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351421351421B007G4Y8LUA11P7UE9GTH804Holl G. Bayonas "Holli B."1131339632000Nothing Special, Just OK taste. Big MessI bought this bar at Whole Foods, thinking that it must be amazing, especially for the price. I also liked that the founder, Katrina, had started her flavor expedition in Spain. I expected the flavor to be unique and exotic, much like my first bite of Haagen Daz Mayan Chocolate ice cream. The flavor was fine, but not any better than your average Fair Trade chocolate bar. I also found the squares difficult to break clean on the lines, thus leaving a huge mess of caramel all over. I would recommend this bar if you specifically needed a messy chocolate with ok flavor. I will, however, try the other flavors before giving up on Katrina and the Vosges.
351422351422B007G4Y8LUA3H2I00UNOQ242Susan A. McKeen "Editor In Chief"1151331683200Amazing and Delicious Combination of FlavorsOne word best describes this mouth-watering and rich chocolate bar: Incredible.

Wonderful blend of Rogue Ale's Chocolate Stout Beer + Alderwood smoked salt + burnt sugar caramel encased in 70% cacao dark chocolate is pure heaven on the tongue. I think the "burnt sugar" description scares most folks away, but it is in fact a rich and full, toasty taste that is exquisite. 3 oz of bliss.

I first purchased this on a "whim" from a specialty wine store and now it's my all time favorite chocolate bar.
If you like dark chocolate and dark beer, you will love this Smoke and Stout Caramel Bar.
Five stars, Two Thumbs up!
351423351423B0032CDV7MA2CF43XGCQKBTEDS20065551321401600Perfect substitute for cow's milk without the scariness of soyI sought out this product when I realized my toddler was allergic to cow's mlk. As my child is a boy, I was concerned about the effects of non-fermented soy and the plant estrogens that soy milk contains. There was not another acceptable nutritional alternative- hemp and flax contain practically nothing in terms of protein. This actually has 4g protein per serving and 30% DV of calcium. I combined it with coconut milk and it made a doctor-approved whole milk substitute.
The flavor is slightly sweet, but the product does not contain additional sugar, another plus. The only con is the cost, and amazon is about the cheapest way to get it.
351424351424B0032CDV7MA8CDBDABE5O3NM. Yaeger0051349740800Awesome for my morning latte!I'm a latte junkie and have to avoid dairy, almond, soy etc... Oat milk is delicious by itself or steamed in a latte. I order it by the case now for the best price.
351425351425B0032CDV7MA3I36VZTA88BY9Debbie M0051329868800Great alternative to soy milkSince becoming vegan, we wanted to find a healthier alternative to soy milk. Oat milk does the trick! We placed an on going order to have this delivered once per month. Even our milk drinking 20 year old daughter likes it.
351426351426B0032CDV7MAA9VEK621LYZWAlex's Esposa0051328400000FantasticMy son was nursed, and then we found out he was allergic to Cow's Milk. I couldn't get him to drink any other milk alternative. He loves this product! My only complaint is that it doesn't come in single serve sizes, so when we travel, I am constantly carrying around the big container in a cooler. For day trips in the car this is fine, but this stinks for airplane travel. I have tried to serve him the single serve of rice milk, but he simply will not drink as much as this. He loves it!
351427351427B0032CDV7MATXM59X6NE114Schmitty "Schmitty"0051325721600Better with cerealI went off dairy and this stuff made it pretty easy. I'd even go so far as to say that oat milk tastes better with cereal than regular milk! It's also great with hot chocolate. And buying it from Amazon is $.50 less per carton than the store.
351428351428B0032CDV7MA3NQJ5N8VODGXAAmanda0051319500800Love the product, hate the shippingLove the Oat milk; hate the shipping charges.
This oat beverage is delicious and has helped in lowering my cholesterol. Back last October, I got my cholesterol lab test back, I had 201. Okay, not so bad, but not so good either. Knowing that oats do lower cholesterol, I ordered a couple of boxes from Amazon -they don't have any left to sell directly, only through third-party vendors and the shipping charge is horrendous! I drank one container every day during the day instead of water, and when I had made room inside the container, I added more water to it. I followed this regime every day for about three months without many more changes to my diet. I got another cholesterol test done, the result was 178. Feeling encouraged, I continued drinking my oat drink every day. Three months later when I tested my cholesterol again, it was 152. Now, one problem oats do not address in regards to the cholesterol is the ratio of good to bad cholesterol. In my case, the ratio is no good. I have more bad cholesterol than good one, and although my overall number has gone down, I still have more bad cholesterol than good one. This problem has to be addressed in a different way; my doctor suggests prescriptions like Lipitor, etc. I'm not so ready to get into that yet. I'm trying a couple of natural alternatives before I'm tested again.

Conclusion: the drink is delicious, it does help to lower your cholesterol but not the bad cholesterol. The killer is the shipping!! The shipping costs very much what the box of product costs or a bit more. I now buy the oat milk from my local grocery store or a health food store. Price ranges between $2.40 to $2.80 per container, it depends to where you go.
351429351429B0032CDV7MAU841T4IR19Q8Jan0621341446400Wrong!We received the wrong product. Instead of vanilla flavored we got original. I'm canceling my subscription. Up to now it was fine service.
351430351430B001EO62I0A7EJDTM0ORSD4Thomas P "my buys"2251265241600Best Instant Coffee I have triedI bought 1 Jar of Bustello Instant coffee at a swap meet, and loved it. When I went back for more the seller had none. I looked in all the stores in my area and could not find it. I finally located it on and orderd the Bustelo Supreme Freeze Dried Coffee 100% Columbian Coffee Regular Instant Coffe 3.52 oz. Jars (Pack of 4) and could not be more satisfied. I will order more when these run out. This is a really great tasting coffe and handy for those times when you don't want to brew entire pot of coffe but like fresh brewed taste of coffee.
351431351431B001EO62I0A2PYQJBO1BZ6XKRobert F. Jones0021341878400Poor PackagingI have bought many shipments of instant coffee from Amazon and this is the first with totally un-acceptable packaging.I lost one jar to the packaging problem and Amazon policy does not alloy them to replace the jar.That is the only settlement that will satisfy me.The two options offered me did not replace the value of my loss plus would take alot of my time plus driving 30 miles round trip to ship.I am a long time customer and am very disappointed.
351432351432B001EO62I0AISBH2SJDL5FCD. N. Barman "Dipu"0051329436800Just awesome.....Listen this is worth spending the money item... Please ignore the worst review. Coffee testing is very personal. I know what i wanted and this is awesome to my palette... Buy it!!!
351433351433B001EO62I0A16NUBGK6LXQ5GHung L. Lam "Integrity"3611248134400Not good instant coffeeThe package and description of this coffee fools me. From the look of it, I would imagine that it tastes like European coffe like aromatic strong dark but not sour or bitter like French roast. Well, this coffee tasted very bad base on my opinion, it is sour with no pure fresh coffee taste and it is a little stinky! My aunt visited us from France several months back where she brought over some instant coffe which I forgot the name, but this coffee is awsome tasting very close to fresh French roast slow drip brew. I'll post the brand when I remember the name. Tell me if I am wrong if you've had this Bustelo supreme before.
351434351434B004ZQ5U14A2VETCLUVU809IGina0051349049600My beagles love these!These Pork Chomps seem much easier for my 10-month-old beagles to chew than regular rawhide. They both get very excited when they see me with the bag! I like the fact that they seem just the right saw to hold in their paws and there is never anything left when they are done chewing!
351435351435B004ZQ5U14A1B0ZYKA9TURDDCheryl Smith0051320624000Easier to digest than beef rawhide and dog just as happy!I have a black Toy Poodle that has been chewing on beef rawhide bones practically since the day he was born. However, his tummy always got a little upset from it and I heard the pork is easier for them to digest, so I switched to these Pork Chomps. He loves them just as much (if not more) and now his tummy is more settled. Plus, just like all-natural beef rawhides they do not stink or break into smaller pieces or discolor my blankets/sofa, like many other kinds of treats/bones . They are odorless, they have no color and they stay in one piece until eaten in full. Conclusion: They ROCK!!! My other "can't-do-without" dog supplement is called "Missing Link." That product is A-MA-ZING as well and, along with a diet FREE of grain/flour/soy/sugar/preservatives, it has completely stopped him from scratching himself and knawing on his paws).
351436351436B004ZQ5U14AFVIRL83I8O8VMelanie Chhun Zamora0051293580800My dogs LOVE these!!!!I've been giving these pork chomp knotz to my Shiba Inu puppy since he was just 3 or 4 months old. He is 11 months old now and these are by far his favorite thing to chew on. He's about 30 lbs and these 3-4" knotz are perfect for his mouth size. I just got a 9 week old puppy and I've gotten him the mini knotz as well and he really enjoys chewing on these. It's perfect for teething pups and for older dogs as well. They love the taste as far as I can tell and always chew through the whole thing! Highly recommend!!
351437351437B001IR2VLUA2FFCZYLGZIYAIKimberly Clark "Kimmi"2351274745600AmazingThese are delicious little treats!! I wish they were sold ALL over because I prefer these over any other kind of snack product.
351438351438B001IR2VLUALK1W410A1W6LMatthew R. Jacks0051344470400Everyone from Pennsylvania !I grew up in Delaware and Penn and these are a staple snack-dessert food ``` but a mystery to most of the world! I live in Maine now and love surprising friends and family with them as gifts now and then. They bring back so many memories of Mom putting them in our brown bag lunch before school. ::))
351439351439B001IR2VLUA3OXHLG6DIBRW8C. F. Hill "CFH"0051335225600Great Snack - Highly RecommendedThese Tastykake Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes are one of my guilty pleasures. I love the chocolate and peanut butter flavor combination with the addition of a filling cake center. The cakes come two to a package and have 180 Calories and 20 net carbs (15 from sugar), making them a reasonable and satisfying snack choice.

We are luck enough to get these locally and the freshness really does make a difference.

Highly Recommended!

351440351440B001IR2VLUAPNABIJRDH1MWJared Costa5811282867200Expired before it arrivedMy order was expired before I got it. I emailed the seller and no reply I would not recommend this seller.
351441351441B001IR2VLUA2582KMXLK2P06B. E Jackson1251336003200yum!For those who dislike peanut butter... you have NO idea what you're missing with Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes courtesy of Taskykake. This is no ordinary snack food! I recommend getting over your dislike of peanut butter and at least *try* one of these. I have a feeling you'll like it. I can even put it in your mouth if you'd like! If not it's definitely going in MY mouth!

I could probably stuff down 20 of these things a day. No doubt about it. One of my all-time favorite foods. A unique taste, and a fresh taste as well, I highly recommend all Tastykake-related products but especially these peanut butter flavored ones. You just have no idea what you're missing (yes I'm talking about YOU- the unfortunate customer whose local grocery store doesn't carry Tastykake products). SHAME on that store! I'd complain if I were you.
351442351442B001IR2VLUA1B5SDEO4YNFWStwo toddlers1431265068800price is crazy highThese Family size boxes sell for $2 in our grocery store. What an incredible markup!
351443351443B005ENTOUUA21LCMTPZ99REJAnja Landis7811329091200Not at all as advertisedI bought this product specifically because it was for HULLED rather than PEARLED barley. The picture shown is clearly HULLED and not PEARLED barley. The description clearly states that they HULL (not pearl) the barley. But, of course, what I received was PEARLED barley. Seeing as I planned to use this for a specific recipe and held off on trying it for over a week waiting for this to show up, I'm a little peeved about this.
351444351444B0041UBGSKA139HFICOP0HDNJulie0051337817600great tasteGreat taste and easy to carry with you for whenever you may want flavored water. The taste is not overpowering or too bland. I prefer this to just plain water.
351445351445B0041UBGSKA3T0OTH5072YREM. Reynard "kairosdreaming"0041329004800Crystal Light Pure Grape FlavorIn an effort to become healthier, I quit drinking soda, which sucks. Because I like soda. So instead of drinking plain water, I've looked into flavor packets to make things a little more interesting. The problem though, is that most contain artificial sweeteners, which is part of the reason I quit drinking soda in the first place. So I've sought out those flavor packets that have natural sweeteners, and the Pure brand by Crystal Light is one of those.

Crystal Light Pure uses stevia instead of artificial sweeteners. So it ranks pretty high in my book in terms of ingredients. Sure there's a few hard to pronounce ingredients in the list, but it is a relatively small list compared to a lot of things anymore, and its still better than soda. It also contains natural sugar, which is ok to me too, even if it is the first listed ingredient. I do like that they used purple carrot and hibiscus flower extracts for color, instead of using an artificial dye. Because I worried about that when I first saw the dark purple color the water turned after adding the powder. Although it was a pretty color.

The flavor, to be honest, kind of tasted like that fake grape flavor they have in candy. It was recognizable as grape, but not the taste of "real" grapes. Even though it had natural flavor in it. But it was still good. And the flavor was strong when adding to a regular sized bottle of water. I prefer my drinks stronger though so that was perfectly to my liking, those who don't will probably only need half a packet to flavor their water.

I'd buy these again. And I'll try out other drink flavorings from the Pure Brand.

Review by M. Reynard 2012
351446351446B003NRRRZSA2D97NEZJLWRIPMartin Basiszta "M. Basiszta"0051349568000Channa Masala/Chickpeas with curry and rice.An excellent buy. We needed to use two to have enough of this Indian side dish, but it is so fast and easy. And the flavor and consistency is almost like I had cooked it from scratch. I like these ready prepared side dishes when I am making other real labor intensive dishes and just need something else on the side. Patak products have never disappointed me. I recommend the Channa Masala with rice product.
351447351447B003NRRRZSA2BP1JA4RQQNHLSimi0021348185600Patak's Chickpea CurryI found the product to have an overwhelming cinnamon taste to it; too sweet for my liking. Also, the amount of curry was excessive and out of proportion with the amount of rice and chickpeas in the container. I had ordered it as a convenient lunch option for work but having tried it, I still prefer my homemade version.
351448351448B003NRRRZSA23FWREY8C6A9KPhilly fan0051345680000Pretty good vegan mealThis is one of the successful vegan meals on the Patak's line of ready food items. Low in calories yet adequate, carbs and proteins for a satisfying meal. Great flavor profile and fairly fresh ingredients.
351449351449B001M072WGA2Z9Z9BIX8PBDWJ. Shawn Wyckoff2251277683200Great with alfredoI bought it because my daughter wanted to eat little tennis rackets. I served it al-dente with sun-dried tomato alfredo with rendered genovetta hot salami. I have made the same dish numerous times before but usually with Barilla's Pipette Rigate. The Racchette shape provides excellent hold for the sauce, much like Rotelle, but it holds much more because of the smaller spaces.
351450351450B001M072WGA2IALSGRQU074VJJ1211318550400RacchetteWe did not like this at all. I was disappointed. The pasta pieces are so small and dense. We will not be ordering this again.

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