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387001387001B004EE2UR4A3AZI828WJN1CDBecky (beckygardens)1151314230400satisfying hot or cold Length:: 2:06 Mins

Celestial Seasonings english breakfast black tea is delicious both hot or as iced tea. The tea has a faint perfume but not overwhelming. I like different teas but find this one to be the best for hot and cold. I love that I can control the strength of the tea. Hot I prefer the medium button, cold, I use the largest cup button. Either way I get a perfect serving of tea.
387002387002B004EE2UR4A1DATIMUDRJMHGAllan J. Lueb "Benzmeister"1151314057600Great TeaGreat tea and a great bargain if you own a K cup machine. Buy your coffee or tea at Amazon. The prices are great and the service is great. Ordering from Amazon direct is seamless.
387003387003B004EE2UR4A1O0BC2ICH790Bjan641151305936000Good Black TeaThis is my favorite tea for the Keurig brewer. I do not like, and therefore don't drink, flavored tea. This is the tea I prefer. I have not been able to get in stores lately so I ordered online.
387004387004B004EE2UR4ANBAQTL0OSUH8aemesko1151305849600TeaI use this tea as an ice tea instead of a breakfast tea. It is really refreshing and allows me to make one cup of ice tea at a time. If you find it a little strong you can add more ice or ice water.
387005387005B004EE2UR4A35O6E0BRVODE4Good_Times "southshoresales"1151301788800Just Plain Good!I love this tea...and I am not really a tea person, but this is a great drink and it is a very tasty treat.
387006387006B004EE2UR4ATJZ9T302O5BYS. Hokanson1141296259200A little weak at the 12 oz mug, but still tastyI use the Keurig Platinum (B70) brewer and the 12 oz. brew size. This K-Cup is a little weak at the 12 oz. size, but still enjoyable, as I usually make it a latte. For comparison, a Tazo Chai tea bag makes a slightly stronger cup at 12 oz than the Celestial Seasonings K-Cup. Compared to Timothy's Chai K-Cup, Celestial's Chai is stronger (which I prefer).
387007387007B004EE2UR4A3BT4F3XHBJZG9sammi6931294617600Disappointed!Wanted to sample the K-cups. Previously a "tea bag" user for the same product. Will stick with the tea bags, as the tea is not only more fragrant, but extremely flavorful. Will not purchase K-cups again.
387008387008B004EE2UR4A12A5Q07EQK6LVPaula Ali "pfali18"2331294444800Indian Spice ChaiThis is a very nice chai...doesn't taste like I thought it would..has a very strong spice taste..but still very good.
387009387009B004EE2UR4ANSYUEKO8HBEPann0041350691200great teathis tea is wonderfully spicy. great on a cold afternoon! It would also be lovely with milk, but I prefer it plain.
387010387010B004EE2UR4AAHXOL19ZCUCVmatt6150021348963200licorice taste, twinings chai is much betterI am really disappointed in this chai tea. It has a distinct licorice taste. Twinings chai tea is much better. Do not buy unless you like a licorice taste.
387011387011B004EE2UR4A8F54GUQ9FYXWBailey0041347753600Celestial Chia TeaThis Tea is really good. It comes in an easy to use container. Its not very sweet so if you want your tea really sweet you may need to add something. Good produxt.
387012387012B004EE2UR4A3NJ4SD5RU68ZBmrmrsstone0051344211200I love Chai teaThis is very good and makes the house smell wonderful. I would defintely recommend this to anyone just wanting a quick tea.
387013387013B004EE2UR4A2RPVNS6D37TRJN. Bunch0051343692800Favorite K Cup OverallThis is my favorite K Cup overall! I love the flavor the the tea and it brews just right on the medium setting.
387014387014B004EE2UR4A2OOKDH2AZVSK1TK0051342742400Celestial India spice chai tea k-cupsI brew this in a keurig 60 model, i like this tea, its good any time of the year. It is on the spicy side and will leave your pallet with a spicy after taste. But oh so good late at night. Good tea for every once in a while, i could not drink this every day as is a little on the strong side.
387015387015B004EE2UR4A9HYYVUHOO3JYpamie8840051341964800My favorite tea!This tea is the reason why I bought a Keurig. It's my absolute favorite. I make a cup each morning to take with me to work (anyone who works a 9-5 needs a pick me up!). I usually re-order two boxes every couple of months, and my package always arrives quickly. I'll be buying these k-cups as long as they're available!
387016387016B004EE2UR4A1NMKHIFGUZSMMsusan katz0041338595200Great Cup of ChaiThis is the best Chai I have found for my Keurig. It is not overly sweet like another kind I tried. It smells and tastes wonderful. Great on a cold night!
387017387017B004EE2UR4A2VK4DKHGB63TAA. You "Genius"0011338422400Not goodThis is not even tea, it is not even as good as dipping a tea bag in the cup once. It's You'll be drinking hot water with sugar and honey.
387018387018B004EE2UR4A121VLJBL8T0H1David Rupert0051337817600My wife loves this stuffI get this for my wife who really loves it. I am not a tea drinker, other than ice tea.
387019387019B004EE2UR4A2LP9A8HM75PLXsad19690051337212800Good TeaThis is a good Strong Tea. The Flavor is a nice blend not to strong and not weak. Smells great when brewing. You can add milk or drink it plain.
387020387020B004EE2UR4A1TAARTDC411Q0J. Seaman0051336348800Tastes great!Great tea for the Keurig. We love it! Now for a good cocoa and apple cider.(Don't get the Green Mountain cider)
387021387021B004EE2UR4A37YMAHD0N8V7DShan0011336262400Very weak taste.....I have purchased the Celestial Seasonings Chai Tea tea bags in the grocery store, and was impressed with the flavor. So when I saw they had them in the K-cups, I immediately jumped on them and ordered a box. I was so disappointed in it. It tastes nothing like their regular tea bag version. Weak is a word I would use. And I'm not sure what kind of spices they put it in, but it's nothing like any other chai tea I've had. I do not recommend this brand. If you're a regular chai drinker, you will notice the difference and likely be disappointed.
387022387022B004EE2UR4A1R7VITEGDYSS8Clockmilk0051336003200Potent!This stuff is surprisingly strong and potent. I've always had a problem with chai tea bags because they brew such a dilute cup of tea. But with the Celestial Seasonings Keurig chai, the tea is dark and opaque. I got a huge buzz off of the caffeine. Best of all, it's pure tea and spices, unlike the Cafe Escapes Chai Latte, which is full of artificial ingredients.
387023387023B004EE2UR4A2OQYZAI8U63Q5Reuben J Trane Jr0041335657600Clove flavor?I like the tea - but I noticed both an aroma and flavor of clove? I don't think this is ONLY green tea. That being said, I like it and most likely will reorder.
387024387024B004EE2UR4ALA8CJBT9WBY0LKH0011335052800Couldn't even finish one cupI'm an avid chai drinker--many different varieties of both lattes and straight black tea. We purchased this product because we noticed that the Cafe Escapes chai lattes--a sweeter, creamier blend--did not actually have much black tea in it, and we still wanted our morning caffeine. Neither my husband nor I could finish one mug of this stuff, and we will end up getting rid of the box. It was that awful. There was none of the subtle spice blending--just a watery slightly clove-tasting flavor undercut by a bitterness that almost had hints of coffee. Adding a little milk, as we usually do, didn't help at all. If you enjoy chai, I'd recommend Bigalow or Tazo and skip this one.
387025387025B004EE2UR4A2QJP6HLE0UEN3Stuart Johnston0021334880000Not strong enoughSmells nice but the flavor is weak. I don't think the Keurig brewers really work for tea. Good tea needs to be steeped, not just filtered like coffee.
387026387026B004EE2UR4A2G9WUKXATNTUYCheminsite0031334793600Cloves OverpoweringThere is a very strong clove flavor in this tea. I like my tea black and did not enjoy it very much. My friend from work added cream and sugar to it and thought it was great.
387027387027B004EE2UR4AGMAH717O145Rawaykate0051334793600Yummy TeaI usually order Twinings tea, but I thought I'd try something different. This Celestial Seasonings version of English Breakfast is very good, and I will make it part of my usual rotation.
387028387028B004EE2UR4A2P20L29ITG5Y0Silvergriffin "silvergriffin"0051334448000Best VarietyI've tried several brands of black tea and I liked this one the most because I liked the taste of it:
A) plain
B) with sugar
C) with lemon - iced or hot
D) cream
The others I tried had a slight (to me) floral taste that didn't mix well with cream or lemon.
387029387029B004EE2UR4A16KZQQXHQHSV1JJRider0041334361600The best that I've tried of the K-Cup tea offeringsI've been drinking tea for years mostly for health reasons. We recently bought a Keurig so I tried this black tea with our new brewer. It had a nice full body taste and I found it had a better taste than the green tea varities I tried.
387030387030B004EE2UR4A2I5KDNOESGJ1HTJ0051334016000OMG!THIS IS SO GOOD! I've had it hot and iced and am in love! The chai flavor isn't overpowering, but you certainly know you are drinking a spiced tea! I will definitely reorder!

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