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345781345781B004DBXLNUA1PJA9RTQDB7I6D. Sanders0051325980800Super ProductThis product has made my hair super soft and shiny since I started using it. I find that using the quarter size amount is to much for my mid-back length hair. I use about a nickel size amount and it seems to do great in my hair. I moved to Germany and my hair started to feel rough, frizzy, and dull. This product, along with Mane&Tail Shampoo and TRESemme Thermal Recovery Conditioner, brought my hair back to life.....soft, shiny, and no more frizz! Highly recommended!
345782345782B004DBXLNUAVUO19P8ZQHLVAmber Tro0051322179200Great for frizzI have super frizzy, wavy, thick, hair. This product (combined with a spray gel) is the only thing that works to keep my hair frizz-free & holding its definition without looking all greasy or flat. I use it mostly with damp hair. I have a hard time finding it, so I always order it in bulk.
345783345783B004DBXLNUA1AGLELE49YTWTampaMom0111308700800Awful!This product separates and looks like it is curdled. White chunks remain in your hair after you apply it. Terrible!
345784345784B000I1QNV6A301K6MRK1NYX2Glen LaFave4451201046400truffle oilThe oil is excellent for cooking almost anything that requires oil of any kind. It almost tastes good enough to eat all by itself
345785345785B000I1QNV6A20F84KUBWM88BVicky "sports girl"0041330646400Ordered Black got WhiteI ordered Black Truffle oil and got the white instead which I do not like as much. This however is smooth for its lower price which is nice. I cant afford to buy the super chic oils and this comes very close to the wonderful taste you pay hefty for. I have enjoyed using the white, but I like the fuller bold flavor of black.
345786345786B000I1QNV6A29CKMLLWCC0UVStarr "dan"31011245456000great, but priceyTruffle oil is excellent, but this one itself is a BAD deal.
3.5 oz is like a shot glass, a bottle of tabasco, etc.

spend $5 more and get a 9 oz bottle..
345787345787B000LKVTD6A5MXNEKQSVHEGd arivas131611253923200Organic beans wrapped in "Bisphenol A" lined cansI went through the trouble to contact them and indeed they are using BPA lined cans.
BPA is the same substance removed from plastic baby bottles, because it is rated dangerous.
Many countries have already outlawed the use of BPA.
To be fair, it has to be said, that more than 90% of all manufactures of canned products in the US use epoxies containing BPA

They might be slightly more expensive, but you save your body a substance that acts in your system like Oestrogen.
345788345788B000JFGHDUAHJHO2KZT8BD9mcs2211314489600Horrible aftertasteThey taste good at first, but they have the absolute WORST aftertaste ever. I ate the strongest-tasting things I could find, brushed my teeth at least 3 times, and when I woke up the next morning, it was still there. DO NOT BUY THESE.
345789345789B000JFGHDUA3VD7WVCJUNDYSTeleCraft "tcfalcon"0051348617600Great KernalsI disagree with mcs unpleasant after tast with these. In fact, these are the best tasting sunflower kernals I have tried. Many of the other brands tend to have a peanutty taste, but not these...these taste terrific. I highly recommend!
345790345790B001LQNWZ2A3UVOUDR9ATBHJCory Phoenix1151334620800Just wanted to give this coffee a fair shake...I don't usually write reviews, but I felt I needed to come back and write a positive review of this coffee. I ALMOST didn't buy it based on the 1-star review from the previous purchaser. But, after reading a positive review on another site, I decided to take a chance on it. This is very good coffee, and if you are looking for a blueberry flavored pod, you should buy with confidence. The previous reviewer is either using the wrong brewer, or is looking for over-the-top flavor you might associate with coffee flavored with a blueberry syrup. I use a Bunn My Cafe single cup pod brewer and this brews a very aromatic cup with a nice hint of blueberry. May actually be too much flavor for some, but it's just right for me. I'll definitely buy again, and if this is what you're looking for, again, I say buy with confidence!
345791345791B001LQNWZ2A2ED5O3NIAIV98Julian Nam "onstar"3511254960000Blue Bad CoffeeI bought this coffee after falling in love with Dunkin Donuts and 7-11 blueberry coffee. This unfortunately was not it. Not only is the flavor of blueberries not present, this coffee has an odd smell to it. The pods are small and will be too small for even single brew coffee makers. I have a 4 cup brewer and a single cup brewer. I tried it on both. No bueno. One pod was too little and the coffee was watery and not good. So I tried two pods. Still no blueberry coffee. The coffee was very very watery and although the box was supposed to be a medium roast it falls well short of that. This is a colossal waste of money even if you do get three boxes. I wish I could find someone to just take it off my hands.

Flavor: no blueberry flavor whatsoever
Taste: coffee was very watery even with 2 pods and 8 oz of water. I actually measured to be sure
Value: none

Now, it's possible that I got a defective batch (maybe they forgot the blueberry?). Maybe I should return it and try again. But I just don't have energy for that.
345792345792B000SV5DWGA22Z9R91N8L7IQT. Coleman "Rio Grande Tom"6851236988800Lemon Mixes Well -- In More Ways Than OneWe all know by now, if only from reading reviews, that these puddings are easy to mix. The sugar-free part eases your guilt of pouring pudding down your gullet. But what makes this lemon flavor special?

It's one of the best flavors, and I think many or most will agree with that; it's vibrant, comparatively speaking. But consider mixing it with others! For example, it really can pick up the rather bland cheesecake flavor and improve on them both. You'll make at least two packages anyway, right? So, one of each works.

Use your imagination!
345793345793B000SV5DWGA2IB0RQRKKJE3QBob1151317859200Tasty PuddingWhat could be better...sugar-free, fat-free...and delicious. Although over-priced it is still a great desert...never specially priced I snapped it up.
345794345794B000SV5DWGA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"1151236384000Great Tasting Sugar-Free Pudding! Highly Recommended!Jell-O "Sugar-Free Instant Pudding" is a great snack! Since becoming a Type 2 diabetic last year, I am always looking for good tasting, low carb snacks.

The Jell-O instant puddings are easy to make and taste so good that it is hard to tell it is a "diet" snack.

Highly recommended!
345795345795B000SV5DWGA2SPOJ0XC8K7NCD. Tuggle "Alaska Lady"4651203033600Great productHa, I should be a commercial for Jello. They, of course, are wonderful. This pudding is fast and ready when you are.
345796345796B00032H2V0A3RYFS8V2VEWU6MW5551265414400Delicious, best everOrange Blossom is the best ever honey and this is one tastes better than any other I've tried. The service was excellent, my order was processed and shipped immediately. Don't hesitate to order this product. Thank you.
345797345797B00032H2V0A2CBU84ZK1BHF2gingersnap1151289865600very goodlove this stuff :) its not available in the stores in my area, but this seller gets it right out and it arrives in no time.
345798345798B00032H2V0ASEBVNX46QU77Kenneth D. Ballantyne0051340409600Good EatsThis purchase was made awhile ago and the only thing I remember now is that the honey was good. I used it baking and simply on sandwiches. Thank you Amazon for making it easier to try new things.
345799345799B00032H2V0AUAJ3Q9NETRJ7L. Holleman "Happily Married!"0051334620800So Good!!My husband & I first tried orange blossom honey when we were vacationing in Florida. It was so good I had to have more. I found Dutch Gold here on Amazon & decided to try it. Yummy!! It was even better than the orange blossom honey we had tried in Florida! It shipped very fast & was very reasonable priced. It will always be in our home!
345800345800B00886Q8TUA1IBKN1GXYJ3K4Dave2251346803200A great healthy snack to keep around for the kidsThese have become staples in our house. I first picked up the "Blueberry Blitz" from our local super-market, but the only other flavors they carried were "fruit-only". I really liked the fact that you get at least some veggies in these (albeit a few places down on the ingredient list). So I came to Amazon and ordered "Carroty-Chop" and "Beetbox Berry". So far the kids (boys aged 4 and 6) love them. They are an easy snack to throw in the lunch box or to take on the road. I also like that they have a long shelf life and they are certified organic by the Oregon Tilth, one of the more stringent organic certification agencies.

Here are the ingredient lists since I don't see them on Amazon:
Blue-Berry Blitz: organic apple puree, organic blueberry puree, organic carrot puree, organic purple carrot juice, organic lemon juice
Carroty Chop: organic apple puree, organic carrot puree, organic mango puree, organic orange juice, organic lemon juice
Beetbox Berry: organic apple puree, organic strawberry puree, organic carrot puree, organic beet juice, organic lemon juice

They are all 60 calories and have 11 grams of sugar.

I've also taken to buying the "Peter Rabbit Organics" which have more vegetables mixed in with the fruit and are a little larger. My kids prefer the Mashups, but they also like the Peter Rabbit brand, so I just have a big basket of them all mixed in and I grab what makes sense. If we've dined out and they didn't get a lot of veggies I give them a "Peter Rabbit" for bedtime snack. If I'm just adding a little something to their lunch box I'll throw in a Mashup. It does help keep the kids away from the junk food, particularly at snack time. A great tool in the "trying to feed the kids healthy stuff" arsenal.

And to be honest I've been known to grab one when I need a quick snack. They taste pretty good, and it's better than grabbing cookies or chips.
345801345801B00886Q8TUA1JTWRXCV9BDRSAnonymous0051349827200A favorite of my 4 and 2 year oldI love that there are beets in this product. My kids inhale them and I actually have to keep them as special out-of-the-house snacks. A huge favorite!
345802345802B00886Q8TUAL086A5X9U04WHeather Dawn Harris "O's Mom"0051349568000Best mash ups!These mash ups are the best! My kids love them. Especially strawberry beet. They eat them everyday. Easy to pack & no mess.
345803345803B00886Q8TUA1OS18Y4I612K3Christine "CrisT4216"0051349136000My kids love these and I am a fan too.I have two four and 1/2 year old boys and some days I just don't feel like having the eat your vegetable fights. These "squeezies" as we call them, are perfect to get a quick veggie/fruit in for a meal or to use on the go. My sons would not even attempt to eat a beet - I love them personally and talk them up like they are candy to no avail - but with these, I can give them one and they will eat it within 2 minutes. For us, they are a quick way to get in a fruit and vegetable and I get no arguments. We tried the Peter Rabbit version and for some reason they didn't care for them. We also eat the Carroty Chop and the Blueberry Blitz as well as the yogurt versions. We still eat our vegetable at every meal, but when we are on the go or in a hurry it is good to have these at hand. There are no artificial sweeteners and they are only 60 calories per serving. I've tasted them all and they are all quite good. I don't replace our fruit and vegetable servings with these but use them as an add on or we have them at meal times when we are home late and need a quick nutritional meal or are on the go. We like them so much we get them as subscribe and save so I don't run out - though we do anyway most months.
345804345804B003GAS35AA1GC3WVD99OW17Monica Hiatt8821291852800Misleading Descriptions - View the IMAGE carefullyI thought I was getting 30 bars of regular size bars shown. However 10 of the bars are mini bite bars. Didn't realize that or I wouldn't have ordered them. This is the description: Contains: 8 Chunky Peanut Butter
345805345805B003GAS35AA1RITSA4R2T08HWendyKat5551280188800Best I've had in yearsSome of the other reviewers who have given lower stars don't say if they require gluten free...if they don't I can sort of see where they're coming from. Gluten free food tastes different from non-gluten free food, AND it's significantly more expensive in almost all cases ($1.50 to $2.00 per bar is typical to what I've seen in stores). I have been gluten free (Celiac) for over 7 years, and these bars are absolutely one of the best GF bars I've ever had. I'm not a huge fan of the fruit flavors, but I don't really like fruit flavored bars in general, so I think it's just me. I have a freind who loves the chocolate covered strawberry flavor. I adore the peanut butter and all of their chocolate flavors (brownie, fudge, mudslide) are good, too. I don't think that Think Thin can MAKE a bad GF product, at least I haven't found one yet. They are high in protein and make a fantastic breakfast that fills me up - add that to low in sugar and fat, and you just can't lose. My only comment is that I would order from [...] directly during the summer - their packaging has insulation and ice packs and it's free if you order over $75 in product. I ordered through Amazon in the middle of July, and all my bars melted in transit.
345806345806B003GAS35AA3HZXQ10WF0ADYDonna Boonchit1151296518400Best I've found in a long time!I first read about these bars in a magazine article written by a personal trainer. She stated that she always keeps one in her travel bag or purse in case of emergencies. Then when I read the reviews on Amazon I just wasn't sure what to do. I purchased a single bar from my local health food store and fell in love. That's when I decided to make a bulk purchase here.

I have tried all of the flavors in this package as well as the creamy peanut butter. They are not only healthy but also delicious! I do not require a gluten free diet but have tried other gluten free bars and have not been satisfied. These taste incredible! I have even used a bar to satisfy my sweet tooth!

What I normally look for in a protein bar is the ratio of protein to sugar. Unfortunately a lot of the higher protein choices out there also contain high amounts of sugar. Not these. At 20g of protein (a lot higher than the average bar) and 0g of sugar, you simply cannot lose.

Finally I would like to mention that several users seemed to have given a low rating simply because of the image presented. Perhaps that should be changed but I had no problem noticing the fact that some of the bars were the 100 calorie, thinkThin bites (which I find to be the perfect snack) while some were the full size bars. This is clear in the image.

My bottom line: I HIGHLY recommend thinkThin bars.
345807345807B003GAS35AAXCD16NZ9FE5Rshar1121296000000MISLEADING!!!I thought I was getting 30 bars of regular size bars shown. However 10 of the bars are mini bite bars. Didn't realize that or I wouldn't have ordered them. This is the description: Contains: 8 Chunky Peanut Butter
345808345808B003GAS35AANQB7ACWX6E4QJa1111294358400It is misleading advertising .I was sure for the price I paid I will get 30 think thin bars. Instead I got 20 bars and 10 worthless think thin bites that I will not pay a penny for them. Very disappointed . Your advertising, if your read it carefully it is at best misleading.
345809345809B003GAS35AAEUSITS8KN9OUMamaMia "MamaBear"0021282953600SawdustWe tried these snack bars and they were a disappointment. The packaging was
not good and the taste was awful
We returned to Amazon and they refunded all our money---no fuss at all, so
we were pleased.
I guess I rate them a 2 because I did not get sick from them, just tasted awful
345810345810B003GAS35AAYGKSY6PZR1M2Cynthia D. Hunter0031282608000CynThis is a good product I have had theses bars before and enjoy them. I found them sweet but I don't eat candy at all. The price is good and the product was received in a timely manner. The only problem I had was the chocolate on the bars was a light light brown...almost like the bars had melted then repackaged or something. The flavor was off but not awful otherwise I would have exchanged them. Thank you

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