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352351352351B0045IO37YA26NFIQ7KWI8Y7kt rose2241329696000tastes a little grind-yLike the Black Tiger this coffee is strong and flavorful but has a hint of a grind-y taste.

For reference purposes my in store drink is a Starbucks Americano.

My favorite k-cups are:
Starbucks French Roast
Starbucks Caffe Verona
Starbucks Pike Place Roast
Green Mountain Xtra Bold Sumatran Reserve
Green Mountain Double Black Diamond
Green Mountain Revv
Green Mountain Dark Magic

Other k-cups I've tried: Coffee People Jet Fuel ,Green Mountain Dark Magic Decaf, Emeril Jazzed up Decaf, Starbucks Caffe Verona, Coffee People Black Tiger, Starbucks House Blend, Starbucks Breakfast Blend, Starbucks Sumatra, Wolfgang Puck French Roast, Green Mountain Lake and Lodge, Green Mountain French Roast, Caribou Mahogony, Wolfgang Puck Sumatra Kopi Raya, Emeril Big Easy Bold
352352352352B0045IO37YA2MSQQZG0DGPNAd260 "d260"2221328572800DefectiveJust purchased a 50 count box. Previous reviews had indicated that there were probblems with the cups and that they "leaked" grounds into the coffee cup. Sadly, this is still the case. About 1 in 5 cups is defective.Taste is fine as long as you don't mind chunky coffee. Will NOT be buying this again!!!
352353352353B0045IO37YA1XAPRM0OO15SOLISA LOU "LISA MARIE"2251306713600Love it!!!! And I'm a coffee snob!No flowery notes, thank god! This is the most perfect k-cup coffee I've tried.. It's my trusty ol faithful "go-back-to" coffee when I veer off and try another brand. If you want a solid yummy true bold but not bitter cup of joe get this, u won't be sorry. It is yummy black or with creamer...! Leaves a true good coffee after taste and is AMAZING with dessert.
352354352354B0045IO37YA2GYV0FI2GZ52CM. Sirchuk1131337644800Coffee was great, but too many defective cups...I liked the coffee, it was bold but not bitter. I can't recommend though, due to at least 6 k-cups "blowing up" in my Keurig.

The whole point of the Keurig is that it's quick, easy, and you get a decent cup of coffee out of it. When you're running late in the morning, and the seal around the K-Cup breaks and coffee / grounds go all over and you've got to clean it up, it's no longer a convenience and is a huge of a hassle.

I'm sticking with the Tully's, I've gone through 4 boxes (200 pcs) so far and not a single "blow up".
352355352355B0045IO37YA12QN66OGYSQV8Potterfan5301121333497600Most K-cups in this lot are defectiveI ordered these last month. Of the first six I've tried, five have blown open and spewed coffee grounds all over our machine (as well as in the cup). I'm getting rather tired of cleaning the Keurig. Normally, I buy our K-cups at local department store but buying in bulk here at Amazon was less expensive. Amazon has graciously replaced the first lot and I was told if this second lot has the same problems, to call them back and they will need to look at pulling the lot. After looking back at the reviews for this product, I think that would be a wise move considering many of us are having the same problem. Thankfully, Amazon's customer service is 5-star so I haven't lost my money.
352356352356B0045IO37YAH9AP7MNOK6ZQFullgallon1111332115200Used to be the best - NOT ANY MOREBig Easy used to be one of the best bold blends out there. NOT ANY MORE. The box of 50 I received about a week ago is one of the most disgusting blends I have ever tasted. Very BITTER, no distinguishable aroma, no flavor complexity, nothing going for it. If I was Emeril I would not want my name associated with it anymore. Maybe this will get straightened out, but while they are playing with the coffee chemistry set this blend is best avoided.
352357352357B0045IO37YAM1J3LBHI5WT8J. C. Green1131331683200...Only because the coffee is so goodLove this coffee, so I was rather disappointed when I recieved this particular shipment. The box said it was a pack of 50, but there were only 47 K-cups in the box. And one of the K-cups had come open, reducing the quantity to 46 and creating a mess of coffee grounds in the box. Not sure who takes the blame for this - the coffee box was sealed and included inside another box with other items, so that leads me to believe fault lies with "The Coffee People." I suppose if many others are experiencing this same issue, it may be time to choose another coffee provider.

March 29 Update: Discovered 8 other faulty cups in this batch - Top seal would come loose while brewing & cause grounds to overflow from top of K-cup, or the internal filter would leak by and puke coffee grounds into my cup. I was beginning to suspect a faulty brewer,but when these same results occurred on a second and third brewer, the problem lies in the K-cup...
352358352358B0045IO37YAIBSO4JFTBEWEMike McNu "Mike"1111330819200Be Wary of These PodsI ordered Emerils Big Easy Bold a few weeks ago, and at least half the time I have been dissatisfied, because there is something wrong with the pods. The pods do not work well in the Keurig. Instead of dripping down into the cup, they collect the water, flooding the dispenser and delivering only half a cup. At first, I thought it was our Keurig, but the other coffee we have, the tea, and the hot chocolate work fine. It's only Emerils that doesn't perform the way it should. It was ordered new from Amazon, but other Keurig products from Amazon are fine.
352359352359B0045IO37YA112KFC20A5QNAcmarsh821111329782400explosiveI just bought the Emril k-cups and have used about 12 of them and half if them exploded in my kurig machine. It was such a pain and waste of money because I enddd up throwing them away and using. another k-cup because the coffee was full of grindes. And I cant even write to the seller yo complain!
352360352360B0045IO37YA32VMHC1W8ERKNskeeter1151329609600Strong coffeeVery good taste strong to make a 8 oz cup. Green mountain you need two k cups to make a 8oz the medium strength
352361352361B0045IO37YA2C21SLGXQDIEZM. Reinholt1151329609600well rounded & boldI've tried many brands of extra bold K cup coffees and this one is the best. Well rounded and bold as the caption states. It has gotten slightly weaker over the years, but it is still good. Retail keeps going up here on Amazon as well as other outlets. However, Tully's and Newman's Own is currently much less expensive at the local Club store (C---co). The cost difference is forcing me to move to other retail and brand options. One item of note, the patent on the K Cup is expiring on Sept. 16, 2012. When Green Mountain Roasters is no longer the exclusive manufacturer of K Cups, we can all hope for a large decline in retail prices.
352362352362B0045IO37YA31YU64TJFB6U6David F.1151329609600good strong cup-o-joeFirst, let me say, I do not consider myself to be a coffee connoisseur or snob. I do not have a refined pallet. But, I do enjoy a good strong cup of coffee. The Emerils bold is exactly what I was looking for. I know there are always those out there that say, "nowhere close to my custom grind and French press." But, I use the keurig for the convenience and variety. The emerils bold is perfect for what I want - a good strong cup of coffee to start off my work day.
Update 7/26/12
I've tried a couple other "bold" coffee's, just to compare. (Brooklyn Beanery Fugettaboutit and Jet Fuel) Not all bolds are the same. The other bolds seemed more bitter. (Some people think that bitter = strong coffee. Not true, strong coffee = good coffee, bitter coffee = bad coffee.) I'm done experimenting with different brands. For a good, strong cup of coffee, Emeril's Big Easy Bold will be my go to coffee from now on.

Also, I just want to make one more comment on defective K-Cups. I see alot of reviews for both Emeril's and other K-Cups saying saying that they are horrible because 1 in every 3 explode in their Keurig machine. My wife and I go through 60 - 70 K-Cups per month, since December 2011. We've never had a problem with any of them. (when I say 60 - 70, they're not all Emeril's bold - we would be bouncing off the walls. We also use Caribou breakfast blend, decaf, green tea, heral tea, and hot cocoa.)
352363352363B0045IO37YA26C6KP0448W19tjmackrrt1151329091200StrongWonderful bold flavor. Really gets me going in the morning. I've tried about a dozen other K-cup coffee flavors and this is my favorite.
352364352364B0045IO37YA2DKIZCX5F00SRKeith Laugen "Woody"1141328918400K cupsCoffee arrived in a few days and it is fresh. Great price for what is a great cup of coffee.
352365352365B0045IO37YA3RSWDQJ9B479ZJ. Zapata1141326931200Great Bold CoffeeI was afraid of bold because I think of bitter starbucks coffee but this was great. It is strong and bursting with flavor in a good way, not bitter at all. I got a sample with my coffee make and went out and bought a box.
352366352366B0045IO37YANKYJ1RE9FRSGJAM1121326931200Disappointed!Received this order promptly, but am very disappointed in it. Over half of the k cups have exploded in our Keurig. When this happens it makes a huge mess. The machine has to be totally cleaned each time. It appears that the seal at the top of the kcups is not properly attached. The ones that do survive make excellent tasting coffee, but I will not reorder them online again. Very disappointed, makes some of the best tasting coffee we have tried, but only got to drink a little of it.
352367352367B0045IO37YA23K2W3WLBIA0KRDS554 "Dave"1131323043200Very Good but ...Very good but not great. Did not have the richness and depth of flavor desired. We ordered this and the Green Mountain Double Black Diamond and between the two the Green Mountain was better. We had no issues with the Emeril's as far as grounds in the coffee, etc. The flavor is good but for a French Roast, it has not overcome that K-cup issue of 'weakening' the richness of bold coffees.
352368352368B0045IO37YA2VC2CCXZH5LQNDavid "David R"1141320969600Finally I've Found My Everyday K-Cup !Bought a Keurig machine several months ago (which I love BTW!) and started out buying different variety packs of coffee's so I could try all kinds of new flavors and blends. Eventually I wanted to decide upon something that would be my everyday standard. In the mornings like a nice solid bold roast that's rich and doesn't get watered down when making a full cup out of the Keurig machine.

Right away I knew the Emeril's was the best choice, the Easy Bold is perfect my morning Joe. At night I go with a lighter blend (from Supermarket using the MyK-Cup) but Emeril's Easy Bold is perfect for my mornings.
352369352369B0045IO37YA2K98T6D4WNCRWMac1151319414400Emerils Big Easy BoldMy wife loves this coffee. She won't drink any other brand. I don't like it because it is too strong for my taste.
352370352370B0045IO37YA23NH4IBVUNY0PTechToo1151317600000My Favorite K-Cup CoffeeI've had my Keurig coffee maker for over a year and have tried many different K-cups. Most recently, the new Dunkin' Donuts. HATED IT. I couldn't wait to dump it out and brew one of my Emerils. Of course, with the Keurig brewer, I didn't have to wait long. YUM. This coffee is for the real coffee drinker. It is strong (even on the large cup size setting), bold and full bodied, but smooth with no bitterness. By far, my favorite. I order them through Amazon's Subscribe and Save program for the best price. Once in awhile from Bed, Bath and Beyond with a 20% coupon, but their prices have gone up substantially and I prefer the size (50 pack) from Amazon.
352371352371B0045IO37YADXNU7PKWB4M0Jeremiah1141316995200Strong, but slightly acidicArrived on time. The flavor comes through, which is important when using a K-cup. It is bold, and sometimes slighly acidic. It doesn't taste as smooth as the Newman's Bold.
352372352372B0045IO37YA2CSPTFY7QPT78Mary G. Hershey1151308960000No other K-cup comes closeIf you like weak, diner coffee, this is not for you! But if you enjoy the boldness of Starbucks, this comes close. We're hooked-- fantastic flavor! The decaf version is good too.
352373352373B0045IO37YA1LNUH08546UK6Kai "Lani"1151308873600True to it's nameExcellent bold coffee with full flavor. Keeps our office staff and clients happy. First timers always compliment the great coffee no matter how they take it. Thanks Emerils!
352374352374B0045IO37YAGLKENC7EJDYW4u2 "FAB"1151305244800Great CoffeeThis coffee is bold and strong, just how I like it. If you don't like bold/strong coffee, this is not for you.
352375352375B0045IO37YAOFG08UULKT63IRA ZWEIFLER1151305158400Bold is BestOne of the best decisions I have made was to match my Keurig coffee maker with Emeril's Big Easy Bold K-Cups. Keurig makes sure each cup of coffee is hot, fresh and eliminates the odor of coffee siting in a pot for hours. Big Easy Bold is the best tasting coffee I have ever had. Bye Bye Starbucks - no need to run out when you need a coffee fix! The new packaging reduces waste, and with Amazon's subscription service I can always have inventory at home.
352376352376B0045IO37YAOMPDI4QNQTWCMK in PA1151303603200Bold and SmoothNot just a name (Emeril's), this was a pleasant surprise the first time we tried it. You will not be disappointed if you like a bold-flavor yet smooth experience.
352377352377B0045IO37YA35G1CP9QRUOTSNurse Mary "Nurse Mary"3451274313600Bold!My husband loves this rich bold coffee. He drinks it every morning without fail!
352378352378B0045IO37YA23CNWROWLWD0ONewDad1124112311325462400Horrible FlavorVery very bold coffee. But that isn't the problem. I like bold, this just tastes horrible. I was able to try this flavor because it came in a sample pack with my Keurig. I will not be buying ever. I wasn't even able to finish my cup.
352379352379B0045IO37YA12UD9093P4A14freddaruss2311322784000not goodCoffee was good but every cup broke during use, making a mess inside the cup and out, will not purchase again.
352380352380B0045IO37YA1A5MPM5USXXZEMonnie0051350432000Good strong cup of coffeeThis makes a nice robust cup of coffee without being bitter or tasting scorched, just a good coffee taste. Its not overpriced; and will please most anyone you serve it to. I will be buying this again, pleased with this purchase.

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