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346201346201B005KQKJVEA240EU32BE5N2RSheila Belligan "Sheilab"1251339027200great valueI have done comparative shopping and found that shelled pistachios actually are the best value and buying on Amazon's Subscribe & Save can't be beaten. Thy are fresh and taste great. After dried cashews and dried hazelnuts, they are the nut lowest in fat content. I use them as a snack, in salads and I chop them up and add them to pistachio pudding.
346202346202B005KQKJVEA3ROAFDBVLUZD6Shelley Baber "shelleyfla"1241338768000great for healthier snackingWho doesn't like pistachios? The taste is great and it's so easy to just eat them without having to break open the shells. Roasted and salted perfectly. Be careful because they are addicting and if you eat too much of the pistachios you will be taking in a lot of calories. At least they are not empty calories because pistachios have fiber, iron, calcium & potassium & unsaturated fats. Subscribe and save makes these pistachios a good deal. Better price than I find in the local grocery stores.
346203346203B002TAAV5SA3AY9OT5NG38O0political idiot0021326672000Decent, Low Cost BlendA super cheapy blend of pretty high quality single malts. The only thing that kind of ruins this one for me is the big time alcohol on the nose -very overwhelming rubbing alcohol. It goes down a little rough too. The brashness of this one can be hidden in mixed drinks. It is certainly the right price.
346204346204B000GZEVS6A2XBW8Q1ZZQVX5A. MacArthur1331217376000goodI use this product to flavor my coffees, or add sweetness to my morning smoothies. It has a fairly plesent vanilla flavor. Must be used sparingly beacuse it is rather strong. The bottle lasts me quite a long time.
346205346205B000UW5LGQA78MJMIK8FHDNtea1151304726400love itthis corn is awsome in salads in asian dishes or just my favorite way and thats pickling it and snacking on it!its great.
346206346206B000UW5LGQA37OC9TM60Q7NENYC-Gorodok0051339286400Convenient!These baby corns have a nice texture with the taste that you would expect. Besides being used in traditional stir-friy, can be mixed with chopped onion and some salad dressing/mayo as a quick salad. The value is good; this corn freezes well. Highly recommended.
346207346207B001ACNWUCAEYCWGKFIAFXTJ. Sarosi6651243987200Gluten Free???Even though this bread is gluten free I love it, and I am not on a restrictive diet. We bought this bread because my wife is a celiac but I love the bread too. One recommendation, definately keep the dough less than 1/4 inch think like the directions say otherwise the outside will get too hard and the center nearly raw.
346208346208B001ACNWUCA2KFIVT3PJA6DCkayariley3351238976000Crowd PleaserI served this product to my family (I'm the only one that lives GF) in lieu of garlic bread and everyone loved it. The texture and flavor is excellent and, if they hadn't seen me eat it, they all commented that they would never have known that it was gluten free. I highly, highly recommend!
346209346209B001ACNWUCA1CGL9CETHY4NQZ.Buenas "prdeziner"2251307318400Favorite Chebe ProductI love the taste and texture. One of the reviewers rightly said "it does not rise". But, the product is flat bread so I presume this is why it does not rise as much as regular bread. I find that if I do not use more than the liquid recommended it cooks thoroughly. I brush on Olive oil prior to cooking so it browns somewhat. I use stoneware to cook it, a round 9" pan, which helps distribute the heat evenly and may contribute to it not being "gooey" in the middle. Also, once I have finished baking I grind garlic, mix it in Olive Oil with a little bit of salt and oregano. I put it on the bread and microwave it for about 30 seconds...delicious! This is a great product for those who are on a Gluten Free and Yeast Free diet. I love that there is no yeast in any Chebe products. I am on a GF diet but my husband is not and he really enjoys it.
346210346210B001ACNWUCA1ZMFNVNBYT3SEGF Mom4551226793600Fantastic GF breadThis bread is a major hit with my Gluten-Free family. It has a wonderful taste and makes great breadsticks. It is so easy to make and I have yet to have any left-overs.
346211346211B001ACNWUCAJWEDL1D1GWXAHenry Danielson1151337558400so goodThis bread is delicious fresh out of the oven. I use my Kitchenaid mixer to blend the dough together and shape this into bread sticks. I've tried the recipe with and without the added cheese. Hands down they taste better and have a better texture without the cheese. Most of my friends can't tell that they're eating gluten free bread.
346212346212B001ACNWUCA31EVX7LQ1CGW1TripletMom31151335830400The Chebe mixes are awesome!I have a very special diet of no yeast, gluten, or dairy. The pizza crust has been a lifesaver for me! All other products like it in the stores have yeast. That is not good for someone with a systemic Candida yeast infection or yeast allergy. I also really enjoy the focaccia bread mix too! It is strange when mixing... Seems too dry, but the more you knead it the more doughy it gets. It bakes well.
346213346213B001ACNWUCAS53VRK78XONOLW1151332633600You'd never know it's gluten freeMy husband is allergic to nearly everything you could make bread from (wheat, corn, rice, oats, barley, you name it). No other gluten free baking mixes and flours work for us because they all have rice or some other kind of grain, and the quinoa and amaranth flours all have a really strong off-putting flavor. I was ready to give up when I decided to try this. It was amazing. You would never know it was gluten free. I used it as a pizza crust. I used half parmesan cheese and half mozzarella in the mix itself, rolled it out fairly thin (about 1/4 inch), then baked it on a parchment paper-lined pan for about 30 mins. I put the toppings (tomato sauce, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella) on after I baked it and put it back in the oven just long enough to melt the cheese. It came out beautifully. Tasted like a Sicilian margherita pizza I might have gotten from the pizza place around the corner (in NJ where we know what good pizza tastes like). I can't wait to try some of the other baking mixes from Chebe.
346214346214B001ACNWUCAAYES6INXAPUOP. Wallace1151330473600one of the best GF mixes I've usedBaking it yourself is almost always better than store-bought, and that goes double for GF products. I live at 7,000 ft elevation so baking is a challenge to begin with. I'm allergic to both wheat and corn, so the corn starch that's used in so many GF products is out for me. I use this mix for both focaccia bread and pizza dough, and it consistently works well -- I highly recommend it.
346215346215B001ACNWUCA14FY0IH209N70Hurrymom1151329350400My Son's favorite for PizzaMy son has celiac disease, and this is his favorite for pizza crust. The seasoning is excellent, the taste and texture are wonderful. Its easy to roll out compared to other pizza crusts, so he can get a fairly thin crust.
346216346216B001ACNWUCA1L3VUO5R7GDU0J. White1151318896000Wonderful FlatBread!This is a must for any gluten-free household. The bread is great. We have even used it as pizza crust instead of the Chebe Pizza Crust. Gluten-free is not so bad now.
346217346217B001ACNWUCA1M5YCQ2BPI6ESDane Mom1141313971200Buy someFor months I've seen Chebe mixes in the local natural foods store. I kept thinking that I should try it, but I have been so consistently disappointed with gluten free bread products that I wasn't terribly excited about it. The elimination diet must have driven me to desperation because I bought box last week.

The baking instructions called for the addition of oil, shredded cheese (which I omitted), eggs, and water or milk. Very simple.

My favorite egg replacer for baking is banana, but I somehow thought the banana flavor wouldn't work so well with focaccia. I used flax gel instead. I used rice milk for the liquid, kneaded, and pressed my dough into the pan. It smelled so incredibly while it was baking that I didn't think I could wait until it was finished. As a matter of fact, I didn't. When it was mostly done I pulled it out the oven (after telling myself that it should be baked through and I just needed to test it), cut a piece, and placed it on a plate with a little olive oil. Oh my! It was fantastic. Slightly underdone, but fantastic. It went back into the oven sans the piece I already inhaled.

I can't describe how delicious it is. I can't even say that it tastes like "real" focaccia bread because I haven't had such a thing in years. What I can tell you is that it is the best gluten-free bread experience I have ever had. Ever. And it happened in my very own kitchen without a lot of work.

Chebe has one flaw. It is not so good the day after, even with reheating. This is especially awful considering it is already difficult to restrain myself from eating the entire batch.
346218346218B001ACNWUCA2H3Z22DSMO2NWFilmmaking Mom1151299801600Best Gluten Free Pizza Crust!!!I am 100% sold on the Chebe brand. For most of the products, it may seem like an acquired taste (getting used to the tapioca flour and the way it cooks). This product, Chebe Bread Focaccia Flat Bread, seemed like a perfect idea for pizza and sandwiches or wraps. We own a Presto Pizza Pizzaz and it worked perfectly. I recommend putting a sheet of foil on the pizzaz plate/or pizza pan if cooking in the oven. I mixed the Chebe in a Kitchen Aid and then rolled it out into a thin circle (we like thinner crusts). Unlike most Gluten Free pizza crust mixes, Chebe's actually stays thin. It doesn't bake up like a cake, like the Gluten Free Pantry brand does. We use WalMart brand pizza sauce (GF) and cheese, and put on the toppings of our choice. It cooks perfectly and tastes great. There are italian spices already in the mix that taste delicious, you just add egg, oil, and parmesan cheese. It's quick and simple!

- Cooks flat as a pizza crust should
- Mix tastes great with spices infused
- Works best for pizza, sandwiches, and wraps
- Makes two 12-14", thin crust pizzas (we usually eat one and put the 2nd crust in a baggie in the fridge to make a few days later)

- Chebe used to hide their ingredients lists in the recipe, but this new packaging actually lists it at the top, which is helpful!
- Can't think of anything's that good.

If you like this, I also recommend the Cinnamon Rolls. Mix up a Cream Cheese Frosting, and you'll swear you were eating Cinnabon. I love Amazon's Subscribe and Save!
346219346219B001ACNWUCAGL0JU4HPS52Fwandr1151287878400YummyThis mix made an excellent pizza crust! The italian seasoning was a nice addition to the pizza flavor. My family actually liked my crust better than the bought ones they had used. The key is to press it thin, like they recommend on the packaging, then cook it for ten minutes before adding the toppings and then put it back in the oven to finish cooking. I can't wait to use this mix to make other items such as calzones and garlic sticks as recommended by some of the other reviewers. What a treat for those with special diets!!!
346220346220B001ACNWUCACPQWOE6L0Z5PTara N.1151284076800Excellent productExcellent product - we use this for pizza crust and no one would be able to guess that it is gluten-free!
346221346221B001ACNWUCA3MRGQY8XFYPP2Margaret K. Lambert1151280448000Excellent part of gluten-free dietIn our continuing search for a good substitute for bread as part of hubby's gluten free diet, this product is excellent as are all the mixs by this company.
346222346222B001ACNWUCA2X8JZLWHF9PKQgina0051344816000Easy to bakeThis mix is so easy to bake & tastes best right out of the oven. I eat this since I have had to go wheat-free & also serve it when I have company.
346223346223B001ACNWUCA2PCNXBSKCABG5Whit0051298160000pizza crustmakes a great pizza crust.

gluten free so its good for cleiac disease persons.

easy to roll out fro pizza crust
346224346224B001ACNWUCA20VMMW9HI4SULimani42 "imani"0041290902400Good savory breadI like the foccacia mix. At first I messed up two batches because I tried to make it without cheese - not a good idea. It came out too dry and turned hard. I also used the wrong type of baking pan, you've gotta use a cookie sheet and make sure it's as thin as it states in the directions or it won't bake properly. But when I finally got it right, it was very tasty.
346225346225B001ACNWUCAT7VTE9MSM4UESkyGirlUAL "skygirlual"0041278547200great for people with food allergiesI have Celiac's in addition to corn,rice,potato & more allergies so to find a product I can use is really amazing. The flavor is good, I can't use egg so it comes out a little hard, but I make calzones with hamburger & onions inside using this chebe mix and it satisfies my craving for carbs.
All I add to the mix is 3tbsp oil and roughly 10tbsp of water.
346226346226B001ACNWUCA30KCQIU856SEHCatherine M. George "caisays"0051277337600Nice snack when you get hungry for chewy textureI am going gluten-free at the recommendation of my doctor, but I have never been a big bread-eater. This stuff is very satisfying as a bready -textured snack fresh from the oven with cheese or ham. It is easy to prepare and smells good. Once cooled, the texture changes, so either eat it hot, or have it with soup the next day.
346227346227B001ACNWUCA3QDOQLLJK3EXABrittany A. Severhill "Aquatica"0051274054400Lifesaver for gluten-free familyI think Chebe products in general are awesome. The focaccia bread is great for a flat bread pizza. We have even used it for burgers and sandwiches. It's not the same as real bread of course, but it's a great alternative that everyone (including friends who are not gluten free) likes.
346228346228B001ACNWUCADDDFVHP3CSVASistertex0041231286400A Gluten Free Yummy.This is a new thing for me, haven't had this flavor of Chebe before. I liked it, as I actually used it for a pizza crust - it worked very well. But I expected just a bit more 'Italian flavoring' in the mix. Using this Chebe mix for Pizza crusts, bread sticks, and dinner rolls are all very good bets. There is a host of other things you can make with it and if you have a look at you will find a link that takes you to where they have a lot of very good uses for their products.
346229346229B001ACNWUCA30PFPETP387VUJulie S. "Julie"1331262822400I would go with the all-purpose mix next timeI bought this focaccia flat bread because it was on sale, but now I know why. The mix is a LOT less versatile than many of the other mixes, and you aren't supposed to use this for pizza crust (just "flat bread"). So I just ended up making a lot of bread sticks and mini rolls (which turned out yummy), but not what I really wanted it for. Chebe is a great product, but I would check their website FIRST for recipes, and then buy the appropriate mix. The all-purpose is a better bet.
346230346230B001ACNWUCA20WSW2OVBBALWCecelia Gardon "therid"0231291852800Not bad, but not fabulousThis is a decent product, and much better than most gluten free mixes available. However, it has that "slimy feel" that a lot of gluten free products have. It doesn't rise at all, even with yeast added (seems to be too heavy). It does have Italian seasonning in the mix which is nice.

However, if you make the mix according to directions, divide the dough into fourths, roll it out slightly thin and cook on the stovetop in a buttered skillet, it's pretty OK.

I've also made it like above, adding extra Italian Seasoning, Oregano, and yeast. I allow the rolled out dough to rise for about 30 minutes, then cook in butter on the stovetop. Serve Italian style with seasoned olive oil for dipping. Not too bad.

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