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350701350701B0002AQ2VYA1XEHQJ0UHJ18EBismarck0051321488000Tasty Treat for DogsThese treats are loved by my two small dogs.They clean there teeth very well and are economical due too the fact there are fifty to a bag!!!
350702350702B0002AQ2VYA2NZI5ZJY3ZNQOCarol A. Seaver0051282435200Beefeaters Anti Stress Stix!I have a Great Dane that is terified of storms. I ordered these hoping that they would help her during this stressful time. I could not beleive it! I gave her one during a storm and she calm down enough for her to take a nap. She really liked the taste and they are good for her since they contain antioxidants. The bag comes with 50 stixes which will last me a little while. I will order more from Amazon again when I do run out. They are a very good value. Thank you!
350703350703B0002AQ2VYA17W36X7XYEG0NBookworm "Pandora"0051192579200Calm my dog please!If you have a difficult dog like me, then this is the item for you! My dog hates people besides us and goes mad over delivery men, strangers, anyone else who has the nerve to interrupt her nap! I've been using this for years and this really calms my doggie. Give her one and soon she's out for a couple of hours. I don't know if it's the calming effect or the fact that she loves to sleep, but I really don't know what I'd do without it. She loves the taste and is much happier and tranquil after she's had a few. Highly recommended.
350704350704B0002AQ2VYAU84D74DAMHHUJj0151303603200Dg chewsOur dog loves these sorry do t know how they taste but she likes them. Have more just hope it also helps her teeth.
350705350705B000OGQDLUA3JXCQFC7K9MN7James Clark "jim"0051321747200Love themIf you're a white Chocolate nut like me, you must try this product. Right size, melts in your mouth, very creamy. Also avail in milk and dark Chocolate. A little on the pricy side but really good!
350706350706B005HPOUYUAQUWZQCBF1KGORichard Lewis0011349740800Terrible ...These are the worst tasting BBQ Vienna sausages, no wonder the price was cheaper..
Recommend Armour only..sorry LIBBYs, this is not that great
350707350707B0001JXDTAA3Q950HYDPOOWMDelores Liesner3351167955200Excellent taste! Good for heartburn!Highly recommend this product. Wouldn't you rather chew on a tasty bit of sweetened orange rind then a chalky pill? I also coat these in dark chocolate for holiday treats. Family and friends love it!
350708350708B0001JXDTAAYFVYI2XD1K5RBarbara A. Dawson2241227571200could be orangiertried this since my usual brand from the coop was so expensive ($10+) for the same size. (Make biscotti w/ orange & pecan)First batch was not as "orangie" as I had remembered. The 2nd batch was much better. Perhaps exposing the fruit to air gave it more flavor. This s a good ingredient given the price difference between this & my usual brand.
350709350709B0001JXDTAA1VOTOGS2SN3MUKeith B1121316217600awfulIf you plan on eating these directly, they are not good. Buying these will make you want to make your own, knowing your own first try will taste better.
350710350710B004M0Y8H0A1C5LF8TZ6L6Z5Michelle Mays0051342569600cheaper here than in local store, no HFCSI have been buying this size packet at my local Walmart and came on here to compare prices. Subscribe and Save would make it about 75 cents cheaper per packet to get free delivery of this product rather than having to drive 45 mins to the store.
also, there are a lot of comments on the larger size packets available on Amazon that they contain HFCS, these ones I have been buying have blueberries,sugar and sunflower oil.
25g sugar in a 1/3 cup serving size. 2 servings per packet.
I have seen this with other dried fruit companies, they sometimes switch between sugar and HFCS from one year to the next.
they are tasty, not too sweet, not oily in your hand
My kids like them in trail mix for a change instead of raisins.
350711350711B001682QMAA2S4ZKXK9P7N4QT. Wagner "Wags"141411232496000Some things do changeI grew up making Appian Way pizza's. For 50 years I enjoyed them. After moving to an area where they are not available in the local stores and not being able to get them from Dial Corp anymore, I sorta gave up enjoying them again. Then I FOUND them on Amazon. With great anticipation I awaited the arrival of part of my childhood. Ripping open the carton and seeing the the package brought back memories of Mom and I making pizza on a saturday night. Mixing, spreading adding cheese and toppings I could hardly wait. Then "the moment" arrived, the pizza was golden brown and smelled oh so yummy. I excitedly took my first bite only to be hugely disappointed. After a few more bites it was obvious, someone messed with MY pizza. The sauce is not what it was just a few years ago, let alone what it was 50 years ago. Its nothing more than ketchup with some gook added... what a disappointment. A good product and once again, someone, probably to save a few pennies, ruined a good product.

The only thing similar to what Appian Way use to be is the box, and perhaps, the box is the better than whats inside. One more disappointment from the corporate world.

I must recommend NOT to purchase this product if you have ever eaten pizza before, you will be totally disappointed.
350712350712B001682QMAA9WVYD9JCQAXIKaren Kosmatin3311307577600Horrid! Gross!! Disgusting!!!I USED to like Appian Way Pizza Mix when we were growing up, so I bought a box recently. Just last night, I craved pizza, so I was excited to build this pizza. My husband was with me and immediately told him the differences I saw in the crust. I remember having to let it rise, but not now, just add water and make the pizza. I was the type who loved to take the raw dough, dip it into the sauce and eat it as I was preparing. I knew the flavor was off just eating the dough plain. Next, I cut open the foil pack of sauce (was it not a can before?) and the smell and color were not what I remembered. I tasted the sauce and it reminded me of mexican food flavor (not knocking mexican food, I like it, but not when I want pizza) NOT pizza sauce. It had a orangish tone to it, not the red I remember. I knew in my brain that putting the pepperoni and chesse on it was going to be a waste, but proceeded anyway! Yep ... a total disappointment! One bite and in the garbage it went! I searched the net for someone to write to, but cannot find a customer complaint department! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! Save yourself! Run for the hills! The dough is worse than Little Ceasars (cardboard flavor), the sauce is disqusting tasting. I HAD to choose one star, but I wish they would provide negative stars!!
350713350713B001682QMAA2WN75E59A438HManuahs1141348185600Family TraditionAppian Way pizza is a family tradition in our house. My mother in law introduced us to it. The crust is not what sets this pizza mix apart it's the sauce! The sauce is amazing! In order to get the pizza to stretch out nicely and be much easier to work with use 2 boxes. It makes a heartier pizza that stretches to any cookie sheet! Another trick is to make the dough as directed using two boxes, then soak a dish towel in hot water. Wring the towel out until its damp. Set on top of the bowl and place in the oven for at least an hour. The dough will fit on a large cookie sheet and stretch nicely.
350714350714B001682QMAA6OZWIWH3J76GEric1111319587200Sauce is not what it used to beI wish I had read Wags review before ordering. Just a few years ago this was as good as it had always been, but now the sauce recipe has obviously been changed. What a shame that the best pizza sauce ever is no longer available.
350715350715B001682QMAA1AI9X5DOAEH4Daunti di0051350777600Appian Way PizzaI have used this product for years and now it is so easy for me to get it through Amazon.
I love the crust that this product creates.
If I was to change anything it would be to ask Appian Way Pizza to add 1 or 2 tablespoon of sauce to the package.
I really like their sauce but depending on the pan I use it could use just a little more sauce.
350716350716B001682QMAA9LAF0IHT0FEHeather Broyles "heather"1251236124800Great Pizza - You can get it cheaper though!!I love this pizza! I grew up eating it but they don't sell it where I live now. I found it at [...] and paid less than $33 - including shipping!! The $20 shipping charge is absolutely ludicrous. [...] also allows you to use Paypal so it is safe!
350718350718B000GINU8KA3IY05KD5M930PC Myers8841181174400Great tea on most flavorsThis was a great way to try out all the teas flavors without the worry of buying one flavor and not liking it-stuck with the cost of six boxes. I loved most of them, but there were a couple that were not my favorites. None of them tasted bad, and most of them seemed to enlighten me in some way. I would not buy the variety pack again-in bulk. The favorites that I liked will be purchased in bulk. I would recommend if you buy this, give a box or two away to a friend or family member. Then you can pick and choose or trade teas. Next time you will know what you like out of the bunch and can order from there.
350719350719B000GINU8KAR7TPRCXAKBA4EJ "EJ"6751194393600From a tea-lover: MUST TRYAs a foodie, I'm also a bit of a snob about teas, generally preferring organic, muslin-bagged or loose teas. That said, this Stash Chanakara Tea sampler, on first try, immediately became my favourite tea purchase, and I promptly ordered this excellent bulk value offered by Amazon, soon after trying each of the seven teas included in the box. Each tea "chakra" consists of extremely aromatic and flavour-filled combinations of herbs, flowers, leaves of a colour corresponding to each chakra. While I cannot offer evidence of their efficacy in chakra work, I will say I did some best-guessing about where my particular energies were on a given day, and found that the chakra-tea I chose each time really did seem particularly soothing. New age-y ideas aside, the teas really are extremely flavourful without being overly sour (as I find many brands, like Celestial Seasonings, can be). The scents are noticeably lovely, and for me, I didn't find one flavour that I didn't truly love. Highly recommend.
350720350720B000GINU8KA3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W3351270512000Excellent Chanakara Tea SamplerChankara teas are Stash tea's new line of Chakra (energy center) teas. Like all Stash teas, they are excellent. You may find you favor some flavours more than others, which is the perfect reason to try the sampler, so you can see which flavours you like best. They are made with natural ingredients and flavorings and I have found the taste of Chanakra to be quite different than the other flavoured teas I have experienced. Each bag is sealed in its own foil package, to seal in the delicate flavour.

The Chanakara line has a flavor for each of the 7 major Chakras of the body and you will see individual reviews that I have written on the various flavours.

Chakra 1 -- Root Chakra -- base of spine
Chakra 2 -- Sacral Chakra -- sexual area
Chakra 3 -- Solar Plexus -- belly area, around navel
Chakra 4 -- Heart Chakra -- heart area
Chakra 5 -- Throat Chakra -- throat
Chakra 6 -- Third Eye Chakra -- forehead, between eyebrows
Chakra 7 -- Crown Chakra -- top of head, center

May I suggest natural sweeteners, if you need a sweetener: honey, agave cactus nectar (natural food isle of food store), or unbleached brown sugar (in sugar isle of food store).

This is also something different to share with friends, and of course, something special to talk about if you have New Age friends.
350721350721B000GINU8KA3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W3351266710400Tea for the 2nd ChakraInteresting! I really like it. It has a different taste, hard to describe. It is smooth, with a very light touch of zing (the ginger) and a light fruit taste. It is blended and packaged by Stash, so, if you are a tea-lover, you know it's good. Stash makes a great full-bodied tea. This one is a caffeine-free herbal tea.

The ingredient blend is: hibiscus flowers, orange peel, ginger, chicory, damiana, peppermint, and natural dragonfruit flavor.

This tea is labeled as "2nd Chakra," so it is intended for the Sacral Chakra (the one that has to do with sexuality). According to the envelope, the damiana herb is said to enhance male and female sexuality, so there is the connection.

For my metaphysical friends: if this tea is also made with the "intention" of opening or stimulating the 2nd chakra (which I assume it is), that will be an added benefit. The chakra teas are new and I have noticed they make one for each of the 7 major chakras. I will be trying them all.

(Note: I participated in a group meditation the other night and had combined a 2nd Chakra plus a 6th Chakra tea bag and drank the tea before and after. It was an excellent Violet Flame meditation session. The combination of teas had a nice taste, too.
350722350722B000GINU8KA3T8U1N5PGUQ8Hjda2241167782400very interesting smell and good tasteWhen you first open the envelope the smell (aroma) of the tea grabs you. If your not use to strong herbal smells might be a turn off. The taste is very pleasing and more mellow then the aroma. I enjoy this tea and will purchase it again.
350723350723B000GINU8KA3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W1151270512000Very SmoothThe Chanakara line is by Stash teas, an excellent tea company. Vanilla Honeybush is naturally sweetened with vanilla and orange peel with a scent of honey. If you only use a light touch of sugar, you probably won't need any. This is a caffeine free herbal tea. You will probably want 2 tea bags to a 24 oz cup of hot water.

100% natural ingredients in the order listed are: organic [African] honeybush, orange peel, safflower, and natural honey vanilla flavor. Each tea bags is sealed in a foil envelope to keep the delicate flavour in tact.

This tea is designed for the 3rd chakra (energy center) which is the solar plexus. It is deliciously smooth and vanilla-y. I have found that each of the Chanakara flavour has a very distinctive taste--quite different than other flavoured teas I have experienced, and I am a big tea drinker.

If you want to use a sweetener, may I suggest natural sweeteners: honey (to complement the honey vanilla taste), agave cactus nectar (liquid-found in natural food section of grocery store), or unbleached brown sugar (next to the white sugar in the food store).
350724350724B000GINU8KA3FY3H6F4249E0Kathy W1151269043200Excellent Rooibos TeaI am a big tea drinker--been so since childhood. I appreciate a good-tasting, full-bodied tea and Stash has never let me down. Being into Reiki and the energy stuff, I decided to try the Chanakara (Chakra) teas. I have already tried the ones for the 2nd and 6th chakras. Today I needed grounding, so I tried the 1st chakra tea. Regardless of whether you are into metaphysical energy or not, this is a very nice tea. Besides having the health benefits of organic antioxidant-rich South African rooibos, it also has a smooth taste with a slight sweetness (as red tea does) and a light fruity taste--very pleasurable. It is caffeine free. I did not add sugar but if you do, I suggest a natural product like agave cactus nectar (natural foods isle of grocery stores) or the unbleached brown sugar (in the sugar isle of grocery stores).

Other ingredients listed on the package are: Rosehips, Hibiscus, Raspberry Leaf, Uva Ursi (soothing), Citric Acid, and Natural Strawberry Flavor. The strawberry adds such a nice flavor to the mix. Each tea bag comes in a sealed foil wrap to protect the flavors. (I can still smell the tea in the empty package from about 11 hours ago.) It claims to be a 100 % natural herbal tea.

Note that it is very difficult to find a store selling these special flavors.

BTW--if you don't know it already, the first chakra (energy center) of the body is the "Root" chakra, found at the base of the spine. It's color is red (bright red if it is healthy). It connects you with the earth so that you may be grounded and centered in your physical body. Many of us believe that keeping our energy centers balanced helps us to stay physically healthy and emotionally strong.
350725350725B000GINU8KA1AGAA5J15XB3Daniela1151204416000Love it!I bought this tea because I was looking for red tea (Rooibos) for its healthy properties and also because it is naturally caffeine free. This tea has a lot of antioxidants but does not taste healthy at all, it is more like a herbal tea when you want something sweet (I do not add any sugar to it). At the beggining I thought the taste was a little artificial, because in other flavored teas you cannot feel the fruit taste, but if you are looking for a flavored tea where you can really taste the other flavor, this is it. I love it and my 6 packages are almost gone.
350726350726B000GINU8KA1WEN7AAEVKXBWVerano Azul1151204070400very niceThis is a lovely herbal with a very soft yet complex camomile based flavor. It is perfect when you want something hydrating, warm and comforting, but not bold or acidic.
350727350727B000GINU8KA3IY05KD5M930PC Myers1151193702400The best tea on earthThis tea (number 3 only, not other numbers necessarily) is the best tea on earth for instant stress relief. You can actually feel the stress disappear as you sip the tea. I have tried the other numbers in this brand 1-7 and although some of them do as they claim (benefit for each chakra) this is the best one, by taste and results. I give my neighbor a box every time I order bulk from Amazon. She is an elderly lady and loves this one too but not the others. You will not find a cheaper price for this tea and I bet it will go quickly because you will enjoy it so much. You only need one per day to get the lasting effects. Have fun and feel great. Thanks for letting me share.
350728350728B000GINU8KA13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire0031333324800Not for everyone!I like this tea a little better now that I've learned to brew 2/3 of a mug instead of a full mug. The first cup I brewed was washed out and tasted vaguely of dirty water. Brewing less lets me get the full flavor of the tea from a single bag.

Dragonfruit is an exotic, colorful fruit I've had in Hawaii. It tastes like nothing, if nothing tastes little bit like melon rind and vanilla pudding. The lack of strong fruit flavor in the tea, then, isn't too surprising.

You can find the dragonfruit flavor if you look for it, but it's a subtle rounding influence that binds the herbs and spices of the tea together and is nearly lost under the stronger orange peel flavor. The top notes are the ginger and other spices that make this tea almost an herbal "chai remix," sans black tea. Although there is no clove in the tea, the chicory and damiana do a good impersonation of it, but with a cost: they impart more bitterness to the beverage.

If you like chai and believe you would still like it without the nutmeg and other "pumpkin pie spices," and if you like a bit of bitterness in your lightly and naturally sweet herbal tea, this could absolutely be your favorite tea. It isn't mine, but there's no accounting for taste.
350729350729B000GINU8KA13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire0031332720000I can take it or leave itThis is a nice tea. It is! It's just not MY cup of tea, as the saying goes.

I was surprised at how sweet it is, and had to check the ingredients several times in an effort to figure out where the sweetness comes from. As other reviewers have commented, it tastes a little like artificial berry flavoring. There are no artificial berry flavors listed, but that's what the tea tastes like! "Natural strawberry flavor" must be some special kind of potent.

I couldn't pick out the rooibos flavor, though I'm sure it's under the stronger berry flavor somewhere.
350730350730B000GINU8KA13HRSMJ5TOWEZIrishFire0051332720000Excellent Mild Ginger TeaI love ginger from time to time, but many infusions can be a bit . . . punishing. What can I say? I'm a heat wimp when it comes to spices, but I still love ginger!

This tea provides a delicious ginger flavor that can't be ignored without an overwhelming pepper note. I agree with the other reviewer - the other ingredients in this brew can't be detected and identified individually by my untrained senses, but I think they work together to make a more mellow, rounded tea flavor with a sweeter scent.

If you want to try a ginger tea that isn't too intense, this is absolutely the tea for you.

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