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344923344923B0076MLL12A2DVA9DTH2YTCAngela M. Hiteshew0041343606400What a great value!!Arrived quick and on-time, and what a great value! Definitely pleased with my purchase, and will likely buy again =)
344924344924B0076MLL12A3PFGKHWB839TIMatt0051343520000Great product, great price ...Great option for excellent taste, price, and convenience. A repeat customer on these! We order these now in the 36 pack instead of getting at the grocery store.
344925344925B0076MLL12A3OGQ11JV4GGC3ritchie020051343433600Grove square Hot Cocoa cups,Milk Chocolate For Keurig K-cups Brewers, 24 CountGrove square Hot Cocoa is just the right amout of milk chocolate, not to much chocolate, just the right mixture. Delicious! I say a good cup of hot chocolate. Try Grove Square Hot Cocoa, Milk Chocolate K cups for Keurig Coffee Makers. Enjoy! I did.
344926344926B0076MLL12AB094YABX21WQJ. Gregg0051343174400tastes pretty goodthis hot coca tastes pretty good when brewed on 8oz setting however its not the best I've ever tasted nor the worst. its hard to rate this because everyone has different tastes so its ether you like it or you don't. I my self happen to like it and will buy again unless I find something better.
344927344927B0076MLL12A190ZI4MDD47UCJean0051343174400Love the hot chocolateThis is a great buy. I love this hot chocolate because it is very low in sugar and has a good taste. It isn't messy like regular hot chocolate as it is all dissolved before it hits the cup. Would buy again.
344928344928B0076MLL12A15DQC8JSUVGYREdmund N. Durden "ND House"0051342656000Easy and kids love itYum! All the convenience you expect with a K-Cup with all the flavor of real hot chocolate. The kids love it, and so will you!
344929344929B0076MLL12A3SWKICKP4J5K6Julie Munro0051342569600Great tasting cocoI really like the flavor of this hot chocolate. The kids love the flavor too. I always keep a box of this in the house as my kids and their friends are avid coco drinkers. This makes it easier and less messy even for the younger ones. No more powder spilled on the counter tops this way!
344930344930B0076MLL12A3BI8LP14PUYAGRichard Sweetman0051341705600Kcup Hot CocoaThis is one of my wife's favorite. Grove Square has another great product to share with Kcup users. Now we need some specials to bring the price per unit down.
344931344931B0076MLL12A1VMAF3WW4J3M3B1teller0051341619200Love it!My husband and I both love this hot chocolate. We are on the auto shipment for every other month and we are going to have to change it to every month!
344932344932B0076MLL12A2ALSH7ZYSVPK3dopey620051341619200great taste for a great priceMy family really enjoys Grove Square Hot Cocoa Milk Chocolate and we keep a supply on hand. The excellent price is what made us choose this brand but the taste is what makes us continually renew our order.
344933344933B0076MLL12A3B5N33ML7LJ5PLuvssassy0051340409600Keurig hot chocolateI have tried several types of hot chocolate since purchasing my Keurig and this is by far the one I enjoy the most. I have it shipped every month so that I don't worry about running out!!!
344934344934B0076MLL12A18VUKXM8NXYK. Engle0051339891200Great Dark CocoaI liked the milk chocolate version, so tried this. It is just as good, and with the more intense chocolate flavor, appeals to my chocolate desires.
344935344935B0076MLL12A24MI2GG040LY7RBD0011339286400Still LookingWhen I bought my Keurig brewer, I eagerly looked for other beverage options for my wife who is not a coffee drinker. I'm still looking. The Grove Square Hot Cocoa had a nasty aftertaste, almost metallic. No amount of cleaning/tinkering with the brewer made any improvement. I used the brewer to make hot water for a Nestle Hot Cocoa pack, and that was a far superior beverage. The Grove Square quickly found it's way to the trash. I'll find quality mixes and use the Keurig to heat the water from now on.
344936344936B0076MLL12A28QH292WLWZYJoanna Luebke "Loving Mom"0031337904000Taste is okayIt's okay but it does not have a rich chocolatey taste. I actually find it to have a funky taste, can't quite figure it out.
344937344937B0076MLL12A3L0TIXDIKFKA0Ms. Ann M. Gillilan "homeschoolmomof3"0051337731200The kids love it!After trying several brands of Hot Cocoa my kids have decided that this is the one for them. I'm certainly happy about it because not only is it delicious, but it's also more affordable. 3 boys can consume a box of hot cocoa very quickly, even with limits set. It's also very convenient to have it shipped automatically. If we don't drink that much I simply skip a month. If friends come over and we drink a lot, I just order an extra box. It's quick, simple and delicious.
344938344938B0076MLL12ABFMZYA9NJ222Rb41230041337212800Found the secretTo everyone worried about not getting a full cup to run through your machine with these k-cups, here's the trick. Put it in your machine, close the lid, open the lid, turn 90 degrees, close the lid and repeat two more times. You should have closed the lid on the k-cup four times by now. Next step is to hit the brew button. The problem is the needle is too small to run the chocolate through. With the extra three holes it all flows out very quick and turns out good. Would have given them five stars if it was able to run through the needle like it is supposed to. Could have been a little thicker overall, but not bad.
344939344939B0076MLL12A2H84V55USFJQXM50051337126400the best chocolate taste out there!the greatest, best chocolate taste in any keurig k-cups out there. will definitely order more. everyone in the office tries to steal them. i'm a chocolate nut, and these pass the test.
344940344940B0076MLL12AUOGMXLRRLVE1Chris M.0051337126400Hot cocoa k-cupsI have tried different brands of hot cocoa from dark to milk and the Grove Square milk chocolate k-cups have by far been the best. They're big critics in my family and they have given two thumbs up. I would recommend anyone who enjoys hot cocoa to purchase this brand.
344911344911B0076MLL12A1LFVTK70U5EZ5GQ0021347321600Sweet cocoaI found this too sweet. Am hoping there's an unsweetened version available. Not very chocolatey too, kinda like Swiss miss.
344912344912B0076MLL12ADKBNA7OMK620Theresa0011347062400should say dietIt has artificial sweetener which not only taste bad to me but also gives me a headache. This should say light or diet to let the buyer know this. I would have never bought it had I known. It seems like it would taste good otherwise.
344913344913B0076MLL12ARWRBORADGA3GRyan White "SunsetQuest"0051346803200good hot cocoaIt tastes good and is little sweet so my first thought was that it had a lot of sugar. I looked on the box and was surprised that it did not have that much. (a plus for me)
344914344914B0076MLL12A1Q7232KST2VWERob S.0021346716800If you like the taste of artificial sweetner it is ok.I have to admit based on most of the reviews I was sold on getting the 48 pack. Was a mistake. All three flavors had a distinct taste of the sucralose. That is the name of the artificial sweetner, in the product. If you like Splenda,you may like this. But, it has a distinct taste. Unfortunately not for me. A few friends of mine that tried it and said,"It wasn't bad." Unfortunately, that was the best of the comments.
If you really want a good cup of hot chocolate try Cafe Escapes or Swiss Miss. Both are twice as good in my opinion. Liked the Escapes best. Wish I liked the artificial sweetner, but the that taste has a distinct after taste. Probably would be better without the artificial stuff and more regular sugar. If your going to order I would get the small pack to try it. Better then throwing out 30. Try Cafe Escapes and Swiss Miss and see for yourself.
344915344915B0076MLL12A3GL1ORCNI2XEZTom0051346716800Grove Square Hot Cocoa For KeurigThis is the best Hot Cocoa product I have found for the Keurig K-cup Brewer. The others I have tried do not have the test or alot of the product remains in the cup.
344916344916B0076MLL12A3OCCDTAMODER1Joe0051345680000highly recommended hot chocolateThey have some really good hot chocolate. I got a single pack before and it was so good that I reordered some more. I like to make a mocha by brewing one of these and then one coffee (use a big cup).

One thing to note: these dont have a strainer inside, the entire contents are meant to be used (unlike the coffee Kcups) so it will feel empty once done. I would not recommend brewing on the smaller cup settings. Use a standard mug or larger because the smaller settings wont get all the chocolate from the inside to come out.

Also, kids may not like the peppermint flavor.... But that is my favorite one. If you don't want to get the variety pack, they sell the individual flavors too.
344917344917B0076MLL12AGLWD7FVS8E1LBasicTek "Tim"0051345507200Best Keurig Hot Chocolate so farI brew the 8 oz cups, 10 and 12 makes it too thin. It's good at that point but adding some creamer, whipped cream, and or cinamin always improves it.
344918344918B0076MLL12A2DPQ82V9HI4TJJane Krisch "Jane Krisch"0051345334400A++ ServiceHusband and Grandaughter LOVE this cocoa... Make it for them all the time as I drink my coffee.. My husband is a very picky person but for some reason he really likes this one product and wants me to keep it in stock here at the house.. Loves it at night after dinner on cold evenings.
344919344919B0076MLL12A29S7IVPEA0YIWTeri A. Hagen0051344988800Great Value and Super Yummy!These k-cups are awesome. They taste no different (Personally, I think better) than those which are priced three times as much! I highly recommend this product!
344920344920B0076MLL12A1K4RN8VAOZ93Agoaliemom530051344902400Great tasteI have purchased other hot cocoa cups but find Grove Square to be about the best of them all. I usually add two teaspoons of the the flavored coffeemate creamers, my favorite being the Sugar Free Caramel Macchiato. By adding the sugar free creamer the taste is there but not the calories.
344921344921B0076MLL12A3HUUFNYEM826Qdoma6020051344556800Grove SquareThe most chocolatey and smooth hot cocoa ever, Yum! It has the best price and taste for the Keurig K-Cup Brewer. Way better then at least 3 other peicer brands--we've tried different ones and this is the best and super super fast delivery. Thanks
344922344922B0076MLL12ACNIYDWGA2WQNEdward N. Barnes "enbarnes"0031343952000Pretty good cocoaMakes pretty good cocoa and a lot easier than on the stovetop. Not as sweet as I would prefer and needs to be stirred to keep it in suspension. I guess I can add marshmallows:-)

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