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348361348361B003GS3VQ8A1BAIGX9YVK12RFern Springs "eaglesight"0051240963200Sahale Snacks, Valdosta BlendI love this treat! It's a flavor explosion--a little sweet, a little sour from the cranberries and orange, and then there's the unexpected black pepper that was such a surprise additional flavor.
348362348362B003GS3VQ8A2FP7NVTALD7FTRainyDay0051234828800Crave itI didn't think I would like these, because I don't like pepper... But the combination of sweet and peppery is just perfect... Just enough for flavor, but not hot. I could eat a whole bag in one sitting. The nuts are just perfectly coated, the cranberries add the perfect zing. I'm craving them just at this moment now!
348363348363B003GS3VQ8AUNTU9P86WJJPL. Thorson0051234310400crunchy tangy spicy, yeah!This is one of my faves of the Sahale mixes. The pecans are always perfectly toasted, the cranberries appropriately tart and in the right proportion to the pecans, and the black pepper adds the right amount of spice and heat. The only thing I might wish for is a little more of the orange's usually so subtle I forget it's supposed to be there!
348364348364B003GS3VQ8AUNTU9P86WJJPL. Thorson0031234310400nice crunch, but a little sweetI like the texture of the cashews, and the overall flavor is good, but a little too sweet for my taste. I'd like more of the tartness that usually comes with pomegranate.
348365348365B003GS3VQ8A14XCMKXUKMTFLJean Martin "Amazon Addict"0051232064000Incredible and Incredibly Addictive!I love these Cashews. However, they are evil! I can not open a bag when I am alone because then I end up eating the whole bag by myself in one sitting. They have just the right amount of sweetness and saltiness. I gave two bags of these to my paw-in-law and he couldn't stop raving about how good these were. (I earned some points with him) I would recommend these to anyone who likes cashews, pomegrantes, and/or vanilla. All the flavors are represented and compliment each other very well.
348366348366B003GS3VQ8A3FNOTDTKN2TX7Fesdon0051228348800Great snack!!I actually got some of this as a gift myself and was instantly addicted. I am also amazed to have seen a review saying it was hot.. I don't know what that guy was eating but it was NOT this product. It is not hot and all (and not spicy). Soon to try it as a salad topping. It is really nice to finally find some snacks that are satisfying, tasty and nutritious as well. Heck...I'd eat the stuff even it wasn't nutritious... it's that good!!
348367348367B003GS3VQ8A3E55ZUZY3FLOMZuzu0051227312000YummyAll of the Sahale Blends of dried fruit, spice and nuts are great, but Valdosta is my favorite. It is an all-natural product that combine sweet and savory into one delicious package with a great combination of pecans, cranberries, pepper and orange zest. The pouch is easy to open and close, making it a great choice for quick on-the-road snacking.
348368348368B000F2RIQCAJJU9MCPHWRMVS. Olsen131351186704000Delicious and Perfect Chicken Every Time!I found this on the spice shelf of my local grocer and decided to give it a try. What a find! Our house smells like a gourmet kitchen every time I use it. It's excellent in the oven and on the grill. Recently, smaller stores stopped carrying the product, so it's a lot harder to find. But it's well worth the trouble. I've tried many other brands of chicken rubs/seasonings (McCormick, etc.) but this one is by far the best.
348369348369B000F2RIQCA3AD9S0KJIMH0BC. L. Vance7751245024000Best BBQ chicken seasoning...I am so happy to find this on Amazon, stopped being avail locally. Makes an awesome chicken marinade when mixrd with apple cider vinegar and a splash of olive oil. Makes juicy bbq!
348370348370B000F2RIQCA3VUH7AK6656O3S. Robertson "lulu"6651197590400The Best Chicken Seasoning Ever!I agree with the other reviewers. This is the ONLY chicken seasoning on the market worth using. My store also carried it for a while, stopped, then brought it back, and now stopped carrying it again. I am through with them. I should have known Amazon would have it!!!
348371348371B000F2RIQCA1RI8C1HL0B5Y3H. Sikora4451219795200Not just for chickenI went to a middle eastern restaurant and had the most delicious salad dressing I ever had. I talked to the chef and got the recipe. Canola oil, lemon juice, vinegar and Lawry's Chicken and Poultry seasoning mix. You wont be disappointed!
348372348372B000F2RIQCA2UR44HF5K9FE5A. Berger3351251244800stock up at your own riskBuyers here should be aware mixed blends have a recommended shelf life of 2 years according to Lawry's consumer affairs 800-952-9797.
348373348373B000F2RIQCABGBBQGEB9AFYToni Bautista "Tonis"2251319241600DELICIOUS!!! Chicken SeasoningThe greatest chicken seasoning. I have not found one that tops this one. They stopped selling this at Sam's so I had to come online where I could find my seasonings! Delicious!!!
348374348374B000F2RIQCA258H0HQ0WO5LTBarbrowne2251191024000Great shakes!My husband and I have been using Lawry's Perfect Blend Seasoning and Rub for years. We love it. When we couldn't find the large size container in our store anymore, we looked on-line. And there was Amazon, again. I've always used Amazon for things like books (of course), music, DVDs and even electronics and kitchen goods. But I was pleased to find it solved my seasoning crisis. Thanks to you, Amazon, for all you do.
348375348375B000F2RIQCA2L6XIG9YET2LVMonica S. Christman "Val gal"1151214438400Lawry's chicken and poultry seasoning and rubI love this product. The seasoning tastes so good and makes the chicken ultra moist, even when bbqing white meat, with no skin!
348376348376B000F2RIQCAU52B66OSSR9GAnne Carol "Thoroughbred"1151202428800One More Perfect Lawry'sUsing this in fried chicken flouring makes your home made chicken taste as good everyday as KFC takeout. Lawry's has created another winner equal to their Au Jus gravy mix. With Lawry's it's almost impossible to go wrong!
348377348377B000F2RIQCAUHR6NGWRI9P1Larry MC0051350864000The best for all the best reasons !!!!!!!!!!!Works so well for all the food that I have tried. It is truly the perfect blend!!!!!!!!! The right amount of herbs and spices, the mix is deligtful.
348378348378B000F2RIQCAOTYL97U4YU7IJustin Howe "justinh"0051348617600Love this seasoning!We love this seasoning. It goes well with chicken and pork. We like it best with our boneless chicken thighs.
348379348379B000F2RIQCA184ZFZZBWEXMSMarilyn C. Martin "Love's Pixiebobs"0051342396800Best seasoningI just had the most delicious barbecued country style pork ribs. I asked what was done to make them so good and the cook said that he just rubbed the seasoning on them, then cooked them on the BBQ. They were so good! I must have this seasoning to try in the other ways I've read about in the reviews.
348380348380B000F2RIQCA3HXNTZXORFJFLooking 4 "K R"0051342224000A staple in our homeI have used this seasoning for years and will continue to use it for as long as they make it. I first started using this years ago when it was available in the supermarkets. It was a much smaller size and similar seasonings were available for steaks, salad and seafood. When the local stores stop selling it, I continued to look and luckily found it on Amazon around 4 years ago.

This seasoning is very versatile. It is not salty and and brings a nice flavor to many items. For some dishes it is the only seasoning used. I have used it on seafood like shrimp or catfish. We season our pork roast with it (forms a nice crust) and of course poultry. It does not go well with everything because it is a course seasoning. But there are several dishes that you will enjoy using it for.

For our home, we use a bottle of this every 9 months or so. So be sure to check the expiration date on the bottle when you get it. Once we did receive a bottle that had an expiration date within a month of receiving it.

You'll get creative with this and it will help to add new flavor to some dishes your already make.
348381348381B000F2RIQCAV7Q7MR6YCBY8Baker0041341532800Lawry's Perfect Blend Chicken/Poultry Seasoning & RubGood seasoning, lightly salted, no longer available at local grocery markets. Recommended for seasoning chicken before barbequeing or for seasoning chicken used in salads.
348382348382B000F2RIQCA33U0G9YA0ZJA6Megan Holcomb0051341446400Love itI love this seasoning and have been looking for it everywhere. Where I live, I couldn't find it in ANY store. So, I am glad I was able to get it on here. This gives my chicken the perfect amount of seasoning and keeps it very moist. Every time I cook with this my chicken is never dry. Love this seasoning.
348383348383B000F2RIQCA2AFJH3T8DR0QEshugg0051315785600Excellent product,you will love this on your chicken, weither it's on the grill or in a skillet,
you will use it everytime. and you can also use it a season in different chicken dishes.
348384348384B000F2RIQCA33HFOWWBI7JTKtamadrummer0051313798400Excellent all around rubTo those that believe this rub has too much salt, use Mrs. Dash, there is no salt in that. For those that read the ingredients as saw that salt is the first ingredient, enjoy one of the best chicken rubs out there.

I use this rub a couple times a week and understand that a little goes a long way! This rub wakes up your taste buds and creates a nice crust on bone in,skin on, chicken. (Thigh, leg, breast, wing doesn't matter)

Buy this rub with confidence, you are getting a high quality product!
348385348385B000F2RIQCA3VUE38ATOKQDQKris0051301356800Not just for chickenThis spice is great. I found that it not only makes my rotisserie chicken taste wonderfull it also works on pork ribs. I made chicken and dumplings the other day and added some of this spice and it made it taste great. Feel free to try it in many recipes :)
348386348386B000F2RIQCA31YJ4UH62NLPFAaron W0051293062400ExcellentNot much to say other than what's already been said. It's great for seasoning all sorts of foods and gets a lot of use in my house.

If you can find this at Sam's Club you'll pay a bit less.
348387348387B000F2RIQCA1QRQSAPZJDWOGChristie A. Phillips0051292889600Amazing!This is the absolute best seasoning for chicken. We have tried many others and always come back to this one!
348388348388B000F2RIQCA2SYFRBVZWGMA9Iluvfood0051278028800Great on Turkey!!I love to bake turkey wings and this seasoning makes it taste excellent! Yes, a very good product.
348389348389B000F2RIQCA2QM45LIREUH38Susu0051277337600Yummy!This stuff really wakes up the flavor of Chicken! I use it all the time.
348390348390B000F2RIQCA1JCI6VE18DJ1CMtn_Guy "Mtn_Guy"0051276905600Perfect Chicken Seasoning & Chicken Soup SeasoningI've purchased this product before and use it as a ritual when roasting or BBQ'ing chicken. I tend to disagree that it way to salty. The chicken only needs a sprinkle of this seasoning, not coated to the hilt.I've had guests over for a BBQ chicken dinner and everyone wants to know what is this seasoning and where can they buy it. Also, it tastes great if you add about 1/2 teaspoon full to the water when making rice for say 2 servings.
An absolute must for the chicken bbq fanatic who wants a great tasting chicken.

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