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388784388784B008BLFFAKA1W9UG7WASEGKQJohn Christensen0051331424000Good O's!This cereal is a favorite of mine. Not only does it have the nice honey nut sweetness taste I missed in my younger days, but I love grabbing a handful out of the box and just munching on it whenever as a snack. When we go to Church, often times you will see little ones grabbing handfuls of HNC from plastic bags their parents prepare and bring w/ them to keep their babes busy and quiet. Unfortunately, someone has to clean the floors and the crevasses in the pews where there might be an O or two because Honey Nut Cheerios are so popular!
388785388785B008BLFFAKA2NOW4U7W3F7RIrpv0051330992000My daughter's favoriteMy 9 old daughter loves this and is her favorites. We make oats and sprinkle this on oats and gives great taste. Also as standalone we use with slightly warm mile and gives a good start to the day!
388786388786B008BLFFAKA2HLL8L5QELLLODoyle T. Sowerby "Doyle"0051327104000A gift that just keeps on giving!Honey Nut Cheerios is a gift right from heaven !! Thanks to Subscribe & Save I won't ever be running out again !
388787388787B008BLFFAKAIJA9MOZMPVNKJoel Huhta0031326758400convenient and nutritionalI eat this almost everyday for breakfast because of it's convenience and nutritional value. A word of waring. It is hard on the teeth if you don't "crunch" gently. Many days I just poor it in plastic cup (dry) and eat it on the way to work with a mug of joe. It tastes healthy and sweet.
388788388788B008BLFFAKA206LQVOINVWBLwtcrescuer0051325203200Love this cerealI really enjoy getting them shipped via subscribe and ave especially at the price. Fresh, great flavor. Time to grab a bowl about now!
388789388789B008BLFFAKA3EPHBMU07LZ50Penmouse0041323907200My kids love this cerealMy kids love this cereal as they really like this sweet honey nut taste combine with the whole grain flavor. In fact, they love this cereal so much we typically go through 2 to 3 boxes per month. The best part of them liking this cereal is that's it a whole-grain meaning they are eating something nutritious.

388790388790B008BLFFAKA3BCAPLFRXKX9TTina0051321574400Have been eating them since I was a kid!This is probably my favorite cereal :)
Love the honey and the crunchy cheerios!

Amazon is super fast and easy since it saves me a trip to the store.
388791388791B008BLFFAKA12P657WGZM1GOLaurel Dugan0051321056000I love Subscribe and Save!!!After years of being greeted in the a.m. with "We're out of Honey Nut Cheerios. WAHHHHH!" We just don't run out anymore, and I don't constantly have to keep up on the supply. *Sigh of relief*
388792388792B008BLFFAKA2ZMMQ4W17EK2NKendra0051319155200DeleciousArrived a day early, they taste great & they are very fresh. Will buy again because my family loves them too.
388793388793B008BLFFAKA1A2RR0YSM2YESETC0051316995200YUM YUM YUM!The price is great, the cereal is Delicious! It alwasy ships quickly! My kids all love it, It doesn't take us long to go through all of it!
388794388794B008BLFFAKA2R9Q73B7JDF51M. Rutherford "Amazon Lovin' Momma"0041316822400Great product, watch fluctuating price though.I scored these the other day when they dropped to $8 ...a great buy! Boxes arrived in great condition and well within best buy dates so we have plenty of time to get through them. The price fluctuates wildly put in cart and watch for a day it goes down.
388795388795B008BLFFAKAV8TC098P3WK6DG0051316131200Yum, as UsualThis size packaging fits well in my kitchen cabinet. The product is fresh and oh so good, as expected for many years.
388796388796B008BLFFAKA3XKCQN182KA9suess0051310947200My favorite cereal.The regular supermarket price for this cereal is ridiculous. Here i get it in bulk and for much less. BTW I was turned on to this method of purchase by my son who is in college and is addicted to another type of cereal.
388797388797B008BLFFAKA2LXIOHTEYTFUWHyena "The world is upheld by the veracity of...0051310169600KIDS DON'T KNOWGood quality cereal, and the kids don't know they are pretty good for them.

Of course they want the super sugar bombs, which we usually do not buy, and these have been flying off the shelf in the pantry.... Is it a teenage boy or should I check the sugar level again?

Good deal on Subscribe and save! Though I should have read package size, not the big boxes we would normally buy.
388798388798B008BLFFAKAZV26LP92E6WUM. Hammond "ColemanFlGuy"0051308268800It is okay for a change...this cereal is good to add some variety for breakfast or a snack. fresh...good quality...good price... i like it alot for a change. very good product.
388799388799B008BLFFAKA9ELY2LBL4B4Vrawr0041305072000Good taste, convenient placeIt's honey nut Cheerios. Sweet, but not too sweet. This is the type of cereal you can eat with milk or just by itself. Your fingers won't get messy like when you eat cereals with marshmallows and it's easy to grab. All around good stuff.

You can sometimes find it cheaper at the store and certain boxes have promotions where you can get stuff. However having it delivered to your door can be more convenient, especially if you don't have a car or the time to buy groceries.
388800388800B008BLFFAKA3BFN2K2TMCROIPaul0041302480000Works as advertizedI was looking for a convenient way to bulk purchase a number of items, but didn't realize that Amazon sold dry grocery goods. It's really convenient (especially with Amazon Prime) to stock up on this stuff!

As for the Cheerios, there's not much to say. They were fresh, came in a shrink-wrap pack of 3, and it was a good deal cheaper than going to a local grocery store in Jersey City. I will definitely be making this purchase again.
388771388771B008BLFFAKA3ODKNXD86RZCIphilyodaddy111351324339200Honey Nut Cheerios #1 for sureAlright, I'll preface by saying that I have not had the pricing or expiration (not that I would notice) issues that some of the other reviewers have faced. The humanity. I get them every 3 months and the price has always been between 6.50 and 8.50. This is a tremendous bargain. One of these boxes at Duane Reade costs $4.99+. I would probably get it delivered more than once every 3 months if I ate breakfast more.

This is by far my favorite cereal, and while I may sound like a child, I'm 27. Since you're curious, the other members of the Cereal Rushmore are:
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Frosted Flakes
Corn Pops
Honorable Mention: Lucky Charms

Boom, done.

Update 9/20/12: Now that they got rid of the 3pack, and replaced it with the 4pack, they also jacked the price. S+S is $18 currently ($4.25 per box). While I will still buy them, the savings is noticeably less. Maybe the other reviewers were right all along.
388772388772B008BLFFAKA3VGDSF0L36D35Frederick D. Schmidt "Fritz the assessor"233011299628800Old cerealI recieved my order for Honey Nut Cheerios today, 03-09-2011. The best by date for the boxes I recieved was 03/2011. Really? thats the best U can do.
388773388773B008BLFFAKA13SJXYCA0A482D. Dooley5651290556800Even Better Than Regular CheeriosCheerios are good for you, at least as far as a processed cereal can be good for you, but regular Cheerios don't have much flavor. The Honey Nut Cheerios have a nice sweet flavor, not too sweet, but enough to make it more enjoyable to eat.
388774388774B008BLFFAKA370Z6I5GBWU44M "CultOfStrawberry"2241302220800Good and healthyFor those who don't really like Cheerio's somewhat bland flavor, this is a good cereal for you. It's a nice, healthy cereal (though you need to be careful of the sugar) It's not overwhelmingly sweet like so many kids' cereals are and is great for adults, with a light touch of honey and nuts that give this cereal a satisfying flavor.
388775388775B008BLFFAKA1H0F6UUIQAUAEJV1151306800000YumWhat's to say about this? It is great tasting cereal. This is probably the best tasting and healthist "sugary" Cheerios variety. Most of the other sugary Cheerios are not very healthy compared to regular Cheerios and the Honey Nut Cheerios. At the time I purchased from amazon, amazon had a better price than Sam's Club so I bought several boxes.
388776388776B008BLFFAKAC4D9QYUEICCMHannah Allison111621296604800Love the cereal, but price fluctuation is annoyingHoney Nut is my favorite flavor of Cheerios, and while I will do generic of a lot of things, I have got to have brand name Cheerios. They're just so much better than the off-brands. However, the price on this item is often outrageously high. I've seen it over $25, today's price is about $18... I've been watching this for about 10 days, and I have never seen it the same price two days in a row. I managed to score mine at about $7 last week, but I'm thinking I just got lucky. Definitely not a better value than just getting them at Sam's or using a coupon and buying them at the grocery store. Lame.
388777388777B008BLFFAKA363G1YJ30V3SJStarLight6951290556800A Good Cereal at a Good PriceI don't eat cereal everyday, but when I do, I like to eat Cheerios. There really isn't anything bad I can say about original Cheerios, but I do prefer Honey Nut Cheerios if I have the option. Also, I am not the biggest honey lover, but the taste in this cereal is not overpowering; it is just right. I really think this is one the best classic cereals on the market. They are fairly healthy, especially since General Mills has started to make all of their cereals with whole grains. These are good for lowering your cholesterol and maintaining a good diet. The amazon price is cheaper than my local store, even without the subscribe and save option. So, I recommend :-)

Note: The seller has the best price. Some other sellers have it for higher prices on amazon, but you probably wont be getting such a good deal. Enjoy.
388778388778B008BLFFAKAOKKY21CAQVGMJim&Yvonne2351300320000better deal than walmart/costcoit's honey nut cheerios - you should know what it is by now and whether you like it or not. what i want to comment is that if you have prime, you can not beat the price. you empty your last bit of cereal into your bowl on monday morning. you looking at the news on your computer. you click onto and order your cereal and get it by wednesday without anymore expense (if you have prime). no tax on food (in my state). better than driving to costco and spending a thousand for what was supposed to be a run for toilet paper. i love it. the subscription service is even better - you save an additional 15%! and it auto ships for free whenever you want it to ship. and there are coupons on the item detail page sometimes. right now, it is the best deal around. you can even order from your phone, kindle - wherever. how easy can it be! thank you amazon.
388779388779B008BLFFAKAIOCPBLWQGNKULeonel Jimenez0041347148800My favorite Cereal!The product is okay! It has flavor, its toasty! However Supermarkets have a better price per gram or per box.

I seriously recommend checking prices on this item, as the prices have soared in the past couple of months!
388780388780B008BLFFAKAJBJNLW42ASALJustine Enny0051346198400My Favorite CerealI love this cereal! It has just the right amount of sweetness and doesn't get soggy as fast as other cereals. :)
388781388781B008BLFFAKA2I0NJDGQS01W8Frequent buyer0051339718400Cheerios Honey Nut Cereal, 12.25-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3)I received my package of cereal in a very timely manner! As a matter of fact, it arrived within 2" days of ordering! Now, that's really quick! AND, the price was right!

Therefore, I'd recommend purchasing this cereal from!
388782388782B008BLFFAKA10K5NS5MY4OIBVentura0041335052800Good tasting cerealTastes good, though somewhat sugary. Good to snack on, occasionally. Was a good price with S&S when purchased. Now it went up.
388783388783B008BLFFAKA19123D9G66E0OTim0041334534400Healthy cheap cereal.This is one of the healthier cereals you can buy. I wouldn't say it is life changing, but as far as processed grain cereals go this one is both tasty and lower in sugar with some natural fiber. Though the price is similar to what you can get at your local grocery store, you can't beat the front door delivery. If you haven't tried it before, it is definitely a great way to start of your day.
Just to make things fair, my personal preference is frosted mini-wheats, but that is to grainy tasting for many people. This product here is much easier to eat and sweeter tasting.

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