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350641350641B002OL2MWMABIU9A1XQODNBKaren D Davis0051308528000Great Father's Day PresentThis was a great hit with our son in law. He couldn't believe the difference in the red wine before and after aeration. Wonderful gift!
350642350642B002OL2MWMANN0S59ILTP8NRC10051307232000Vinturi is the RIGHT STUFF for the wine loverWorks better than expected and looks fantastic sitting on the bar. Amazon had the BEST price on the set. Fast shipping. Two thumbs up.
350643350643B002OL2MWMA15JK1GY6EJ1ERJeninNY0051306972800Wine lovers must have!This is one of the best purchases we have made. My husband is a red wine lover and he and his friends love to use the aerator on their red wines to bring out the best flavor. We definitely recommend that any wine lover get this product. We have one, and we've given this to multiple friends and they all love it!!
350644350644B002OL2MWMA3GJK3HASZPUSPBibi0051306454400best purchase ever!I actually baught two of these. first one was as a gift. I got to try the wine from it and i loved it. you really do taste the difference! Second time got it for myself, I use it everytime.
it's easy to clean/maintain. it looks cool so can leave it out, great conversation piece also! :)
350645350645B002OL2MWMA2AO4Q67XYJIEXPendeplume0051305417600No novice anymore!I've enjoyed a nice glass of wine for a long time, but until recently I have not understood the concept of letting wine "breathe" before pouring. A couple of months ago I became acquainted with a couple who are quite knowledgeable about wines. While at dinner they brought out a bottle of moderately priced wine and the Vinturi aerator. I was intrigued with this clever gadget and sampled a glass poured through the aerator and one not. There was a distinctive difference in the taste of the wine. You might guess which one was better. Well, I had to invest in one of these little gadgets myself and couldn't be happier! Since, I've been telling every wine love I know about this clever gadget. Though you can purchase the aerator by itself, I recommend the deluxe set. It makes for quite a conversation piece sitting on your counter or buffet. Try it! You'll like it! It's a great gift too!! I found the best price at Amazon, naturally,
350646350646B002OL2MWMA10T4B905E6DRIADAM JOHNSON0051305158400would purchase againThis product is excellent. If you do not have time to let your wine breathe you definitely need this.
350647350647B002OL2MWMA1IW90DR0FEUWDAge0051304899200Brilliant!To those of you whinging about the occasional drip down the sides. Get over it! This is the only product on the market that provides the aeration that a quality red wine needs to taste divine. Highly recommended!
350648350648B002OL2MWMA2VF09608XEB28JimM0031304553600USED ITEM SENT FOR NEW ITEM - - - Buyer Beware!We just received this Vinturi Delux Wine Aerator, just in time for a birthday party. My wife opened the box and said that this was used. Now we have to send the set back and go buy one locally that is new.

Seller has very poor quality control to be sending out used sets to Amazon buyers. I will follow up on how quickly they handled this problem. Sure is a hassle, and should not have happened in the first place.

What is up Amazon, I thought you protected us from this type of problem?

Update. I just received my refund for the Vinturi that they sent. After further analysis of the one sent, it appears to be a product that was returned by another buyer. Both the outside of the package was damaged, so to was the inside. It looked beat up, and obviously could not be given as a gift, as we had planned. At first, my wife said it looked used. it was likely a product that was sold, then sent back to the seller, not packaged correctly. It was probably sent back to the seller just as is, not in a box with packing material. This was likely the case. Was it used by the first buyer? We don't know.

The seller refunded our $35, and told us to discard the unit. The hassle was having to go out to find another gift for our friend, which we had to pay full retail plus in Tahoe for. But they at least refunded the price and I did not have to go through the hassle of sending it back. So I have increased my rating to three stars from one star. Although I would buy this again from this seller, you may get a returned item as a new item. Anticipate this when you order.
350649350649B002OL2MWMAY2TVO6X1OEBAessjay0041302912000Walah!I bought this as a gift for my dad and he loves it! It works and makes the wine a much better quality.

But its a bit messy if you pour the wine into it slightly "off" so a dish or paper towel needs to be present to help soak up the splashes.
350650350650B002OL2MWMA2DJ2N33YZM5C1DMJ0041301961600Great value for money!This wine aerator works great and looks elegant with the stand - seemingly all made of a strong plastic material, so won't break. Highly recommended.
350651350651B002OL2MWMA2LLFISVPYW9JNJanette0051299715200Wonderful!I ordered this product to give as a gift, and they loved it! It was much nicer than what they were expecting!
350652350652B002OL2MWMA2BYVZWRJJDDZIK. Poon0031299542400wine tastes better, but it's messyThe wine definately tastes better. I've had over 10 different blind tests with friends with red and white wines and the vituri wine won every single time!!!

the problem is, that the pouring the wine without spilling is a major concern. and after each pour you would want to rinse it out to make sure the wine doesn't dry in the device.

also once you take your wine glass away, the vinturi keeps dripping

in Summary you have great tasting wine, but leaves a mess!
350653350653B002OL2MWMA8DHWIZ2JW18QJen Newton "sagevenim"0051298937600Vinturi Red Wine Aerator SetIf you're considering just getting the aerator, I highly recommend getting the stand as well. It does just what it is supposed to & now my friends always want to come over to my house to enjoy wine! It's great! ;o)
350654350654B002OL2MWMA351O98I7NPVBVmaz0051295740800Really helps the tasteThe aerator really helps cheaper wine taste better. With the tower it is easy to poor and clean up is simple. Only thing is if I were to buy another, I would probably buy an aerator that fits directly in the wine bottle. It does not look as nice, but it is more convienent.
350655350655B002OL2MWMA14X6YOUUQZATDR. C. Little0051295481600Looks Great, Works GreatBought as X-mas gift for my father. He had a hand-held, but not the stand. Some may say they don't notice a difference, but in a side by side (not blind test) we always seem to like the wine poured through this "vibrator" better. Overall, great product, and always a conversation starter for those who have never seen it. Buy it and enjoy!
350656350656B002OL2MWMA3OOQGS1JP4K9OJ May0051295136000Husband loves it!!Bought two of these, one for my husband and one for my father-in-law. Great product for red wine lovers. Easy to use and care for. Pretty to look at too. Great price for a great product.
350657350657B002OL2MWMA1A8PLSKDTNYXJ. D. Cayer0051294704000Wonderful Device, makes $10 wine taste like $40+ bottleGreat product at great price. 100% original, in original packaging, looks great on my wine fridge. I wish there was a 6'th star option to vote above!

only idea/comment for improvement on device... on my marble counter top (or any similar surface) the device can slide around if your not careful, it has a very smooth bottom, and a rubberized/textured bottom surface would compliment the stand nicely...

I would still buy this product again, and have recommended it to others as well.
350658350658B002OL2MWMA1V003I0VQQDY0MARK2620051294704000WINE AERATORProduct met or exceeded my expectations. We did a blind taste test and you could definitely taste the improvement in the wine.
350659350659B002OL2MWMA1CY7ALUQGFE1FJp Morgan Chase0051294617600Love itThis is a must have item and the price is right on amazon. You'll never want to drink wine again without using it.
350660350660B002OL2MWMA1XI1APRP9N0L3ant peg0011294617600messyi agree with the minority of reviews here. the wine leaks out of aerated holes and is overall very splashy and messy. we aren't big wine snobs, but thought this would be nice for the times we enjoy a glass of red... we'll just let the bottle "breathe" before we pour. this is way too much of a bother. after one use, we are sending this back and getting a refund.
350661350661B002OL2MWMA220J2AX5QS1UVsandi0051294185600Vinturi wine aerator setThis is a wonderful product for wine lovers. It amazingly aerates wine instantly. No need to let the wine breathe for 5 to 15 minutes. You can really tell the different in the wine after using this product. And it is so easy. Highly recommend it.
350662350662B002OL2MWMAX9QHREP4A2ZJSara0051293753600CIt does what it is supposed to do, but it leaks out about 1 glass of wine per bottle.

Not recommended
350663350663B002OL2MWMA2K3KY7LC0Q7A2Richard Baker0051293321600essential if you love wineIf you love wine, this product is not an accessory, it's an essential. The aerator makes any wine taste better, and the Vinturi is so easy to use, and well made, you won't want to be anywhere without it. I take my aerator with me when I travel. It has really spoiled me. It's especially helpful with everyday wines, making my inexpensive, everyday house wine taste better, everyday. You'll love this product.
350664350664B002OL2MWMAB9J0U8TSX8NBThe Critic0041293148800Wine aeratorVery nice item, classy looking and looks good on our bar. I don't drink wine but my wife does and she says the aerator enhances the flavor. A very nice gift for wine lovers
350665350665B002OL2MWMA29AA6V9NEVM7Opmpro0051292457600A Gadget That Actually WorksI first had the Vinturi demonstrated to me at a wine conference. The demonstrator poured two glasses of wine - one through the Vinturi, the other directly into a glass. You could definitely taste the taste improvement in the wine poured through the Vinturi. The stand makes the Vinturi easier to use and looks great on the counter. I am also glad to see that they have added a filter to catch any sediment in the bottle.
350666350666B002OL2MWMA1P0WP6PP9GIJPChris0051291852800Wine AeratorA fine product that we use most every night! This Vinturi makes a huge difference in bringing out the most flavor in any red wine. Well worth the small investment.
350667350667B002OL2MWMA2FK2Z6ELJ176TGreg in Longwood0051291075200Perfect gift for a wine loverI bought this for my wife for her birthday and she absolutely loves it. She uses it anytime she drinks red wine!
350668350668B002OL2MWMA1CH17LZFZPV55K. Bender "big reader"0051290729600Makes Inexpensive Wine Taste Like a Million Bucks!I bought this product after attending a wine tasting that used one and I have never been dissapointed. I even bought one for several people on my holiday list!
It's simple to use. You can use it with the stand or without which makes it easy for packing up and taking on vacation, or tailgating, or a picnic, or, well . . . anywhere. It really improves the taste of wine, especially reds (though I will say that some of the more fruity varieties don't benefit all that much) And it even works for rum, Scotch, and my all time favorite - Bourbon.
350669350669B00060QOQIA2V55F355DDVCGJ. Apfel "Maxito's dad"0021337126400Quite DissappointedBought this on some screaming deal quite awhile ago. But in the end it wasn't very good, it wasn't spicy (i mean really it's tabasco brand and called "spicy pepper...", you'd expect spicy) and had High fructose corn syrup as one of the ingredients. Wouldn't order it again and not even sure i'd take it if it were free.
350670350670B00060QOQIAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson0041335484800Quite Good, But Could Be A Bit More Spicy.When I have eggs for breakfast, I enjoy having ketchup or hot sauce, or both for that matter, with them. Often in restaurants, they'll have a little bottle of Tabasco along with the salt and pepper to satisfy people with tastes such as mine, so I guess it's rather common. Well, in my local grocery store I discovered a new and unexpected item, Tabasco Pepper Jelly. No kidding! Well, I just had to try it on my toast for breakfast. It's good, but rather strange to have something that is hot and sweet at the same time. I enjoyed it. However, strangely enough, I don't think the jelly is hot enough. It's strange to say, but I think it would be a better product with a little more bite. Otherwise, it's very much like any other jelly except that it has little red flecks and pepper seeds within it.

Gary Peterson

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