Everything is packed in its own little package and comes together very nicely as a whole. It is not a meal, unless perhaps you're on an extreme sort of diet but it gets me through my day in the middle of classes when I am too busy to run out and get lunch. It can keep you from hunger for maybe and hour or 2 but it is not a meal. My favorite part of the whole thing was the small almond roca bar for a "dessert". My least favorite part was the small bag of dried cranberries and pineapple pieces. Normally i like cranberries and pineapples but as a dried fruit, these are definitely too sweet even for my sweet tooth. Overall i would recommend this product because it is nicely packaged and very tasty.
343153343153B003YBH398A2VYLFAHT8RN1LSara0051345075200Surprisingly AwesomeThe gift shop at the hotel I work at started carrying these the same day I had to pull a super long work shift and forgot lunch. I bought one, though they had the other varieties as well (Which are just as amazing) and I was surprised at the amount of food in the little box.

Inside is a plastic knife, a piece of hard toffee wrapped up in foil and then plastic, a packet of turkey pepperoni, a packet of multi-seed rice based crackers that are very light and crisp, more than enough cheese spread to make your own little sandwiches of the crackers cheese and pepperoni, also dried fruit that wasn't actually too sugary for once.

The box opens up so that you can use it as an eating container if need be, but it'd be difficult to spread cheese on crackers in it so I just laid out a napkin for that. There was also a sudoku puzzle inside.

Though pricier than a lunchable, I found this much more satisfying, I don't eat a lot and i don't think it would satisfy the average adult, but this would be a fantastic meal for children or small eaters. Best, they don't require refrigeration, so you can take them on long trips.

I'll probably be buying these when my family heads out to the anime convention next summer, since the food at the convention center is expensive and sub-par, it'd be nice to have something my family can carry with them.

This is also a great meal if you're dieting, as there's enough protein and lean fats to keep you feeling a bit fuller than the average under 300 calorie meal would.
343154343154B003YBH398A2MH45450030H0Shana Banana0051335916800Sooo good!These are so good! I was not expecting much as most gluten free snacks are pretty awful. My only complaint is that one package is not enough for a meal. The crackers are outstanding, none of the weird texture in other GF baked goods. I am signing up for a subscription.
343155343155B003YBH398A2TN9C5E4A0I3FJimmy0041329436800Compared to other Go Picnics, dried fruit took off a starI've tried the majority of the meals and this a good one. Pepperoni is not only good but it's "turkey pepperoni" taking out some of the high fat. A+ for that. Crackers (which are the same ones as in several meals) are awesome. Almond Roca is always delicious and the asiago cheese is great. I took off a star for the yucky dried fruit. Other meals have exceptional fruit/nut combos but this one was pathetic. Dried cranberries and tiny squares of dry pineapple...tasted like cardboard. Seems like every meal has a flaw (possibly to save money..a cheapie item?) and the dried fruit in this one was it.
343156343156B003YBH398ANUMY5QQSKR8NQuirkieD0041328572800Convenient small meal for on-the-goI found these at a local store - heavily discounted - and was super impressed. It's a good mix of flavors and filling but not heavy. Perfect for my lunch meal since I usually keep that kind of small. It's truly amazing what fits in such a small box. Very handy to keep in stock for on-the-go meals.

Highly recommended for anyone that travels a great deal. I'm planning on making sure I've got a good stock for future flights or long driving trips.
343157343157B003YBH398A2DV7B3KU0NJDBSandralynnen0041327017600Good, lol if you like salty pepperoni...I bought a 6-pack of these- i LOVE LOVE LOVE the crackers- the cheese spread is very tangy, good if you like strong flavors (and i do!)- the pepperoni had good flavor, but a lot of oil- i blotted them with a paper towel- and it was very salty. Not so much that i wouldn't eat it, but almost. Everything else was very good. I'm a big fan, overall, of GoPicnic.

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